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Full text of "The Daily Colonist (1920-04-28)"

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- OrcvUtkNi ^••iu'M I tS 
Job Frinttas* ••••••••••••••• •: 

I C^tO'^ JRodMt* •••••• ••••••• M 


General Wnuigel Reports the Reorganization of 
Shattered Forced Sufficient to Re^t Isolated 
Attacks^ed^ Said io Be PrepaHi^ foi" ; 
Gencff^lAM^iiitH^, Crimea 



i Soviet Government's Replies to Applications Ffom 
London Are Evasive — Invitation From Moscow 
. ' ; to South Russians to Uoin Bolsheviki 
Forces and Obviate Armistice ' 

JlOTOaVA. N.Z.. April 27.~ 
Hm Prinipc of Wmlet urtvcd 
here todajr frotli' Aaclclaad. The 
llmoris htre and at the stations 
along the roiite greeted the 
Prince with pfctwcMlM ,IUlive 



SANTIAOO, Chile, April 27. — A 
commlaalon will leave immediately 
for birtag back tko war* 
•hips ChUa ham yvraluuMd Crbm OtMft 

LONDON. April 27. — No announce- 
ment of the sale of British warahipa 
to Chile hiui been made here. Accord- 
inc to -the Admiralty, the first an- 
nouncement must come from 
CIrileaa government. 






LONDON, April 27.— ^neral Wrangel, who is attempting io 
hold together the shattered forces of General IDenikine In the Crimea 
until they are assured protection^ r^>o^ted to British official quarters 
today that he had been able to reorganize the men sufficiently to 
withstand the isolated BoUhevilci attkckt. 

Other reports received here indicate that the Bolsheviki are pre- 
paring for a general attack, hqping further to crush Denikine's fol- 
lowers before Great Britain's demand for their protection is recognized 
fiet Gov e rnm e nt. '• 

Notwithstanding , rfcports front Moscow that the Bolsheviki will 
accede to Great Britain's demand tl|it the Denikine troops be afTorded 
protection, the British Government is stili not satisfied with the reply 
received from the soviet gQvernment, and is- awaiting -a ,defitite 
answer to the last note. . \ 

SEBASTOPOL, April iXH^Th^ latest move of the Bolsheviki is 
an invitation from Moscow for all the South Russian army to join the 
Reds, thus making an armistice'unnei^ssary. 

The British have a military mission of more than 300 officers In 
the Crimea observing the military operations and assisting in amnesty 
negotiations. Fighting is being carried on chiefly from armored 
traliifc;' . • * ■ 

By shooting or hanging officers guilty of robbery or looting, Gen- 
eral Wrangcl Is declared to have re-efUblished discipline, among the 
disorganized anti-Bolsheviki troops. • _ _1 


mm 'ws" 


Are Facing FIght of 
Speakers Declare — Predict 

Mr. J. ic. Campbell: Ware JPaar, 
Mr. R. J. SI urpby; ^jurd Five, Mr. 
Fred W. Dawr; Oi:k Bay, ao far 
unnamee; Baquimalt, Mr. Leonard 
T|Ut. Mr. J. O. Welsh aa alter- 
M M9KMf' ItagingM T. Chafe. 



L02«nx>N, AprU ST.— a}«P«««ture 
jOC tut UifMtry of thlppiog exceeds 

Ua eailmates by £100.000.000, which is 

Premier MlUerand Aodalmed 

VBNTI MIQLIA, April 27— Premier 
Millerand was warmly greeted at all 
the Italian railway stations on hlf re- 
turn Joumey to Parla today from the 
■upraiika dmiMili it 'Blui |t«n(«. 


Consolidated Mining &, Smelt- 
ing Co., of Trail, In Annual 
Meeting Receives ^Gratifying 
Rep6fl8 # 

V^t*ria prohibltloplata commeneed 
lail night to map out the strategy 
tb«y #111 adopt daring tlia Fall plebl- 
aolte cMnpaign against the "wets." 
They bald their annual meeting in 
the school room of the Bt. Andrew's 
Presbyterian Church, nained a- new 
slate of officers, beaded by Mr. Har- 
old Baokwlth aa prastdant, and tha 
gpdttMrt ma4a aor t Mmm t» Mfta 
tlNlr. k«U«( titet Umt «ra in tor » 
«urr fight agalnat pdwarfal tetor> 

"The battle will be short ahd bit. 
tdiiKjjmrnM Rev. WllUam Steven- 
•0».:^''^«ra wUi be leu of trench 
wtfrk, ma wa win hava to wlth- 
atdad dHaMp 'of peiMB ga* and 
atbdr masui of wfefcad warfare. Bat 
tboaa who baUeve In Ood, who be- 
llfve In the triumph of righteous- 
ness, know that we ahall win. I ant 
confident that the Province will vote 
In the right way. bat I am doubtful 
of Victoria. W« have got to make 
mU. Ogt In tho logging and 

Of* tiM «tt«ngeat 
otttpoolo ot the movement Here In 
the city soma of «■ are las and apa- 
theUc. There la woakBOM |B flMka 

of the churohea." ' 

"Tou want an organ iaallaa tkat 
ana atop Into hamaaa and atart 
wdrtilng twantr-fonr or fert7*alght 
hour*." declared Mr. Frank Andrews, 
who said that he had not attaaded 
a tem'peranoa meeting since seven 
yaara ago. "Tou have got the. fight 
•0( your nfe ahead of you. There will 
bo oceans of v^jBoog ipa^t you." 

Mr. Aadwwfa i^abinl tiw day tn 
VletorU whoa the tempetunce forces 
elected a mayor in aplte of the or- 
ganised opposition of "aeveAty or 
eighty whisky shops and both news- 
papers." If it had been posstbl* to 
win In tho face of sooh odda» ai|M)r 
It waa poariblo to ropoat ti« «Mbty 
te^ay. bo argaadL 

Ifgw Officers 
^ Uf. a. H. Robertson who haa 
■hrvM aa proald^t of the Pooplo'a 
mniftmam Aaoeelath>n la Vletoria 
fhf tfetao yoara, tendered his roalg. 
rihM — laat atght. Tha fallowlag new 
officers wer« eletoed: 

President. Mr. Harold Beekwlth; 
firot vleo-prealdont, Rfv. W. Lealle 
CDar: aoooad vtoo pto al doat. Rev. 
mobert CoaaoUl thM 
Mra Jpha Hiwvoy: Jolat 
lUv. R. M, 
D. Speneo; troaaarar, Mr. W. N. 
MltehoU; pabllotty oodKMlttoo, Rev. 
William Btevenson. MeaarsL J. M. 
araham, J. W. Spencer, Mrs. Roy- 
den; educational apd llteratar« oom- 
mltteV: Mra. A. B. MltehoU. Bov. J. 
U Batty. Ur. Bmoat Hall^ 1fg9,J^^9, 
Mia. Miaadloy. Mr. 
V. Coraott aad 

Qohftmltioo . _ 

O. St. Rfl^artMa, R. 9^ 
W. H. Bone. Alderman AK 
Johaa. Aid. Joeeph Patrick and 
•a-AUL JohttcHarvey. 

Tha oltp Ik «1 
<0r oampalga 
lowing wore 
Ward oao. Mr. 

o aeeMnUT'f oF the ' ended 
with March. laahed today, the 

expenditure exceed eeUmates by £86,- 
600.000. while tho ddflclency in aaoM 
raallaad . on aeeotmt of appr<^rla- 
tloaa totallod nodrly 

The ospendlturoa laeluded £8.100,- 
000 for ahlpbullding abroad for which 
final accounts have not been received, 
making the tout expenditure of this 
service cfuring the fiscal years from 
Itll to stin awaiting settlement. 
£88.740.000. The eoncrete shlpbulld* 
Ing plan, for whleh apodal yard* woro 
oeaatructad. ihaVi a laoo of f 8*Mt,odg, 
aooordlar t» appraprMOda ao- 

WASHINOTQK. April ST.— CroaUon 
of a commission to confer with Cana- 
da relative to restrictive orders on ex- 
portation of pulpwood to the United 
SUtea was urged today before tho 
House foreign affhUa ntiiiftfiaa bf A. 
J. Baldwin, of Now Tort* 
ing tho National 

la aa teltiprigir With Mr. JanMo 

Murray, of this city, who had lateTy 
returned from a visit to the "Old 
Sport" croup of claims at Qoatalno 
Sound, published in The Ooloalat 
about o^t months ago, ho atatod 
that tho Goaaolldated Mining and 
Smelting Compaay had aecured con- 
trol of that property, as well as the 
tiidney Inlet 4>roperties of the Tide- 
water Copper Company, and the Sun- 
loch mine at Jordan River. At that 
time it ,was known to all Interested 
In mlaoa aad mining that 
doal had boan earrlod through. 

It is now latorootlag to learn that 
in the fourteenth annual report of 
the directors of the Conaolldated 
Mining and Smeltlng^pompany. which 
was presented to the shareholdera at 
tho annual meftlQg la MO«M«il laat 
wfok, and whkl». fgala^oa tbm report 
of tho Wodt Kootonay Power aad 
Light Company,' the f^nanelal state- 
ment showa> a net profit of over a 
Million dollgra. antf although there la 
a falling off in .the output of the 
eeeelSer eompdred with laat year, 
the operation and proflta of the 
company, the dirootora fel^ iuatlflgdl 
the dodlahitlMi of tho uaMn dtvu 

* The report etates tl^t there haa 
been expended on the Sunloch mlnea 
8101.881, while advances to the Coaat 
Copper Corepany ("Old Sport'*' 
groap) amount to tl70,04S. Contlau- 
lag, tho report atatoa: 

"For many years your directors 
have been ambltioua to make your 
company a large producer of copper. 
Originally the Rossland mines prom- 
ised to contribute considerable quan- 
tities of thia raotal. bat latterly tho 
copper content la almoit nagUglblo, 
tho goM ipalaoa htlttc tha liupdrtaBt 

"With tho acquisition of control- 
ling Interests in the Coaat Copper 
Company (QuaUino) and the Sun- 
loch Minoa (Jordan River), both 
proportlea being situated Oa Vaaeou- 
vor IslaadL aad the aatlstaotprjr da- 
votepment la thooo proportMpi Oo 
aaMUoa raftrrad to mnm t^bmtt^ 
bo roaUaoA" 

Returns to Charge^~~^ 
On Steamship Lines 

Mr. Annstfong's Bill to Place Lake Shipping Under 
Control of Railway Board Comes Up Again— 
Author Accuses ComWnecl Ompany 
of Securing Undue Proftts 

OTTAWA. April 87.— Dlecussion In 
the House toatehtpf what a 
faoetloua membo^ MSj l t a "hardy 
peraaalaT' lad, tm Way t* 
ehargoo aiiUaA tho Chaada 
ship llnea. 

For some years J. E. Armstrong, 
ot East Lambton. haa aought to have 
tho railway act pmoiMM to 
bring ahipping on hrihad Watdia aad 
la tha ooaatwtaa Mado aador tho oon- 
trol of tho railway oommMoe.' Again 
today Mr. Ataaolronra bill waa be- 
fore tho H oaae on eeoood reading. 
Mr. Armstrong took the opportunity 
to dub the Canada Steamship Lines a 
war baby. "Toa talk of gold and 
silver mlaeo," doclarod Mr. Arm- 
otroag, "bat the Gaaada StoaaMdUp 
Llaoa umM amra pcMt laat year thaa 
an tha saM aad aOvor mhiea lu 

Incorporated in 1«19 on a capital 
of lean thfw the flnanelol 
hautaaaoat ol the Canada Steaawhlp 
t4aoa dhowad hMt yoar a.oarphio of 
|7,fOg.fOd and aaaota totalllag ISO.. 
•H.«N. An thl^ ho MM. had 
eaaotod from the poeketo ot tho peo- 
ple hi thO form ef e x wws i vo freight 
ratoa. Raltaiay freisht rataa on 
Weelem grain were oofitrelled. Bat 
whea the gBola taaahod Fort 

term of 

ooala a haahot noro than thay ought 
to ha«a doaai: oa a erop of m,oo«,.- 
haAols thIa would bo tSO.oou,. 


Mr. Armatrong'a i^gumenta i 
oontestod by members sitting oa 
other aide of the' Houee. 

IMmund Brlotol. ot Toronto Coa> 
tro. olateod that Mr. ATnutrdng had 
lataMaiod tho aaaott of the CanadUn 
StoaoMhlp Unoa. 

Ratee on wheat during tha war 
said Mr. Bristol, were Isod by tho 
Canada Wheat Board. Ttm ^aly 
way to got ohoapor ra««i.«ilgM^ 
building mora ahlpa^ 

H. B. mmHim, of Vaaooaisr. 
farther argaod that to pteoe ship- 
plag on lalaad watere under the eon- 
trol of the Railway Board would in- 
erease rather than deeraaso freight 

Pebato oa Mr. draialiwaga hOI 
by » dlM ai M i n hi 
eommmop oa a flniMahnal hm to 
omoad tho aoNHtnr Laad aMUomoiit 
Aot-a bin irkfoh taally went 
through eommflMo and now stands 
for third readlng.s 

During the diaaoastoa. Hoa. Arthur 
Meighon. Mlnloter oC tha Ihterlor. 

Britaini France iv^jtbe United 
States "Reject Japan's Pro- 
posed Reservation Concern- 
ing Control of Railways 



Japanese Claim Relates to 
Railw£fy8 fa) Mandii^ia and 
Menigblid, Now -mfleally 
Under Their Direction 

LOKhX>N. AprU ST.— A doflnlto 
stop waa taken to^Uy In the negotia* 
lions tor a loan to China by srouiie 
of ifnanclers of the United States. 
Oreat Britain, France and Japan, 
when France •formally notlfled Great 
BrIUin that she would join thia 
country and the United Statea In de- 
clining to aoquleaoe m the special 
traatmoat Japan naked for herself. 
Japan wadta certain railroad eoneee- 
sions which the other three countries 
are unwilling to grant. 

When the pfoposttlon was flnrt 
taken up by flnanciers In Parla, It 
was tentatlvoly agreed that the loan 
should be gdeurad by the lenders 
taking over Chlna'a rallroadf. .I#ter. 
Japan presented reaervatlona. de- 
claring she would Join only if al- 
lowed to control many strategic rail- 
roads In Southern Moagolla aad Cen- 
tral Manchuria. 

The United Statea, Great Britain 
and Fraaoo. with onO' aocord. deollned 
to aoeept- thlOt wherovpoii Japan 
preeented rosennttleaa oonaldoraMy 
reducing tho number ot llaoa ohe 
wanted to control Individually. 

Roads which Japan most desires 
to control are those already operated 
by Japan, and In eonveraatlona and 
correapoadOBOo • Japan haa main- 
tained it to be very dlflHeult for her 
to relinquish her hold to a Joint 

There are differences of opinion in 
Anancial and political quarters here 
as to what tho ootoome will be. An 
Influential member oP tha British 
group tald the Assodlated Freso he 
believed the Japaaeso rese rva tions to 
be so whittled down as virtually to 
conform with the ideas of the other 
three countries, while a Government 
oAclal said he believed Japan Anally 
would get some important concesr 
aloas, .but not ao much as she was 
aak^ug for. , , 

The amount of: tho^leaa If foperted 
to be £5.00«,0<l0. 

War Graves Commission De- 
cides on Plain Meoiorial to 
'Marie Resting Places of All 
Who Died in Conflict 

LONDON, April St. — The war 
graves commission has decided unani- 
mously on abaolhte uniformity of 
headstones for the grave of every 
man aad woaian who was killed or 
who died ia tha war. 

A plate assign U Portlmd stone has 
be0i esleote^ reoordlag the name, 

Kimeat and rank, symbol ot re« 
ous faith and the Inscription whleh 
KlpUng chose — "Their name liveth 
fOreVermore" — with room at the foot 
of the stone for an inscription limited 
to aixtyHilx words to be personally 
Ohoaoa iby those nearest to the dead. 
The prlaolplo of. equaUty, whether tot 
<leld«marahal or camp fbllowor. had 
the approval of the Oovemment. 

Mr. Kipling and Colonel Winston 
Churchill, with other members of the 
commission, addiressed a meeting of 
ihe army committee In the Hclise of 
Commons toelght. Mr. KIpUag. wHh 
Intensity of feeling, spoke la favor of 
abaoiuto oqaaMty. Ho eald the awta 
objoflt had boea to aha at dignity and 

Mr. Churchill said that tho whole 
spirit et the army waa ht ivr«r of 
equality and unlfo^^ty. 

' *mvf ^' 



wSnRnBM» .atpvn it.-— in a des- 
perate attempt to cure themaelvee of 
the morphine habit, two returned sol- 
diers, about .10 years old, walked Into 
the provlMlal PoUaa ^jpoutt clerk's 
office today and ymimMM* seat to 
Jail tor she wookd dEdET ' 

The request was granted, aad the 
clerk made out the necessary papers. 
The men acted as their own pellee- 
mea. and walked to the pall un- 
escor t ed. They explained that tho 
habH waa first formed In the 
whoa they begaa to taho 
to Steady their 







LONDON. April 27.— British 
troops on the Rhine total ap- 
proximately 14,000, according to 
a statement made in the House 
of Commons today by Winston 
Spencer Churchill, Secretary of 
War. French troops there num- 
ber 95^: Amsricaii, aad 




WABHtNOTON. Aprtl ST.— Doctt- 
meats purporting to have boea algaed 
by Sylvia PanUkurst. British auffragtst 
leader, James Gordon and Clara Zeloft 
promistfag assistance in apreadtng Bol- 
sheviki propasanda, were found in pos- 
session of three communist eourters 
arrested in Ixitvia, the State IMpUTt* 
nient wan advised today. 

The couriers, traveling by aeroplane 
from Koenlgaberg to Viubsk, la Soviet 

lamdim Wool Aactlon , 
LONDON, April 27.— At the wool 
aucUon s ates today 1 0,140 bales. were 
offered. THO desBMr was (eatiirefeas. 
Oood wools were steady and Inferiors 
Withdrawals were frequent 


Women's Auxiliary of Provin- 
cial Jubilee Hospital Orders 
Bills Paid— Plans for "Hos- 
pital Week" Make Progress 


Police Station Is Besieged for Three Hours by lOO. 
e A^n Equipped With Rifles and Bombs, and 
- V Finally Surrenders— Three Constabl^vi 5 
• an4 One Assailant Wound^ ' \ 



i t 

Declare They Will Tie Up Port and Industries Un- 
less Prisoners Are Released From Wormwood 
Scrubs — Incoming Steamships Searched, 
. Apparently for De Valera 

The Women's Auxiliary of the Pro* 
vlncial Royal Jubilee HoaplUl haa 
recently undertaken dpeuially heavy 
reaponalhlUtlea. thdy h%ve just (ur- 
nlahed alae roohw in. the hoiqyHal 
which have been made by the con- 
version ■ of the military ward to its 
former uses as semi-private warda. 
This has been a fairly heavy Item of 
exj^nse, but the Auxiliary waa li% a 
poaition to order the bills paid WhMl 
iiey met yesterday afternoon. 41 
>nd Item of some oonsfderatJea 
Uttea the'puMihaaa of aa amta- 
!e^ the "T. A" wartf, the Ifffi 
fef whleh was also p idgs at i d ta tha 
meeting yesterday. 

Plans for hospital week. May 2( to 
June 3. were taken up. and some of 
the details of organisation of this un- 
dertaking were diecussed. The cam- 
paign for subserlptlons is to be eon- 
ducted through the malls, with the 
eo-operatlon and' aaslstance dt the 
city, and the "returns" will be re- 
ceived by ■ two members of the 
Auxiliary who throughout "Hospital 
Week" will be sUtioned at a table 
In Spencer's store to accept the ea« 
velopes eoatalalag auaenibers' dona- 
tions. ^ The vahUe. which (or the 
most >art la aPfMrdatly heactlty ta 
sympathy with the measared hetag 
taken to support the Institution 
which cares (or the sick, may be 
counted on to give liberally. 

Regret wias expreased at the meet- 
ing that through a afislnterpretatlon 
a letter ot thaahs asnt to the City 
Cooaell hi oottBOdtlea wMh rvialet 
Day," waa supposed to he a 
for another tag day. 

TIPPERARY, April 27. — The Ballyander police barracks In 
County Uoierick surrendered Io 100 men who assaulted it with rifles 
and expio^ves this morning:. The siege lasted three hours. . 

The victors seized arms, am munition and bicycles belongi ng to 
the garrison and burned the bar racksi Three policemen and one or 
the attacking party were wounded. 

. LlVERPOoC April 27. — The Lord Mayor today receiv^ a 
deputation reprtemtlhi Msh sodetles, who threatened thatiint^ the* 
Sinn Fein prisoners were released from Wormwood Scrubs prison 
within 48 hours, the port of Liverpool and its industries would be held 
up by a strike of Irish workers. These workers in Liverpool number 
117,000. Similar action is being taken at other ports. 

It is saki that the Lord Mayor of Liverpool is making representa- 
tions to the Govcmment on the solution. ; 

BELFAST, April 27.— -A special force of detectives boarded the 
Anchor Line steamer Columbia on her arrival at Moville today and 
inspected the passengers and their passports, it is reported they 
were searching for l^of. Eammon de Valera, "President of the Irish 
l^epubliCi" whom ttrnf rnt^fc^ was on board. ^^]$t li#eslifa« 
tlon took ptaee at LonddiH te > ty- » fae n passengwi . wei«Htiidpi - 4 

nemonstration at Prison Two Deaths 

LONDON. April 27.— With a renew- LONDON. April 27.— Five more 
al of the Irish demonstration at the hunger strikers were released flom 
Wormwood Scrubs prison this even- 
lnK> a disturbance was threatened no 
a result of a hostile crowd, composed 
largely of youths, pelting and hoot- 
ing the Irfah sympathisers. Priests 
and other lehdan ot the trlah sym- 
pathisers eheefedd' alt retatiaUon, and 
no untoyard 'liieMents eoourred. ' 

<rhe rival crowds, ' on leaving the 
prison, marched side by side singing 
respectively Irish and Bnslish na- 
Uonal songs and cheering and coun- 

AoriiMsador GoMes' StatraMnt 

X^OlfDOlf.. AtHH vt).— The ^uestlOo 
wad raised In the douse o( Oommoaa f f, ^ f 
today whether the Qovemment's at- 
tention had been drawn to the recent 
oAeial statement of the new British 
Ambassador to the United States in 
which he declared that propoaala for 
the secession o( Ireland (rom the 
Bntlah .AaalEe .had hoea rejected. 

Andrew Boaar law replied that the 
Amh asssd nr aado a htedly re(erred In 
his slat e m e Ht fo the wen-known se- 
oessloiilst pbUisy' o( the Selnn Velners, 
which, he said, o( course, had beeh 
repudiated by the Oovernment. It 
was never conaldered by the Cablaet, 
U*. Mggg XAw ' ' 

, Oa his arHval to tha ITailoi BUtes 
reeeatly Mr Au ekl aad- O sddas. the new 

British Ambassador, retsniag to the 
Irish questloa. said la a written state- 
ment: • ■ ' '■ • 

"It should,.! think, be known that 
propoaala for- the aecession of Ireland 
tfom the British Empire have been 
submitted to the British Cabtaiet. but 
aa dhhouasad hy the Prime Minister 
te the Hohse oit GoBMaoMd. hatre boea 

Compulsory Pilotage 
Has Been Terminated 

Department cKf Mariner Announces That Arrange- 
ments Entered Into Some Tin^e Siiice Will Be 
Abandoned May 6-^F91at& Wttl Be Free to 
Make Own Terms >^titi Oiiaiers 

a(ter May • next tho eompttlsory pay- 
ment of pilouge In what was here- 
tofore the Pilotage Distrlet of British 
Columbia will t>e discontinued. Thfc 
district comprises the whole of the 
British Columbia coaat with tho ex- 
ception of the- Fraaer Bluer, add 
hareafter all vessel owaers aad ageats 
«fll reqpin te make their owa ar- 
for aaoh MMage 

The reeommen- 

tm thAy aHiy reghlrs ta 

The adoptM «C tMa > s B b j IS Clis 
outoome e( attoflipts aiade h^ the 
partment of Marine to make effeetlea 
the main recomuiendatlofai Bulnnii.ted 
by the Royal Commission that In- 
quired into pilotage matters In British 
OohimMa during the year Itlt. Tot 
• great many years repreaenUtlons 
( u w t h aoui l wg from Britlah Oe- 

determlned by him 

«£r!l£ ShJrSMy id ^Sid per 
month. By order-tn«daanell of the 
idth SepteayMir. Itl*. U was reoolvod 
to pat thfs tasdaiaisndatlea la eSeet, 
and a e oer d l a gly the seveihl local 
pilotage autherltlee were abolbdied 
and one pilotage district, embracing 
all the ooaet waters of British Oo- 
lumbia iinder the aathartly o( the 
Minister of Marina sad |»MNllss. was 
eonetauted. to be stftalini as from 
January 1, ItSS. A geastal saperln' 
of paata was d— s l aisd hy 

>n by-laws for the 
of pllotaga In the new 
distrtit #sre' pres«red and approved 
by thd 0a?e raB is u t These by-laws 
pre>rMlal,tfeat ,pllo«s nught reeetve a 
aahuy jijfce Oio mhflmam of Itli Mr 
ith. provided the business te iha 

the Wormwood ScrubA prison tonight; 
making a total of seven turned looee; 
all uBoohdltionally. (or heflptttal treat* 

Two deaths were reported from Ire- 
land todlty. A soldier shot In oonfllot 

with civilians at Limerick died of his 
Wound, while in disturbances at Ark* 
tow the son of a 1 Ur imlMUBPKI 
Downing was killed. ^! I 


Bishop Fogarty Expresses Be- 
lief That Action of U. S, 
Politicians ''Registers Death 
of Tyranny in Ireland'' 

J7.— • 

NBNAOH, Ireland. April 
Reservations to the treaty of 
sallies, adopted In the UaMed 
8enau March It, hr whfili the, 
went oa. reoof)! dd'dlilMlMMilit 
Ir^lM * "reM^^ 
thwitny la iMsK^ ^ 
Mlehael Vogarty, Bishop Kll 
In a sermon here yeeterday. He d«- 
elared the Importanoe o( the aetlon 
o( the ■eaate "eeald not 

"If Ireland had had oae 
.Sf9m-thm calg&«t 

he deelared. "she would haea oele- 
*rated wMh soloQia ssrrtesa. Ih every 

ehureh throdghout the load that 
declaration of America, but In her 
manacles, from dungeons and from 
above the sraves of her martyred 
dead she saluted the great people o( 
America for this declaration e( sym- 
pathy and hope to Bfr nhtlo^«l 

"She rejoioed," he aaM, 'iMi oaiy 
(or her own adko. hat far the aake^ 
lustlee aad hadlR truth, the re- 
Jaleed there was stm oae nation whose 
war flag waa not Interlaced wBh vlte 
hypocrisy. With sueh a mighty ally, 
Ireland can afford to Mde her tiliio 
la calm eonddenee. UhUed, rsgnliitt 
aad determined, H Is oaly a matter gf 
a ihprt tiaia until tmahy M 
thrown aad aatioMl Jlwtlgd 'M 

''*%£rM«(liM»d^ " 

Dublin Castle, and eeiaeai 
made that will ekjse It a^flh. Ia 
few years Dublin Caatia will bo, wHh 
the Bastille o( i*arl8. lb the UaAo of 





the City Couaell dooM 
by-laere (or the heapftal, wui 
aad aehooia- to the ai 
li,idd,ddd will b« sdM 
people thIa Bprlog. 


STAAqpgE, B.T., Apnt ff^l^eeda 
Inc.. BIngluuntnn elothlor*. was in- 
deed today on eharges of profiteer- 
lag. r>n« of right e^ats was bassd 
^ ^ ot V.^a tNrr. jRllMea. 
Mrs. Ikat life paM IN teg« gait asat- 
tag |IS4d. ^ 

• »1 


1 1 

THg PATLY;C0I:0NTST, yigrORYA. B C:, WE^^SPAY, APRIL 28. 1920 


lo etM of sIckoeM or eiH t doctor, and he flTCi yon a 

io km filled at the drug store. 

Let us be tbat drug »tore. 
tm lit preserlpikMii wl«h the beet dntgs *Mm^ 


I te t a * we e tly 
oiir dltpeniers are frtdui 

utei *ttll jrearf of cxptrffttcc. . 

We dillTf r promptly. 
Onr chtrget arft conatotoit wtth |b# JmiI |it«ll^ of ^fVp^: . 

Campbcirs^^rcscription Storjs 

C«r. Fort and DottflM StTMl* PhoM 13S 

We Are Prompt; We Are Careful; We Use Only the Best In Our Work 

^' " PLANTIi4G TIME 4» HEREI ' ' ' 

TMBAtMa (plMti), do* Ue I P«tnal««, des. 

C!«kb«c« (plants). San. U« I LeiMll* (dwarf) dos. Sa« 

t«ttiie« iplaau). doa. M>« I Bii^Mat a^ Yfa 

'Tlw Piumbara'* — Bverytblnf In Plumbing and Heatlpi 

THE running enensM 
or a hou8e 

. Tbe running expenses of a house are fatrgely added 
io"by Vtfm-out or poor plumbinif. Z*'^^- 
|f ypu are annoyed in this wax, 1^ US pverbaDl it aud 

put it in order for you. 


imd Pandora 


We rbeadi 

■ ItWTT, 


r4 li i' C ll r ii)fc>l 'iM J o fca wMi ten PkoMi at, II 



iSAIfOART. A*rn 2T.— The coal 
ibliwrir ptrike in the CrpWe Nest 
WllMl hM Unof* or iMM afleoted 
tlM vImM In Mw^. dietrlct elnee the 
TmhWtiif of Wadtu bM now .b«m 
ne M ted. noecrdlat 4to tnfo#aBCtian 
ghien the Cnneulhtn Frtae q*mndny. ■* 
Um «0oe of the director of oonl 
operatioBs. the United MUne WotKers 
of America harlnv obtained a oem* 

ptoto «te«ory. •• : — 

tbeiU' fti * ftn erdir'M# iMi4Hnc 
•t^atOMMiro. At MUe^ <hi' UibM 
•«4"«eNw HtneC up ai fbat ther 
CMOi be taken on. wHUe additional 
men have turned In at Hlllcreet. wtileh 
•fpeeted to be worklnv te ftill 

•»TJic moat common defect in the 
Mre. It ofttninanoticed for a long 
ItaM, iMt gtoMli riir to other ills. 
Jllwiift to<tt iV»atoti»«nk to nxotd 


' m' mM MMPD OrriCTAW AMI 

Now that this dls^te has been 
settled, the new wage scale in Itne 
with that adopted In ' the United 
SUtes will be dlioiMasd at an early 
dat«.^ Tbte fm %9t\ikmmnuM mnn 
em •iaitioaat ib e i tnib ai iforitt in 

"V" ' I 

1' f >■ 

l<om>ON, April ?7.— ArrapBs- 
mente for the tour of New Zealand 
by the Prlnc* of Wales, who iwMyM 
at Auckland ren e ntly on tHo bnills 
oraleer Rmiown. on bis . Amlmll*" 

dispatch from Auckland today. 

It was dlscowred. says tjht j|lg- 
patch. that . the englBs oi tbf timia of 
ilL ^•'?<«r-afnwal. tb» SaH of 
MftptMi bM b^ tempored with. 

mmer Memory off KSof Edwn^ 
BIAEIIIW. FrtuUb.; j|©Mi IT.-, 

nntf M^nM vn^ or Oreat Br<t«bi. 
hare been sUrted. Blarrlts was one 
of Klnc Bdward'a farorft« resorts. 


one or two gtrgps 

t. ■ 


Definite Overtures Made for 
Direct Diplomatic fiepreaen- 
ta^ofH-Pulpwood Question 
Eringi Atoiii^i^rAliMiMiefit 

WABHINQTON. Aprtt |7.— With 
the apinwval of the BHtish Ooverp- 
ment. Canada has made deflnite OTer- 
teres , t9 tjAr* United . States (or the 
e^Sllshlnar of dfniet dUlomatlo re- 
IgMMM bib>M» tii tw* ndjetolng 

to tbis ttfeet 
made at the State Ofpa^rtmont 
nirht ^oUowlpg a eepferenoe yester- 
day bstwesn Secretary Of State Colby 
and rfPreeentatlTM ol yarloos Ameri- 
can print paper ^aanufacturers and 
pubjUshfrs eonceniln|r the in«reaslnr> 
ly dlittevU .^ti«9 in whleh tfteso 
Interests aro Andiny themaelyns as * 
resu^ of tbjs CaiMfMf n tim^mV on 
the ex|K>rt of pulpwpod. 

At this conference the sagseetlon 
was made to |Ir. Colby that unless 
(ianada should eonaent throngh 
friendly negotiatlona to mpdl'y this 
embargo the United States must re* 
soft to rstnUatory menpme. In Mn 
rexdr Mr Colbv dlsnlnasd :tb» faot 
that the Unltjkl ^tirt9s might be able 
to eonduct wnet preoeadlnss. ' 

It Is uhderatood here that Sir 
Auckland Oeddes, the new British 
Ambassador, will soon go to Ottawa, 
and there arrange details of the new 
relationship, InelndiiW tbe aeleetloB 
of tb« Canadian mpreaaatottve to be 
eont tO: IWbebtagtan. 

MOtmtMASj. April IT.— A ttOmmv 
aathorfty here diaeuasing Senator 
Underwood's advocacy of an embar- 
go by the United States on raw ma- 
terial going Into Canada because of 
the newsprint shortage, today stated 

U It Isn't 
Eastman It 
Ya Kodak 

s iM^ .^tool of Aios into 

-We astl gcnabc Kodak Films 
and develop your film^ |rilb 
cenpinc Eastman's Cheaileah. 


WlBiMpeg, wbfre ii wUl bf stationed 

tbat-the^,pw»edy win bo f eii a d i m a iMtnsmiy. tt i» imdiwmpd that 

enSPtar of can. Tbla aathortty petot 
sd out that the United States roads 

•ttU owt Cfuu^it^ !» nf* b»l»noe of 
11,000 oars. jlw>osapd« of eocdo of 
pulpwood are usually lying ready for 
s^pment along -the right>of-way of 
the Canadian ralVways. it ng. gun* 
nounced by this authority. / 

BritishXommlssion "Makes Es- 
timate of Available Export 
From Various Countries — 
Present Stocics in.Can,$da 

WASUINQTON. AprU ST.— Aoeord- 
hm to cable Mvlces from Xondon, the 
commission on wbeik Huppttes estim- 
ates the yield from Cuiadft, Austiralla, 

New Zealand, the United' States, Ar- 
gentina, Algeria, Roumanla and India 
will be 6O,2SO,OO0 tons, and the export 
avillable from all countries, 20,290,- 
000 tons. These figures sdbmtttsd to 
the Btitlsh Bofkcd of Trade, refer «to 
the 1»I|0 "crop. . ' 

The import wheat and rya reauliie- 
muxts of the United Kingdom fire 
gfv%h as 6.700,000 ton£ ,iUd' foAth 
A^hca, 100.000 tons. !Y 7 

OTTAWA, April 26.— Tbe «^9#tl^ 
of wheat and wheat flpi|r ^rspipd ae 
Wheat in Canada pn l|avjBb |i,-lil|o. 
iras abpiKt i|t.ti4,000 biishsls* aecordr 
Ihg to t>omiaion bureau pf statistics 
returns. The quantity last year was 
118,(34,000 buahels. about 77,000.000 
bushels in 1018 and 120,000.000 in 
1917. The 1920 total comprises 8t,- 
f 8|.000 bushels In elevators and Hour 
miUe. 84,817,000 bushela in fmnfutt*' 
bands, and 4,4M.00« busbeii la Umt 
by rmi. 13iere vera >4«,0t£M« 
biieheis of oa^ and 'odt produete in 
Canada on March 81 this year. 

The total quantity of barley as rf • 
turnisd Is I8,l4f,«00 bushels. Of'fla^i 


Company of Princess Patricia 
Regiment to Be Permanently 
Stationed Tfiere — Nothing 
to Do With May Day 

LONDON. Ont.. AprU IT.— "D" 
Company of tbe Priaoeas PabMaa 

regiment, left here yesterday for 

the troops are a party of a force 
being made up to maintain order in 
oaae any undue trovMe ' should arise 
nni nf tbe -May fiap-MlabnitloBa la 



WINNIPBO, AprU IT.— Major-Oen. 
H. D. Ketchen, general offloer com- 
manding Military District No. 10. de- 
clared this mominir that the sta- 
tioning in Winnipeg of a company of 
tbe Prlneeae patrlolaa was simply 
patt of tbe' reorsanlaatlon scheme 
tor 1^ piwaawiiaf eoi^o <or this dia- 
iriot, ^eoiMd diN^ lot t«ar. Wbtle 
admttting that Ibf Oohtpany was 
expected here wHftHla the next few 
days, the ofncer declared the trans- 
fer had nothmg whatever to do with 
the May Day parade. From other 
souKws tba eajpe infonaaOop was 

OTTAWA. ^iMpril IT.— '"nio trana. 
fer of a oompany of the Princess Pa- 
tricias to Winnipeg has absolutnly 
nothing to do with the May ^ay 
parade. Tou can mAke that a« 
strong aa yoa like." 

The above aiatement waa 'aHada -Jtry 
Adjutabt^Oenera) B. C; Aebtoiv at 
militia headaoartars this mpnilng. 
when' shown a Winnipeg diapatch to 
the effect that the company 0( Prin- 
cess l^atrldas was expected to reach 
Wlaal9ii|r witbiff. tbe neat faw days.. 
■"■'(ifmiiiim.' 'JuAitM^ ivaat o^ to nay 
that the transfef of . tbe oompany fraa 
merely part Of tba lAap oC:Taer»aai- 
cation. Owing to the .shortage of 
men. U hs4 been thought advisable 
to statt reeniltbig the Prinoeas Pa- 
tricias In tlple BaaW but It Always 
was the intantloo -.that tJUp compiyiy 
sbould be Btad6iM4r In WbiniP^- 
Ylia movoBiant o{f tbe 1^9 ff the 
Wegteni ^ was pact o,i^«^i^sinal 

JUU Director 
ROCKynXB. Md.. AprU 17.^ 
Seven automOMIe bandits shot and 
killed F. M. MUniow^U.' a director, 
drove eietka>and pfBolals at the point 
of revolvers into tbe Vault. locked 
them In. robbed the First National 
Bank of Sandy Springs, Md.. of 84,600 
and escaped. 

Do ikoC suffat 

•MfMT day 

B k w iliia . or 
fll«». Merar- 

Chaae'f Olstsnsl will 

8i*al eiM 


itM a Co.. UmtiaS^T^^SSii 

KDMONTON, ^yil 17 — Last re- 
spects to the late !B0B. A. O. MAO' 
kay were paid here today, when ser- 
vices " were conducted In the First 
Presbytarlan Church by the Rsy; p^. 
MeOtigea. Ae. bb^y isy % jMato M 
ibe Ibiilab ttmik f tiiil'Soai. 
fttarded by ProvfncurpoUeenen. and 
hundredf 8if people Tleib|d''the re- 

aalbii of tbe late MlnlaUr of Muni- 
pal Affairs. A guard of Provincial 
police preceded the funeral proces- 
sion to- the (Canadian Padfle station. 

Lilet^t-Ooverpor ^rett and Premier 
Stewart ocoippied plaeea at |M>aer at 
tha churcb fervtce nasi tba retbthres 
and iatiawti VpeisoaU frkatibh iTbe 

eillbearan >w«ra: Hoa. 1. tL Boyle, 
on. C. Jt.- Mitchell, Hon. Duncan 
Marshall. Hon. Q. T. Smith, Hon. A. 
J. McLeaf and Hon. J. 1.. Cole. 

Hoa. Duncan Marshall wUl accom- 
pany the body to tba Beat as repre- 
itiw of tbe XBatsmaieat. Mr. 
ay. br^bfff of tbe de- 
. _^ » Mr. J. c. MNiiald aad <Mra. 
l0tp0 McOenaM iftB aiao fo to aA- 
tead tba burial eervloe at Owa a SeaiMi. 



fOPBNHAOHN, April |7.-^ ai 
mdaU ot «tb* eleeuana hold tbreaab- T 

of Paf Hament Vba (•oml-I>«nM>oraU, 
Ipdepeadeat Rlgbta and Independeal 

WlwbK each lost on* soat. Ths 
es party gained three ssats. the 
CoaaervaUvss. seven: the Sodallfta. 
f^. and the Liberals, four. The aeoa 
House win be mads up as foUbwa; 

Hba a 


An ilways tpprccitblt weddinf 
gift h any one of the followinf: 

dnjior rwrtKMicMoao o| funqpt 


A tiaill llchlBf . 
pretty Water Color, 
piece or two of Pottery. 
Leather Photo Frame. 
Tat Tray, 
plcca of Stataary. 




Vp^dL *^3^ nsekjscflv of tha 
•M«i Me a wall asatpat tba 
^irfebed t|i«irM^ ar- 


<«e^.^ S sXW^fXTS; 

poihi with a ropublte ^n tbair pi». 
gramme, hut tbe people yeelMiM t«|« 

Wiptf '* Candies five satis- 
.laction evarywiiere. There's 
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tee that the ingredients are 
pure, Bo'^sutKititiifes used at 
yt Wl Myou «# Tdfy 
<te|l fuir «f tiTor. fiiH of 
iSSt, Taki hone Wiper's 
rfcoraiitft aad finiSii 14 


1210 t>oi«las ttk? iitAm 

Reve/se Due to Treachery fie- 
pc^ed From Urfa, Norths 
w^&t MMpotamla — Other 
£{H)oi|f)itdi^With Rebels 

ALEPPO. Syria, April 21. — Dr. 
Robert A. Lambert, director of the 
American Near East Relief Commit- 
tee In Syria, has Just arrived from 
Urfa^ Northwest Mesopotamia, accom- 
panied by Mrs. Richard Manafteld. 
|f las Mary Louise Law, CoUH Elements 

«pd a Brittib«r, pmfiA y**"** 

The othef Christians, tncliiding Uie re- 
maining Araericahe In Urfa' are re- 
ported safe. 

The entire French garrleon of 80O, 
who evacuated Urfa, were killed going 
to DJerblous. 

Aintab hfui been surrounded since 
April 10 by 8.000 French troops. 
' Qvtet provaUs there. 

FAKXS, A|>ril ST.— The taUept Infov- 
mattte fieoatved at tbe ForiHgtt Otfiea 
from Asia Mteor indloatea tbal'^Hio 
losses to the French troops at Urfa. 
Northwest Mesopotamia, was less seri- 
ous than at first supposed. A large 
detaotament la thought to have got 
back to the town, while others escaped 
in other directions. The official ver- 
sion attribntad «be nrettch reverae to 

LONDON, AprU ST.— French troops 
re-occupled the village of Aintab, ^la 
Minor, on Monday. aoc9|rdin|r ,.|b a 
Constantinople dispatch received by 
Reuter's, Limited. 

Forces supporting Mustapha Kemal, 
the Turkish Nationalist leader, have 
cut tbe Baghdad iailway nolfth and 
soutb Of tba Ci||«fe|a gat!M> ..wbfrp 
soma flsbtlas ilaa Oeaurcdd, abd ta 
which several Italian wwkmen have 
been kUlhe'd and .otb'erslnaiil j^b^ti^. 
yrench de tachitients have re{>aired the 
railway between Adana and Mersina, 
which was cut by Turkish forces. 

Reports that Greek villages north 
of Hadjin barve been destroyed are de- 
clared lo ha witbPW.t toundati^ : 

Minister Gives House Sonre 
Figures Showing Increase in 
Traffic— Faults in New Bill 
Found t^y Mernbei-s ,, ' ! 

-OTTAWAy April 27/— Tbe amended 
Opium and Drag Bin, <prevleus1y' given 
second reading, was in committee In the 
Oonraions yesterday afternoon and proti- 
ress was reported. 

'ladleatlons ahat opium is being smug- 
gled ih targe quaftl€lee ftoln Canada Ito- 
to trnited States Were eolliahisld' Ih 
dfeures eft^adfan ImpOirts of Ihe drit!^ 
read by BTon. N. W. RoVirell, M'niBter of 
lY^alth. A year ago, said the Minister, 
tiie' quantity of opium and opium. prod- 
ucts, siich as morphine aad cocaine,. Im- 
ported Into Canada .bad reached 37,210 
'j^^nds. an iajsiease;. pf ^bout 80j) per, 
cei^ in fi^ye.yeSrs. Consumption fn Can- 
ada did not explain the IjncrQase. and tho 
Department of Health had every reason 
to believe that stringent rcgulatioof in 
Che United S^tes baid driven' ^ose^|io 
^r^oKed there in the drug to biriag 
th|^^;Suj[npUes into Cl^nada and smuggle 
^em"^ro^s the InteraaUonal boundary. 
They were then in possession pf quan- 
tities of the drug not ragiatered* with 
the authorities and therefore frea from 
the regulations which required thft dls* 
position of every oua6e of the drag be 

Wheii tbe bill reached the oonmilttee 
stance, there was much questioning on 
the mattsr of limiting prescriptions. 
Hon. Jacques Bureau, Three Rivera, pro- 
tested against making druggists llato|e 
for every ounce of the drag they al- 
lowed to leave their i^snSeae, apd at 
the same time allowing doctofi and cst- 
Uln others to secure quantities of the 
drug without their being compelled to 
keep any check or show ho^ these quan- 
tities were subsequently distributed. 
Mr. Rowel! said this only affeetsd the 
kale of habit-forming drugs. 

J. F. Bsld. Maokensle, protested 
against anyone belnK compelled to go to 
a physician for a ne;iv prescr^ticM every 
time he needed it refliled. .loi^a WdiQied 
that once a roan seajw|d a pMa^tl6a 
It became b** (pa pdrsoaal property, 
and he bed t^e i^ght «a hMre & .tmm 
as of tan aa ho needed It r ' 

T. M^TWe^idle. Calgary West, objected 
to the provision In the clauses for sum- 
mary conviction of ofrenders. If the 
Govern meat was foing to legislau a 
seplous crimes aot alrsadj^ In the crim- 
inal po<^ oCabdera up^ ths Aot 
should bb entitled to Uie same pro- 
eednre of Joatlea afllocded by the crim- 
inal code as* regards the right of ap- 
peal. Hon. W. L. Maokensle tqag sup- 
ported Mr. TweedieTs odntsatioa. 


BBLLINOHAM. Wash.. April IT/— 
Criticism of the record of the Demo- 
cratic pariy and an attack upon "Bol- 
shevism. Communism and I. W. 
Wism, as the enemies of drilisatloa." 
fealwred the address of iudgs C W. 
Howard, of BelUagham, temponry 
e U a trwa or lb« State RepUblicaa 
oQBvesileB Wbiek e p i h d i today. 

l««»r'8oWttMl aasAfbd^^tbat the 
iflatfanaroC llis had bodn dlsregardod 
by the Democratic pariy and that the 
President had failed to make The most 
of his opportunity tb down Into 
history ss one of "the world's greatest 
moo." bf neglecting tp "dPbdlttt a eotU- 
ttiaa itar cablnot Sdrtot W>ia«'. ' 

"Tbm war has beea over • yiaar 
a trnMiT ha a«dad. ^kiid yM f# 
to waabiaataa OHy today ^mr 
-tbera are not oMlkbr fibaira to eeiil 
tba aasMpleysd omployoee kept thsrv 
by tbe adoUalstrattott at the peeple't 

"The President kept us out of 
work.'* ba oenttanod, "Cbon he iropt as 
oaS af vab la oedeo to obtaia fka 
md baaaiaaaon and 
ba baa best «• ant of. 
of his attar dleresaad 


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Easy Terms if DesM. Poksr, S ILsaptbs of Plpo aad Elbow Froa 

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CANADA PRIDE i|/|Ndi fffi — 

Pboa* 4SSS 
OevenuDvat at. 

date from the people of this l^nta," 
to present to the national oonvention 
at Ch|oa«o the name 44 Miles Poln- 
daater for y iaai d e at . and to select a 
dolecattoa wbaaa abaaaalar aad ataad 
In^ and ho o ea tr ad parp eai WtM admit 
of no second etaolea or aay dhrlded. a) 
leglanoe. Tbo f idJVSta- iS ... ■•■•M? 
Polndea ter broaabt yigoroM a»fl|pW|p. 

Population * 

Vespasian baa been fgUotttai at 

lj)00,000. ^ \ 

KlUa Himself 
f POXAmB. April 27.— Bernard 
Undley, 14 years old. a sehoblboy, 
was found early today in the furnace 
room of a local hpUl, where he waa 
employed, aboc throngh tbe heart 
The coroner said be bad aommitted' 
aniolde. The boy'a fbtMar. 41ba A, 
Undley, daptared big aim Bbd lidir 
fabMy aoaaaed of bavbw atolen a 
small amoaaft o( monsy from a room 
In tbt<.bPte|. jUa body wag fooad by 
his brotbar, also apploiMd at tba^ 




Judgs Howard said ths ronvention 

Frft Mhrery to AO Par^ ^ 


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B6Uinir Oecf. 22e — \^ 
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tin: tmam ^•mtryT'MtH'in fMturM; mSmm: rMr hall with buuub ItaM 
cloMt Mid d>m Wa ; t«« aMa tetfii ^atfrMNM. olofiM cIimmu: hfUhwgw 

^■^nppt vwav^^wwH ^^v^MHn^i .^■^^•Mw j^^^iW ^^^^w^^i . ^^^^^^oH^^^^W * 


FairMi Semi - Bmig^alow 

' Uif^UtooBU, basement, farnace ; recently renovated inside 
and out; stone trtmrotngs; full sized lot; lawn and kitchen 
il^arden. j 

Only $4,200, on Terms ^ 

Hetotemianf Formaii ft Co. 

dMnf^aoitt; furinqp; gu ni|(c, 

•8,500, oil BiiSr Vitfiii - 
R. S. DAT & B. BOMS 

Oak Say Smi^BiiiisiUsw 

and baamad eallitura; firaplaea 

>Bttilt>ta features. paB«lUd walls 
llvlne rsem; tha roema ar« all a gooA 

alaa and brtcht; a .ahelvad pantry; battiroom flnlaliad In wMU 

»a, f " — 

Tii» full-«la«d cement baMinent, furnace and laundry tul>B; a nice, 
laiwa drtvawar to a wall-built sarac*. Tha lot la Mch and dry, and 
th» whQl« commanda a vary flna vlaw of tt> e aaa. On tan na, •4200 00 


Ve i < ga r an-rooread liouaa. In vary Ana 4Uitrlct, bM ittst 
and kalaomlaad. Qmntf, ~ ' 

Gillespie, Hart & Todd, Ltd. 

Inaurance, Financial and 
Telephone 2040 

Bonds Bought and Sold 
711 Fort Street, Victoria 



all «ood land, vary nteatar triad, numwoiMl spHncs, no ntokt 

ry'SS& agd la a wtf^SfV at 

aood l iMt K ckMM, to ctty Md on 
Ala prapartr .la Imial for a 

14 AOBBS, • cleared and cultivated In wheat, oata, crasa, ato.; 

paatare and ll^rht clearing; food water, 4-room house In gOM rapalr, 
chtolian boiiaaa, good barn tot 10 ttcad. Prica t4,Sao. Terma. 


(SacctMeri to Carrto A Power) 
1214 Domdu Street Two Phones, 1466 and 6524 


$3,800.00 — Burnside Road, Jutt oatsidc city limits. S<Room Bunfilow, 

94,000.00 — Robert Street. 7 rooms, 4 bedrooms, parlor, dlniqg-roora 
lad kHckeo, dso aonsanrsiory sitseiwdi aboat Hr*<V| of WKl,. 3o 
I fniH <reet. . #1,000.00 cash, balance srranftd. 

& Wg£a^ Ltd. 

6li^ 'BrouKh(on St. Phoaa 74 


1 I ■ , „ww?^~ ■^^^^^•.▼•^•w^l^ww 


.TlM UVlil»ds,U4' ' i I ' '^'^-'"^ 

.aty Properties, Rentals, . insuranca t 
Acreage, Timber, Unimproved Lands 


OoverasMBt St. 



By •mty^M i'^klk^SAl 4m mt*^\v^ in 
MaoMf-Oo daCMia ana we will Mia 
(•Mate iH} Wlli Mreliaao la aerea •( fln( 
ifcaili am Mb« la the retymii. 

9M nm Acac, ok naMsi 

atart In aow whilst you have the opportunity. Yoa are not "aatea" an wfth 
»n ya« are ta.arroara to intarrat eaarvMi. .~ ^ 

Hmmtm mam ^"^^ tkmaak 4lklB bmmm> i. i_ ■-- - litoH, aad 

eemfort and provfde a cemfortaMa 
yea: eaah and M* aanaally 
flne fnilt or term taad ' ' 

Intel. — . 
whan yaa 

•aaw . w a ^ anavanai va««r 

kta' aai e*t ire* ittaratttia aad 

Vanoomrir UmUI Fnilt 

It' People's firocerteria 

We are now selling FresMy Mg4«.MiRr'Qril| Bittlir at. per 
lb., 7Sc; or 3 lbs. lor _ ^2.22 

The Qualitv is ai fine as ahyth|nf on the market, reg«rdl«ls of 
^ pglee. Vott'fc migitaf someAint II ytm ir^ «&!•. 

Pure Leaf Lard (new price), per lb 

Freah Local Agpangipiw very tender, per Jb. 
" ^ perlb. 


CLIMAX PICKLS6, in qtiart fndt 

Chow Chow and Sour Miaad, per jar 
Sweet Chow aad ^jl^ Miaad, per jar 

Thate jak^ wAl bo iiorth l5c each to jba 'whea'lrttt 

•eaaon Qomea. 

White CoaUai Pirn, per H>. 
Napoleon Macaianl, Mir a poaAd. 
iMi WSm, '50 lbs., iMOj per lb. . 
XMiftaaa Blackherty Jam, 4-lb. ttag 
9ai«fl ConHal, IC^. botiUs 

Rgeapdaii 'MMIilp'PiowOTi,' aoiie better, t2^. tins . ^ 

Golden Star Tea, an old favorite, lb., S6c; or 3 lbs. far f IJ 


Negotiations Wrth Finns tnd 
" and Those With Letts Are 
Suspended -^ Bolshevik 
Troops Tire Of Fighting 

MOSCOW, ilrprll 17.— Armiatloe 
nrirotiatlona between Ruaala and Fin- 
land reached a crisis today and end- 
ed with tha recall of the Rurslan 
delesataa. Rinalana demanded aa a 
basis of tha negotiations the status 
quo ante of IS 14, aa4 tlie Finns the 
autiM prior to tlialr teat otfennlve., 

The Letush-Rapatan peace nesotla- 
tiona were aoapended today to permit 
the I..ftta to comrounleate with their 
Oovernment resardlng boundaries. A 
member of the Latvian delegation 
said today that demands of Letvla 
were known to be endoraed by the 
Entente Powera and that the Oovfm* 
ment did not intend to receda 

BUPHAR^pT. Aprq 27.— Busslaa 
l^v|et ttiifOfs woulil- niths/ sow 
Sarlag crops tkan go Into Uttle. and 
this was one of the reasons for tha 
failure of the offensive against tho 
Polish front. In the opinion of Simon 
Petliu^, peasant leader of Ukraine. 
He spent a short time here on his 
way to the Prague conference, and 
said: "Those who rsnMlned with the 
Bolshevikl oolors got tli« flRffilBi fvfar 
and quH flirhtlng." 

WARSAW. April Vl.~-mn Foreign 
Oflloe announces that a treaty be- 
tween Poland and Ukraine will be 
signed soon. Independence of the 
Ukranlans will be proclaimed short- 
ly afterwards. 

Mr, B^onar Law Speaks of It as 
Deplorable and Si^ It Can- 
not B« Cured in Day--Gdv- 

LONDON, April n.->Boiiw Law, In 
speaking before the House of Com- 
mons last night said that there was 
no good in denying that Ireland's con- 
dition Is deplorable, and very likely 
worse than it has ever been boforo. 
Continuing. Mr. Law salgtr 

"For tha laat gansnUoa Oils eoun> 
try baa had only ona^ealre. and that 
Is to aot oa goed ismui with Irslaad. 
instaad, a» gsa tha. fmrntat siaM- 
tlon.** ' ^ ' 

Mr. Law said that It could not be 
cured In one day, and If any mem- 
bers thought that by merely eending 
scores of tliousnnds of soldiers to Ire- 
land, the question woalg be settled, 
they wore graatly Briatakaa, There 
wen signs Uiat tho aaes a ias were 
haif^k, tVlrtMtoei: tlwy wera now 
bel« 4ireM aiik&« aian who called 
themiaives Mia Felnoni, aad they 
were suffering. 

Mr. Law said he could not help 
thinking what the effect on Ireland 
woyld be by bringing about the restor- 
ation of roaaennble govemtnent ' . 

"I do ask tho Commons to give us 
credit and ricognlao the problem 
that Has booif dealt with. If the 
Oovernment fails after a reasonable 
time, then the Government ought not 
to continue In offlce," urged Mr. Law. 

Mr. Bonar Law also announced that 
the Irish Oovernment had been- In- 
structed to prepare a ropoM •« t|M 
eoadltlon ■ of Iroland, aad It wbttld 
be ready in a day or two. 

Various rumors were also dispelled 
by the leader In the House, who stated 
that there was no foundation for the 
suggestion that Viscount French had 
been Invited to resign. Sir John Tmy- 
lor, the assistant under-secretary, was 
neither dismlMed nor suspeadod, but 
was litaatoa a aioatli'a lea^e at hit 
own ragueot. 


PARIS, April 27. — Trade agnee- 
ments or commercial treaties by 
which France and Oermany may 
stabilise markets and co-operate in- 
some branches of commerce are fore • 
oast in a report of tha forolgn trade 
bureau of the Department of Com 

Threa InduBtrfea, potash. Iron aad 
aaka. and toxtlleo, are takoa vp by the 
report, whioh show* thO apsasmie dia» 
pendaneo oC -tha two OBB a t i tM upon 


Vkn, PhjlBpa Sanda aa Ea- 
coiarafiiif Latlar to 

■ ■ - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 

West PUhKMphta, Pa.— *'t tea 
lydia m, Plakhnm 'a VaaataMa Coat- 
boforo our bMj was 
bora aad It has aaado 
BM oraeh bettor la 
bcaltb. Iwasahrays 
very ill when ray 
other eblldren were 
bom, bat with this 
one I had a BMi^ 







were dlseovsred. This fa- 
moos remedy Is absolutely 
guaranteed to give relief to 
eutterers from neuralgia. 
Send for free aampie to 
Teineleton's. 1 41 King St. 

I>octors reeommend them, 
and reliaMa draMtots 
everywhere sell tiMMa tor 
tl.a4 a bos. 

Vaneouvert Tb* Owl Drug 
Stores. VIelerta: D. & 
^mpbelL Port Cequltlam: 
• w.- J. Tucker. Pert Moody: 
Oraham Knlcht. 



Provincial Chapter Opens An- 
nual Convention at Vancou- 
ver — ^^Reports Indicate Pros- 
perous Conditions for Order 




Special Committee Plans to 
Turn Its Attention to Re- 
Establishment Branch — 
Pension Inadequacy Shown 

OTTAWA. April 27.— Tha special 
committee oa pensions and ra-estab- 
lishment has eomo trtthln reaching 
distance of the end of the first phase 

of Its work. It is estimated that an- 
other day will almost clean up the 
pensions end of the investigation and 
leave the members free to take up 
re-estebllshment. This end of the in- 
quiry is expected to tolte another 
eouyle-of weeks. 

VANCOUVER. April 27.— Dele-* 
gates repreeenling chapters of th4 
I. O. D. B. throoghottt Brttlali Co- 
lumbia gathered together In the Navy 
League auditorium this morning far 
the seventh aaanal saogtliig af the 
Provinelal Chapter of tho order, aaa 
were weleoaiod to the ettv bv Mfa. 
A. MoC. Creery 9n behalf of the 
Municipal Chapter of V<iiu-ouv«*r 

Both the morning and afternoua 
aossloiM were presided over by . Mrs. 
R. C. Boyle, regent of the chapter, 
and at tho former tha roganta'af Uw 
municipal ehapters were appolatad a 
committee on resMatlana. 

Among 'the correspoadonoe was a 
Ifttor from Mrs. Charles Henshaw, 
from Oermany, describing the con- 
dition of that eoimtrF.aa decidedly 

At a prtvat* gating of the oommlt- 
teo thla eventng the matter was 
Pincod boforo the members, and it 
was fsit tliat sufficient 'nidence on 
pensions had been secureOs to guides 
the committee In Ite deliberations. 
There are three or four more wit- 
nesses yet to be heard, and the Great 
War Veterans' Association's pension 
plan a to be taXen up. 'llUa is ex- 
pseted to oeeapy the oommlttee's 
time tomorrow. 

The gaestlon of night sittings has 
been shelved, but peat weak proliably 
will see. their beginning, it Is thought. 

An increase of 2S per cent all 
round is necessary if pensioners are 
to live comfortably under present 
standards of living, ae^rdlng to evi- 
dence given today by MhM Helen 
Held, of MontraBL Miss Held stated 
that amay aoMleia' ohlldren la Mon- 
treal ^rftp, BeiqHrfiia:fy»m: naiaatri- 
tloa. : ^ ' • 

The Canadian Patriotic Fund, of 
which Miss Reld is an offldal, is car- 
rying a heavy burden because of tho 
inadequacy of the pension scales. The 
oflicials of the fund felt, however, 
that they should not bei^iled upon 
to aagmaaf ^tmlfiaXSSk, allowaneeo. 
They had other dependents of sol- 
diers on their lists who were not re- 
orlving aiiy pension or allowances, 
and with the additional burden re- 
moved the fund could carry on for 
some years. The whole question of 
augmenting payments from ths Pa- 
triotic Faad will bo dlscnssed at a 
meeting 4C 'the nhtloaal committee 
to bo held in Otta^ ihia; week: 

Cok Hiram atiarr. at the ortho- 
paedie branch, D.B.C.R., Toronto, told 
ths edmtoilttee that the Canadian ar 
tiflcial limlM were at least, equal to 
any manufactured elsewhere. Arti- 
ficial legs. In particular, were giving 
good sf^tistaetion. but no country had 
yet di e bovo r a^ a aatls^tory ariMeiai 
hand. , ' , 'l ' ■ \ 


OTTAWA. AlfHl if.— That the Can- 
adhpa 'Melge ttaUaiay > wttuM surt 
work this year on the much discussed 
Cory to Blreh Lake line. if the charter 
was granted, was the emphatic state- 
ment of D. t;. Coleman, of the rallwa> 
company, today. 

Asked when the company would 
finish the Hne, Mr. Coleman said he 
was not good at making rnsh proal- 
ises. The applleation. was» however 
lost An echo Of t^ 'VMihilpeg strike 
of hut MalnMr aaa laaaMbed when 

Sr. Cotemah saia'-lhh woht would 
wo heoB ataned last year -eaeept far 
that serious trouble. 

The Canadian PaelAo asked for a 
charier for this district, while the 
Canadian National was also strongly 
out for a Government-owned road. 
There Is not room for two roads, both 
Mr. Colenmn and D. B. Hannn agree- 
Inc on this point. / 
After • a(reniM»is hour and a halt 
the Caaaaian Pacific R4lliniy 
eatkm was voted down 4S to tS. 

Aakad It the eompady w6aid go 
ahead now, Mr. Oolemaa replied: 

"Wo prppoee to ga da ^rtth an lines 
for wiileh wo afa asttlia'. land as the: 
as possible.'* T ■ 



THK HAOU is, April i7.— Responsi- 
bility for the continued residence in 
Holland of former Emperor William 
of Oenuany was placed sqnaroly and 
e a slp si vely on The Nethenaads Oavw 
emih^tc la a aoes aoia «b|r V^mMa^ 
Uoyd ooofso af oeaat BrtMa- aa 
Mareh se aad p ak t u i ig today tor the 


■ ladlal.PtakkaBB's 
ipeaat lhatasademoao 

It Is 

farovery woman. 1 
hi Its laver, and yea 
tssttsaoBhiL" -Mr*. W. 
Kingnsesiac Avmrne. Wsgt 
Tho rsasoB that thoosaads af 


from an partsof the e uuBliy a iH s each 
lettora la thai this fSmoaa old root aad 
herb remedy, LordbC Ftakhdai'a Teaa. 
table Oompeead, haa hvtN«M hsaMb 

ftorapoalal edvieo la rjaasd «» aaah 
B ft Baa ft wrtto Lyrfla B. Kktem MeZ 

doeaaMafo solaUag' to the 
aaUMMloa of the former 

Mr. Lloyd Oeorgo's note aays: 
"The AJIled Oovrrnmehte have 
learned of the Royal Decree assign- 
ing the former Bmperor a definit* 
pbice of Intemment in Utrecht. tMo 
decree being aoeompaalod by aa aa- 
dertnkm« by the Nethertaaga Chr«am 
ment to assume c omp l Ots 
Ity for the OBSSody at aie 
peror and eea lrsl .gg aiB 

aalatad ont that William, 
itlona. Is a very serteos 
danger eo loiw aa IMt wtthMi forty 
klloasotres of the German ftonller 

and Is a potentUI centr* of 
ary propagnnda and a constant 
aee te ths peace of Kurope. 


NOTOir; April rr.— Kite 

atloa of rallroags and tf.ase.eea for 
m a na aaiiiBa eofteita, «bs pi 
today jgr UM agiaNf aaa gdia l» 

In the afternoon Mrs. Boyle gave 
an inspiring address. In which she 
appealed for the wholehearted eo- 
operation of etery member of the 
order in the work it has undertaken. 

"The very ooadltions which exist 
todny and tho aarsdt prevalent 
througboat the world are amraly 
striking ovMonee that tme oltkma- 
shlp has not yet been attained," she 
stated and continued: "We could 
formulate our Ideas of citlsenship 
and live up to tliat Ideal to the bestj 
of our ability. Let us not forget tliat 
in building for a l>etter Ca n ada we 
build for a hotter BM j l fe. The 
bailding for the next iS years lies 
l argely iw t hs mads gf ths w u i usa of 

Mrs. F. J. Bayfield presented the 
report of the executive committee, 
which stated, that theroare- aow 114 
<%apters of the order throaghiMrt the 
Prevlnee, and that the ateaant at 
money raised daring the year tor all 
purposss totaled 00 aval ac |M,> 

640.26. . ' • ' 

Mrs. Bayfield also read the report 
of the Freaeh relief, whieh reeorded 
the sending to Franeo of a aamber 
of boaes of elOtlMng. A tribdto was 
paid to the work of Xra. QUpla aad 
her committee. wJip^ took i||Batae at 

this work. . T , • 

Reports Satlsiaelery 

The financial atatamont ,preeeatad 
by Mrs. X^/ O. BMpedi Showed the 
receipts of the eiiaptsr botareea If iy 
«1, ISlS, aad ICareh. ISIS, t« he fM.- 
27S.40 gad'tna. daa g iBsi ik a ng mi y 


Mrs. O. L. Boynton, the organising 
secretary, presented a repOrt whieh 
showed that 11 new chaptera had 
been organised during the year at 
PeatMtOB', Victoria. Miralon, Fflnce 
RnpOri, Cowlcihan. Harrison Hot 
Springs and West Vaneovver. 

There was some discussion regard- 
ing the ofllctal organ of the order, 
"Echoes," and a . reoolotion was 
passed recommending to thp nntlonfil 
chapter that the name of "Wtm 
Standard Bearer" be aubetltatad , fs 
being more appropriate. 

Among the delegates present from 
Vancouver Island pointo are: 

From Victoria: Mra' David MlOer, 
Mbb. R. a. Bait, Ufa. I,. H; |larild> 
MiB. Andasw Wright. Ifrm < A*« 
deraea. Mia. Alexander Rgblnson. 
Mitt. B. M. .Hasell. Mrs. M. K. Bahmu. 
Mrs. F. Qrtfnths, Mrs. W. C- Hamp- 
son. Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Dennis Cox, 
Mrs. Gordon Smith. 

From Nannimo: Mrs. T. Spencer. 
Mrs. Powera, Mra.. J. Shaw. Mn. O. 
B. Brown,. MTa. MaMladnle, Mrs. W. 
I4WIS. iUas-VaSag. 

Vram OottrtoBar! Nes. I*. MlHaad. 

rtam Cheatiilnvai Mrs. W. 1. Wat- 

From Duncan: Mrs. O. .TlsdalL 
From L«dysmlth: Mrs. W. A. OoelL 


l/yor Andrewsi of Winni|fRBii 

Ing Teriltary Covered 
Agraement Of SChYeiis A9» 

OTTAWA, April ST.— What is ex- 
posted to; prove a bm^ lateresUag 
gaostMa 1^ WeMotia Caaada. partWn- 
larly tka thtaa prairie • Fretlaeaa. Is 
to eaaie ap la the Maaaa of 
WsdMesday. wa«n> Major O. 
W. Androws. Centre Winnlpog. will 
liave a fairly long qneotion dealtiw 
with lands at present held by the 
Hudson's Bay Company. 

It Is contended that a ooaalderable 
portion of land, aaeotly to .the throe 
prairie Fron la aes , was ehta'toad .by 
the ooaapaay afder an sprsa m aat 
wkleh win eaplre withlp tta aext 
few daya WHh the tranafer at na- 
tural rosourees also very much to the 
fore at tho present time, tlie actual 
status of the land referred to In 
Major Andrews' lagviry wm, H Is 
saio. prove voiy niwraowB* 

Ths gaoMoas la tgM tead: 
. 1. What Is the la dlH gsee ajo jaa iefc 
has keea paSenied th MSsaHaaa k^ 
tag Hadsaara Bay OMafaay is datst 
2. trader what ajrisaiggl kr Ha- 
Matlvo eaactmente ecaer ttHka the 
s c ree m ent executed with the Hod- 
son's Bsy Company under dale of 
November If. ISSt. Iiave t>een allot- 
ted to the said eompany Hi tho s«r^ 
veyed territory of Maaltoha? 
S. DBdar AriMo t of said 

eompany to fifty 
of suerem- 
olslaM aoi 

4. In that portion of Manllaaa aa 
yet aasarrersd. will tho 
s«M!tt<HM> per township 
a • tfd eomaany aader the 

1 ¥. 


^ r 




. j 


t I 

Smart Gk)tton House 



For Women of Fulter Proportions 

N the morning it is just as simple a matter for 
the woman of fuller proportions as it i* for her 
slender friends to look neat and trim. In our presetit 
diiq>tayg are doceng of beeonltng house frocks de* 
~ iigiied'etpectaH]r for her. - • - ■ ■ 

Fashioned of pretty patterned ginghams, cham- 
brays and percale* they ;are extremely modish and 
• splendid value. 

At $4^ 

At $4.90 

Smartly styled 

outsise House 
Frocks, developed 
of blue and grey 
striped . ginfham; 
sices 47, d9> ^i. 
53. Splendid value 



At $5.50 

Outsize Gingham 
Dresses, in neat 
aipiall; blue and 
wMle« black: 'and' 
wMte check; well 
proportioned and styled,, 


Serviceable o u t- 
size Frocks of 
navy and white 
striped percale. 
Splendid quality, 
and very neat fit- . 
ting; in sises 44, • 
46, 48. so, 52 and » 
54. Excellent value, 

a* • • eoo*oooeoaoo*oe**<t^K4^i^Q '■ 

At $7.90 

Maternity Frocks, 
^ of blue n u r s e s' 
doth, finishrd" 
with white p i q ue 
collar, yoke and 
pleats; witii sash 
of self material; 
, »tV*8 36 to 44. 
'Good quality and 
well made. Priced 

9^ ■esoo—o aow?aoos«»eJ|y #90 

4* • 

and Beach 

Porch and tibaeh Dteilie* take on a new 
dignity when they assume trimmings of 
waite pi^uc and orgaadic, additions which 
HMdea'tneni desirable lor> wear On the porch 
and beach. 

Offered in beautifully patterned ginghams 
and chambrays, they should be given an im- 
postaat place in the digceraing Woman's 9nitih 
mar plans. Now is an opportune ffaBi to 
choose several of these smart frocks. 

Exceptional Value at $7.90 to, $9.75 

1 t 

toraw at tke 
laad Is 

plratleh at «riy 


aiMLA. India. April t7.— Plfty per- 
-jns wars killed aad fifty tajarod to 
a trata eolMsioa oa t|ie pfdh A,ltoh- 
iihaad aaflww agpr Ms f adahad, ai^ 
of Dena. l eg ite i a y. vtsar as a rtii 
were burned to a aia s a ^^ad- tar tte 

BUBNOg AtRBS. April* ^7.— All 
seed wheat in the Province of Cha- 
buU, Southern Argentina, haa boon 
purehased by a North Amorlean 
Ana, aeeording to reports. This aa- 
goaaeeBMat, ooapled #ith raedrd aa- 
PMPtatfaas at wheal amea ^andai^^ i. 
whisa t a to li ad aearlg st.tag.sss bash, 
•la. haa sra a l sd aaiaattii 

a ewo pa p s r s are ilsasislBi 

at ovor-saporiatMs. 

M Old 


■ ■iod t » ■ 



S^'^eMlX ...^M*-^*-* "' mS 

All MbMrtFUott tstos »*7*M* la •■•"••Ji 


. What Cm»4» ^*opoM« to do to- 

' trMr«» «!»• •dtrf^mmt ©f an Mrtal 
I>oUey Tflll, bei»ua« of lt» tnlitflVM 
ycwtiUMiw. ata^pi .frith uttia or no «D- 
thiHlana «limi|i|<i»uti^« •otiBtqr. I« 
the flr«t plaeo'tha; Air Board propoaM 
a militia pff|m<Htl<wi tortoad oC • p«r- 
manent foroa; Hm ■tr«B«tli 0$ tkm 
pMaonal to be autborixad Is 5,090 9t 
all raaka. Wa donht If thare la fa 
abman In tha eountry who hi» hiM 
•sparlenca of war flyln* who would 
not maintain that tiM aoamtrr W 
do battar with a parmaaint foraa 

' SO* thin .undar tha mlUtla ajwUm 
upon which the Oovammant haa de- 

■ cldad. Under the lattar training (■ 
t6 M tfttrtod out at oaatrea which tha 
personnel will attend ae Individuala, 

: each attending as mar to arranged. 

ar iUr^cM^'litmWW' # iW? 
yeara. Since ariatlon if 


perimental e^slenca in which there are 
eonatajit davalopmenta 'It may bf 
aMUmed that the membera of the mlT- 
fUa air force, ainca they are only to 
olttatn oaa moQth'a tcalniar out of 
each twenty-four, will at each eubee- 
quent tralplM iMiva to be (aofht anew 
t BO autlw »r a t o l e arn iw a> t o b a 
equipped jCor Mirl^l warfare in the 
eue of amarganojr. Flying man main* 
tain that ia avWeOT 'dbl MiMf kia 

"aalUoVi If 1> unable to fly for eix 
months, yet the Ck^vaimaant If tf 
permit of only o«a mottth'a traltalac' 
^.«a liMtlirtdual la a(|eb two yaaiji^ 
, It la true the training ia to ba oon- 
tlnyiox^, at eentrea to ba eataMlahad 
tkMiiiritfMilMl>^'«>»^ te^thia 
extent there will alw^" * certain 
nuqabetr of ia«n who will ba up to date 
in thtf mtfl^ir af aTlatfoa. Hm iwlley, 
however, will undoubtedly have the 
tendency of leading to a dOtilhlng In- 

' ttoaat^in laOh' A Wiii&ilii^ ' schema 
where thera are such long intervals 
bateraan ttalnlac anj} wbeira. because 
of the otaaraettir ok ttia ^wHifaig. no' 
esprit de Oorpa can be encouraged. 
Tha idea Of provldlag fm^ local ad- 
ministration 1^ tha eitaUMiment of 
Pirovtaielal executive committees, the 
members of which are to serve with- 
out .^raaiuBaration,. ' }• hardlf one 
tIfiMli Will commend ttaelt Drh^n the 
nucleus e^-<M^.f^ tor«t laaMcemad. 

' rrhere la anot|ier point, too. Tl^ich de- 

ment «Mi|%te Maik to be concerned In 
tfim laaat; a^uV ^* development of 
<ii^m«MMft flylajg, f or in tta aaw 
policy, theM Is nothing which Is likely 
to give a|i incentive to ,the /promotion 
qie auah trf fflci One affect Mia Air 
Sard's prdpoaals seems likely to have 
1* tha dlseonCMiuattce of tha i|iffarent 
1^ orgaalMKtloiia whieh'tiaya vaaa got 
tbgathaf' with a view to illustrating to 
t|^a ^ati7 tha value of flying la 
t^jg' aif ifoaee. ; 
lOfe ia ragraitabla that tha aavara- 
aiaat'aMiaet aaa tta way clear to as- 
'tabllsh a panwanant air. force, if m^t 
. In a small way." ComlMaad wltB OMa 
there should be one or more experi- 
mental statlona whlah would keep 
abraaat of tha davaMplBanta In flying. 
In Whatever naval astabllsHment is 
left -there should be an aerial depart-' 
tnaatr whlia tha braaeh of aeroplane. 
As distihiit'from seaplane work, should 
«o<*o^arata wtth tM pormanant mUi- 
tary. fa»aa jB<tlM'#PMMT> It ae wii w aa 
If in estabUahlng what amounts to a 
a^llUla forpa. for flyinf that.fhe Qoy- 
aramaat Ui pUyttig with this part of 
tha country's defence, ifor aviation is a 
thing apart; diatrtet fmna and raqulr- . 
lag mntlh mor* eo-ordlaatad atady 
thaa any other branoh of warfare, al- 
though, la tha light of eaperleaaa. 114 
mmn 4«itiaf4 t9 prove a foramtt* 
arm of a^Utary iMrvlo^ in the future. 
Cf nada haa posae«as4 an^ still pos- 
sasaas. a remarkable opportaalty to 
iawonHafa tha pomfbOUlm tlMra are 
In aviation o^rtag to the large num- 

iaaatnr ij^mk.-^ pd rtUfAai 
rlab ta exparlanca. ^thay «m aa asset 
to tha eoaatnr that It la Aamatul ta 

npoa which tha country Is embark- 
lag. wtthoat giving any eoasldaratlon 
to tlii'-miirv wmitm' ira oeMr 
of l^^aiUaiah^Tali^^ IfunAitt of 

^^flf^**** airman wul be loet.^. .Tl(e 
, oo M^tiy haa averlook^ the opportu- 
.Ity af re-aitab^MM^ 
ta lta«af flv^ 
lag nen. Ufa rasaH lairll 
theip l^UjT' other ^funn^^^t^^nt 

laeot la such desultory training in 
a Willi II aa' la aew t««p«gf# tar tha 

la glSlt an araaad a» cupidity^ aa 
traVM*B^> hnmoida^. 
amvaementst axeeoslva puMla 
osaat aad a tho a w ad ai * 
(aaila,ov fokllaa of prtvata aad pubka 
character. Attantloa to tha 

tlaa fM-lif ^^5? 
world iw a pta as was raawti 

CduncU of «tha ^^aagaUcal 
la Aigtaad. In tha 
ha «aaovaati. I 

direct language, a whole catalogue of 
preaaat-dajr vleaa. What her voiced 
la slMiianfarHai tiM ^sadon 

Times as the presence of a constant 
wMaesa to tha good whleh la andlhla 
tliffoagk haasaa l iliis r y . ibawlag that 
"vitiated as man's aature may be. It 
la not ao corrupt aa to rob aa wholly 
of aar faith la it" 

History is the conclusive answer to 
tha tf9^t, or rather tha lUualoa, that 
nuuintlapplaaas la ooaataatUr oa tka 
increase. It is not; for it is exceed- 
laflr doubtful If. manhlad was avar 
aa aahappr aa today. Saw Ciur 4n 
have prog r ea s ed, if at all. ia m moral 
dlrao^a caa only ba aa ttm a t o d hy 
yagtoHty, for wo ara too praJadlaMl 
to . Judge oursahrea In the olden 
tha eoa^iiptloa of tha law was 
t It waa a«t aa a oliaek an law- 
breakera, Now it la regarded as the 
.pnt aa wan aa tha laat 4arthly refufe 
or maaltlad. VlSa world la asparlaac- 
Ing both Purltaa aad auraptuary 
legialatlon to an aztan^ aavar Irnovfh 
befqra, deaplta the faok'ihat auch haa 
aavar 'b|el^'"||^^Hdi^«t^ succissfuL 
"^are Is an. orgai}^^^ attempt at 
nationalisation, a policy which can 
oawaraa many falliiraa as auooaasea ta 
Its! application. There Is social legis- 
lation "designed to save people from 
thamatf;i;»g iwa4 ta aapptaat tha tafla- 
ences of the home. There is irratloa- 
aUty in w^rd and thaafht. "Thap 
lii'^ s4ya Tha I«andoii Tli^>aifc "a gall 
aral erase for frivolous amusement; 
popular antartalamaata. tha ravecaa 
dl^adifirlaii^'affa' (iMiMai aad »neh 
wrtttea about; moBer la plentiful and 
la n>ant ilka watfr oa them aad aa 
V^iiimi'iiitimMm^^ ehargaa; 
cfinnot be rebutted, and though the 
war aad Itg gfuvela nvm lia the cao^ 
thar aflwHI no axousa.** * 

The newspaK>er we have quoted says 

bo^d ''4'''!^' t!3hi^^ ahV ai^ 
a^ t|i9U^l^MB«i)y < morry-making, wlU 
bapur Ita aad Ht la hoped, too, aa 
ed^qit|eB 'improvaa and Is aztandod. 
soma of tha cruder forms of dissipa- 
tloh aadritfgaif^wUI ba abated. T^a 
real sosial vafom lloa. hot within tha 
povrer af le^flateturiM;, but In Increas- 
ing^ 'the , field of kpowledge. for at 
prasaat the i^aaaoa for the folllea and 
vfdda' lAlat ara -pnnradt do not lie and 
naaar.dld He in environment, or social 
or any ayatam which ia $0 

ixTWts TO im^oa 

Of the Oonaarvatlva 
daalad tha atataoMot 
aaaaal mafting 
tmmfikMtm was 

trtadgd on public' m< 
iaSaansa epidemic. 

Tha statement mada hy mo was 
abaoltttaly oorroot. aad Z hava varlfiad 
it. and atata aaw that tha haU was 
ehgagad oa 'Fiibripatir it, aad a da- 
postt paid far tta aaa aa^tlMt data. 


TOl Wflaotf airaat. Yictoila. Aprti 

17, im^ ■ 

Mr,— 'Would you alldW vgi through 
tha medium of your oataMna, to ax- 
firaas our slncara > thanks and appre- 
ciation to all those who helpad na to 
anafco the parade and - memorial aar- 
alpa, held OB Saaday laat ta aoaoaa- 
aiiMty h^Ow ^"y^ijjygy the 

**** H. J. TOUNO. 

Bacretary, Bx-SarvliBa Coaaell. 
tl« Peihberten Balldtilfc ' VlalvMa. 
B. C, Aprn a o. IMP. 

Waatod— A Millloa Half Ofmraa 
Sir: — ^We want to endow this hos- 
tel, tha need for which Is very 
argent and very pressing, aad tha 
site for Which Is already aequlrad. 
It is a tarvlbia rafladtion for aa, 
owa oar tmm- tMraa^ta tki^ ^ 
of oar aiof rlioar gaamsa-.-'thalt' wt^n 
thay qama'lirta tha port of LoaMoo, 
handreds of men are unable to find 
a decent bed, a decent meal, and de- 
cent recreation, which is all they ask 
for. All tha aziatlng hostels are 
erowdad out and afa tamtag hun- 
4Mda of maa avmr aaanr algbt, apd 
tka ianit la thay ara «tl««a ta the 
kaaala ar viaa whksh aboaad te the 
dlrtfiiHiitWlimhi aattt, todaa«.topray 
these men, or else they can only 

aralk the streets. And these are the 
men who saved the Empire. 

We cannot ajU give large sums, but 
mos^ people mo afford ^a^d., and 
wMft 1ft yjjt (fh mHll op tn J| f Mjra if ar 
^^dwr* ^^tep^ ^^Pa* fippoia^lap ^Joptai 
jprny \t$ itpaaaf. aa.aooA aa p9irihio. 
TlMira can ba ao delay ta pfartlwU»e 
debt that ever^ person ta ttlla glm- 
pire owes to these men. 

(Signed) S0MBR8BT. 

^1 Orosvenor Square^ Iiondon, W.I.. 
BngUnd, April 7, 1920. 

Note.— Subscriptions ohou)d ba 
«ant to Hla Grace Ule IH|^ Of dom- 

oftaa tavol|«f*aiM«;.wkm^ to tay tk* 
blame to cIoaaHne defloMacles of the 
peo|t^. ^li«ro t^ "'^ resta la not 
la viaeasBaaa althor, ini ta ^ realm 
of Ignorance and after failure to ai>- 
predate tha kaowladge aad beautlaa 
adMBh ttaaiS j^mA* Tim faaH 'i» 
largely. If not wl|oDy, tedlvlduallatia, 
bt^ it haa been tranalatad teto tanaa 
of the maaa aad 1^ maaOi tadtoad a< 
as Individuate striving after the en- 
lightenmant WhMl Uea ever rea^. 
bitadiy fallowh'WaHtalal laadarai4p 
whloit In too awpif' Instaneea 
purely peraonal anda to attain^ ' 

There are signs, after all, that Rus- 
sia Is returning ,19 E normal condltloa 
of mind. Seina 'o^ her aekdlan, not- 
wlthl|tandlnff conscription for war 
pplPl^oaiU Itava aanounoed their tataa- 
ttoa af rataratag homo add ptaattagj 
spring crops. Iienlne aiid Trotal^ 
may .presentljr hava the i|dea drtvaa< 
from 'thiii^''mtada''.t]iik;-'alar oaa' 1|a' 
malntaiaad aS^'i pa^jfit^apt fotm df 
'•indttitnr.* "■ f ^ 

A system of flnaaeial exchange f<^r 
tlya 9rltiab Ilmphre ahould not ba 
ImpdMMa of 'ftltlaPNmt Baahan^a 
la at preaent aCacted betwoen Canada 
ai|^ Bi^la<a through Now tork. which 
la pira i M ab le to certain interests la 
the trnfted l^iei, and possibly ta 
Qaaada also, - hat th a apsUm is nqt 
prodaottva. af Ipatiav pood ta a gen- 
eral wair la tlte ttdg aooatry or 
Brttatar- _ : J 

There la a great gulf between the 
.fMtlail atotaamd^ who 
tOoa oa ati taatf ^ a W fci 
and thoee of hie feUow-oenaaioiBar 
who woaM aabaMtaa all 


■ y ■ 

The price of milk la gataa to fall 
on Hay V-ta ifoatrsi||: '' Waas' nor 
aaasoqa. a^ any other thtag/ appivi^- 
ently. will hava tadoanca upaa tha 
qpainjr «r thp prliDa Of i«iik paid Ip 

coNttANomropui, apm w 

Maaf(nV(^qnMk%.i^ aatpp Qraek 
Patrlaroh. haO eWt a meeaage to Ihe 
{ten Remo conference, protaottag 
against the aialm waderstairflp Ika 
Holy 0ee has matfa Ipmt tt^TSaash 
of St lit coaatMtinopipKTto 
tfce Hdiay tljajiil i|urch> iTre- 
Itapatea ti»*|ift [f Mtiwi IhaTjUia edl- 


Of the' 


It Savli% 

Sir:— Why If ViotorU to be dOiUad 
daylight pi|Vtagr We are'aU tat4r- 
aa^ la tap «• C. of but wliaa 

oMdteSnf \h!I%^^ m ^S&S 
to take advantage of it. Our electric 
light bilkp might be reduced by nearly 
one-half, and the municipalities 
would alpo benefit. Th«n, again, we 
ai;f tttrfaUnad wltk a shortage of 
Mtaioaiii' asMi' ara donlod tha apapr- 
tnaltt of grpwtaf an aatra aapPlP' . 

It aMma vary atnage ' that the 
PrtMaeidl Oftvitmiifilrt iflouid Ignore 
the petition of the eltlsens of Vic- 
toria, through their Mayor, ahd re- 
fuse to even consider the matter. 

TJiere ia no reason why the fafm- 
ara 'ahould not ot>eerve what hours 
they ilka, aad ti^ bbjactiona ..of the 
il Wk dO P ^dppid M ^dtNMwdkrit''.lllplr 

laiBk for frish air should Uke this 
hooa from the town workers, who 
aaad It so badly, especially in the 
warm weather of Auguat and Pap- 
taaa>«r, whoa the days ara cattllllr 

I wattM Ilka to sngpiM lkat-,«M 
bufltaam hovoat and <vaiAsittg aaRiata- 
tloaa, who hava gaao oa, taeord as 
bOiag In favor of the measure, ehould 
eonbiae in a petition to the Mayor 
to follow the aaample of th« City of 
Ottawa, aad daos a s .that the clocks 
be advancad oa May S. 
TIM cm PC anwoita. paa onaa baea 

ahaU watt dmoi rg tha piba It witkoat 

lis* Newport Oik Bay,' B.C., 

1 81^ 1010. 

and MenatMervlile Results 
in (Smw to Policy That 
Wishes of Veterans 

rollowing a throe days' eonf* 
wUh the retutaed amP at tha MsrvUM 
osMMi' ssMlmiiat maa, He» B. D. aav> 
row. Mlaymr of Apl«^^8taf4 sad CeL 
R. D. Davlea. haw'^lMPd at tha laad 
PetUewMt Board, have returned to the 
city. The trip was made pursuant te 
the promise given by the MDhiiater te 

the ^;posat 

et tha I«ijlidillft; ^ voWed h aaaiNr 
of grievaaeo* thaf hid ta redpM of 
eoadltleps at the aettlemeat. 
' 'rim the Miaiacar pcea i iaed that Urn- 
■ediately the keaPloa ended ha 

vlsM the aetV«mmt aad 
gvsjpad the petals ralaad by 
pdMpp fmn* eomplaiat was that as yet 
thop tiaaa baea oaable to aaeertata shea 
they weald eeeure the allotnMata aad 
ba placed ta p sfeissloa e< the hsUUags 
whleh tiHr ata ta 


of their 

eCamaCiyiag the aeldier sotUers at 
ala m oig at a pmty da»a of 94 peP dat 
wni be e U sglaa t ad, aktf l si ' aa W m Cba 

n^ ^m IP ansaaled la the 


bd-ekpeeted to enter iato 
tae Settlement Beard 

piw».>u mfmt 
appieh aiitaHMeit 

Premi^.^M^ic Vcfm^ Cleanem 


Stylish Suits. Reg^i- 
Ut to $59.50. Spe- 
cial, 142.50 . 

Trifiuned Hats. 

Special, $7.^0 

PHON6 $iiO 



J . 1 J^I'IP.I lU 

Lingerie Waists 
Very^ Special Value 

Dainty Lingerie Waists, in many 
neat styles, with long «lfsevc«, 
and prettily trimmed. Some 
have Pcilor and round collar^; 
others collarless style, but*- 
toned on shoulders ; sizes 36 to 
— 4J. Vci y 

Spedti yplnt. 



Night^wns t>f ftnf mdsUn, in sfig;- 
ens and high ncdc stytesl; gepcroui 



Pr^^gpant of s^voag mttplfai, with frill; 
opan aad Glased ^tylaa; snull. mcd- 

iuiii add ikf|^ steiek ^ ' 

Underskirts, made of stroog white 
'pDuslIEr w1th*4e(q> tacked frill, trim- 

<Corset Covers, of 'fine muslia, with 
dai^ ^ya^jlgtfs pad rihbaa 

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Sash Curtains, of Madras net, grenadine, 
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24 OpHr. Oaliac* Oaslilons, eovtrpd With 
pretty crotonna and inp SPtM. Regular 


^aip pad St^n^iUcd Catiement Cloth; 
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«oUd pbpdep. , tMd 

50-inch CPsement Cloth* in gpld. red, 
brown, tan, ecru and orplai. ■ ItPBular 
$1.19 value. Th^ BKEfT . 

aipndmb' 'afi"*^"^'^^ 

Sash Curtaia Rods^ that oBtaad to 40 
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Waahable Rag 
valup. This 
• moTpingL- each 

» ^ aad 

Pill M IIJ J.Jtf 

... -'(»''' 

•1 t> '.V* 

Ill I II III I i^MhisMir 

I'Taf MBB-gMTTr >WffV<' 

r..^' ^'^ii^tgr $12:75, lot 0.9t' 

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of En 

iptMtU* double bf<fl. T>V4 

Srlcp areff^^ dy mill 

f&^'':f^)iir W^■ 0" sale 

< t ftiiiekpd 8hflc!tiii||; 

gu)ar Me, for 69c 
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gmpd wpar. . Ra^lar'9S& On sule 

Whitp Pique , " 

Regular dSc, for 49c - W ' 
Fin« QualNr Wliite Pique; 36 ins. 
wid^ £S[a)pr tfe. Oh talc fhit 
ing. 3W|p4 

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;;;*Teegd»ar "to, pJfS, ^dt-mff^jm 

Tsrr Ifaat laiaMtv of ihia^.^aaiilaa 
malfrial, ta Colors aat brpira» ^d 

rata, wad, pale IfMd. liifii|«. aavy, 
Copeahagcn, pink, dafh graaa^ 
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wide. These suitings ara aa^ ea* 
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Ragttlar SOc, for 39c Yard 

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htmmad all reaif for asc. Spibn- 
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•NalunM Pongpp Silk. ^ 

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Silk; 24 inches wide. Splendid ^aU 
itjr ior ehildrca'p dressba. On sale 

opfKirtapltr h niU/Mm ppopidprpbif 
Mvf^it M-ioiii Hoi^ vettip, 


whathar an «ka* 
?al?thto artPipH Piaa Mrain-t 

•taimlag that 1* waa pipelag aa undo* 
^j y^ r? iHirdaa upon the setUers. Tte 
g«ttlan will stoo be allowe* their choice 
ta tha aavlter af the type ot dwentijg to 


Anee for that 

win alaa 

be granted to the settler In the aaquUt- 
t|pa or UvsPtoeli, poultrt, Iniplemeats, 


, paav<p ■atlp* 

fa«terr f or a tiasfc hot aa ttpM ##t OB 
the Boara waa aot to a po«lt|oa !lt 
the OMa to iPsigl ai their aOal- 

ia <he 
went up lo M 
to the 

oaiT M P* Pair, 
cam* apparent. Hew, WMUt tM aew 
iffasptwint the atoa will ha pat tipea 
lolttaps at eaae, ,aaa with the aiK 
to ho graated top ^r Ps eom- 
Mheata aai areetiai^ 
«|« hp tU Added la- 
o-Mva ta tha« ,lHI»'fhalr 

tiw a< p ss pi istois eP their owa torma. 
They win a«w be ta a pealtlaa to 3«a| 

Saia o 

ta^a kla alrolL rftt Vir IP ftn i tr*f* nn Pafletoat a 

Hnm roR aunt 

A larap auinbai- off aiaa and wo- 

aahjaeta pread eold . WPa th ar. Saf- 
fortra from a poor ehraulatlaa mo 
aCUii tWn, aaaapilak md"~' 
Whaa. thair amp lufa ieal 

tary t 

liPks Of 


usually overheated 
aPapot heap 
warm, a^ mr 

ahiibiaiaa. o«li 
almost parPlyPlac 
vietlmf of h)%r Moat 
prlvtag lhato of en 

A ai w ^pp H aa af 



0!^^f%JSSS/^ sugar an. 
pkllh, aoppllaa a hsp t yielding food, 
and I t dk?all^J|||^<ja»ga_ daisy by 

hraahfast wHh plntT ,p<t adfti. Aapj 
Of the praparatlewa off ■ malBe prp«'' 
vide a fair amoant of heat and «a- 
jPivr. fNla«tt*a Iggs on toadt, sar- 
hippered herrtngs, puddings 

pe^drtak for the 
pdly mm^. mam praattoaliy ta- 
disps^hli dam artieu or diat for 

poht>hiBSdsa pao»le, aa K haa a 

SMrmtli of the bodp. 
haai Is Hpotoas aad 
atoa of iha 

CwMty ftor phyUdf V piWilii Ik 
««. tha pMity paiRfep WMP fpf aa 
Off tha 40a hr 

^oat ^apla wpe fpal tha aelp 
4«otely d^ Pader^a u Th^ 
iiay happ thirty 
$ pleattf^ tahta. 

for ahOly persons than 
port, Ptarta* ale. or atonl. 
is soaMwhat ovar-rataP aaa 
of wpfffiilu Pat It haa a 
teal valaa. The brief skin 

loag obaarvaOaa, k la aoasldarad m- 

'•Hr mo» alaaholla 
the aold."— 
_ ^ the X^ndoa 

IT.— Vka X>ako of 
tha Duchess of Connaaght Memortal 
I WffH ' Badford Pquare, provided 
fpi dff ItPJPP donaUd by Oaaadl^ 
* IMPMaal gift to the lata 
tlip haatal Ip PiHaini t^e 

' -.'0 

warmth we rs 





Maynard's S)iP^ Store 

MVYatwStnit PtaoM 1332 



Great Fossibttities of Delightful 
Countryside Which at Little 
Expense Could Be'^ Made 



Soiitk W^iliflgtoi foal 

Ttnlltfa^OyalWeS^I. OB^'Tfiatt, Al4tyt Oa^ 

";wf ' iM." 

Tiy a "Dardaoeb" Sundae- 

ThU it but qjDe of niany delwhtful new ke crc^ ditties to 
be foittid In 0iir SimiiBer Soda fbimtaiii mtam. Come tii and 

tiy ooc. 

naf Edward 


Hlfb-aaM Wublnf 

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• '^Sbf^ nrtpfMf Gartf • 


' to AM. In SohrlniK 

- Vhe'oAtf dr Om iMM'or' lMr-Mon. 
tory and h«r MlfVleM to aid In mIt> 
iag th* prebl«BM of any Vloi^i^ 
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in ooneludfnv an addrcM' yvst'ardayf 
iMfor* tho Kiwania Club on.the valuA 
of pajrcholofleal raaearch In the basi-, 
niaai and indtiatrlal world. . < 

Miaa WImi polQt«4 9J|lt In oopduA-, 
ing hM* ajKlTMi that fii«M •mptdtad 
<n th« ir ittMtrlal . WofM % war* not 
0roiMrly tra^ad aeetfHUnv i« t^air 
mental cap*cttlea. and a ttHiX daal 
of unhapplneM. Ineflloiencjr ^qd «n- 
rest waa cauMd theraby. ' M«nttA<!^ 
ihethodB must raplae« the preeant 
'^It and nii«a" atyle. 

Th«! apMkar CaU •ht a»' aiiBthada 
1^ wfetleh^ tka mantal aUtM bf aub- 
jaata* jiraa aaeartalnad. ' Yhau'aanda 
flara axamtncd »nd the reanlta ,eb>: 
tt||ia« ' Tn daUmslnlnc aMIiiy to 
Natttfl* •itaattena. or, m othar wora^ 
the inherent metatal capacity, reault- 
ed in a aoale ahowlna' th^> mania) 
atatua of the face divided Into vari> 
oua vraupa. A worker tliua tioald b* 
elaaaiflad acoordtnc ta thla aeala attd 
pteoad, where he oi> i^liii .^waiM, J» 
tka araateat so^d. . 

. Tha largaat claaa eonaiated of tboaa 
with very little tmacinatlon pt ton- 
ataht, who could not n«e beyond a 
fail dinner pall. Theee people added 
nothina to the Intellectual or artlatle 
dlvlaiona of Itfe. Many fbremen and 
aupartntendanta ware low In ihe acale 
«t naataUtr and nlad fejr btflylnc. 
tliat batnv tMa aata*t muntkV affort 
of whksh tlMT.inpifaiaapabla. 

The man of tha United Statea 
army, Mtaa Winn etated. wer» elaaai- 
flad aoeerdtnv to mental ability. She 
oatUnad a few of tha taata. By theae 
tha omearf ffillif .amy wara dMoen. 

Taaia «aa# 'ia> aa lavaatigattM of 
telephone and atraet railway workara 
in Boaton ware outlined. Thoae praa- 
ent at the lanahfon ahowed keen In- 
^ tha, addrafa throiithaut and 

muoh apptaoiatiya , oemment waa 

Mr. Robert MeKanala waa the aolo- 
Mt nt yaatarday*« Hinehaon. . 

' '■ -I • .f ■ • ' ' ■ ■ • 


Mr.'M4ney Oozford. fWmerly of 
Mnm, Pn wih aa ra M Aan|g^ W*m^ 

farmer In 

an Intenalllad way near 

ySa*^SSSS!%S^^SSiki9a hod 
voted to aequlra for tha alty that #a|rt 
of the Vlotorla and Sidney RalHi^ 
rlffbt of way which bordera on Jflfc 
Lake landa aonM tatareat to the af- 
forts now making to perauade the 
City Council to devote air the dtya 
property In the lake and Ita watar- 
ahed to tha purpoaaa of a great pnh- 
Uo park ahd aquatic racraaUon resort. 
Alao tha raaant dU f d r aoaa aC opiaion 
betweaa tha ra p raaa n tatlaaa of Vle- 
toru aad flaaaleh. In thb atottar pt 
tha taaatlon of tha etty.ycofarty MH- 
talaad m tha Slk Ldfca wataraijl. 

makes tha whola aubjaet af thartt* 
tora of tha watarshad ji^iavant at jMs 


■ Last Sunday - a repraaentattva of 
The Colonist waa taken out for . a 
view of the city's 'propSrty by Mr. J. 
Keith Wllaon^ waH-khown to the 
dtlxcna of Victoria a». a former . &!• 
derman of thla city. Mr. ''^Ilaoa la 
candid In his avowal or a purposf to 
atlmulate public Interest In tha d|k. 
lAka property. He frankly aupporta 
a policy of t)^e . reientlan of t6a 
proparty by tha eity; aid ha #aata to 
»o si«eH Jarthar .Uwn.A mixa^qMUn- 
taoMiea H tM 4ai8»a ^m. . fP- 
paaia to »a tha. pi#aai pttO^^ ihe 
aty OeoneU. 

Mr. WUaon wants to see BIk Lake, 
and Its waterahed, aa owned by the 
City of Victoria to the extent of more 
than 1,000 acres of land and water, 
become the sreat natural park aitd 
pleasure (round of the people of the 
future Greater Victoria. He points 
to ihe fact that ^la Has spam 
nearly half a million dollars on this 
property. He believes that In the 
four rasaryolra at aou<hem and 
of Baats^ £alU' tha pabpla IM thts 
dlstrt^.%Ve. >»adi< naada. ah^'aiistar- 
. inp «it^lmnikiv .haths: ,and 
M tha,J«riaft ;of tliaii(-k wfitar areia 
for* tha jj i i ffl ^sa s <tf iq«j^ ' spoi^u 

way laltai ahat/ eittMrtias; 8lck«u- 
tngVakMi^ or stomaeh-tuminv olla to 
drHo tiMaa raacata outr I/et gentle, 
havOllaa Oaaoareta reaaove . the liver 
aad bawal polaon whloh la kaapinc 
your head dlssy. yottr tonwa aeatsifl. 
your skte aallow, jwoar breath aaa»> 
stva. aad ya«r stMBMh ao«r^ Oat a 
b«i af 
and rM 

»lB at -Hia afSaas -MIc. polaens. and 
waOto ;wMMi asa. kaaptaf yen mlaar> 
able. Oaaearate never vrtpe, never 
licken, navar inoenTanlaaoe. They 
Mtat ao UMto 

Pa4#ila Coakt. 

TO ] 

For Ihasiii >MP9aa^ 
M |tha ^ei 


Wliaaa d'a- 

slres to See fUft fetty^ Blk Kako 
»ryP*rty. pnoB#ed>lnta||l far tha pob. 
pl» of^thtaJioiiinihHy' and Of-tia 
faMMb iMUnaiUa.; ||a ls;aeeordlnsly 
oppwad ter the project, raoently moot- 
ed, that tha alty ahpuld sell a i>art of 
the.lifihjl^ alUjacent to Abe lake for the 
purpose of asrl<.ultural set*lehient. He 
believea that such a dlapoaitlon of 
any part of the property, no matter 
what the reatrictions attempted In 
the deeda of- aale. would spoil the 
whole of the waterahed .for the laraar 
purposes he has In mli^d. 

The proposal to aall « 'put of tia 
dtya holdlnss. at Blk Laha la hM 
up for tha tttna hahit #tta 4ICsr- 
eneea batwaah ma IflaKiHa Sh^Si' 

Kalowna. Central Brltlah Columbia. taSRn^th? p25.rtTTut*L*r^ 
Phrai^Mod. two. p^ela. of bind WflaoB boUoiiM that the matter can- 

,ao»rf aH ai about twaaty aeras In tha 
new anhdlvishih oT'lMa UTthef farm, 
at Royal 6ak. and- wHl- enter Into a 
seed.- srowta* businaas In .thla eity. 
It beeame known yesterday that the 
deal waa pat throutli last Saturday 
'Just prevtaus ° to Mr. Cdzford's d«- 
par^re far the InfartoTf Ha' wiU re.< 
tuny In tha ooucsp. of ..another two 
weeks a:iid will pra ae s d ' at eaea to 
Improve hfs new holiitisgs.' iCr.^l 'B. 

Moii ' MnNMpiitsd tha "tawsaiwr ' Mr. 
Cwimm ^-vim^ ' la taaaH aWth the de- 
strkbtllty of this particular aectlon of 
Baanleh for hlo new uhdertaklhs 
throuah thr sniraestion - of , Mr. W.' 3. 
Savory, seed merohaa'K,. . of Broad 
afreet: The price /jpitM "Was at tha 
rata of IIM an a«^. 

ifi*. Cosfaf<l It la undaiitood. 18 
.nat' aafamtliar with the «Mwinr of 
sseds, havins intereated himaelf Jn 
this line of production on hla Ke- 
lowna farm for the fast several years. 
Havlns disposed of hia holdings in 
tha Qkanasan diatrlet,"ha has resid- 
ed with hia family la thla dty dur- 
tair a portion of the phit Winter. 
RaallalBC the jpofaihlHtlaa af thla ra- 
don for tho pursuit of seed srowlas. 
ha decMad ta re*enaase In that Una 
of prodnatlaB - hara^ Tha parcela of 
land he has beuvht are especially 
suited to that line of cultivation. One 
piece fronta on Olanford Avenue and 
tha' Other on Saanich Road. Water 
aupply la a«iUI»Ma from tha Blk Lake 
systaai.. ' , ; . . 

The creatast breadth of the Roaky 
Mountains In the United atataa M 
MM nUea. 

not remain in its preaent condition 
of tnwftu. It will Inevitably come up 
a«aln. he thinks; and that. tHerpfore, 
n«w Is the time to stranathen tha 
movement which looka toward tha re- 
tention of the property In perpetuity 
by the people of this community. Aiid 
he assaru that to aell any of the land 
borderlnir the lake to private parsons 
is to risl^ the poUuUon of lU: watam 
Nothing coutd ulUmately prai^t tka 

rShfu"*"-'^«J5 <3Wia«iaa W5 
might keep p**^liaka, oiS 
It waa sold iato private haadsc Ma 
admiu that^thls la an astrSMie a4- 
Wle t|lfC JMMrthUlties r^sultlrta 

•Jthadd^present holding in the 
THSr^'w '■•anrds It as the 

raamr probable ulUmate fate of this 
aaaattful place if that policy la fur« 
thar pursued. 


wJ^^'^J^, ^^ Wroached 
IgrThe Coloalst on this matter, ex- 
P«^««JMhlinself a« generally in agree. 

2?" JI?*** ^•'^ <*' Mr. Wllaon 
Traa aidennap. however, does not 
think that the disposal of a part of 
the watershed to private persons 
would neceasarlly have all the bane- 
ful effects anticipated by Mr. Wllaon 
What the former particularly deatrad 
to emphaslsa, howavar, waa tha ana- 
aral ftierlt of thla movaW' 
people of Victoria In ti|a J 
own property at Blk UMla.- 

AI4arawa fO^d ja at ooiolan that a 
Vaai,ai9ay VJotarlaaa-lMMa- no provar 
'">aarM«a of tha great .asset ptM- 
saaaad by tham In tha owaersh^ of 
thla property. in afdltl^n to tha 
poaslblMtlea for awlmmlMg la tha ra> 


atanee, that the two oonnaoted lakes. 
Banker dnd Blk, generally known by 
tha latter -aame, constitute a straight- 
away rowing courdV of one mile and 
a quarter In length; and his own 
opinion Is that a course of one mile 
and a half .could be ohtalnad. 

Aid. 1\»dd thinks that .this mnrve- 
maat tor .the aiaJUag of a pleasare 
graiimd of tmi. jNTdMy ..ah^iald aot 
bp ea^aped ptOaMr V na avpi^.aa H 
affeeta the people of. thla 'ol^. 
wants to sfe the people o( 
Penlqsula intereated' ^ the project 
It will be of even more benefit to 
them, he holds, than to the residents 
of this .^ty. A sueeeasful reallsa> 
tion of thie ^scheme would result in a 
greatly tapraaaad Mttlamaat of gnutU 
aarlaaltaral hoUUais tai tha >lelia1lr 
of ^ , l^ka: . to . tha alUmata sf«at 
baaaat of this city and of all tha 
southern part, of Vancouver Island. 
Both Mr. Wilson and Aid. Todd 
wished to emphaslxe the. fact thatthe 
awlmmipg and . general aquatic facih- 
tiea of the place are anparlor to thoae 
fllendiby th« fjea shorf of this dls- 
iHM.raf|>ac|ally In the 'iiaaUer of a 
wanha r^^feMgara ta^ jrtf th e wp^er. 
J Cw^Niaa^aola OpiM|siiiaii 
It la ^falr te->aay. however, that 
thara ^la ' a talHy large body of oppo- 
aftlon *o' thy project Certain of the 
oltjr.aldarman-.ara known ta .hold t^a 
lAd* thht tha ettys!«|laf)rpcahlaaii at 
itWa ' Jo a o t dr a^^ia a. - a»iiar'»iWoblatt*; 
aod^that''^ artMnatlB. tiipawt|aahla 
tei'Xaw Vf ' thii tfaiaiKlaT atraitanad 
cofidltiov of Has fOaiailMlnlty. ' Mayor 
-Portat^' darvfaataae^; ^is of opktion 
that'thb prSstfnt .eoAdlUon of the oon- 
trOveMy* between thla eity and the 
montelpailty :of Saanleh. as recently 
ezp^e aa e d hy the VataWaentatlvea at 
the two e aa ia i^lUaa> aSeeMvaly dla- 
psSii ofi'aar dtaouaslan of the fatare 
or^BUi^ Lake 4oa Hia^tlpig ba^np; and 
was Indisposed to eoHMiant further 
on the 'preject. - • 

Forearmed; then, with certain of 
theae differing opinions, and duly 
pr«rvlded with Mnta of thk^rest, to be 
ampilSad by' fatnre Inquiry, the rep^ 
Tho Coifalat 'wenI- oat 
J.tWUmt'Wimtm-i$» laafc at 
tM atty^a' paapdMar «ia "^ko «iataiiiMd 
af tBik Gafea^ 

The flrst place visited was the city, 
or "southern end of Beaaer Lalce, 
whara the Maervoirs of the former 
eltr water 'System are located. It 
should he notod"' In paaslng that 
Beawar ;Iir«ha'ls a paA of Bljt liMrts. 
The two iNaaaa af wajar aiw aoaaoat 
ed by a ohprt aaa^,'''ahd tho iWa iS-. 
far^t' n4n[iea ai« nit e h s y tt id ' 'hy 
loeal ouafom. .the Wh^le^ sNeat ' of 
wa2^^ belhg ^anllrany kliowh as CUk 
tii^e. f^TlM tiaipne', of Beaver Lake, 
how'aror. dpea not, .coiiife ' of haphpsard 
0|^'>.f ar.biira'r^ 'd«eif Ion. unrelate'd to 
loea'l tradltli^n. ,Th|ir«" Is n^tuyal hia* 
\frj /son tinned In It. llr. wtlsoa' can 
raman»t>ar. hApdnir fha eld 

plOBoara df. tfia^<D«trf^ |p«^ o^ hhV< 
taig ami^ad. 'A^ h«piipafa hulMi2g 
Oiafr Oama daaV "laliafa the rea^rvolrs 
hi^BB keen built. 

. .naaiitte.fOT 

Thasa^ r ia ai ^tei aaa at tha point 
of' tha 'laha. naaraat to this cit>, 
abaat alx mnaa'frem the City Hall. 
They are four ln> number. The main 
reservoir Is. about . 200 feet by Sta* 
feet, measured at the. cpnctate eoplag 
at the ground level. -The wataa 
would be leas than that, by tha 
loot kK tha sm ia g aldaa af.tlH 
voit.. It jaraaia< ka .oasalhli -toi kava 
at'«iaaat. ia-,4aot%dap|h of water la 
«Ma raaofvair; It aarUlaJK proyidea. 
ready a«ada« an> the faellM^ for a 
water carnival. 

Adjoining thlS; . main . reservoir, 
along ' tha northern s^a af It. .a«r« 
tka* thraa aHer .rsaarvOlM ^ tha old 
watav«ac«ga Thaar.'affa..aaah Mf hy 
MOi Caat^ Bi taesa* Vk«r.JlapBi a, depth 
af . akoot aaiaa. Isat« 9lwy ar» a<d« 
hy aMa, tho epfohiaed. w«dth of thetr 
ends forming tiM length of . one aide 
of tha main Taaervotf. .The bottom 
of thaae Altar t;eaervolra la of aoo 
shad, pat thane for .the parpssss of 
aitratlaA. Mr. WUaoa'a aahanaiWaold 
th# 4kaai 

' aMi Jkar 'a«a 

itaira Jailn good caadltkm: and tha 
water malne leading to tl^ lake. Uh 
gefhar.wtth the alutoe gates.. are all 
In .arerking .oondltloa. In aoaapotlaa 
with this imaaUon. elt tha water 
ply . at Blk Xaka. Aid. Todd 
oot that nothlaa hi tl^ aehaaia 
tlia, fitiMloa af.ll|la ptoperty by tho 
aadT Ma aaa aa a poMio paA. 
woaw prwva^: cko farther ultniio- 
tloh of thp water far Che puipuasa af 
Irrigation on tha'Saanich Fenlnsala. 
Aoa maraty tkaas thla polat aC 
ainw: he paatoMte thara Jpi. 
aiBpmeat far the fatMMai^M 
wmarshed hi tka paaaaaiMl af 

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irMrtaa ftaai 



Tito taO# 

. tha Mfca owaad hy VV> 
tofta amaaata to a further 4a« aeraa. 
loMd and water eaaaeauently amoaat 
to the veay handanwoe propoftp of 
store than* acres, the ownarohlp 
af ^wkkdl -Ii vaated hi ' fka people af 
On |^la-prapst tj « the oHy 
fly ti—^—. 
at «a dehp- 


fdat to 

l,aaa «aot wtda. 
•i W ie t her eeen at n 

BUiMa «< any aC tfep JMUs hy 

«r tha'Wba tsr Hm" 

very lUtle discreet work, at not much 
expense, could make it still more ao. 
And It would be sheer vandalism, not 
to apeak of serious danflage to tha 
waterahed. to porma a wholesale 
eatfkw af'tlmkar^ iiHAiid the Mk^i. 

Wfmm .dUfaaaat parta df the lalta 
aomo.of tbm ttatam itptUmn of aih tlFOto- 
derfuuy fhie. Aad asgpactaOr'at thla 
vernal aeaaon<of this ySar wlien the 
dark greens of the conifers are once 
more relieved by the paler shadea of 
the dedduoua treea now putting forth. 
A view of Little teanlch, and of the 
astro>physlcal obaervatory whieh sur- 
mounts the last lla .aiaat .ls 
to be had from maay pacita af . Wk 
UM|a^ na whole aoaaa .la a^qf^i^a- 
Oaa .of hUl aad toraat: aa^ wMar. at 
aaaa, ahara«t4flatleally CaaadUn ^ in 
Its a0i|i^ wUdaaiH, aad aa , wan re- 
lleyed of that.wtMoeai by gllmpaea of 
the frutt tree and strawberry cultiva* 
tlon of the neighborhood. r 
Strawberry C^OvaUon 

Bpeakli^ of. that cultlvaUon it 
ahoyld be mentioned that ib. A.'M. 
McLean, who cultivates stnArberrles 
oa his prAparty;: la si^t of' the lake, 
da the east side of tha'HtBt Saanleh 
Raald.' ^ Vtthad ama ailfad for hia 
i^Blon 'on tha'' futara of Slk Lake. 
Mr. McLean la a veteran ' of the Boer 
war^ who has seen much of the world, 
and Is particularly weir ' acquainted 
with the rural districts of severdl of 
the Brttish Colonies, notably South 
Africa and Australia. Mr. McLean la 
'an enthusiastic believer In the poosi- 
bllities of the Saanleh Panlaauht In 
the direction of frdlt aaa hafry eol- 
tnra. Ha thinks there ' Is a great 
faftno ahead of thaaa aanroHi aC ^lo> 
toria. profiahiv^ay an ttlalilpaoilr 
explotted. ' 

And Mr. McLean thinks that this 
project for the retention of Blk Lkka 
for public purpoeea by the - people of 
thla aty would ba one of tha flaaat 
f pture aasats of the whola aC dMi imrt 
of Vaaaomar Maad. Ba tilokai'lt 

apRMaHMNii aaltlar of the dlatrlet Ma 
tklaka It waaM benefit his neighbors. 
Ife thinks it wpuld ba a strong factor 
towards opening up the whole of the 
paninsula to the intenaiva cultivation 
whieh is Ita right. And , he thinks 
finally that Elk Lake, as a publlo park 
iroald heoaOM, oaa af 'the glorlaa of 
V M ta ^ i a ;- aad a perpataal 
of healthful rae r a atlon to Ua 
Ha also expraaaed the hope 
that no part of the . watershed now 
owned by. the dty would paas Into prU 
vate " 


to Wear Old Cloch- 
Ifolr Maat Bo • 

Tha oToMl aiova m s a t la tn—hkmg 
wkale-heaftad aapiltyrt'freni measbars 
of the Provincial civil aerilee. Fol- 
lowiitg the reeent srieet^ of the 
local branch of the aaseclatlon, a 
omamlttae waa named to "pa Into the 
matter and r a p et t thoreoa. nia'aoai' 
mMIoo aMt'aaa Ma I'itiamiiiiiaaua 
te'tHa ifeapa af a pladpa ta «l aSaaad 
hp n a t i dt tka aaaatia Ip'ltoir 

It Is to the edteet that evaryaaa m 
tho aarvice, mala and faamla, afcould 
wpar their old elothaa oattt tha aeoaa- 
stty nrii*- purshaaa aow elothtag, 
whan they wilt parchaao aad wear 
dpChes a^d* of overall W| a kMal hi 
paaaaat agahist the hlph •aaaf at Mv. 
the ip »aaie a |^ to paatlaai aattt 

of tho circular headad "Are 
of Joining m tha ever- 
an lasaa i i n t sJoa* the following 

af overan 

tha ear. 

Ae sngg^stlon nas bean aMda 
that la ardar to indicate the datar* 
miaatlMt oS tha maaiaais t«[ %(ht 

isf ' 

af ciathes. th^ tioee 

St. Aidaii's School 

' <fcate ViBidIi fti»iritorf Scfcool) 
2321 Smtoga AvaBue O^c Qay 

Pupils prepared for Uillvertity Entrance, Royal Ifilitary CoUega, 
Ropal Naval College. B. C Surveyors. 

'Vir'IrfdniiikMi'isd prospectus, apply 

Next Term commences Wedneadav, April 14th, 1920, 

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Md M jHMMilata 
of new . twhllkaBaalfi^.-ahoald wear a 
hadSe indlentlng that they ira in 
sympathy with the movement, this 
batfga -to be discarded wben tha ttana 
to don the overall coverlaP' 


Gotf, Ran Down kpi Motor 
Cycle, po Me vod to Havp^aaa- 
rractured gim 

Run dopa hy a teotor oyale rfddaa 
by Mr. H. Weseombe. of Iltt Pert 
Straot. youpg Oeorge Ck>lf. of 1407 
Blanahard Street is lying at the St. 
Joseph's HospiUI in a rather critical 
State. It Is feared he sustained a 
fracture of the skull. Today an X-ray 
will be talten to ascertain If there has 
been a f r aat aa a, aa 4ka msdiaal aMO 
hi attaadaoaa k4ltpr-» us mar 

Toung Ooir with other Uds was 
playing oa the roadway oa Johnson 
atraet between Cook and Vancouver 
atraeta on Monday night at 10 o'clock. 
Ha apparently did not see the ap- 
proach of the motor cycle and. Mr. 
Weao^mbe clalma, he jbacked Into the 
maohlna. At ftrat ha did not appear 
to. bo Injured to any aslant and Dr. 
Fowler, Who was suauaonad. pave It 
as his opinion tha hay would aafCar 
ao Ul ooBsaquaaasa Aa hoar Utar 
the lad graa saaata «Mh eaavuislaas 


YellCeA. Spring 


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tao tm 


by We Chief—Roof Flf«s 
Tha. work of an inoendiaip is 
by Fkro Chief Stewart in tha small 
Are w^lch . occurred in the old Bums 
Block, lower Bastion Street, on Mon- 
day night at • o'oloek. Whan the- 
fire dtpartmant arrived at the plaoe 
It was found that tha Bra had broken 
out among a lot of old paper and 
rubbish which had boaa daposUod In 
a elothaa eloaat and JmUU apparaatly. 
been dellberataly aat aUgfet. ~ 
premises at prssant are raaant. 
. Ite ptaaapt ac»««al aC tha Sia 
paHpiaat prsvaatad UM spread 9i 
the flames and beyond a hote kavaaA 
In the floor no damage waa' , 

Ihat^ aaaall roof sras gave tha do- 
partmeat runs yesterday, one to 1040 
Tates Street, and the other to 137 
Johnaoa Street. No damage waa done. 



BetHltfiil cliMnet Modal C($nr 
^ '^T - plate for- : - .';/». 

Spaetal Tavma^ lor This Waak 

$i«.tt 61 





< 1 

molt caqp^BMFd m me end 

1 City and District in Bf ief 

~" w^k* ^ttljU* Al., 0|ty 

TM BirtJFMMiiitil Iht iMNrt PriM 

SoproM Bililay Pimiiliftii Mk; does the iRprk v well u the OA|» 
B«3^»«fte*»^l^^ 29c ' 

IFreah N«w 
- lb.. T»#; 

' I n -I f .- .- 

Ite, of Italy Olhrt OU. per/ 

Omiond^* Apple knd 
Plum Jaiiv. 4-Ib. tins 

imprest Pore Jam* 4>lb. tins, i; 
. .-^^ Gowcbexry, Bl«tk- * 
h irty and Dam«o« ^4 

Phrai, per tm.^ — 


Buttcfi per 


Bmpreaa Saapbfmr, Locan- 
, jMfiy Mad Back jCncniu Jam, 

per tin™ 9JLU>U 

Bmpni* C«ab Applt 0-% t%A 

*t&e,^liE}. ^"''*'2dc 

a paMingT 10 

for the purpose of 
fuaeral af lata Mnwi 

motor ear on Ta|«a Ppaat at » 
eaeeadla* tha lafi»l HiMt. T. 
was fined tl6 by Maflatrata Jay 
Uia C^y Polica Coui« yaatarday. 

;^««piier to Bo Onest.— The Pr*- 
mlar, )HoB. Joh© OIHip, «IU bo tpia 

loimi^ l*b MTiptata^ 
olnai^ to bo %m toO^ ^ the XHi- 

oslnlop Hotel at I p. m. sharp. ' 

fiooo to Attend Foaatal — Mayer 
PbHOr' will leave tl^a momlnc for 
Mhiiilliii. ilrhere |ke mOi attend tl|< 
^^2«lP^^^rrl<^ Iter Ittiwf H cKeniia, 

■ f t l MM to 

Rotary Lundkeon — The speakers at 
tomorrow's luncheon of the Rotary 
Club will be UtmcfL I. C. McDonalf . 
J. R. WescQll iulil lB. a. JMiea. Nom- 
inations will be called for la. respect 
to the offloes of "president, treaaurefr, 
first Tice-prealdent. serseant'^at arm^, 
■oeoiid vlce-prealdent and throo dlvof- 
tora. • 'T 

\maag l>lTliio— The Right Rev. 
BIsKop Drawing, the Reformed BpIO' 
copal bishop of Toronto, will arrive 
in Victoria on Saturday and will 411 
thO »«l»lt t tha IC^mmHi eii l»rd 

pay a visit to Happy Val'.ey 

f^Mfe of Afddreaa Cot A. W. R. 
Wtljby, Agent «f the Marine Depart- 
imen^ win move on Thursday from 
Hampton Court to his new residenqe 
on MaptaiMKpd BaM ^ffit south <tf 

Cedar Wn'^^tmmm'''-^^ mail ad- 
drew win ^#Km^eMll Poft 

Vote of ThaiMw— At a meeting of 
JJie^J^ar9ntcL.C0him]tte« or the Bay^ 

Naval Brigade held op Moo^Miiy eveqr 
Jng a bearty vote of timnks wmi 
ipfc f si d |b those ifbe so k^dlfk 
idomrtofi Itosron aad giavo oncAi m^^•^r 
4ld M^tiiBoe In oonaeotlOB vrKh tlm 
datfodn tea held at BsQtiimalt ro- 
oently and which proved auch a, suo* 
«aSkloi ffunetlOB. 

Boffs' Noval 
venr •tmigum 
muHO has boon antMcatf for the 
diuMO 4o W g| ii o o la m iol Mi'o Ha;|l 
OB Friday evening next whleh Ig bf> 

iBf givoB OB bataif of tko fmiiii 

thf Boya* Naval Brigade. TiM 00m* 

mlttee in charge have left notljUng un- 
done to ensure- a pleasant eVenlng*c 
entertataBient, anad it la expected 
thai the f unda of the brigade will be 
oOBSlderably augmeatod. 




SpecM Value 

New Spring Oxfords 

laok and Zulu Brown 

MiSP- H^nissm wslMd't glip> rmllHary 
haola. alTwidths. Justlhe sEee fesr jTi 
gflff (^tvMpe.. V9<S9^ , IS^RISIiHtf 
otMOrs at-n.M to^fatiO* 

H Jt 1« T I E'j| 

ia3l Governinept St 
Tho Shire WUb tba Item Frogt 
.Seo My WHidowt 


Smnitf to llappm* M embers of 

the Oir)s' Comer Club . Invite any 
bnpinam glcjis in the city to oozne sad 
taJie jiuppsr with them tomorrow at 

9:;^ m- tp i^ko obib Momgi i« 

mFlth the yowMr wmmm of 'WotaMa 
Md a large number take this oppor- 
tPBlty to meet to a spolal way and 
aease very eBjoyabia houi* ara apen«. 
mile veek there wiU ba a abort M-' 
by Mr- B4>beft HamtUoa andt 
wilt olaeo boioro t- p. m 

. Wo 

I mast make, room fpr now goodt, heiKM tkte 'MWlt^Mtfli^ AH 
^ oither roboM -or tborougbly ovcrhuijod. 

Sold on Terfiife or 


ifc. ■■•■1 .-1 

Of OwMS to KOI 

f WitfMmt IWw 

^ mpv^lbl* partic*. 


721 JotuiM* afe JTtetf 

iMt reeeived— a 
toll stock of 



^JS^r^.^ »pw have Wbite 
and Gold Cups and Sabers 

709 ton Stroel 
H^erc ilacr ttPS 

km yoor tlrsi r.- 
tr wi f d ^ ire by the DRY-CURE 

Ratatl MerohaBtk* Absbolatlpn of Oan 
-ada, as alreadgr dhneuneed, is oom- 
lag to the Coast In conv^ntlofi -dor- 
teg July. floeretary Oeorge 4. 
Houfham, of tha Vanopwer branch , 
i <f€ the a||nMtetj9nr.FH ^.^.-^^ 
TsaU^y ^pferrtnr tfcf toonjl 
.braiMh In rptai:d U> the iit>t ^j l o p 
that Is to he given the big dotegaubn 
from th« |^aft. Thp Victoria and 
Island pfvolppment Association has 
l^greed U> eo-op«rate with the Ipcal 
visitors io (bo oqnvention while 4hoy 

JUIfiU I f W H^M* * MM^HThe an- 
n«al general ^hm^9 oi the .rotaU 
mafvhants' asotlao of the Board of 
tyade wlU be held tomorrow evening 
at t o'clock. A chairman an^ «aec- 
tttive committae for the ensuing year 
will be elected, the chairman by virtue 
pf hie office becoming a. member of 
tho eouneil of the Board of Trade., 
f'ollowlnf a propoi(al that the retail 
mii^bo^ DOotion bemo .A^jUa^od 

ent a^y^^y^ptiSeai ninianitrf^ 
formation before the nmeting to .order 
tbat a dootalon nwy ba saaehed* 

arranged to hold a danoo at tha 
Pooka Harbor Hotel on ' Patttrdar, 
May 1. Dancing will eommenee im- 
modlatoly after the game, whksh to 
being piayM with the Saanlohton 
ohib that night Newltfe omtwotra 
eagngbd to play, and the 

■<of .tko great^-'al* t« 

go towM<t tho Mttil tor tho^'AlklMib 
Club's hall. AO fan wMa «k]kl op 
a atg r da ar tho event -4NMMkM 
popular with VtotMrta PgridiM 
have motor oars. 

I tenyd of T imdo li ln' gi j i ll l geyetary 
'MwbiQty -aPd Aaslgtant SooMtwy 
H. N. ryna. o( tho Board'^ oC IMtde. 

library, of the,tM«iP* ombraclng thon- 
snnds of voinmof. »tha aoconMrtatipn 
of many years-^«alatlng to all vari- 
ollee -of eo mm » r9l a|„aod Mdoplrlal 
anblecta. One partlcnlarly vphinhle 
aerlw of bopka wk|oh Ip j^w lk» Sffop- 
' arty of| the Board JOL Trade la a aet 

flM Pl 

Sd4 mfaPftcSurod 

rp M» Upht oltor 

standing, and the habtt 
have ot lopTlap a «nr .gg»l» a 

theatre during daylight and not r»> 
ia it> PBtU alter dark 

dMm— •III 



blao to 

PoUfqp .Court 
abiding citlaens 
day la that ggprt tUMa 
drivers, Arthur pp^ 
drivers < 

TWia'e9(v^ wfre 

If Of* iQn^itpaithmpwtJt loohodfor 
a ampeat <«• two la the Olty Poltoe 
Cpnrt yaKarday ap M the mueb^re- 
PMgidod cane ai Dr. B. W. 
HlpWIid .ifitk ipoodlng to ft 

di^lyers of .otvp holonging to Aahton^Ot f 

I each 


behaU of the doetgg^* dPfifpl to 
Mnead the former piMi df 4wt d«IHy 
to one Of guilty. Bat ho also de- 
•hpod to have the efaarga amended in 
gpn pnttmulna of the place allagsd 

A Z^u^t Anti^Caiilijp 



Ikp dMM|V«M%lk ^'J* 
JfggiMliilt^ ^»»/lP<»llfd ,v>, 



oeoept the plea g( 
•trottBastaBcas, In thp 
doctor, and further 
ease untH today. ■ f 


PflOo^Uopn yjp^^P^h atlritol- 
ing tp stial 1 motor oi^.. tb» wop- 
iffiy of a Chinaman, |^n KWr. 
Ha pleaded not guOtpr. fpd wao de- 
fended by Mr. J. After hear- 
In tb« police evidence Maflstrata 
lay told Hr. Clay 'that |h^re w^s no 
^ fpr the defence to ^fubm|t W 

port the ftba,rfe a| l|#n> *P 
But he Cloned the you"» wan ' 
and sajid that he knjKer the 
ifrns the pple support of an 
tether «ad young smter, and that he 
had been a good son and brother: 
and he' would urg^ him pot to bo 


From the oataet of the negotia- 
tlone tho pilots Insisted upon a high- 

The departMMlal dPolttlOd i» 
a proposal of this kind, am 
Some further negotiations on the oppt 
between the pilots and the snperte- 
tendent it was agreed that the do- 
pnttmonfs prapooals shonM have a 
fhioa PMmths' trttd. oaoh hapo 
the DU i M ipt fd UjW Plpa tl pj r Ota 

tloo; " ' ■ • ■ ' 

During the three months after 
JannalT 1 't was found that the rove- 
nue was snfltelent to pay the pilots 
a gglgtj •of IMS per month, and la 
mmmMmi,9*w day ««fJt7«W al- 
1o«dpdb'«lil»^«P ddtr, «oitothor wM» 
%iy >ldgitd>l|0r fWWi»iw« !> <* 'i <' h- ^* 
pnrtment aloh ^nkroa* po •padpwp 4he 
laonchee Owned by thP^MmP Pt a 
fair valuation and to provide ora- 
Ploymeat on share for tWo pUota who 
ware over 7t years of age at a sal- 
ary of $100 per month. nqtwHh- 
•standlng a reoommondatlep to the 
iii'ligpp by thk^jBopal 

tbsrard* **• 
^an&k' Verlod the pIkXs renf we4 

^ moiiSr«4«^*^ with pxoesilvg 
reottosts tbr e a gi w ow ^ and • aW 
queet to provide a B«l^ i^t'^H 
month tot the twp m^gk liPo^ 
hervtofore alhided tq, *jpr <i(bvl<m« 
c«i;«isopa the ,4fpartment waf ppt dja- 
pofod to a«p*de to the pilots' re- 
aueatf, with the resuU that «}n liar^ 
19 th« latter tj»learpp)»ed to ipy.t^ 

at a general meettog lt;m 
ment's prbpoiaJa br mil 

they would not 

pilotage by-lawe as pppppvod. 

This telegram was IpterpaOted by 
the department as a Pptloo to tor- 
minate the agrseroei* than In fonm^ 
and tha pilots were ae advised. The 
popevlntendeat of id iots at 
waa fbrthar lammnM by 
on ApMl • ta 
pltota thdt-^eir attMPdOk If 
in, left no alternative to the Oopald* 
ment but a termination of the agree- 
ment The departPkent omphasisod 
that tho peHad of dhcertalnty had 
already conUnued too long, and un- 
Mhg tko pUom MaalMfl their Intan- 
tfnp of 
ptopopals -tu 
the agreement should 
day on whWh they woaM •o aa 
vised. The- acting euperlBte«i<»ent 
ahw informed that It the Pilots do- 
ollned to come under the pllotago 
dttthPHty, ahlppta* totereets would 
ho POWMI OMA «K -tae expiration of 
dne «Miiih'' thd' 
Otfpnolifia ml ^ 
bath parties free to amil e yolr 
ar va ng omenta reepeottnt pmmaga. » 
was PSH that thlp poaltfcm would 
p»««p move aocepUble to tha ptkXsi 
as they nviiyMt have reasoae to as- 
smne that they ooiif 
hifnetory arvdhi 
ping <lht«rests. 

«intlna to the repi 
mitted by the pilots 


Per Ptcket JdOC 

2 lbs. for , 



Per lb., 56^; or 3 lba.ior .^ajj-.^.,*,^ 
COFPSE— Per Uk, iSM >ni1 

•W.^?!^*^?!?^::- $3.48 

- 2i)ar8 for 

<iji$ That 


If you bave a wtddinf present 6r lother |^ to pur- 
chase, i^ve sflver plite, and-you may be sure that the 
recipieDt will cherish it all her housekeepini: days. 
M ti^is iitore yoiu w|U tlnd an admirable ^ellectioa 
mmjila^ Itm^smiH and lafg e-^^^ 

Sufara and Gtppiim, to 

XIm ^ta i TUirae pie<MB, $31.50 and 
BBlni DMmp, Iff J0 to .^^^r-'^r 

lE^scuit Jarb 

. jailiny: AmtI »n4 Stand 

Bread Bbirdt 1.^/ 
Bttttar X>ialMa 


Thdartiyiic dedgm. 

cycellcpt qualities ol 

ypu will d«*m strictly 
fair atid «eaioilabl« are 
ipalilifes ol tbii diaplW' 

If PMllid WinriW- tl W 

■i^t^iu^. ' iPi^baa ' .aa.aa- 
'jnii^gr' vsanan, ptiSo- 

''to; „..u:,':^,fgt»o' 

$uglir aiod Creanw* 
$ft;00 to ........f5.40 

Vpipp,421.ii to #7.20 

to ..j......i'.'..'.i.^.#9<O0 - 

Tumblara, doc^$274K) 
to .....^IS.OO 


the .Canedlao Mprahant Senrloo OulM 
on «helr toaamaeh. howmjer. 

1^ Columbia. 

at Vaaeoo«%r. 


;;mi""greatasi^<»* « 
tho public IntorOM 'JHIL 
(ha Udopttoa of a polloy wmen 
■Mgp la harmony with that wh 
PMOiit at- eampctmg United Ptatea 
•oHv PP tho Paetfle, while aot )aop* 
ardialig dUy looal tntereet or •*o lar 
i,»g B tataiaghi of tm pwo dt 


TOROftrO. ApHLJt. — A'dhwap- 
ancy ofWharly 4.0f 0^dM foot of timber 
In a reiprt made to tho Oorommopt 
nMo of ItMibpr by the 





g I iitiiff 


her C»«^ny to th^ 

"U g ipr Bidden p< 

llmtta prwo at Queen's 
u. Pome iLMO^oe feet 
whUo Mtr T^PdjNf vpep 
to^ tho Oovonuanh. _^ 
11. iinapgw cBa ■paal«h 
•tatod that tild 
to the nae of i 

tnoasurement, ai 
the oompanr'e books would 

^d the oompanr'e books wot 

jloyaMy Vi 
PBVBX.K, Spain, 
^ Alfonso and Queeg^ 

vtslted jrr^lU»^ ^^^^ ^l yot-^ 


tmm v^ewta. P.C. at a 

kM«,-S)i«««ra HAtr» .1^ 

. «a4 ^ktdMf 


ft Hark of MstinctioB 




sodti or pf 
rule, when 

, prlA oity/ oibfuivd tMth. 
%u made his mirk in the-ifrarld, .the 

flPlnted the 

are a nuisance, fai- 
e not sound nidde 
ril he Kientiftcally 
ai'fet.'JiUb. You are 

ft;tMNf s Mil firiirs 





■ 1 ■% 

WEDKE8DAY.;AWt H f flte 


Oruitet ItifBiiA »iBi W with- 
out co9kr$. Pmcs. #t' to 9*4 
Tm SiMdMy is mref ot blue 
' paaHt mu-c All<\ii#s il stock. 

X Priew. tt to 

DIah PMm, in finite or till. 
Price*. lUO to . »Of 

74S Yatct 

G* HaDiday ft Sons 

Ftm Quicli DeUvvrjr Phone 855 


You .Will Admire These S^iuPe Summer 

They are made of a heavy, serviceable quality of mercerized cotton. 
Sweaters andraants arc detachable. Several desirable shades^to 
select ffoai,- fit J to years. 



"Bays' dothes SpeciaUst" 




Prohibitionists Declare lJ<]Uor 
Interests Are Trying to Dis- 
credit Dry Law New 

■ I" ■■' ^ 

Prender Oliver Back V^m Short Trip 
of Chatpim- *'■'*• 

Sim 'f)»tet 'jtt^Tineoii- 
eh be liiiNU^^ • 

opflratloiw of th« P. G. E. Railway, 
Pramler OUvwr returned to the city 
yeatertfay morning. He will leave 
Again Trldajr for Vancouver, where 
ha wyi apeak, at, » meeting of the 
Vaabelnrar Woinaa'a Liberal Aaaod^r 

^^"takk err«auit. ■ ' " 

Tka Premier stated yesterday that 
Ma ivtoH had to do with merely 
routine matters in connection with 
tJM Oavarnment owned railway. 

lI'iMttirt aaa Mr. B. Y. Hisit." 
mmWm'''Prma» to raplr to 4 qnetr 
A wMtW, wMiki oft the Mate- 
luM^lMMMae encountered the gentle- 
Ma«'>1#hflr~1hae set the political world 
agog by hl« recent charges In tele- 
grama cent to the Legislature in Its 
dying hours, roundly abusing the 
Premier for the aetlon of the Gov* 
•rnment 'lB fcrhiiliMr tfowv addlUonal 
MslBtatopa. le WMnr* aoalf*! of the 
Mr ymHkIm -tOkiit vrafiHt ti» the 
iM^V'IMfttooering Company and 
ttnvwillillf the former interests from 
lloseenttog their claims In the courts. 

While ths Premier has not been 
a la| l6ae<i to discuss the Elkott 
sl|iiiir#M It Is deemed likely that nt 
tli Ihrtday Bight meeting at Vah- 
eowrar hf wtU refer to them. 

DfHdjf nig vteU to the Mainland 
MN ^jf ili l i r >Mide a tH$ to the 
twrWiMMe. Where he inspected the 
^pllano bridge, and ° instructions 
were given to strengthen the iitruc- 

year's troabto when high water car- 
ried away the former structure. 



Yomv lauMes' Otah 

In bringing Ferdjnina ' Dunkley, 
F.R.C.O., r.A.O.O., to play hsrc to- 
night, the Young ^iadles' Clu0 of 
the Met«opoUtaa |fl«rthod^ Cil^li. 
whero the orga«lAl:4%tcr;kl^ hla re- 
cital, are Mtfrtiii t^$tf^ mM% H spirit 
which shoal4 ^J^e^ffeam too^"* 'n 
time to conie as on« of the strong- 
est patroM Of %rt in the city. 

Mr. Dunkley eomes here from Se- 
attle. Waah., whert ha has held the 
posttkMii of organiat la the Flrat 
Ohurahetc ^Clum*1km$m.' atf^'Un, 
But hia mtiHeal ' rei>Mtlon 
back to the early 'eighties, as he 
studied music at the Royal College 
of Music, London, under filr Hubert 
Parry and Sir George Martin, and 
in 1816, wrfen only 16 years old, be- 
came a Fellow of the ILoyml Collage 
of Organists. He haa hean . In the 
Ualled States alnaa- his earljr twen- 
tlea^ and has , hald position* aa or- 
gaalst In leadlns ehur«|MS >U over 
the Continent 

In his recital hero tonlgM he Is 
bfhif aaaisted hy Mr*, jaaaa Long- 
fMie. ttaa waH-knvena 'godtvaiio-/ 
'1 .-" e ' l", I I . u 'j'-ti- 

.^HlHpir ptiee ' Arova 
LONDOK, April 27. — Bar sliver Is 
65d per ounce, a drop of 4Sd from 
yesterday. The decline was due to 
Indte. China and thn continent selUni; 
and a .■jcruclty <>f buyera 

ViotaiKf - fffim^. •■§^«»»«e4 , hy 
the ttwior l>tir|g<» a** taming 
on the streets as SHMor 4p«aka 
iKMslble these dains to *<WMMr , f0 
British Columbia's dry laws, 
tng to speakors at last night's 
Ing of the People's Prohibition As- 
sociation, held In the St. Andrew's 
Presbyterian Church schoolroom. 

"There was a time whaa . a 
drunken man stassaclivr aloac , 
streeta ot Victoria wa aaa acsvaiant 
in favor of prohibition." daalarad Rev, 
WUUam ■ts»>i»sft..f -j^Tlhsaa Have 
changed. A (fi<ink at latipe today Is 
a blow at prohibition. The liquor 
Interests know that. The saloons are 
turning out as many drunks as they 
oan. We hatia got to get on the 
l^lMlkr sMM of tfca PoHce Commiaalon 
era and prairsa$ tl|f widespread 
aoUvlty of tiut IMor poo;^ la their 
effqrt te discvedlt tiM MllhltffB 
Act"' ^ 
Part of Propaganda 

Rev. R. M. Thompson held that 
there had bean a marked Inoreaae In 
drHBkenneaa on the straata daring 
the paat 10 dgiya or ao. "That I* aU 
part of the prepasgnda being orcan< 
i«ed agahiot ' lia**' h* declared. "We 
must stand out for reasonable en 
foroement of the law. Perhaps no 
body is to blame, 
we all are to blame, 

Mr. C. Harris aanenunced that a 
meeting . is being anaagad With the 
Board of Police OoMmtliai ahara 1^ 

going to bring before them then 
some of their derelictions, and we 
want as many prohibitionists there 
as poaslble. We sent a letter to 
Mayor . Porter, ohalnnan of the 
liieardi last Thursday. IVW fegva re- 
ceh^. no :i^ly and haiva asala writ- 
un ^m." 



atf Ihnployees WID Probably DeeMo 
SVw or Asalhst ArMtiatloa at 

'We hfva reached no decision 
about salary arbitration and the alt- 
natton is anehaagad." stated Mr. 
Isaac Byera. chairman of the eaotrat 

council of ehric employees, 

Mr. Byers repeated the statement 
given to Ihe Colonist Monday that 
the civic employees will tike no ac- 
tion until they have been ofllciatty 
Informed of the salary and wage 
schedule decided upon by the-. City 
Co^di iTha aaceaaary fofarawttoa. 
It' la aifl»Md<^»ih ba ifilMa tham 
at a mwciU maatfaig to ba h«M te ttia 
Lsber 'ilan tdiHght ~ 
It Is therefore well within the 
realm of probability that the civic 
employees will decide tonight whether 
to itpply for arbitration or else accept 
the schedule an drafted by the Coun- 
cil. The Increases granted by the 
Council are mainly on the basis of 
lO per cent increase for these receiv- 
ing 1150 or leas a month. The em- 


frisin tha 

sad sadow sldn ere 

ployees asked for a IS per cent to- 
crease. wHh a few exceptions where 
a larger raise was requested. 

While the attitude ot the civic 
employees' organisation will not be 
knoam until tonight, it is well known 
ttet an laSaaatlal ^o«p Is working 
hard for » 

oMiuAKT. Nonas 

RICHAKDSON— Me roaaliis af 

the late Miss Kathleen Mary Rich- 
'ardson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Prank Richardson, of Penticton. B.C.. 
were fom^rded yeeterday afternoon 
by the B. C. Fuaaral Co. to Pentic- 
ton for latanHasit. fha mother of 
tb* daC» a ai<l'»a«Bt iiirn* * OM I !— led 
tha tamalBaL ^ 

TANNSH — The funeral of Mrs. 
Alice Hannah Tanner, who passed 
away at the Royal Jubilee Hospital 
last Sunday, will take place this 
afternoon at 2 o'clock from her late 
homo, IS 24 Oladatona Avenue. Rev. 
Wm. Stavaaabn Wlll 'aAelate ajid In- 
w iU ' h a BMri h i s < R baa Pay 

HALPENNT — ^The funeral was 
held yesterday afternoon from the 
Bands Funeral Chapel of Ida Bertha 
Halpenny, whose death occurred at 
the Royal JabUea Hcapltai on April 
Strd. mt larsa nitmbar of friends 
attea'dlag aad tfew ffaaaarotia - floral 
off^rMgs testlflaa t«' thb aataem In 
which the deceased was held. The 
Rev. W. L. Clay olflciated. The hymn 
sung was "Nearer* My God, ' to 
Thee." The following gentlemen 
beted as pallbearers: R. Mason, B. 
WhHar. W. CUrit aad J. .Orice. la- 
la t i a at -Saag asada la lUta. Ray 


30th Battanon Association Re- 
cites Old Times and Renews 

/ fihei^^ Aociiiiintancet 
Formed In frmice 

TO eoai m e iao i au tha departare aC^^e 
fanMhs S«th Battallen fer n»»was la 
the SprMg of <*li; aea rly a kaadrad of 
the original unit sat dOWn to a reunion 
dinner 'at the Hotel Douglas last, night 
Major P. Wollaston prestded, supported 
by Ueuk-Oel. 1. A. Hau aad assay ftor- 
toer o<rfer»af the katlaMeh. > 

Xr'wttI be rememblred that the ittb 
Battalion' was spllf up and -eent-as re- 
taforeemeats to the 16th, ISth and llth 
BattalioM of the First Canadian 
bl^ikion. to fill op the vacancies in the 
ranks made by the severe losses sus- 
hi thd'tfMaad"la«la of Tpres. 

a»st lattla<at vaatabart, 
of the battailea made a 
name for themselves With their new 
nnita Last night was the Arst occa- 
sion on whieh the originals have fore- 
foree oC aseesalty 
;<ha' savaslag af^ their wage at 
to the Spriag of itia. 
session last aight to revive 
old assoelatiens aad sreet friends they 
had made la the sheU-tora Oelds of 

As usual oa sash aa eseaslsa, old 

■aay a 

gle for ealstsaee recalled wMh an the 

h^mor and without the pathos of the 
sItaaUoB. In evidence of the stirring 
I achieved by the Battalion, over 
ft psr osat of the'iaak 


aatlalfsa la^ a ^fbsRlea of oatsiaadlag 


Dae of the features of the evealag 
the exoelleat programaM of 

a th» 

syaNy ia -thar had disptayed over- 
ahvasatlar tha "terrylag ea" mtn' 
the Industrial aad eeonemic chaos of 
oivillaatlon has been reduced to order, 
engaging progmmme of wiiskial 
ware lacerspersed wHh the 

..M/ ]f^*»t.-Cat Han, Major 

WetlastaC .ttMtadt ShMke and others. 

The w us l sa l ■umbers were rendered 
by Major Wollaston. Comradee HCMtge^ 
steveao. puaa aad athera. while the sa- 

hs. wall. 

^ m- <ifii| latt the bfUHiat 
gf 4h* liawlpft wha due to tne 

under the leadership tg Major v\^iias- 


hi. . ; . 

'i 'f . f Biieetf^ ;(iifnpalgn for 

"live Wire'! Offganlzition 


lai, 1>a' I 

mltttaa af the Viotona aad Istead 
P eva l epaseat Asseetatlon. in hta ap- 
peal for a canvasslag organisation to 
P«t over a- campaign fer lia.aat with 
which to promote ■ the work of the 
aasoetattop during thi^ ooMtag year. 
Me was spsahlag to«t»e' hMtW orta> 
niaatiMB asaattag far*tha aaanmaa that 
^ the-Vaard af iVhda 
iaat^alcht- The meeting waa 
attended Why a -gvoup of enthaalaatle. 
"live wire" business men who believed 
in the city and In the work of the 
■ ];^velopment Assodatloa, and they 
regularly reaolvod that a oommittee 
should be appolatad from their nam- 
>ber ta draft tha 


l^hie. m£ aamnRfaa appolatad «as 

as follows: Chairman Jamss Beatty 
and Messrs. J. H. Tailing. H. J. 
Toung, C. T. Cross and J. W. Hud- 
son. A oommittee meeting will be 
held this morning at the Develop- 
ment League roama, whan tig w^ale 
plan for the nanraaa otB ha ' wawwd 
oat with Mr. Warran, aad they wlU 
r eport haah ta a s — aral argaalaatlaa 
to he hald In the board- 
Belmant House, Friday after- 
noon at 4 o'clock. From this meeting 
the campaign will be launched, prob- 
ably on the following Monday, and 
It Is eapaetad to raise the required 
ammmt la a si n g i s day. 

Work moaiii Br c;arfflea «>B. 

In introducing the matter to last 
night's gatbertiw, President Carl 
Pendray stated that the directors dM 
not themaehrcs baliava la tha pria* 
dpla of ralalas the ftead for. the la- 
hmd'a pabiielty 'by aubaertptlaa. Un- 
fortunately, however, there was no 
altsmative this year if the work of 
ths association was ito be carried on. 
The City Council had voted IT.aao 
to the fynd with the proviso that the 
assodatloa was to raise a Hke aam. 
U th«r laHad to 4o that, tha jliaBt 
waa to ha made ari the haahi af 'dai- 
lar far dollar, thortaea thooaaad 
dollars was the very least that , aay 
rsal good oould be done with. There 
should be an even greater amount. 
It was now a quesuun of whether 
the work of the association wai con- 
sidered by the public aa worth that 
maoh to tha clip." ha* aaid. M wag 

ta tha phat to 
v(hat goad waa beiag accomplished, 
but to the bosinsm man who had 
been but easUally Interested, the facta 
would have to 'be placed bCfore him 
In an Intelligent way. "We must face 
Ihe Issue squarely." he concladed. 
"Do we want the amcetat|en» or arc 
wo to let It drd». and aaar H lea the 
wofk -tttif hatf ' Vaaa daaa la the 

"Da I bailavCr? Do Ws ballaveT Are 
we going to put this little matter 
over' as any self-respecting commu- 
nity should do?" continued Mr. War 
rea, "or are we going to shut our 
doors aad ga oat Ashing for smaller 
fryr VaAoaw#«r Is spisading a big 
hh pUMMIir iMr thSt dty. aad ws 
need It .mata thga. iha deca. We are 
goias* oatT'for ftS^Md or Md.««« 
when WO' should be going out' for 
$S0,MO or tl60,«06. to do our city 
the Jostiee she deserves. Saa Fran- 
cisco recently vOfed' the sum of 
t2S0.600 each year for three years 
for a siaHlar worh.^Da |hay 
Is gofaig ta, be a good lavaaitihglit, or 
are they apandlag'lt for fun?' ' 
M Vaya to Advastlse. 

'We are. 'Itviag in the twentieth 
century tigiai;'* , : *ald.^ Mr. Warrpa. 
"Tha spirH of tha *o«Mltfy la .thait It 
paya t^ a#yfrt(a*ktArw «» 0ala« ,«a 
adyertlse what we ha<ra ta offhr tha 
tourtet or the settler, or are we not? 
1 should say that we are, and all the 
directors of- the association want is 
a Uttle co-operation Ja the maAtar of 
patth^ thia iittia 

The aplrtt of the 
oidedly faa ee-aparatloa aad the pra- 
Umlnary . stepe were taken to make 
each a strong organisation for the 
caavass that it '.will be put over with 
the greateet pesMMe 
ent at last 

at tha alh a rf t «a be h*M 


poss to impart their ' enthusli 
support of' a .Mgger and bettor Vic- 
toria in such a way that fuads will 
bo Inunedlately. avaNaMe far the 
urgaat a e c ssslty of 

Tht l^BI^ 5 ^^^^ 

Whichever Sonera model ycai dnoaajoa • will obtain «■ iaatnuMMt 
wRkatteast a^doaen^ai ntt^df NMP*!^ over aayjiiliailWRha pf 


It'is.^ beautiful cabinat model, 4m 
iai^cs high; plays at! types of diac 
reSaMnIs withoat any chaagtaf of 
tabea; M«« Ifca di^diidabla iomn A 
motor and all-wood tone passage; is 
the graatcst phmmo m h ^ fihM jD^hfa- 
able todajr at < % 

Oh ^ j^jh^i ^fnfmik 


» « 

if lf Govenmient S t i ya t . 

60f Viev Street 



Summer is ncariy here. Why 
not purchase yoar Sfa Qmim 
FaraltaM aotr, ihi 
money? Exchanfc, Duty, 
H. C of L. sre maUaf prkcp^ 

nnr NOW, 

Lee' Qjre A COa 

TIS View Street Mala 

ftl Oaearaamat Staaal 

- K>VT 

#flONS LiMD 

Saanioh has taken aa option upon 
several aeree of land at the eomer of 
Olaatavd Avaaute and Saanieh Road 
aa a paaalMa stta, for the 'Municipal 
Health C a— W . Ihto land Is a part 
oC tha Rl|»al 
itly ^ 


Is wRMwr to < 9^ WR^ tt 
|4M aa acra; 

Jmon were very al 

MCw Raglaiid rlvera 



I Why Pm 


gBacaoac they know by expe« 
riencc that the ooal we sclV 
ia ALL coal, and always rcaao»> 
ably prtocd. 

ABpcausc th«y .;ktow l^t^ our j 
jgaanvmy aarvica m 

ABecauac th«y • like oar. 
ifmathods ag wall ag sgr flMr" 


. I 

J. E. Painter; 
& Son 


— «nd it's quite likely yoa csa 
eat with better sstisfacttoa tt — 


Ob«» WlU Be Oao of 


T»m Obee, 
diaa af twaaty ^ years' fame In the 
Old Coaaty, will entertain members 
Of the Aerial League of Canada and 
their guests 4t a smoklag ooaaertat 
ths TlctoHa Ohib, C h a i>» e l i 
•vaaMkf at • e'Maak. 

Oboe galaad ^R 
Hm Rngllsh vs:ude^'Hia''Mag>' when he 
tetrodnced his aoer <amo«a ecator 
Oarhed ta the typical eoa- 
9t aa Did Caantry gipsy. Oboe 
hy stcirm whaa he 



Stoe^Uafftk. pcf mtu . .eCTS 

IChidkdib yer. ^cwjP* • • • • '.W^ 

rhon«.-febe;ila«r jyaaM mB.«i ' 
larnHl^ilMitiitaii.^ cMk R«k 
oiitfgr, aodi sgv* ^Sl4t N«. dilNL 


since his arrival from Raglaad. 
promlsss to he flaor thaa sear. 
The pgagwm gj'a.ia af follawa: 

Ye Old Fashion 

Olfaers make sff ^ w m , 
fcBl oasbMlh 


:aat .tiM iMRr !ti iisiii'liii'ro— 
of Ike moat agpgrid a c a d candy 
makers on tke HcMc QolMt god 
d^M i" «ka kfiM^ CMt 
chocolate ohtalaaMa. 


af <M 

m hfLji^mmttai gtrtka.braaght a 






Rat oan be ^alnlessl|r re iA oead In 
t watr-foar boom hy tha tte 'of Pat- 

Orand Royal Ar«h 

. ASpfsai^iNia 


W« km-MTWia^ kavrevksr om Mock a^lMli SU 

1 • 


t • • • ««. 


V I 

i . APiRIL 28. 1920 

uit ^le 

lines of Glo^i 

You will find 

J, 0.^11^) RkbanttoD, Ul 




a Frohc 

When TWi H « Hyt jTltet ¥^it<r 4m T>p 

Will provUI^ ywi wWh tU th|R hot water yoa Kqiuro-r. i 

bathroqnvlptcbftn and I 


..-.r .GAS 

SiiMDapt 1 


• ■ . ■ 

Given Under Auspices of the 
hO.e.E. for Benefit of Gulf 

Md antJMMlMU* ^ii«lMM» ilMt ^ 

i^ihon ijbUl on Saturday «r«»lac, 
AiipirU 24Ui, wii«n thf dramatio r«otu.l 
% lUm JCM»«a Ofaoay took nl»o» for 


aXtM- year*. Baby's Owa 'NMaU ara 

gw ideal )K>tae madl^ ^ j|l»U(<(«9" 
a All a«««. Tb«y ara a centU b«t 
JliaMMMti )M»UTa which »r« aliaoluta- 
^l|lH<aU«ia«d to ba (raa from oplataa 

jS0f' pthar hacmfVl "^f^i 
may b« ctvan to t)i» youaf a«C ehUA 

Dttritt Not Ud to Standard t ■^•^ " 

^ T 'r^ ^ [mOtm. rtummh VUlr motion on the 

MMK to LeteieSS of DOIEI' bow«l« aB« mmMm m^V bantoh O0to- 

' ..n 'x. i« Wl by Ju«tkaapliur »boxof tba 

• Iff 

ijitial. inM .aiUivrtaUunnnt wa* under 
t O. :P. M>, MA 

fourteenth anri^ 

In tha,Afn:tiettH<|k^<|U 
iha Mma/'M. TYttvI^- 

cer$, Bibcock 
- Otf<en-Tpola, Eta 


Pictures Wi^ a Kodak 

v.. I Hhij 

_ A •■"IP coca on. 

Vim Ts^^injPiwai^ioi^.* . 

pcffa# In aviMgr ft 
jn yy fUda d«wrlv«4 ■frugal aspenaaa were 
jp«4a aiBWMintad t« Avar 176. %lilaa 
K^ha) Oamay'a aloeutldiuury powafa 
,waU knowiu asA admlrad hy all. 
fnaa jMMsgrdfrf iMiieCir racaptlopi, 
$m$ H. l!r . iP*i i i r>> ^ on'«>oKa aad 


ii»t«|gr tbMn to iMWhter and 

i<P«9(i «ii m«f «• yacfMSy 't>oakn«ad 
har Tarlad aoaotiona. Nothing oottid 
hanfp been flnar thaa har "Fraaeh- 
weman'A Stofy" and tha "Ravaoca." 
▲moncat otk^ Itama aha ga.v wMa 
"lira. Payaar Haa liar Say Out," an 

STS%tariiiS?to^i^^ ***** 

MMMOMUirfmaat «ddad liraally -to tha 
baftoty at tAva place, and a «oaaa ba- 
twaao tha marry widow. Lady Frank- 
Un. *ad tba laabrymoae Mr. aravas, ' 
(rom Liord l4rtton'« "Monay." Baoh 
Warn mmdad mi anaafa, aihliib tn 


aw|||»D«f idt^' har mm*. '*9m—t 
• 'WptfUM at ^in9" and a "Bowl 
J*toa«i," £ba tha old loid popukr 
daat, inritb Mr. R|icbea, tha "Kaya of 
Ktmmjrm." Jfx, Xif C. Uugtm. fJm> 
yil9|oi#« '^M* powarful %nd* 
oiM %M hfiarA to J|4- 

pi jtWly/« flmMlr 
MMRari. RfVdfw 
Ih^ "iqn«'a W»y" and tha 
^iw," and fcjir an aaoopre "floma- 
wj|iara « Voi^ la CalUng:." Tha ao- 
c^mnanytata iTMta Mrs. Palmar and 

OANQEfl. April ae.— Mrs. Boyfe, 
regant of tl>e ProvtmpUl Ctifpter. I. 
O. D. S-, Vancouver, visited Salt 
liprlnf racaiitly And addraaa^d tha 

(kit »«' wtl^r'ef T^to! 

Olaan, Oangas. 

Bov. Oeocse Altkeos has been re- 
aUjated president of the ,Be«d Qrow- 
enf Aaaoclatlon. Salt Sprinc «od Mr. 
laek iiunaa, iiaeretary. 

^^r. «ad Mvii- Ifc Nnah retvjeiiad 

PIbwar i^l^.W 

Owtas to tha 
aan. In a few ad «ha i l aiiM 

not tha ahowlnar that there haahaad 
in aome pravioua years, but thtafaet 
waa oulla oMaai -by ^ ■«plaAd*d -ape- 

Onca asalA the* claM for UMmi 
(lecQraUoAa bnMi^ht fOKttl mmw. 
^lltlcaUy fWTMtfAd dl«Pl«Mf, tha flMt 

EtJUM. Hibfi Opwichaa Laager Chal- 
iiise CW. **iw4i^ to iMa. 

B. Kbiippr^ icho hM 

whl«h 4iab|r<if4^ bltt* 

used to advantasa. M^b-'i^- 
Walker was gtaatt tha aatona prise 
tqf har ta^iVa, d«na I* d u l w'*" W»- 
bJnad with maJld«nh*ir whiU 
Mr*. GkuTii^ Fon third place for a 
9)k^j-nilnc coinbtni^tlQp of dfU^ta 
vtf^c plum l^opKiniia and dMp ^^i^ 
h9M hxAMMba, 4Mit)Mr i/m jUm 
iron pft y^ j lM fwwitw »»«> ♦ 

pwieL Mrs. of 

•CUblaM at hand and by ftvlng an oc 
iV doae t« the baby to keep hia 
llilla 'WWala rasvlvr and Ma 
•toMeh a^lMt. TMlk thMata are aold 
by iMaititilna OaaMi'MP by mall t S6 
oenfti a bo» «om Tbm Dr. Wlllama: 
Miadiiliia Cow BmahMlla. Ont. 

Peter Collins Telfs Large AuAr 
diQtjc^ Cither Qr^^at^st 
iaemy' Ifofking Man Ever 


L«ke, and Mra. Primrose 
aotad as Judses ter tha (aikl* dafiora- 
ilOBS, ai)d fV for UV» S^«MHV to» 

P9Vf^n^ )(| but th# 
^WlWT »l<>k4%ina f«)r .Bo«)»Ii|im. 
eordlns to Patar CMMm* thk iKalth^ 
•f Columbus iMtvnr "wImi MHlNMad 
« CaMiarinr that fHMI av«ry avallabla 



tea .eci«itrfi7 ' inriH 
anamies there was of the work! 

I pQwarful 

the p»(ntlac an4 
j)bUdran!a /ectioa. 

ri^ t^ ass^tVP- 
MM. r. & X/eaJthar >«M tl» #nhr 

mowm, 99m ^ iIMM(|m4p, bvt 

bar wondMim 

thfit iHa idlutloh 

h^4 of 

In addiaqj 
flowers, a&i: 

tunity t9 b«M9M* Wfnr 
B. B. McKdF was In chkrj 

luid-DongaJl aaaxaoMA the sala of 
flowara. WBm KnU and Miaa Ftadlnar 

for '«h« 

tweeh tha forow 

mf^m Mo e^. and »" %(JMHr «f 
the "oiaaaas" iJfM to ba t^oviw fh * 
eommoBsanavB ^ B A fV 9tl^ ^ l * ^ between 
the employers and the trade unions. 
^ haM»vf4 tlva n- 1«aa j^owib^a that 

;^ua^n M \t 

<uma to pM« >fbo9W V9P^ 
aom^ to thair afnaaa ei< 
Ilis able tq consider the quadtldnit* In- 

ThS candy atall Fas ii «harta of ^a I 

l^in« Out Clrala (Janlort. Ohrer- I to lh« r»4|M» ^^11!?!^? 

Iva lk«| .^if«f" 

mant. mMmxmm a . 

ezlatliiK adelal struotura. ▲ poMmH 
doctrine has to do with tlM t^Hfit 
of oonstitutional rovammant, to which 
«pciallsm stands opposed. Trade 
unlanlam aaiitanna Mm hopaa -nnd 
ir-ffT'— of tha WMkMi fit tba 
ooontry and contalna nana of tha 
talflUi «< t>^ i u a l a tt i ni" * ' 

Mr. CoUlna Is a mainbar of tha Ih- 
teroatlonal Brotherhood of 
Workers and d*r^or-«attefal 4f W- 
for tha KnlfthU of Co- 
laatnaed acainst 
In mora t^an 1,000 Amerl- 
Mat ln da- 

bartaiff thi 

avMTt for |||9,|[n»tfd 

Counctt Meeting 
O^er € fliSwer^ ffeporl— To 
Fift MtAr ^xtensl9^ By- 

Tha watar and aawar aehankaoJHMMi 
ara to ba' put bafo** the ratopwrairiff 
flaanloii'ta Ae nanr -future tMpa 
sldarad last avanU« by a apa«4kl ma4»- 
IhK of l||iv4MUitoh -CaaneHi 

'"^'^ ^'^^Sm ' !SS1S!i £ ! !u iiyit!j 

Si nSSelpBlHjr »«»«»or. WHhout any 
furthar lijUWiil t»p r ^t o p ayaro. 

to ap«*d *»«9.oao on prntm rn m" ~ 

The anotooai;^ .liw g^ »jy j 

of the very 'i 
tnd "Patrldt" J 

or kid kalhors. ' 

aoma tbiate ^llfUllit «Mt efidGtf.' Iha 
CmasVi of Mr. 4md Mra. X|)«Ua. of 
Vmnivlns Bay. 

Mra. Turner, of Gaogea, left on 
Thutfdi^y for Mavrlt, whera she \» 
litkHtift fri^da for 1^ weak or tnro. 

att4 III* CharJuB Wltaon, of 

aK». t% .•Bolilii.Df Hp. 
harland. Os ^ jfca, 
Aff. acoompMMd Iw htr 
son and "Mlas McKay, of South Paa^ 
dar, has beep rlsttlng' a«Lnsea, the 
jniaat of her daughter, Mrs. Pender. 
' Mr. D. C. Hughes while on a nhort 
vMt to the Island has been the grueat 
Ot Mr. and -ifto. A. Wart, of Oanf 

■■mm- noaMTiil ' to -lho mm nmm 
;taa¥a tftti*' in the wab wia bc-si^ 
'tMlMl''bn ' Sunday. May t«nd. at St 

Utoklaf Out Clr#» (Jonlqr). pif 
sibn was afforded by conipet|tV>na, 
tha Buttnafly one belWg In of 
Mrs. J, Raid, Mrs. B. W. C»tx j^Uton 
Ih ehana of Iha "Soant.^: Mfd Mra 
B. F. Mtllor on^aprlaod tha •«otti«o 

The tea arraagamaata racaired 
many favorable aommenta taa balog 
JMryad on the ground floor. In ttao 
Main hoU. and wan ptMtdod ovar bar 
Man. J. M. I tob I — a «nA; Afrf. J, 
HnuMnoon. «iih 4 hmr of fmm 

ruMaM. atttaod In w|i()i a> M |w i ,na# 
all wearing dalntr -ayr^na ot IM# 
graan arfi>)» paper. SP^y i|i«luj^d 
Mlaaaa Kathlaan ^WhlUoino. P. WaVr 
lioh, Phebe Hogan. H«ll BbCXha. W. 
LMAb, E. Hopkl 
1^ J[;|mntng:ton, 
9fflSn*nd L. Rliise. 

Tha ftktaaelal statomant has not 
baan OMda U9 vet. but tha 
^ .y«i» »I«MM to ntnto tbat 


^ "There are tb«^ Ittliiiko* tftm 
ra«ardln« S«cialliim." d^claised Mr. 
CoUioa last night. "Tlieoa ana that 
it M flmt a fystan of reform; aaeond 
turn* it kt a poUtioal doctrtny. and * Unalon 
i jJiSi that It la Hynonymono -lalth tha .prppoaad wator 

the Foundatim Coe 

VllPtoriil. B.C 

Wo'^MO mwod to 'aocopt US» tor 
fho wBbMiMr Typowfiton: 

one 14-in., one IS-in. Remingtoni. 

don Head waa adoptad. 
of ooat ealla for an laaua atf < 
amoitatlnc to lltt.OOO to^ 
IMlkMft While the by-law WlU not 
««||kM;w||afo tha4t«l»0«» *• If 
MMU, tiM plAP li te-opon* moohof II. 
noi tHr |M» iip»» m J WiiNltfglJ; 

.thn, nnstaaiiy^ mn*^ im-.^mrmmmii ] 

Hnad4nton|ri(»#ip{ > i ' - ■ \ 

Tha maltar of '«ik<«oHwiNM Mlti( ^ 

to coanaot with tha adty^ ||fOrthi|iag| 
Mfisr was diacuaaad at lancth. Y/^r 
oua mathoda of paying 4of tha wo«^t 
iirnra uniiiar ^dvlasinH^. hnt^ »t 
<maHy do#i4»4 to JiKve ^ ons^o^ 
In Witil on the MVPhw, 
In tha ontkhai- 

h«MI oom 

bav to bo'Tnada idiWiglp i^^jj l? ^ 
owners t 
tarn ia a *inangm» IW^^^o'^toIO^ 
praaant tUna- 

Canton faa t?»e •nJm m Mh4'^ 
In whloh 

Pon't PoiiMIII Jl^kby* 

awe 4 




IM df'OMndlna Vo^Mb 
ottJLWa. Aiirn if.— •oma Intar- 
fiaMt Vmi ^ ibtai 

_ MiHi Mb in fSaaMlati 
M^SBaNlltaM oMth'IM aXpOft la 
IMitad-'Vtatoa TawaM «l«on' to 

fM Soooa Jn reply to a'<iMOaott 4rom 
A. B. Oopp. Wastraocaland. Sir Oaorgo 
Till sntil Hr T" par oant of whant 
•■portad nwa oarrlnd In Oanadlaa 
boitoma. as w»U aa IImM par. aopt of 
asporlo and t».6i pttt«aMi-o( 'baiSay. 

Much cradlt ahould ba kU«» •toi 
the oommltta* hi aharga aM to aU 
who workod ao hard for tho auaeeas 
•f tha fnnouon, torrOddad to «^ih* 

m m CQBNS 

how we tt|^( 
tha tpond "iiDclu5ive'*--rwe do 
•o li^i»rAlr iritpvess ttpofi 

purses, etc. 


unablo to prosMo owtac to 
naas of Mr. Blfelnctoh. Itor wOfk ha- 
Ing taken ever by tha vtoa^p in a l do nt , 
Utm. S. B. Lieathar. Mhn Wilson, wiho 
10 ;P(«pMaaat of tha wo«jk ,«M( |hn4i<«ir 
waa 4inabl0^lP Ig^jMMMll 

onia usshoia in Jha ,e> h o ol a ao- 

oalved mu«h eommondatlon for tkn 
hearty eo-operatlon -allonlod hy Ih OI Q 
to tha commlttoa In ahyc po, 4M«iBtVng 
^^^^J^^^i^M|^jO^^;dAl|JVtoK *^ltfc ^fch 

MHlllgn'^lft rt h n oy d ■■^■wam:. 
VU' ' jHlrliilnii, pMaMoMlt 
Mcs. F. A. fca ntb o r , vloa-praatAMitt 
Maa. CorMablay. ■ai inH ry; Mra & 
Fry. In otaarae of the .entn«o: Mmt. 
a F. WaUior. taaaMmpj^; Mm WA- 
aon, floor. l^toV noco AJHt WWPi' tO* 
by Jlra. Om^ tUm. Brtaaloy l^fto. 

kiMM Md oChMit 

C: pABEflQBIO or Imdaiioii to. ' 
ileep, and A EEW IXBOtt tQft Wf ail| |gHk% 

THERE B Hd WAQt& Wm mW^mm iAo 

wboie iMilii lii bM'rainpd fi» P bj |«^«tMlQ^|tt^^ and 

of whkh is « naiootio prodlvtt of opkini. SroMiill aro prohibited 
either of the nawttpa namd lo dttdrea a* allf or to anybody wi 
them '"pcHBta," llfdigKB of "^Mte" ia: "li HMdMM vMeh 

and pmwMi $Uep, bui^m % dm^ produeti Hupor, 

liar flhil^ kust hafo 
drw will produce 


should not permit iB9dioiDe 

yom: physioian know 



Aitor ]^( 


Bny 'Will tflvo tTf* tPomo* tha 
iMMi'-p* mmmmm «ai' timm Da- 

R M OVnMIt WBW OTip B yW ■ Ma 

' ^* "Tgy . * /^ *o^ 99t 

1 ^ ■ ^. 





» » 

'New Y ork' s ' Lat 

The new Kodak ,'sKape and Canteen style 
Vanity Cases arc shown at thjs store today: They 
are remarkable for the bifauty of t\^ir exterior 
colorings and jthli'iimMttal •daintiness oi interior ' 
littio|^ ■ and fiiiitluHi(r 

. ■ Inspect tl^cni— ."We Invite yoifc 


llUxGovenuDMt St 

' *'At the Sign of the Bji^ 

• > * •» . ■ t / 7 *'/f 
I 'll j't' js 


Beantif ol iiiiiosres;€liliia 


Terjr BIo)dei»Mi7 
' Prijced' ' 

Here is an announcement Uiat mMj.yn 
will be quick 'to act ufwa.« \We*'arc 
to. offer Cups > and Saucers i in .this ex- 
quisite aoality <of French ^ china-Trdecor 
fatfid with i^t^iincs and gre«n laurel 


> s 


leaves— at, per 

half doztn ^ 

Fralt 8«ts— Seven ^if<les, \ 

' nme patt'eril J! L 

WILSiON & ^ 

Kitchenware Speitalbb 

Phone 1265 


1412 Douglas Street 

1- ^. 

Crowded House ^ Greets \M 
Percy Hirtphlspii Theatrical 
Company at final Perform- 
Bk|i Victoria 


OH/ IV in Mom Protln<.-i*J XSovernmoBt 

■ it 

M 'it 



# ' «- 

Deddfls' to. 

IMw liar AitoCtaeT 

At th« laat meetloa held by thlii aa- 

.«aa| '•fimt 

•ociatlon several 
points wer* dacli 
who has IMaii ioatr' 
HonsK ilnaa iiaH 
to b« mmfrt»6< ahortil 

place. Xti^WM) 
tb« lease ^ei ^ 
year. . -'^i i 

The report of tbo«i4tal vlaitlnvt ooal<i^ 
n^ttM' waa roMd. by jMra. Soott, whe* 
aa^f4 '1)f; jif«.|l*b<lrtaai. Mim 'AdaoM 
MaUliiPt4s]«*P>. MV* dona aplart41« 
WWie^ durtak>ha iHintar nOBMlw, 
aaka Waa 

verj' important 
Mr*. TlcKner, 
,o( the Maiao rial 
a. -haa.rartKned 
and Mra. Percy; 
MM'' Titer 

' Ctv«a< t«*th«m> 
report^ of 



alttaotigli\ both 
or«aae iA^^ 1 
not conal«|pt^ atfirfoni' 
araount of yaaal^tafoe 
naaa, etc. Y '■>,• , ' 

For thfib^ ifadaqlto'a' Bay « pacMnt. n, 
.fnaJialt WMM oMld'nat af- 

foM a fl«K.fW 

. bnUaraHMV flkrremBiaiU ftraeC 
thk ^mntm^lfUm. n. a Day, very 
kindly ofrerep^lito; Jijaina for a garden 
party... to 

A packed hojna that' prpvaA moat 
appreciative throughmM^ 4i««tad "/the 
final performance by the Per'oy 
Hvtchlaon tbeatrioal , company at tHe 
friu ea a a Theatre last xight vrhtri 
"denaral Poat," tha war-time pUy 
Whleh had au^'a aHcceaafui run in 
Xaahthd. UiOd-Chh heaNta." nia'three- 
«et desaady. .jQr.»]|amM B. Terry, 
autbar of tha auiBPssasa, "Tha White 
Peathar" r uid r A"tll)f , Jfte^Mui^e.'* 
fava the aaM^la Itttla company an 
exeallent velnela by which to 4«moii- 
a^rata their abiljlty and that th«y rose 
to the occaaion waa evident from t|ie 
whole-heartad esMnMUMm at the 
AUdl^Oe. • ,. f I <« <r 

; ^^lOMMral Faat" li tanned a mlUUry 
play, but it la in tHh Bngiand at.hohie 
dtfriag the war .rthat 16^ Sbenea are 

laid. Its theme la the tremcndoua 
aoolal upheaval ocoaslooed by . the 
war, of the breaking down of the old- 
time tradltlpna of eaata Jind ihe elim- 
ination of Bijobbar^'lB the face of the 
natiOhal . amarsaaoy. . 'Aa * BdtTard 
Smith, ullor, whoaa .lataraat In the 
twtlto^|«iatiN(«ra Hm .war gave him 
an Ihsight ulo mltttery afthht* whlfh 
ialar ataod -fbrn in good atead when 
tha Great War. broke loqt and carried 
him to the position of Brlgadler-Oen. 
•Smith, V.C., Mr. Hutchison i^howed his 
talent. Aubrey Mather, jas Sir Dennys 
Broughton, a blue blood of -the blye 
blooda, scoffer i at the- democratic 
idea behind the Territorials) aqd' 
ahi^ked at the Tialng inportanee of 
the /tradesman," won ;golden opin- 
lons for 'his p ^e^>Utlon of th* arjs- 
tocrat who, however, ° with the change 
tO'social conditions, was ready to take 
the credit thereof to himself and hia 
class. Miss Klsle Btranach, as ."^etty," 
daughter of Sir DeiMiya, whoae demo- 
. eratlcr ideaa Shocked her paopic/,and 
wh?.,of loourae. ultimately wedded' tl^e 
dhMng^ed (IpUMar M , v«tVh^o 
isuac tUlad har gatt moat aQoagta>^. 
(The other parts ware capably taken. 

■ Znianawa# to repeated calls ,Ur.' 
Bntehlaon at the flnaL cUrtaln /made 
a brief apeech In wMch he thanked 
yiotoriaaa for thein IUi!arul-vMlPIV>iTt. 
The company, ha aald,.^«m sum turn- 
ing back a^er a;^ VMpyi^>$ot|f. to 
the Pacific Cout. His radaptlmi 
> throughout -Canadaf ^idaeed him 
^that CaaadliaM 'd^ltoad'to W Britbh 
dUViara, .and H #0ttt«lhe.hl4 endeavor 
When he returned to iCngland to 
Secure other plays ' which later . be 
hoped to bring to Canada. He re- lipo^ the fWct*tha( aa matters 
I how atand In ,' the local theatrical 
t#e|ld it hru flgipsMhla) to aaourh juii 








Cape* I ^uo^lou^y. 
light, S0:07,,B8, smooth. 

Pachena — Ovehcast,. norti 
light. SS:»e, 60, light swell.' 
^ Bate van — Overtask, 'I northwaal^ 
;lt:10, 4S, modaratei t t-'4| 
f "Alert flay f>»un«al. 
J»:gS,v.4V amoMh.1 ><! » y • .^a 
I) TMangto^ Tsliail nmi 
iMSpt^Jt:n;,44.< dense' f«t. » ' ' 
f Dead Trsa Cloudy; northwaat, 
jUgh^ aO:2f. .41; anootbi t r 
, Tlteda — Cloudy. , aouthweat,< atroag, 
;iO:2S, 47, mqderata. i , ■ , ^ , 

Prince Rupert — Rain,««glm, tO:S>, 
44, smooth. 

•^»Oeaan B^iia^Bato, , eatih. ' «•:••, 

1^' ^ 

ini- PHnea'1iapMr^*4:ta; 

Third and Jam Panoe of Present Sea- 
r aoarlopeMd fMjBuspeesasQaa* 

flans I Jkmel .Daaetaig ^Olttb is 

In. itn 

ipespatatloas tor thair third . event of 
the season, the dance whloh - la to be 
<h«ld at the Bmpresa ballroom . on 
• Tuesday, May 4. For many (lays a 
•httay. aonmittaa. haa haamparleettng 
ttha'tdetaiia. and thataitair ipramlsss 
faaawae •w importuMa laoeMiy 
-'•van ' ^hifrevMaMr.JCWto 
hIiMy S ur i B sSl f ul daneaS^ aggbslontiad. 
Heaten'a orohaatra haa bean ant. 

aupply the nraaic,'tae ustial 
of instruments to ibe sop>- 
. ^ by a Saxophone, i which 
InvaX^ably anhanoea' the effects' Ver^ 
''mdch. The buffet auivper la to .'be 
mrintf- la . tha : dh^ag : raeas. « a«d4 th* 
a wi d i ta M sttttKWflr IM MMh«4autthM% 
' W hd na >B>fenga»i»ij i MusMif^tt 
to.ih^'IMMfer'gvtaPitt '^lliMaMila. 
OalUhar and Karvey hav^ery kindly * 
cobtanMd to dot a# chaperon^, -and 
the following la the * commltthe- «oa 
.(iHb<ngaBBll»nts: The' Mldi^s "laallllier, 
'jWnVrDlHlla,' Kitty 'FiM^r' ifnd m4c- 
each^rn; and Meaara A. O. Boltpn 
'Oray,' DbufclM -iiyl^r.' ^ 



•Up and rapreMntathrag of the Pio- 
vflMMI irteveraaaegt s i es p as t Hi g tha 
P^jLirawriMalt Rofd from Point 
KllMi#%Hdga to Catharine gtroaC will 
probably ha held within a few days. 
* It is - understood thai Hon. - J. H. 
King, Minister of Public Works, la 
now In potiseasion of data which will 
enable the Government to speedily 
reach a decialon aa tp the city'a pro- 
posal th^t tha Pfovi^ce aaauma a 
aubatantia^ ahara of the pavtag aa** 
by ralsaop of lu o^mpcship Of a mm* 
paroaati^w. af tha f)roatag«. 

.The^^tir Win aWo arrange for a 
conferenea' with olftolals of (h* B. O. 
Bleotric Hallway Shortly la ordar to 
aseaHaSn 'Whether / tha oompaay la 
w(IUng ^ to lay permanent ' traeka 
along the new pavement when the 
'project if finally carried out. In the 
case of Oak Bay Avenue, the company 
.declined i to lay the tracks, and the 
city Is hoping that a different atti- 
tude will . be taken In regard to 
Esq^lmalt Koad. At any rate, the city 
wants a settlement, now so that it 
may,prei>&re accordingly. 

'when the Johnson Street Bridge la 
built Lime* Street will become an ex- 
tehalon of Jehnaon Street . The atreet 
fl^r'tM&hs; tt is'stiiUd.- %riU not he 
moved from their ar >|e j| t; l uua mh. 
but will eoiitlnuli to rtm nonli «t tha 
Silver Spring Brewery. f 



Arion Club Last Night Sang to 
■ Ckpkiti' House at Empress 
-•^Mrs, D. B. McConnan Re- 
turns to Receive' Ovation 

WaUr and^R.^Harv^.^ «, * 


. • t 


mkh&A apply',* 
Bhnk Bolldiiig 


Jasa ' X>anclng — American . * Beauty 
Jaxz will be taught and danced in the 
j;AA.demy_ dftjrj'jl^y.;/ 1 

ten,' ah' Friday night, 
dar'gaiBiees of 

T<>eal ' tuftlpn— (Mr.; <J. ,K. , HlMeiC oi 
Vancodydr,, vlaita Vlettfrli^ MMday7 
TaeMsg. i^dio. Ill* «r<«r^fwL 
;.^»e^iJar p ersojw^ appt |yatiaL-. ^ 

^ . iloteli^S^^' 
dayr' Mar UL^ . SlMkrUfa „ Qrohaaira 
Full moon ' niggt. . Froeoe^i i' 

Athletic Club. • . ' 

. .The Lorraine School of Dancing la 
now , open. Coma . and - laam our 
BgnSia%.lPos Trota Aft«ni9ga c; 


It 1^ no new , experience for the 
Arlbn Club to face a capacity house. 
Therefore siting ^thls to be the fact 
Uuii night oA the bccaalon of the 
Second concert of their twenty-eighth 
seaion will ^i-oVoke no aurprised com- 
ment. In ts<ot there was nothing 
startingly uhliinc In tha aveiilng'a en- 
tdrtdlnmaht.'' ' The relatlona of audl- 
'ance -and ehoir ware those jpf lont- 
eatabllsried friendship, ea6h expect- 
ing — and ■ giving — something to the 
dther, But the gratitude was mainly 
on ithe part of the listener. For th'e 
musical ' fare- was uniformly good, 
sometimes exceptionally so.'- And Mr. 
Herbert Kent has established such a 
bappy understanding with his singers 
that ilia slightest wish aeemed to be 
nalated inatanter by the cborlaters 
o> ao Intently ' watohed (ha. move- 
tat off hip baton j iMaay paa^nattt- 
tellpna^attt to him at tha ehwp oc the 
e^plng the etover wanner to 

wh|^|i,..he ; eotiduieted. * 

. iMora than one old favorite found 
plsce OQ itbe' programme. There was, 
,f6r , example. "The Sands af Dee," 
composed by Mr. E. Howard Russell, 
for so many years associated i with 
the choir as Its conductor. It met 
with the usual well-deserved ovation. 
Th^re ^was also "Rolling ,Dowa to 
Rle^ (Repeated > all through; la ra- 
aponae to Ionic applauae), a' flha, ro- 
bust, 'work p^leiflarly well suited for 
iHeAmniig by ,a male-voiea .oholr, and 
whieh Ifat nothing of . Its. .'iniandad 
vtttuacUarthai^v^roita Intarpratation 
of.' last night Iii marked contraat 
Vtftbi as to^ style and because it waa 
ooinpleteiy new to Arion' Cliib choirs, 
Kern's "The ,14inst|-el," the 
rano aolo of which was carried by 
ttra' D. B. McOonnan. It Is' worthy 
of "place Ofi a future 'programme. 

It is not for flattery of a local 
musician that* one refers' to "O, Hush 
Thee Jtfy, Baby,?' one of i the moat 
chamilng.,of tha !eompoaltions1 Intro- 
duced .for the fitpr time at thu con- 
cert ( It- Is a peeUUarly Wutlful 
thlngi .full of harmolny. aad the cUolr. 
althohflf-unaeeempanlad, aang-thla aa 
w^l aa . anything op. the/'^nflre. pro- 
grimme, , the hummed accompani- 
ment being so well done- that It gave 
th* effect Of strinRed instruments 
playing 'softly as an , obllgato to die 
princ^lpbl I melody. . Dudley Buck's 
;'Bug(i« Soi>g," whl«h stood, out as one 
of .the other particularly lovely com 
positlo^a , was intreduoad. with an 
overture by organ ^and. piano which 
spig^8t«d thi^ richpeas and .aplandor, 
of .TenAyipn|a idyll. Ijha ohplr ahowed- 
nice baUnce in' the ^rendering sOf thia' 
by Jio'- means *unf6mpUx eomppdtlon,[ 
and* the Tthat htnta ssngln.anch4Mg«. 
f#et uttlsotf'ta Che opeAlng, of , the laat, 
iUMgaJflkt It' might have' heca', mto- 
taW'lW a'alngle voice. ~' 
• ''>t^B. 'D.» B. McConnan ' reaped the 
reward' of m year's retirement' for 
voeab study In the • receptlAn which 
followed her reappearance last njght 
Her naturally lovely voice -'haa edr- 
taialy gained 'in atrength fandi bril- 
llaticy, and . tha nvmbars whIeh ahe 
aang were by no, maapa naaavbltlous. 
Tha florid 'LAh Fora 9fMi'''ttmn Ver- 
dl'a. 'Xa ^vlau" hi Itsali.^adleated 
the iealrattm of the. ainger, .whoa* 
eeW^hra #orf waa a aorpr^ to ali 
H^^iMend^gj^np, hoi^avar. 




papular, the natural sympathy 


Osasttpatlen, aKhough generanyda- 
serlhad aa a dtaeaae. ekn navw- eidst 
unlaw aoiae of tha organa are de< 

r^'^-''**** *• Wiind ta 

aa tna nvar. 

•^•Js ■"'Nag piisre produetlva 

SJV&*!2^^ eonJrtlpa. 

• ^ «M^wowBW, and a regular 
action ia absolutely emential to general 
health. One of the moat' common, 
painful and troublawime troubfsa 
eavaad by coast(pauon is pflaa, and 
bowels are kept open by 
leaati«a aueh as 

^ . wh*a 
ntH PMhaaad and 
> atf d 

•rtae, so If yau would ha wuB. 
your howala regular. 
.Mr, A. ^•4mr. 

unleas the 
tha nsa afii 


hi aald tp have died e|Mag- 

far them or _ 
hy The T. tfUhnrg Oa^ 


The following remarkable state- 
ment waa made recently by Mra A. 
L. Wildrick, a waU^kaown aad highly 
respected raatdent of I<oa Aagrtaa, 
CaUt., iMag at No. B» Narth Alni- 
rado atsaat. Mrs. WUdrtek^ls «• 
«a(- a«e and la the mother of 
ohHdrea. Rer photograph appeara 

"For the past year or more," aald 
Mrs. Wjldrlck, "I have been in very 
poor heaTth. I sulTered principally 
from chronic Indigestion and my con- 
dition was so bad I had to spend half 
of my time in bed fabm abeer weak- 
ness. In spite of all tk* medlotoa I 
took I could not peaalbly gat aaiy re- 
lief .and I became so nervous and un- 
Btrung that at times I could hardly 
rMllse what I waa doing. I Juat had 
no appetite at all and auffered terri- 
bly nearly all the time .with indiges- 
tion and was really In a very bad way 
physically. If I did eat a little aome- 
thing I would always have a miser- 
able, distressed feeling afterward and 
I tell you I was going down hill 
pretty fast. 

"Well. I Just cai^'t find wonia to tcdl 
you . how really bad oft I waa aad atao 
t<x Mil you what »Tanlae haa dona for 
me, for X, feel as wall nfw as I ever 
felt in my Ufa. Why, after Uklng 
only three and a half bottles of this 
medicine I have actually, gained IS 
pounds in weight and everyone ,tells 
me i am looking better than in years! 

"Since I have been taking Tan lac 
I have found out that aeveral of my . 
Intimate frlenda are alao taking it aad 
averSr>oae of them are deMghtod with! 
It. I am surely «hid to raobmaMnd 
Tanhus and help spread <hi gtfiiUHab ' 
of «thl» mMttolaak Tea, i waat you to 
uae lar PhMiograph too. ao that all 
my fHanda may aee how well I am 
itoohing. Anyone who could aee me 
now after seeing me only a few weeks 
.ago would be convinced that Tanlac 
must be a really wonderful medicine." 
. Tanlac is sold In Victoria by D. B. 
Campbell. Druggist, and in Ssqtilmalt 
at Lang'a Drug Stor*. > , „ (Advt) 

of her voice being much more ap- 
parent In the. ballads which were re- 
ceived with flUeh appreciation. « 


Stnaiizoar es, Notions 
and Wools' 

•3 1' 

' Tkl^t Are Always, in JQ^inand 

LARGE assortments in articles of f«!fa%1e 
mialities will greatly facilitate sitis- 


Frlenda of Mtas ■„> Brown, who 
left on Monday fdr Lea Angelea. will 
be lateraated to learn that she will 
be married, on her ardval in the 
Southern city to ifo. , Andrew Daff. 
late of Victoria. t 
1 Mrs. Base and Miss Ermlnie Baaa 
are Spending arfawidayv la Vanaeu 
.ver vlaiUng friaada i. . 

Mr. JuaUoa and Mrs. W. A. Mac- 
Doaald. of.VaneOuvar.'are in the city 
on a brief holiday vlalt. 

About 20 members of tha Or. O. 
M. Jonaa Chapter, LO.D.a., 'aiMnt a 
very pleaaant Ume at the home of 
Mra A. L.: Camaroh. MM ' BMmmt 
Avenue,, the OMaalon gltlng an ex- 
cellont oppbrtufllty for the members 
to gather informally and aew on ar- 
ticles for their midsummer garden 
fete and baxaar, and plan final ar- 
rangenients- for the 'Chapter's edrd 
party , at the Nuraes' Home, . JnhlMi 
Hoapltal, next Wadneaday avantiw, 
•teyd. A good»deal of ■ W» th > 'waa 
aoooBwUvhed hf* tho busy wo^era 
bafor*; the.heataaa aervad dainty ra- 
fieashn^nta, an informal chat > over 
tea-cupa concluding, the profltaMa 
and enjoyable evening. . « 

Few paera have so' few close 'rela^i 
tlvea aa Lord Romllly, who eame(^ 
age a tow dags ag*. aaid hi thua en- 
titled ,te take t hip aaak M tlie'He^ 
of Lofda. Lard RaniUly succeeded 
to tha 'tltto 'fltotaen yaaSa a«o, and 
within a yeur of hla fathers death he 
lost . hla , mother. He haa neither 
brothers nor slaters, uncles, aunta.' 
nor first cousins, .his only rehtHons 
being aome deecendanta of hla grdati' 
gmadiathar. The <young ipeo% who 
has,a«i helTrt nuidaihis flnf i^hlia 
appaaianoo at the., age of tt»ulv«: 
when he offlelatad aa. a traln-baarer 
at King George's Coronation. Troni 
Eton he want' to Sandhurst, ^aad Ig 
now a UanteM^t lil.;fhgi 

.Bias Tape, black or 
white; aOf to 50f a 
bolt , • 
White and Smoked 
Petri B.ufikles. for 
•«itt, coiitg, dtreases or 
sweaters, various sizes, 

60f to fa.0o. 

De Long Faatenert» 
10< a card. 

Ideal MtA Colonial 
Dress FastenerSt a 
cards for 15^. 

Dome Fasteners, on 
tape, black or, white. 
V&t and a yard. 

Kid Carlef s, 15^ g 


Hooks and Eyes, on 
tape, in black or .white, 

Children 'a^ Acme ' 

Waist' and Hose Sijpr * 
Igtera, »^jto 6 years, 

CMC. Chlljlreji's^ 
Hose -Suppor^rs;> all; 
sizes, 85^ a pair. 

Black Patent Sleeve 
« Protectprs, 46^ a pair. 

H4if^ Phig. iortoiseshelL 
or amW, 10^ ^tad < 

Hair .Pin|,. issoned, 

Princess Pat Hair 
Nets, cap and fringe 
style; in all shades, It- 

Silk Hair Nets, in alH 
shades, 2 for 25^. 

'Darner^. 4vith metal 
holder, 30f . • 

Mending Wool, in 
grey, Ibrown, black and 
white, 2 cards for 15^. 




grey, green 

Wool, in 
and card- 
inal. lOi^ skein. 

Mending Sitka, >11 

ihadea, a bait 

Small Gilt Safety Pina, 
10(f and 15f a* card. 

A large assortment of 
small peaxl buttons, 
white, 5^ to 50^ a 

Pancyx Buttons, suit- 
Abicf 'for blouse and 
fimnimga; gqdd all- 
•OKtifent; of cdldfs. 
Pilees frphi 15^ up. 

Middy Laces, in all 
wanted' colors, 

Hat Wire^-^lk cover-, 
ed, black or white: 
coils of 8 yards. 15^. 

Ribbon Hat Wire, per 
caT4 of If yards, 90^. 

,1 » 

• ^^^^ i^ Full Assortments 

Cojored Wqsols, suitable fori aweaters, scarfs, ets. 
Ifgrfg adtortmeiitg of eokira; a and 4-ply, 40^ aa. 

Zephyr Woolfiia a lapfe aisortment of eblors» 
an oniKe. . ' - r - - • i f 


\ * f 


.1876, First . , 

Llncwie and^Cbrsetr'Mf 


Pumps for 

These new numbers, come in brown kid, black kid an<) patent 
. kid, turned sole aqdiacat, low schoolgirl hc^. A A 

Sizes a>4 to ? ' \V'«^ V 4 :^L^llj_^Oe!UU 



WIKWIPno April >7.— Otrlns te the 
llCbt ot|«rtBKa waa th« ^ury llskt 
aa tranaaotae la tha lotmX oaah rnar- 
kec laaar. Tbara waa a good damaaa tot 

•vwylMag, Witt n weSs in u 

juO^SeMer «a ss-e a. .ha.I.w gmds. a. 

to the mturn flsalaat tra«e #as ligat.* a' 
weak tanesMy betagXdbewa t k ie ue fcee l 

th« ««aaloB. Data eloaad 1 eaat laar«r for 
Mar and July, aad 1% aaat aoira ft 
Ootobar: kartay lia aeat lower for Mar 

hIpMr tee isvaat i asms fclcMar Dw Jaiy. 
Mra H-aaat lap«r far May. 

Oam. Hlch. 
Ilia llt« 

tS4 ma 

Oat. , $*% U% 

"< VIBNNA, April It.— Tan ♦ elvnians 
were killed and tWedty-one wSunded 
In <a conflict batween strlkeM and 
gendarmea at Laibadk, the eapMal of 
Oagglahi'' m Jug»dBaiMa^ eese r a iag to 
thO' Jf u Wa il 
. LosnpK,aA»n> 
8hMdaar>ggaMilgahisa are 
ed ever ir«|Mrts - of revotationary 
troublea In that, eeuntry, and de- 
clared diplomatic dispatches from 
Balgiada yeataHday Mdteated nothing 
Tha THeate report of aa up- 
is atMh«lad«la ra faction of 


' a a* a'a#a 




MOgniEM. mooocE 


uassBas tn 


Ft O. K. 

VANCOUVJiJR. AprU 17. — Two Oov- 
emment survey parties will be aeat 
out from Frtnoa -Ooorg* without de- 
lay ta saafea a'raaaaaalaaanoe for an 
V'Aiens^aa.aid ^tm tU.O. K. north from 
Oaorge ta , the PgMe Rivpr 
^otlieati6a of 




4 Starr printed on April ^17. 
ifcoharta aollcMor ftor Rav. 
•tewart, of Winnipeg, made th^ foi 
lowing aUteme at today: "l did no 
State or aujgaat to tli|p court la 
way WhateM that thg luv. Mr. gt 
art had anything td faar In ooi 

<o VrtMiOdlnhihla mer 'did X 
that ss<MiM a . IP 





Hi! " 


> IX)NI9T. Vfi 

who vr\\\ play senior "teall" this season—— 
in a few war4$^ltHis d^rkses our ccMn- 

Soft Robber Balls, from , tfff^ 

mak^ from ILSO to _ 

719 Yttes Strert 


. The Premier Recreation 


12 EngIttb Md |0 
PockM BlttteHH 

b t S.C m e'irt,rMetrop<<fe 

**The Best is 
^hlae. Too 

713 y»tes St. Phone 1 4 1 2 

Virtup Cup Schedale^'t ^ ' 

Epgli^h Ath^ctea May 
^ ' '^;C0tr<3ctlp at AW^^rp 

uflir no AFT 



+ Quality 

As distributors fo^r jGranby 

mr. R-N. 




NewAPalatkl QitarterSiWttJSee 
Hbufi^ariiriris: on Sllurday 

BBATTLB, ▲prfl M.^r^e (onn«| 

TobiCCOQist. Etc 

» 111 t- »•*' ' 

Ha iMW quartcn with » hooM wara^, 
ins and Installation of offlcers, to !)• 

Xovltktlons iytve bean extandaA to 
t^,^p4i*«pp,i«.>fft« yftcht olalM vt 

ttMt ttia fvmt wtt iwrk da* of the 
imm — thortnw tint hM takeu 
piMt la jTMhCbiff etrelM ^Inoa bf>. 

Club ar W««t Seottlo e 

iKMtftM*.' H. Latimer; 'then eom> 

I^Mioa, of ill t^ p^l^ lett^oaf 

J»«p4*0BLjM„Xh« str^^ Lakf 
ualott waa flnaltr da«Mtd^4»en aa'thf 



■At aa^Mlockad 


O^tw'Way' fie Left to 
(^mes Wj|8i Cow- 
Tfeam W^dffesday Uague 

There wlU be a special meeting of 
the esaeifUve of the Vl«torla and Dis 
trlet J^iSrlaket AA'ccJatkm tomorrow; 
evealM^ilnoitt^ IB '9i::p* Hut '8 
o'llpdK ahwq^ Mid;;|;#llowinr thla 
r. •T9nr iiMBB)Mf.'«0aei«4 by the 
44^|}o Aiiaee cBHi^lttee: 
ofpttw afHigfltetlMi^ls ii^ed t^ attsnd 
' Mt • o'«loc&. All concerned 
ui mMM ^ talui this u official aotl- 
fl&aon of the meetings. 
' The spaclal bualneae to be attended) 
to at the cpcaevtiirs meetlfur wlU be the 
drafting of tjie league aehodule.' Some 
dlfttenlty bfM been experienced with 
rufird to the arraOKlag for sronnds 
^ifMch iriir <»U>for OMfflal a4|a^tiaoBt 
^Mti^Mmmim dMlDc tkMt tiaat. f ow' 
iiii<»jet)<»».yiiiat Oast^iirMi^ - 

Tho aneotive ir &i«o ansiotw to be 
aMe to make arrangements' whereby 
iooaL clubs In tbe league ^J/>^ Play 
Itoaso and away matches with the 
Nanabno and Coerlchan cricket clubs 
thlB year, and a- ituscestion has been 
ma de that two^iaaina aaajr bo left out 
4it «ho leacva MUMllda •vtviw 4mo 
weeks for this purpose. 

An tBter«<lng letter has been re- 
aataad by Lioa«uo Beoreta^ Vaekor' 
JMtf. Uxi R. Mtdlatori. of Bhanffhal. 
atho will be remembered for his good 
orloket here, and' who Is still taking 
an' Interest In Victbrla cricket. 

Aa entry has been received for the. 
Wedneaday league from the Broad 
■tMot Hall C.C. With three teamsj 
attw oatsired. ^ainely.'Davld Spencer's, 
Iitd.( tho Ciooco Wodnoadajrs and 
'MtfMM Hktratf'liafi, aih4 an- entry ex. 

aar«a^ttte ffroni thi Site O'a, 
^0 1ia»a io«li«4 to |SBt In • a team, 
a'foar teaan league* for Wednesday 
orloket la noW' assured. Any club 
wanting a game on Wednesday la 
'asked to communicate with Mr. W. 
cowan, 2«e4 Cedar Hill ftead. 



Vardoo, NiSarijr Fifty Years 
9im Paadied on 


JUftha naw 
nrartment of 
(Ift la coaaHafM «aiia 
t taai ike tpMii^, tha 
T«aA-4lroo*eca.v ' . 
re J. Ik Of^aoa 
that tho - flaMUMt aC tiM 

4a 4aa aMaoo 
aTtnali aiaili— atjUwr 

tja msairded by 
tt aa tha taum, 
ttti« aa» of 

^ ^ Aj4»an» ~ vO#aa« 

Trvak _ 
▲pra*}4 t^t t fu W u a . Ijfc llJ^ti^ 

I.-.,' •"Dli 

KltW 'TORK, ApHl t6,-%iere Is 
eoaataat' stretching .«f the age limit 
In golf. Many golfon only begin to 
cot sood after an age when ^nrs £n 
mora racking sports are forced to tbe 
aMa HBoa. Bn^lah koU( to notable 
tm ii%lai»a eliaia^oiia., Hany iftit- 
MT, toOW lOaitf i«*xn oldr lobins 
•iijjhe t jjBon 4aaceroiia pronto 
Walter Hajwn wiU enopimter 
ha jmiMsh - open championship in 

jnu^jt Ini't wasted energy In Var- 
don'a- game. The alk-tlmes British 

tho aan on 

laaa -^MKMo ami ^'inoro ''OlMietliUa. 
tmm PhiaiMr a^Hoc 11 oAfU6t«^ Mttra: 
tfmdaaida^raa Vllrdon la %tlll perched 
oa tho votfiAir MnnaCIe, while Jiames 
Braid a»d iX'H; TayftHr, two dther 
fanoua Britiah votefana, aro begln- 
liing to sIoW up 
Zho aaalsDt Bootdk pastime itf 'itlU 
swtnt wdtt' Ja ttiaXDttltai'tflitttfla. 
We' haaa iOnU^ia tvw pumhuui i jllJ 
tlM MMtf vsolateent bate* 'tTai 
tf»^.J..IVavla, who 'didn't swing clubs 
nntll he; waa Sfi, and then - nearly 
twenty years / later won the Metro 
potttan championship at Apawamis. 


PHP U DBL PtaA, April tT.'— Tho 
taatti ^hleh «-ar«ii 
4b tito two- 


' TORdNTO» AprU t7.>-A apodal «!|^ MfiA and >m»lf* f»Mb 
XSbndon 4bAt flbiM ,%9tt9t«ai 

53ss*^y;5rc;in3'*^6a^ rr co^K^wS"*!!^^ 

that the public is not supiiorting the I ,..< » • r^^tii^wi 

sVPPeal for- fi,nds to meet the ex- 'M6£jillg wUKl<pdg,TiUy 
Jpepfea- * 01xty.-five thousand dollars I itA 

.aro 9.oe<I^ and hp f»r only |9,000 f ^Kp^l 


At tho neettaf of the local B.C-P 
toUowlag Bro«i 
wafo arr*nco4'4oi 

. A apootol mm»^ tU - ' •* ^ ;* ' — ' 4 

brandTj^/the B.OJLXV. lia lu^^ ^ '' IBiri/ '^ r 

,thla IvianlAg' at T:SO at tho K. Of % Army and Nary v. ^ar* M(4«ai- 

.,^;it. Fort.Sti-eet. All aflUlated bodies oOn Hill |BaMiriBiBaiart|>i|Wt»'4|Dali- 
a[e ofgentljr requeateid to have their | wolL ; -^h.' r i ♦ ; ic' .--.J i 

,4elegat^ pr'es<»n^t. as bu«iness of Im- Harbor Marine v.' "yarrow's at Boa- 
' o£j(«^ce }e to ' be dealf- with at tbe | oon HtU upper groua4; Mferee, L<odk. 

Metl-opoha r. K. 6r C. at Centeal 
'PartM' urtirub Zjaaitoa. . ^ / 



Will Ask Royal and Ancient ta 
Abolish Stymie and Alter 
. Rules to Suit New World 

WMrts r-: 

referee, IdtcXt. 

Comradaa T. Hasbftr Martao at 
Beacon Hiu ' lawar m ma l HK* * i* t9t*ii 
'Ijangton. ■ '■' ; " '• ■<.' ■ ■ t A : 

Metropolis Army aad Miwr M 
Baaeaa- BUI vffr g f— < ; MAwiiai 

ed to ba^dlo 'the -^U^WItef 
game to be played on fluturday of 
-«Ma woek between Cumberlaad 
WaUaae's. ■> •! 

VJ».FJL Moe<tar: ' i 

The annual meetlilr ofthe y.D.F.Ai 
•cmCAGO, April 21.— Wilbur H. j will bo* hold 'this s yia y -at "tha -Kj t • rr-'''«--«rs-'--^ 


JrpU wOl ^^mArng of that sgcUMOmKl here.. ' 
^>filjjr i {«mtlemaii*8 gune like gmtiemen.- 

tion. It it a 
iVriar « Mend' to for 
Q>itlble imoke. 

lard tablet, c«e«, eonfort- 
lenr— «re' ta 'i^ffect '^coodi- 


of b^afiU or.^'OQia- 

. s<r. < 1 1 1,... ; ■; .{ 

acts I^. 


*f^<' ' "i3 13-1 5 GoTfmment street • " ' 

Brooks, of CleTOland. presMont «f-<fe^'^«t Jt^ o'dloellr. 

the Western Oolf Association. . and 

Jams* p. Hngtm. of Kai^iia^ City, | A maatlrir'o^gftjr - OB W l a l an Voot 

l<r«i|Mlant of ttf^ 


t^ns-MUviuippi ball AsBooiattoa 
Omr Aatoolatlbn;, trill Ateild a con- nlpeg on M^ l"|i»>oOttla Hia 
ference In How York Fir^daV b^- as to wh^er the 8.C.FJL Of ^o 
tw^en representaUvea varlgius as- B.C.P J*.A. fathered by- Con J^nm M \i 
Pbclations and the spocl^, United the gorernlnc foo^MkU Mr to Brit-'' 
Stales, Qolf , AssaclaUqh «omi^tt««f j Mi OpiataMa. > ; =• ' m . • tti r| • 
selected to ,gb abroad to d><yfiai •ra«'Jv»''''''''-'>^ „ ' .w" '* \ 

vision of the rules «^ jjolf' j,^ wltl^ a 

A number of State associations in I'^iT^^^^rTl^ Tv?^»^T . - - { 4 
Che West, which wera asked to send 
represeptatlves, have requested Mr. 
Brooks, to set for them. The Weet- 
ecn men, aocordlng to C. W, Hl*- 
gins, assistant secretary of tlieWM- 
ern: Oolf Assowl»tloa, IRW.' iMi ^tliat 
the otmnBla «o AttolldqrtA<«a«««MM*tha 
penalty gpr m hgiy.ti iyiWa 
M^-'-mt tar 4 biiK aai: irfvil(tti__. 
'Tfcoy alao>wlII Urge that>ktli«. -tuios 
%e rewrftton in a simple mMaer. 
Other changes that the Westera aftan 
believe are needed to make tho 
cule more appUoabla to coadttloaa 
of iplay as thMR,>«Bist ■on Afnsrlaani 
tolf cbursa* •Mil ' 

k i 1 Li 

<U) Vie^ Straet 


Meetings of Yariou^ urgjamz-! 

THa moatlar CT*^ l^UMVOdMl^^i 

MMyNi utaF^Kflhawpidiishlp • of 
IMtai Jttatsa^ ea Waaltlia fifM 
a«Kt flatarday, was , seloetad! yoatOr* 
day by Coacb Shrnbbiv They are 
a. t8taUard.> Httdd and- Mllll- 
Tatham.' who ■ lajarsd Mi 
oa -beasd. ship temtag meross 
tho A tl a nt t^ w»toa tha traok- yai- 
t«i>day aa« Mi..irMk wpa sneh thkt 
SlHWlfb Jlaolia4n«a»->^«t 'hlm ih tho 
m«a. flkrol* - Biil oxpabta Tal- 
iMMB to io <^ hkif-aaflo >«a<lbr two 

All the Brttiah entrants in the rO' 
lay races and < spoolal field events 
Ivors a» tha track. Joppa. the Bng- 
l|W«UMr HShajBpton, sUfUCly ia- 
Jarad ^Mir,li»aai l|i atrtldng a harlla. 
Mit Jl vq^BtaAUa ba^ aUda ta 'o«b- 
tl»iia..lil s^nil^t. : 


, TORONTO, April 2«.— Hon. Peter 
S^ilp, .FtDTlnolal Treasurer tonight 
oonilrmod reports ,4aurrent for sot- 
4*y«, o<. .a rodaoUon la the ro- 
ooatly aanoanood Ux on Oqtarlo 
nMotrAoks, JkOo (r»«!ks;|rlU bo «|. 
•oassd |T3*ft (or oaah ; t«kSli% ' day. 
aad haU-aHlo traofcs 9§^9%. • ThUi'M 
a fedwo aon of |a,to» n> eaah oanft. 


tVWmrorf. iHaho. A^rn 

^iSbMM, V«Ao^w;igM. wit 

jMtST ^ ree ro 

P lo"k d u w n i' 
jrt^MMd tha 


l«peh at IttlS^ 
• 4»»^-*e ' 

bO' lif«od^ 

m> Immaterial, hoaravar.*' _ _ _ _ _ 

Higgtes said. 'Vhetbe<> t|;a.;)8Aiitrii'-! holii^ihifc>mwwdny ktj^it %» tmr-^Clty 
toco abroad results In eHmlnatl^ Hall. jVtfw WtrtswlBHt. when offtoota 
the otymlo. for the West;<^,' OblC for tbe year wlll^ba elected. Ifts ex- 
Assoclatlon abolished tho*'stymla lb pectod that tho 'qUestloa of the sub- 
1917, and In U JMates under Its Jur-> .|i«Wtullo»'«C playsrs^^darlac gaatsa a«l 
jtsdiction th« atymif is a dead Janai^ <H> <^ • tto 

and win remain , daad." < *\ m99»Jin mm»r^wm«;k^ 

- ---f - ■ .1 ' / ' ' — ' --• ..-I.-.. 

H :-r^~«iot-of ' W«ow«ry--StiM 


_ .that w§ afc 
l%Re % Retail 
ing materials 

a? wo -have dn ^and. C^n make 

ifliMiakpi^noblp W lb a Mai in o 
IM;-|JJtho l3ii*oyircht,. 
awieiB, Jjoeal d s l a ys tesj^f thsb 

' llft,|9d. Chrlatophier'avA B«ikaKi»- 

i V . Y/etorIa l«/oroaso exaootlTa wOl 
.aayt . fei qi aM iar ooaiiiac ot 7^ #t 

and tlio Ki 

tba inctiKla 


VANCOtnTO. AprU If .-^AllhWgh | Ch^j ^ ^ t^f^Y^ 

a strahvoos -fOort wlll 'ba flipido by 
^^ffMlsli #iayata to stb» das jGrfo^n 

whleh mo t7ttlh»d states la sOfidlaff **5ir^^*f J^^ifilf 

t^ England -.look like winners. iStS 2!5?5Uft!r*^!ft admlSy» 

-falon of Malors A: Loi^o M4..A. SrTamJKSi; JlkS 

ts^iho'"pT^.Tln'th.'^J^ ^'^2ra^*l2?toS2^ ««- 

roa^od the dti- on ^^^t.^ 

^^^^iSfeSik^^ I xiir. r„d-^-tha-ri?;;5:3;i"Tf 

T^f^^^**-^ amount .iiama from the Frassr 

ar^ at tha kloUl 


ve those celebrated players atva'aa 
ekblbltion match befesa loaTlas fOT 

-'Tha" AUbarteaas at th» jrirfMit 


CmC^GO. AfflTM.— <}eorg* Wea- 

tteat Ma^Tsty ptraw." ata«sd Ut, | tb|rd baywwii of tbe Chicsdpp 
BMMnnh. , ""Thay brhva pMiyers like Wtt'te flox, lokkue ohamploiuk Um 

who] <M'batt^s ii^ tho AiPM^Iaaa taaiif 

TBdaa ahd -ftlehar^ who , ■ - . 

are playing a wonderful |»mo. Til- j wlth^kii avoraca^ .Mt/aaqulrod Id 
den and Richards' are yo<mk and will | throe :SiiU)e%, Woaver w]M,At,b#t 10 
baoome even hotter. Oh^tha^ten- "nj"* «iod otddk«d out sQC Mta. 
tMryC w» hava rtfr^ ffir* PfMlllSlac | ['^^ ^^J^''^^^^'. ^'^S^^^T^l 

aoBO too 

Va^nrupteyors- c<>i 
aii4 tile 
tba atro: 



ST. U>T7X8. Ap«a W. 
decide tha 

tbo py^iiadi^ia^ mm ba^ vtayadiiata 
Mar A .MOardlbg to a tetarntdi r*. 
<l|tF«4l- tQ««r..b9Wtha 8t l^mls soMer 

ofBoiabi . of < the Units* 
States Football Assoolatlo* in^Mair 
Yorkr Tho. o^pooiag toaaas-.for) tlm 
tltla wlU^ba the Jfcn MiHs»» of Bn 
^ir|J^^«HJd^^ Fot«-BiT«r.«to«ia<4it, 

- ^^^^^ ^^^Z^ '*'^^ 

CIKCIKNATI, AiHnt St.^May' ^ 
aanatmeed today by Ft«oM«M 
;^eranajM ' of tft#< Qd^riS 

baiasbair jB^ab aa^' 
d Jjto on whleb tba Itlt'^MMM «hd£^ 


ent Of the — *" * 


t W iaw iaa -OApaenUa ' Mr-, A 
s» OWtt »r .|^W Of a«^ skd 

f 'MtlVi 

la thiT ttvu Now tork %t» 

played, to blt^Auc ov^ Jil. the'^eariH 
ot flra hltp^ .Ipolttdliic a doobloi ln.Jl 

bi^t lit tm 'd W iii t 

nuatt. af.BbooMya. wflHtfik^liMi^ 
age of •«?, tops fbsHattoaalXsM^ 
battar«. He «ad« liis^iiilft'lft «Ra 
S«mes^ gatting four 1l^ «ri!«K tblUhK 
at bat iflldk^ lr J ii h s - 

jbiilir'driMU^ witb '^o^wt^^ 

ttaiaa at 1 



.fr .» 

nan* «saa imtaa' today 
rtbar rodaead ' <blb'> -^«w« i«Mi% 
j(^yarld's).ffor .aaa Md tw# «iiMa. «ba 
first mlJo waa la UUMy ar at tha «Mb 
a«;-JiM BM|»,'d»>ftMl^f vS»:aai»o« 

Itttab Msif i ' ^w ^ brok4 liaipb 4a 
- - - - t ass ids «r <M# 



Jtt iSraitDS AGAIN 

■ ■ ■ Kiocvw ,sa . ,.t|ia ,9^a«a, 
DATTOMA* MkL. A^ «7.— #lth 

MUtoa stoored the ear InCe tba 
ocean, after slowing down, to droi^ 


Aflor oUa 
Uba«blly lnta»- 

wMr iWbiig «ni. the match 
botwooD Vsd lira, elalmaat 
•«^tb4( JMdaftweUrbt tMs/ Haary 
S«^«»r, alatmaat #«»tlM»>] 

**«i^rm4 m draw, 

for the BsUe and 41.tS for the twa baMiw *ootasd • ML S » H'-tU 

exhibltat adtlk hia 
who la one of the 


• .-<v 

r • • • .*» • T 


^p^g^o^yr. VICTORIA, t^c. wewebday. april 2^ is- 

Fakons Hii^' 

fit • • \L \i L 1 


can . make your selection 
from the ( most abundant 
variety .«ka :?aiul 
finishes. .^^v • 

\ particularly g6od 

viltie which we can siapply 
in any size is made of a dur- 
able quality of fine ; nain- 
aoolc. . Combinations^ 

> / 


B.V.O. Athletic Underwear, in combination and.^Q AA 
two-piece styles. Per snft... ...^......^.^^r^iilmJMv 

Mercerised Silk Finish Underwear. V 
Per fttit^. 

;Palbrif nn Undatwur. Per garment^ . < 
vjL«vO and 

X-_».^ . ^ — ~ ^ 

^ Ifeten Weifht Merino Xy^' -"" • 
P^ garment, and 


"Youll Like Our aoqics"~R|4. 

Winnipif HOolMiy team :6iv^n 
^ . ^^^^^ 


" irldiry only Mt^Ms t« 

prodiicea the M r »0t»t l MdMMirm 
In th«' worM " 


TORbMTO,' ApHI n.-^Tfm Mall 
and Biapire a^ya «dUorta(lty:',J^ th« 
Und of the Jtaple Leaf fOe* tlM 
honor <ft wlnnlns th« nm .'^lymple 
ohampl*hiM|»>at Antwerp, kmA It ic 
ItlMir t|ifit;.w|^R tlM iMkt 91^1 

C, 4; S I 

.n ■ « 


tehM plMc ti^ •tat.maa aan»Wl|l be 

et|[ls. *tlM NfiyfOM woUld haver ahown 
to betiiA' a4W»ta«e. HoweWr. they 
did all that yitm asked of itoim and 
what morf eoi^ be dealred." ^ 
jhe Oiob« iteya editorially; "Can 
ada'a repre8ent4tlvea In 'the Olymplo 
hockey tournament at Antwerp, the 
Paicona of WlAnlpeff, are the^ eham- 
plona of t hff* wor ld. .Unlike- the ao 
eallad teMBia^>w«r|d'a aeirfe' the 
hoefcey n Am at Antwerp la i^pveaen- 
tathre of evekr, eovntry In which ,the 
eame la popular. The Wlnnf)|»lB teatn 
plays ezeeedlncly fast 'and vmh elean 
hookey antf undoubtedly dl^ full 
credit to Canadian aporVraiaMhlp. All 
of the team w|{o w»re eligible to. ser 
^toe weiW with the danad 

J A iot to 
TOROHTO, April J7. 

eiHor i atUr: 
"rrhe t«al that twedaa eiwM to' 
Ih^ftaai ealM ■ pi law 
nifht w4a Ukely a «lft. TliMMrh the 
fame . team ; M talflad tSMt acahMt 
Beleloib ank fVanee.- ibejM^ 
deaUy.ive mtttah f<v the ial 
Bufope they have ei^ieaily a lot to 
|r4^)a«'n. aMiat haafiar #ae wUI hardly 
^ be«oBi^ > a^rt tl«»y import 

p)ar«(* frdm caaa4< lijw'4lM Uatta4 
tUtea. and then defaimf ai 
^or <*rmi1kr oontaoV anmn perhapa 

irt|wtoaroiwKK«ia a 

aay with a couple «f naturaltoed 
Canadian* In thaAllnent>. mlgai pat 
up a. codd tttht In the eompetHlon 
j»Ri|>''tae manner 0^ the Amerleane 
at Antwerp. 

afiPirema «k Ikoekay '' 


ipo fcttf, 1 1 njiile f roip ; CobJifc JHiJl Sta- ' 

' lirgd»stabter^ wMttlbp aiicl'.^^dabuti^iii^; 9 

balance easily cleared ;;gop<^'gra|^ 
; sonable price and terhis. ; 7*^^ ; ^ :^ 

1 .-t 

If or f irth^r partfcaigi-ii : 

■ •.<pt»'''ia, ■ 

V ikmrll JT.-rrThe A>Tiar. 
•eiSn tonlMt. defaaiad 

%5m^ ■ 

Tha AJM9la^ wiu eotnpete Wed* 
nwdaj alsM asalnet the Cseabo* 
Me^aka for aecond pia«a. Oaiil^a 
aitaady waa ^ tita aha iit^ Wpb* 

jU I«wtetoa WNk 

oat ot Jll|[ 

S^ i . I I . t 

unrnmiR. Hit*; 4jM^itiJliii 
wtttt r»faii noeMc 

ehamplali. off ViMtaMk 
ldirh/ ma»*w«lli>tMrtaat(llk «M eC k 

aM^a^aaMe • 
i«rM«a nouaSv. 

•t iMt 

Jflala WMte^ Ooehran. 
•gjlian*: i*ai Traah. Taaaamw; and 
Mjrfblaaman. tttmmmi, ^Hed tor 
aMi ylaae wlta stt targfeta TlM 

\ aheatertf Co th« aaihber oi 11 and 
PtaMnttaa a« aeetldae off tke NofftK- 
•ho* thrbueh the three days' 
asaaik w fc^ e»eaed >B a4ay. 

a:«taak at the RayaliMSatta M 

lAidMiniwian wm be m^l^Z^Z!^ 

^Sf^rff ** a#par. 

• WXMNtPflKl. A^rtl H. - i<Hwi V'1lha 

Tha^peeam ^ tfela»Piuvlliua • wM 

' ' "ly la offerih« their 

^the; Vaj^ MefiBy 
t^lr tW hodrey 
f/k ' the Otymplkn 

„ . ^. ithe 'eijAkffy la whkeh' Canada 
jfiteh '^liaarirttliable reaawa fir 
1»W%af In arvMIbeV yoane men Have 

nltal^ii U^^^ to 

nnM. *ille9^ 'hav* showto y6ane 
;jea^|d1ana wAt th*y, too; 'may. .do. 

'"fke pnvflefed d«t/ of the eMShiefta 
'pT I4aiilto^ '^la ' to welcome ' lM«k 
^'^'^STtoiNNM that the'' spirit 
^W«k ib.ilibvfMBPlMhed tkdir vte. 

*'^'*'*VV¥ if^*!**^. i^' be foe- 
taff# mM^Mi^.' J^kn V tha Pail 
aoa a i f^ a i il (MMIaa Ttet6«i.» ' 
t>4 tirlbilAe'aayti editorially: "The 
Talftons' came nlhrouch at Ant^krp 
fa was ^ipa«tcd and #on^th« world's 
hockey champloneMp. TAay pn^ad 


tae grown ffrom bdyhdod 
tapatiier. - They HWl to fight last Oc< 
tober to get late- seaior companx 
and haye bf»h fighting erer sli 

ilpeggea^ hav. 
>d to manhood 

m m 

In shidel of brown, tbo 
^ CO * aiMii mtetvfc* 

umZ — 





f. . — ■ 

>• NKW, TOllX. April 
Carpeatler. tha 
eharavlaal t|lM»M^ 
Jeak^oartorirca' ^i 
tiaaa ■ la flto.%«,''4Nnrasa . «MhA t far 
wMaa ha la ta-raaMv* |Mta a day 
far hla,seiTti|i4 wlll.toaka Ms tnt 
ai^peafance at the MaaesDe OaMea 
fti'PMkdburg oa^the aftel of Hit I- 
Ub wni boa HiaMs wttfc Ma 

sparring ^artfiif'. Oh the same ea^ 
Mdle PItaslMlliaaA the eNek loeal 

lightweight, will nlaet.BaMy 
the PM«M>ui% 11gh«We«glll»' ki 
boat oc«toh gseiSa . 

the Star 


a NifMK 

«f m mm , fcagit Jo«^ i 

i aiWa^^riadlMi 

the inaMs 

»4v^r>ii a»gf>t eoni eaS 

''^ NBW TORK. A#MI »T,-^ A a<a r ei p g 
la adviees from Laxtaftfg. m' 

aamw ,aff'i. W. MeClelUnd, hM eonU 
plated~a- daat for "the purchase "of 
PriQce . I^liktto^ one af ti»e b*»t, race 
horses eVer bred, for tSI».0OO. Prince 
Palatln* was raced in SngLind by T. 
Ptthtagton, a glaas manufacturer of 
LoWi^aa. who sold bim to J. JR. Joel 
far llOS.OOa. Joel afterwartl said 
the home thp. Dpka k» . Q ^Misi, 
who i^eMpH W. la Wmtik': IMisa 
PUattoe, agt UghMapt. by 

Islaglaas, had, toul wtonliigs of 
Mi^.M* daring his turf career. la 
he won«the St. (icger, akd to 
ISU the Sandawn Beltpse Jockfy 
VMh aiahaa and -the Amoc OaM .Cup. 
alM wlMliv'tSa aveat JaJni, HI* 
•on. Prtads. OtMahaA' ^T^ sse Si 

bfatogioh' has Veen exceeded «Nily1>y 
the ainoaaft i^ld for .Ttecerjr, an* 
otHer ^reput%ble 'British stallion, 
y^|leh was recently bought ,by a 
Jf(^ Atoarican for ti66,»e#, 

Value of Surface Capital Ships 
Is OefeRded by Sir E. d'Eyn- 
court LoiKr^r • Fighting 

4 , i*"''^^ 

> t.: 


At aMttle— ■ 

IxM Ansflaa 


BeturtM: Thaaiaa mud Sfei 

At Ua AfaSlM^ 
Salt take .rr"T.'.\ 

. a. H. a. 

9 I " 

a. H. B. 

» !• t 

Varnoa | 1 t 

Batt«H«i: Bromley And Byler; W. MItctaell 

. at _ 





i*ae^aa«ea«ssts*, ^* t 

, _ _ a. u. a. 

t St e •* is e"* • • s • tTZ % % % 

At oipe^spatfcv i^;::^, - »• » » 

J2* *^^BW .•••*...••..•••.•#.•.. s S. 1 

tassiaaati .«.•..«.••... ••••h.. a a* ' • 
asranaa: >eiaaa ead daaeaa; Heather 

and wineo, , 

Cweaso-ritUkurs «*lne poet^rd: cold. 

PhUeaetsaie • Beatea «jua« i Mstpoawa: 
wet arounda. Oeme^to be Played aa Sep- 
tember f», aa «p— ' 


: rale. 

At Clevelaad— 

R. H. B. 

_ '>..>...>.• 9 a t 

Cleveiiilid .-s.., a .» o 

Baltertea: Faker and Be|«alk: Ctoveleakle 


end O-Melll. 
Mew Terk-Waaaiastea saota 


k^UAd rt,*, ♦I| 

*c'SSwwr'::::r.:::::: H " H 






••••♦feseeeete f 
• a • rrw a • J|^e t t 

? » • 

Otaelaaati' . 
Plttabiter ■ ■ 


CnlCftO ■ . . e . . . e a ^» ..... 

» » ^« * aa. a ^ e ' |' ^bv- 
•■eaa.n.a. Y 
• ■•ri.aeee* 9 

•••• S 















* >?t. 



fbr OoK, na"i iAbV.^ 

At tha f SSit i wiiHna of the Brtt- 
Ish Institution of Navalt Architects In 
London, air. Ikistace d'9yn^qrt .the 
director of nf^Wtt; construction, ksre 
some intereatlag. 'partlealaca aC the 
rdsulta of the tM^li of the.battls- 
eKglser HaadL *a d sslgpi aC iha 
IM tf> ep^cm ■ hi Apatt. tits. 

^ *¥J^ ^^ wWah ««»h 

piaea .la tka Callawli^ month, em- 
Phasiisd tha agvlaabUlty, of Increas- 
IfVl the .arm^ proteetlo|i in this ty|>e 
of ship, and in September alterations 
In, the. Ilrst dc^slgp were approred. It 
Is now flni^ed, aad aaacapat olals 
tfak^pi^ ^Mea^y. 

Mr '■aata«a<.d*abmemirt aald that 
the results of the trtala which had 
already Uken place had not yet been 
Ihoroughly analjrxed. but that In the 
speed trials at normal draught r excel- 
lent results were obtained. On |he full 
power trial ai.A glaplaaaaaaal af 4S,- 
taaa, arkMi wag aaaSMptahir in 
aaasaa a^ «||a aaanal load dwught. a 
speed af fLtT. kawts was obtalaed as 
a mean of rurjs, taken on the meas- 
ured .mile course off the Ial« of Ar> 
ran in deep water. This' waa obtained 
with a mean horsepower pf .some- 
what ovar 1S0.090 and with 2a« mean 
revolMt|an s_ef the p rapaUya. Tha-d ay 

thppa was a »ery high ^a^tii. Tha ah- 
dMaaa a^arhad' wffyiHsftMSaataa'lly and 
a power of between 14S.O00 and 
•00, was maintained for a period of 
about iseren h4urs. .On the two-flfths 
power trial a mean speed of over 2S 
knot».was abtatoed. .,> ..•- 

.laftha ,aclgiaah(««Ma». wMeh waa 
l«r a olalp.of •JtkSga aaaib tha apaod 
thai fipa Ial4r dowa was M hi|ata. 4n 
the 9SM||'«aafta 'S.000 teaia toaraasad 
protection was added, •and.* In spite 
of that, the original speed was main- 
tained. The full speed with full fuel 
and all walchta. 4Ui4 aleras .aa board 

woliidt ba.#i:jiwiriii" lasiB anth fau 


■ .E, G. PRIOR & CO., 

_ ^ ; Umitcd Llabmty 
"Comer Government and Johnson Streets 

I have a number of houses Khich cai^ l>e sold fpr far less 
arraoga first payment. I can save you money, i 


at. « • . SpaaialUl to Ha 

t "t 


atinty at soaAi 
gicaatle vofisi^ tovwaafaqs. Mr JM- 
taas 4,'Syneoart aa|d that a faOjllN*! 
had. bean written . and said lately 
al)e«|t tha surfaoe capital , ship b^ing 
dead. ' aad about the necessity for 
sif^erslbles. . bat arlth our -present 
hbowledge It wanl^ ba quite: Impos- 
^bla.^ ta . dasign a gabanarMbIa ahip 
whiab* aa tbit mim j <ls> to si afi s ai t->aiid 
e4it^ imrtd hfva a«r«ll|kNI Mha tha 


which was 

feVery ship was a eomproMHse, and H . 

d by the Hood. 

la addition 4o the ordinary qoalHIee 
of a battleship, she was required to 
submerge or even partially stibaaerfe. 
a- vary considerable psitiaatago af 
weight would have ta p» a^tM^. to 


. ^. . that J so much 

troQbla in baasball haa J>aen, caused 
by the playiflff of the world's sfries 
ihat the hjk league elal? owners may 
deeMe either to aboHajb the ^uaes 
aitogathsrv'pr to dUida. aH W 

y,!FffltL^ hoatl^ aatloo 
or ■ama ar'tm* magna|ps, ' who say 
that the sguabblke over world's esrifs 
vharea are eapifnerHallripg baifahaO 
)o su«h a degf^ that sportsmaashlp 
poon n^ay be Of no Importaaae. 
Oreed for gold ia ereattag mach 

haaasama^to |a i » s Alagt paar. wMh 
aheat ItSS ^aMh Jhr wtoatag third 
pos it toa under the n«w world's 
series rulsa, Ihey are hieklag aver , the 
traeee because the groandkaapar. the 


, In apns af «aoa«|r 

whlah tha a^ ft i a af iHS 

hava Shenhtoia C, <ha ptoyaaa thfwit. 
ened t« «alt a sWha.aalssB thsir de- 
manda weaa grtoitad. Thay w»re 
prepared to dapTtva their liberal em- 
Ptopara af , gate receipts from oshl- 
wbteh wlllr hardly pay 
! the aan^ifM lipliihm 
A^pnept,^ lhawpavf M. haO- 
I to'aiawlnhai aipalbr ■UNaasij 
tog iha^SlHllto Whsa tha Cybe aai 

isVilK? ""'"'^ 



attiMk for mora 
moi}oy than ' thsgr were entitled ta 
aasSar . tha 4qUb<( adopted -by^iha 
Mhtloaai Oamaatfrt^a. 
gaSSa p |,hady Wbw. , , 

. M; yaar fSNaia PU popa .apaalp 


ktfid doiataa^ 
iMg akata 
charges of 
p l a M rsia aad 
H^aMag the 
«><aMiM ho 

ta bo tta^. to 
' ta ha>?a satoa 
Ja tta»wu|ii*s 
hava rapvdi- 
the pafi^ mt get- 
•i a e W horo. WHh 
bdtwean a few 





i^B^B*. utwga. ai. narwag* waa aHpf 


af a 

jpad tba ad«od .walght 
waaW -dsteagt fMom tha flghting 
qaaUtlas of the ship whan on the 
surfaoia, so that whatavee was done, 
other thlpgs be^tog i equal, the sub* 
marslbl* ship watild ba tafarla^ to a 
sartoas ship* to 41 
Ws aa ip l ri af #ap«Hi 

Theta were tnaay dUHcuHlee in tho 
daoiga af a submersible battleship, 
and although there was ao doubt tliat 
•abntarlnes were eapable of preat da- 
valopmeni, a dttle thought woiUd 
make it dear . to aaybody that; if 
aaval wartara was to eentlnue, the 
auMaee ship of tha line must hold the 
Sold pa the principal flghting unit of 
aay tfWt ^avy. This srlsw wa# aif- 
parodUy shared by fraar 'abaatrtes 
aria %aN davaiopliit tisir navla% ahd 
HMh . Apan toi« As* tralla^ «latos 
WIra MMdtog torge eapitol 'suTfaae 

The torpado protection in the Hood 
aolislsCaf H>f '• the "balga" arranga- 
mOnt, With an outer eompartment af 
mw and aa inaar amm ppecla% 


Spring Clothes for 

arc'heie aw<lt<ng your, inspectioa 
and draftldK. inV\ actiW asr«tcc. 
Come and see the , new styles at 
their b^st, and amartest. Y.ou'll .be 
aurprUpft at Jhfj! variety fabric 
ehoHta fblrO Hi*Mb. ^AS for^vUues 
you could travel aM Spring and not 
fnd tho oqual of a«n. 4 ', . 


.x^ 723 -Yalas g t >ag t 


^^lES a, HEEtS 

m rrt>ee 

---Tilted «nd pi'oyfd jduHn|r ^ .entire 
pfriod of the Great ?'K<(tl}i,iw wears. 

Miii'».afteirt;!it;8l^: Men's' light, 91.59; 



strengthened erN^ tha aaaaasary ssp- 
ttng baflihoags. IMa pretecaioa 
I whato taiwih of th* 

'^teto'aa sata: 
a2ia^ ''"^^ai" tolSaSaga^t 

by . a ii^ p gSi^ . tha atf • fuel 
ihs along ta» sMsa ;4t waa to ba 
noted that »o ship p rovlda d With the 
orlgtoal oi, totor form of ;'balge? was 
lept or ev«9 seriously dantagW by 
I0 attack during the war, nor 
there loss of life, ta any ease. 
Jia was chiefly ,due to tll4 spsaial 
r#m of "bulge'^ and to Its being ex- 
.1 to thO Ship proper. ' Ihr oaratat 

attaptlon toi tha fofaw^lba^vp 
in spaad IMS • <to% tlM «m lb tha 

a knot, aaparlanafi and trtalaJhad 
Shown thai the Hood, as pioCeOladf 
wAitd resOl^ the blows of several 
torpedoes and still remain in the Une 
witljput serious lose of st>eed. 

In eonneotlon wUK the else of tha 
ship aad the general consideration of 
Resign It waa noteworthy that, of re- 
cent eapltal vesBe|s built in the 
Queeri BhSabalh. «a had a well'«r. 
mored ship of dhoat SS.OOO tons 

(Raaown and 

thodgh' df' gsi^ ii i ^JwgJr'U?*''hi3 
vessels with aoa«^ taato la'aro' apos4 
fhan the Qaaaa MiSalfhat WNh 
only elk ll>lneh gaiOi agatast elghc 
In. tpa Hood we ware provMIng efrht 
15 -Inch gapa aa In the Queen BUsa- 
both, equal armor protection, sia 
knots more speed, making the speed 
nearly equal tp that , of the Renown 
and Repalsf. aad to addlt^op ^ fuU 
butoa p rdaeatlo w against torpedo at- 
Ihah. Tha aaat of Iha^vessM was 
Ct.agak«««« auid a|a taok two yeara to 


Ibiih fto tatoi 

|n# oi^agh tftot sticks to you to spita 
af aasi pa yig pan have dana ta gat 
tit at K'ts a great seurao af dai^ap 

to' year beaitti, and the toajps i M in 


TSoaaiv o 

. JldBWs ^* J^iHlboa- gsacBS^Iiftits^i.- 4tf 
|gSotoso'yi^aaaaft/bath aa iba aaa- 
straettoa af mm l|a«« a«< aa tha 
aapar to wMSli ha rfosl W b W It. Ha 
iamH '•a tha a> aii<t i| •to li».si i sa 
of the eapitai aarfaoa ship* aad 
red to a recent report from tha 
AdmlraSb^ whtoh stated that iif tlfalr 

' ■ An Insult to ICngl^ ^ 

The tfSa^y hoji been defeatSd. That 
the President and flenhte' ebuld not. 
Or would 'not, work to»rether la bad 
Snough. and twould in itself have 
Mralned . Jbr • Oovemment; but that 
tbe BenalO Oanatft .And arty form ot 
Words that 10 i«tlBiaotorr to ijfro^ ' 
thirds of Its members mwuis the 00m« 
plele collapse «. of ViukkhaNoan 

maaehip at tha iMMI.MMaai Uma la' 
the htotory oethe'Wn.' Tha erawat 
iag'(iaikBtt,ta tngimtfA M tha last of 
thajftoMWikgafaaiy^^^^^ «iia mora 
to tho'aotrlto of lilaaHslto oach or our ' 
teraisr wimps -that havs ,b«en features 

,r- III! ' ^ 

view the eapltal i8hl|> was still' in 
Oataable at the^ressnt time, and that 
Ms dap no'iaeana haMisd. 



i ill - J 

' XM(f very tatfit ' of on^jp^ 

ttylet Jo ca{»^re jdliQwii at . . ^ ^ 

tMfoftore, lA fUin s|Ui4m and . 
attradtve miatocfa atkl om« 
fbeck effects!. Valii0 are 


I s 

•u.i.' * 

1 / 

4 MIs'daaaoMMi ft. ^ TTflt if 

; t 



" ' " ' J I . I J I H....^ i iiii jj I , III J M ...Hill .L, 

t At the f^ayfvoi 

A Ma$on, a ShHiiei^ an Elki if 
TopHner Heads Biti ThMr 

•The D^vtte." 

i Mr. and Mm ttflpt. wko wIV 

Orphkam IPV^ i^%tfrd>y ol 
thte WMk. jiM.. irortlh Jurt what yoi| 
»«k* them worth. 

f itoo n gi ti i i mnnm. CUM - :U«7 

But K M th«' Woirt «hiy cu do 
o«taid« ^ t1i« UMitr* tlMt eoiMtt- 


Uie Dark^ 


■.:-XVT: :i'-\^t/.'i j^* 


\ .;, tlit Famous Comedy 


PUUfine »Dd Iim)cml T-'eiukr'CamUnr— our 

Th*ro to no man In mti^AovlII* vbo 
yota^da hfykmr. i« mor* r««pfetiid. of 
^ whoM word oat^lM uor* w«l 

tn « MttU villMCo Of MoUM. V 
mur eooM*. tli* vtllMr* >• lnv^d#d'1>]r 

tfao nmmrm. Maim^u brotiMr, mm- 

W cho kbniMiitodf- 

i» liha* k* WMI pdW itl 
rioMr* And mvo tb« tow*. To' f»vi 
jtooiOo of «)ti'to#B. «takr^'t»- 
^ tho broach oUatrMp' ol> tho 
prlne*. MorboA by a|t tbi 



Ht» HoMAir t»« L4«ut<nM«rao««rqor : »Nd( 
P^Nfl^ U(>«. Jobn Ot1*«r Mr*. 

tai 4it •< ^^akOM 

HI. It 

1 - 

i^;? %f>'' 'V-.,.; r cr-i; 

^•C l« ttrla 7tMM« Am*rteaa 



hi ■'HI I ■mi ^'rptmu--^^ 

ttaa wpr. : Tba ^ntlni r«cal|rta ; froi 
4 ot tllaaa bxa bMilr detota 

to v»rloa« war ftinda. 

Ci iiw y Id «B» of tho b«r* ksowQ 
MbHHltf 1» -^UmM0«. AM/ Id TMt, 
thoousbdut tho wvrld. Mi» foomaim- 
bar od tho M omphl^.' To—., Botory 
CBub. f» oB^oMtioa uRKS^WilHii 
UW Mith — tr tho oovatry «• 101* 

▼Mad oBtortotamont for tt.MO 

poor,' ortyplod aad nrphanad eh(|8r«nj 
dUHaf tl^^Yoat: throa yaara. 

H» Iv «L 'Mtoatmi a 'Mutaor, and on 

dLFBMwnp* iWUi to tha iunirlai of 

Royal yfetorta jnaatrt 
tima today.| th4 
oldont* of tha'"pl8:y la aaM, to ba a 
flsM ^a t waan on Amaiiaaii ' kUStai 
a Whdl* tribo of JUrlaaiM. Hi* 
banter aaoai»«o ttoath' by a ruaa. laa'r* 
thy; kfi pt|«nita^ eonvliMOd' J»o haa 
b^q KfUod. Ha. wand«rB thaa t»r MIO 

V :£^iaoi 

_ Of tho Orot 

to^th^r coddL' HO a««ldf , 4^^ 


Graceful dancing is thft 
Spccialtv of our §tudi^. 

^^imng a degree of ^«c- 

• toiiixnon. 
^Private Imtructtoa Only. 

^Tht %r«ilai{ary ic« creiMp 
pdiil<>r toyf^ die atiiV)- 
.111^ le«tur<>9 of thic bis* 
<^t>ar«^. )(^6m«« toni^t— • 
at 8:30 or .after tUf 0mw 

oarty ohaa^ 

bOSW. '■■ 

Mra. Cn— J waa tho'ffe«( wonan to^ 
croaa a doath^lnfaotod oaa aSid 'for 
vavaa and a half oMintha bNtvo 
daairard of tha vory' ttMit IIboo 
< «•»]»'' ifeto wailuio-. 'to 'that' htf, 
r mmr mtkm wmmr'^n 

dtfMraai dfvMow^ and ilafafly 
titiod ito -mmg tlM toalrate'^l 

dlTlalona. ^■^ 1 

pctmaoN t(«kt' ia'^ 
mm - m " 

••aJuj? U-;"' 

nf InMil i tlMMr%-<%i«f< <^n4«*VM»«'>4l 
KaowtoddT* -IlilHiMtlr! f a""%iNMtV tliih.' 
war* ' thltitrln*'' #MH' tk«iy^'«mteHdB 
bddutlfttf Xavhtyi WillM«lli> ielMMrik^^ t%a 
rutaVof twtf'hMbi aitd«\thaft, Mdw 'buWi 
te»in<F<Ciiitlhlli4| knUtm^^Xit^ imA 

, m«m ^imm"*ifitf' wiv^^ijiHtPa 

!^o% ihduld *»• tbia j|itiiirt4A. ae^Ha 
tho actaaa. Mor >»xAa 1* Holfr- 
jirobd? w^lra.ha^ t>l«t'utr«o ara iMiad*^ 

potllat YP .tbA poota to , whMi ha. id 
; bp^Dd and tbaroq>ftor. «atU tt^ tlrad 
iiik ea«ki)o/ foUi»wlng; a 4«hi ia 
irbleh ha ovMrtWflMI tha atatua of an 

P . Moffo MQ»lo vMtod th4| 

««w bofUra. Tho tmad poMey od 
KUMO,^ Hoa*w«*/ «|»a manaconf. M 

A dftUwf ». wwrtH Of owiiiH 
idiiiHa—t dt l»f»»MniHhirv3r I 

enBcMctloa inrh mbsatrolay 

w w a aa <3mi> Soprano 

Second Qjrcidr— Tkart., April 29, 

? Hankft' of 

111 >■ , 

•it%L Iff I, 

1lk«rtbi< lr««t^ rteWfihm 
1i%"llf>udm dllpai<y 

,c<tt|iw(^. ^m^sim^M -nmmkM 

y^i,.^ :'^^'.}tr iHU ' loot. Itto 

fftrtuna in ffai^bdaf. l^ltH thd' a<d of 
Hia dkachf«r l^tM^acMu ayMO(n «tbat 
^1 tf^liMi whaaL Cta Ouba ; 

XBfittrAm '^MiiM^V-^^tna t>M maimiiia 1 
'(ft! tbo-^^aila^^b^ fan gl^pion of tba 

up <iy r:^ J^SS 1^ 

vfho tKro^ri x>a iflttiai pot und takfi 
«»**e!tx.a )o. Pk4«.".JIR» aF!fl^lik-JW» 
Apaaha dan and .haa ao roooUaattaa 
of har pfo^ 




■ ' ' ''Mil-'' ~»"c;f"^";- i'<! • 

jtM (Aamtitd 'Mow k fpoeUlhr ioiled for your 
yalarit li ^jijfai | |iimiO tiHtgyNF^nit. 

ft 1 

rhere tfaroui^oat 

1 1 

T7" ^ ^ r' > > 

> u AQkJ^E SftaAtjLr MirMDii^ i/^^ « 

... . - -^^j, 1. ^ 

■J* '..^^ %iy-v\V .,M--»^i; 4 


< I'M." . 

uca a»> 
Y«a1« o« 

;thtHia'ma4^ _ , , 

avlatlnn. ao h«i<i. tk^k "OaV«<>" nado! 
hmorM^ia chd r««4m of mjnotralay.-' 

elb dlwaya Mitlafaetloh aaif;i^tl4i#- 
>(>•% liou :rt':to. iiaa tha .ftetnoQa 
li. MlAMruka «h« «onfl«inda That 

l^ladi (ho t»arniiPnoa. Thtt acMn-i 

>»n«3l^ta«rj ia«vtB# -4or Baat.-^ith 

I^AMTJiaKS Theaa wbo-«ui 10 aao -Oa 

P»aW tbiv:i^ 

* 'Win }■ 

dta prta- 

illpAl' a«lNatioa^ 
4IMa.'vhidh ar»nm«1«nat r«a:u«t« avar 

•,alk« 1^ < i i uH l ittt <i i '^^(Myktpa 

l«at M*. with inuia 'IfjjH^ .aad.. aballa 
tMMnitinV in t^ laa. It t^ fuaii V vtyjid 
.^iMla' o^'raaM*. jt^* , ttiW;;^a«6aUa ia 
W^-ttf' Yb^ai foCtlir 'MaaV that 

aoir^^a. fn ^«di«pi^aaiiyt.,.«ipa .«nUr.<- 
It pfo^^aaipa for. tkio waok. , •, 


»■ ■ t;T *w*in 



tta> Paray Hut 


' i tt^uiuln^ probatlonar latior for lova or 
* ■^ior . Thla waa lha aub ja«^ of tha 


TIm! Graat .Br^ak 

aaa. . far<< ihor.<t||et. 
praaaura op tha Unte !»• dOflfdad up« 
bn.. kha r a a n ir >an a taar »maaaocr bat 
loaea all - raobUaatioa «f /iMMiiMkr^ 
amrld lMa. Ska fOfjiaUi "nM^mkC," 
wttfi whoM aha had baan ia«- io<ra. 
«Vlla MdW- ■•woaiMr'. ' foMowa hkl' th 
MfFaiktMdi ani) tpothma Oa OtOaa 
f%m' a««fB^/att«dltfiyrL^ai;' t&6Ya.'ro^ 


F,R;G.p., P.A.G.O. 


a BQAraMi 

ha loWwifh ^ohn JKtKdkn. an Amari- 

i^kar^ aMr »' 
alidAJhala atffy;>.-<M^aaia 

a* at ttrfipri^ "i,.-!- 'ira .41* 


p.ife. - Tfcketi 50..Cents and 25 CfcttU 

N ^ ^ -r*' ' . , , , , . 

Are u»vlta<l t6 
Of tti» Arm 

l<^n In 

U- . O 


■ 1% thla /Wdlkl '^•W 


MtlwaMlk of* tiMraaaad aalarloa 
pvobaitoaars would hava a tanv' 
ladr to dacraaaa tha diactpttna and 
Vlanay aacurod- through tha ap- 
>lntmant of nunMa for 


*nant of nunMa for trV>lk» whp ilri ^-^ Sut S«)« Monday. 10 ».m. 
Tolunt^rod from a MdS^ ^ f f "^'^ ' fi%«. 

M nfcera Hieatre 

YVESOAY, MAY 4, tt30 

Ptadadlbc W Vat urn to Vfetbrta 
waa tIM' iM|ftid4k>a thkt Uik &f aedbn 
alia fMmr. thk iirtMr ^kMki 
hi««'' lair'-taAikt 'aSk ' 

la raoltal haro dwrtn« hor Tlalt ln!^'a^ 
hMiF^Me ^S»^Mtkt&^^ la 

Si£aH «rtlE?ft«£!r-t4^!S^'^J£ 
tra m THltfidky; Wiy W; »'hd whlli 
ahk haa alwaya la 'tha piM b«a«| Mil 
t« attt^MS' tkTffa aV^fdricafl tf ' Wi 
Mflatoha'dohfllbllon' that' on thilf flti. 
iMMoh thaii% WW "ba aa »HihrHal»> 

Ir^MirriMMdir ad iftfaivor hai 

#IHnf ' tka' p(^ imEhI. «i% ^feS 

MoMp ikia''^ VIdklf ' th^ 

ll|M>ilA. W>«Mtfftoa')<r 

MfvH thda oka Vaeltltl. "^ar pyinHpail 
ttbplkraiaia bkli^ At Aaoflaa UatL 
^Tibri^y aka %oaP tba 'tha 
Mtf 44tiaa;r '^ho unaiiMiouk' M 

thotr raaoraitlon «r 'Ik«r1r#4at 

- a> p i aa a^ ^a Ik-*?* 


tbr %> o 4m m »» t . - f AkOidma. waa 

.FAItlf . AprU Qanena von 

'**MP| — « - ---- 


" rnvBda tor waak— Not -1 Cbi 
wMtc^lpaiMdo at -Mnr 9ti»^ HMHi 
■traat. aa undar: - 

ii>»ia^T. Ai*ru n.^mii^s/m' 

Italia ^win iM In' eharga 'xM Capt. 
C. f. B. Cowan, M.C. AH otnoara. 
N^bO.'k'MM man ara raquaatad':CDr t>a 
ptiiMf t-anUBiid*.paaada. . < .n.'"> 

■ •».•►. -" J.; M.' 
■ Caplato'A*^- 

aafatt. Of . 


ra. A^alnat thla oontaatlan, Dfk/Anll 
Rothwull of Itontna. wM itrdi^^ ^ 
la eaTor of paylnc tha probatkmara a 
livtnc woica. aonaldorinf tha aoat of 
ft^iM " >*wi i ay«a> Mkt^y^'^id ti^ 

f M{. Itardia. of i^athbrldaa, who la 
Attapdi^Sjliiateonfaranoa aa ah&lrnian 
Df tKa O&R Hoapital Board, waa of 
tha opinion that , tha lyi^nf 

H^HahUdOfl&t lUflftiii,.,.. 

wara pAld la tHk^kikJortty o| Wa«arn 

tHutmnt ii Mil 
tha Daa Mo&oa Oaa Ooklt^''ter»y 

ipropriaiV^a maa<a- 
Tha Ubuaa flzad 

8BUi.Ht«; 'AWT^«^«E»i'lii ura waa/tkkaa 


71a, •lUlOb *l.50 

^^^^^ ' "^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B 



Ytkv ia^mad throucki Jmt 
aoatetad rraaa diapMahaa ^akaV, "Wrnkt 
na. Al b a a M i k a a boon o oaa p lad by 

bat tbia eould no^ l>o. «<3^^4pit^.^o< 

•Comha havo- boan. found - In tha 

\ IpNiMdt lar ETcrykoAjr 

Sand for 

flkMM St 




«y — B>a> u— , 


ichard HitH & Son$ 

[fftff; Sfgf^^ Jg'sgf VL^, „ 

^ ^^^^ * i» R * ' ^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ 



^ 4W rwm wtth 300 aoMtrtln bthufi. 

4c aai 71*4 ftilMiill.iln 

TOROIITO. .April tt^-^ 'liiijpiptliL 

traoatera, aom* of 
CK T. M0|bii«i«, .^ffitt^ BrNiih Oo. 

tumbte oonjBi: 

. -. ^> 


^ „ confix ^ ^ . 

wmM^, lii^'q.r 

thaa th« taUffMt 
than th* taxM 
city pro- 

rlni^lNrobf-*-4l)ia wftola town mi«lit 
Imra, tMit yoar lU* Utauraaaa would 
atiat'''b«' avfC" . 

I, jqaoi^ wrwl — Aa ^pay aa you i>«y 

i>yr wii it i i S p j i 

III liiiiTlJrtiilf 

11. W* alUcutor or lulmbiiM^aiiinr la 
raqulrad ^rtvtn tHa poUof la: p%i«.l»U 
to an ladlfMtial aa |NM#frill*ffi Voa 
Hf your 9iw'a«aea|flNr». itq|w>otni *d' 

XI. No%pf s||«olr«4 for 
poUa^H 1 
•eipft of 44 

12. No ooturt 
for* oo eourt eoata. ■ r 

II. ^ltd^^1awy«r to eooaalt or PftT-^ 

rod t^^T^r ,"xr""-i*r 

4 m 

aat aalda. 


W llf^ iuiit;a<>ini< 

vfak, tiif'-NaU«Baf iMat C6^' asMO'^ 
MrS'of t|i« '«|Utia; jpf .tl»0 ]«ta IL-X. 
BmnifoiM;; ud C. 8. Maal^aa. as- 
•eiAiHR or tha of tli» l^to Dop- 

*ii MifBiftnflii^ ; ' . : ' ' ' 

l^bfiuMSbt Mtii to raeorar 

^iWiof fi.- 


■ I ' M li ii 1 1 1.,!!. ' , ■ , . I ' » -■ 
Mle.M»"-?T .?T — '^"] ":>:,•>, viT" Tr.r«'^ . ;~ 

[ Jdt|ifSQn ^ WSfis, Ltd. 


Oraat» Wm VtMrj 

' VAKtoCnVU. April ST. — SanU 

flap4N-Ultlo»- By tfta Da- 

' pAttBlMiK of l»nailKiktla«. «4« cMarad 
. b7 th% i^ourt of Appaal trWkky to ba 

, r«leHM4 froai aiaalo^ty. Tha ImailKra- ! to \f appolntfd eainp&lm 

• tlon ~ " - - - . ... - 

and ntHrliMT In IndU for tour or (IVa I in« on- Thuraday nl^M* 
^yaara. %iU» Uv»<j in '"ana«l^ •<JR,«i^-„.^ " 


;0Mr ^' ■itA' 
AiSaalMi ttel, iiv "aab- 
Sa••li^ «^uMar <(ilalMS'^r«il|-: , 
.j^*^ fcort Jiihrir iiiraatlaa/^ ti)« . 
».# tf »»i.»Mli* fc • *lfi^f/t.m''mA^ tha oar- 

r.^ i,T! I r«rth(K »ll««»4 Htat tha itfaOMfaUito 

t Jfi ♦>!! I K*"^*-^*^**^ aaalattttc M»f|tMi«ia««|Ul 

I Of tn* L-ti,-^^ » ^> 1 ^ tsj-i^ la 

to h*v« ioiH 
tha laMTWH 

» J «u^a««on;/ l|»,gclahi»a<l to 
TO 4^na^^ f tM^»'«* ftlSitt •€ t] 

' h\\em » t^^Kllh^ MO oiA 

t »iio^ M taif::.3U|i»rf*u»f.^: 

iie reasG»s 

•4n aootner, ipriAct in 

ed ID one pltiSBf tcTBWl 
t tiifai»w» flrnrtt fioaUy a»- 

frohlMtUMT- the i; 
|Mt«.4D«ti: " 

nt mm^ i 1 Hill u tMvm «^ h«a 

•MXtr, M 


an4ta Hi ^Bt ■ fakt»r 

Am* It 




K»W TdWML Aprft W. — U 

< <t «w 4ai.«> tm \mm ffmiufimm 

II not lir-^ •l»»'ot Uiaai Irat to tha 
way th«y-;lii^> i«i«iitt Kana«ara mn 

HutlAM >■ aMJiatnr that tha 
«Cla ^r> o j |pi|iii V itt>>».lf»^iK ao»Aa«t. 
tt^«,^t«anaat «^mi*itn. It hra te 

h#i iflrttla't<> apW. Ail a^a k^H^ 

. '-1 rir ri. .-"ill 

WASiAAw; April tt^^mptip^ 

l > i a i»t i lra > * »att»a«d pol*t, HMli.^M|i» 
urn, ««ftltAl of 4P<a«j»llk > >^ ^ft. 

auah lat«i 

•ata t<m w^am H la baltw apanU 
VO«ai#' ^oftaamM-' in ' lM«»iln« «am< 
»al^» aliMi.' al»a>«ild ba a o aarn ad tn 
V^mt^m:- ^ Af -'tW raaar atb : wUtm 
aMuMian .4*.;ti«t i<wmtah- tAait avar* 


Mr «U<daa«r>of MMfe»« 
44~iMr«aan :of tM-vrorliwaa^^ 


fe« Wfi'iui^i ara naada'ln 
*Mna naa<ial>ad bachalora 
boaat tbalr lMtantia»«^«f wAltlny Mil 

Vol portloM at thfu. Baham «ai^ 

.t .1. 

» I" I' M ' t ' . 

«m Jie l^est in die 

U mi l l II l i.i - m 

artmlnaJ anavafcy 



3 --f 

P ".ft 

1^ •« 



■•al Sevllla ■ 


Meeiing Siys tliere Itwirr 
slon Smaller Than AtoiTH- 

!' -ii ■«>:■ ff.: ft iij* X 

Uitory ff tM lirMNai* f( 
f rcMiit^ ««diy at tM 
Marten ot tli« faniNMU ' girtliBila# ;M 

1>r. InrtacZMOBMMr. oC^UUi CMMU 

tf a AMT •oBe«n{M| of •nenty* ^cwIb. 

■Clierit prop«rttM of m^tm, '^ "m. 
Lanvmulr aMMrt«d that '1bc«c« .aj|M 


better to play stfe fit»iQ tl|e sttri and use matches 
which Vifi p6t $f d(t(ii>'f ^7 I^I^s U^. ^ ( 

Ddfi|)iirion MbMws — Made of soft white pine, 
both Sftfety and tidyaesf; . • % * * 

blalk cat 


— ' ' f j ^/ 1 


It .Mwr' oeeu^lraA to yon that 
must M multltudM ot cold, dark 
In space (or evttry pin-point of 
■^^liight In the n ight i ilty? Evidence 
W gfaduaTTy acCumulkUnf^o prove 
tlltot this l8 so. 

lS|pposc there exlatad on Mars a 
b4ia» gifted ^Ith the atranve power 

nrabk QB AaHli. At any Moment he 
«ad BO dotti so* thovMods of tliiy 
titles dotted all over the vMble' sur- 
face of our globe. For.^very <vif .of 
these there wou)d^ -)»e Ihoiuandf loif 
bfrftt matches,* fci «fMl|on|HriMlK 
s«^da etill unstmck. ^ 

A match may exls^fMMuiandeflnlte 
period before the «dbMll«a|[ •mwuf 
In its head Is transformed by coliisior 
Ol lHetlon into a,llftikOr o( liaht and 
▲Bd It b«ii, #Iy fliTiii 

: VArfli^ severe nebdliie'i^ft dlallnftt- 
8<4n' to flt^ lofto ^ so#t^ of dark 
jTramlng, silhouetted by the starry 
^Ky. . ^yen Intthh midst of the mighty 

There ie one siiiral nebula whlali 
heaM Mlimlarlr f r««aiil^e,i tMll- 
mpHjr ti» ibl tru A ^f "<ar| ain" 
theory, seen edgeways In Tne giainl 

telescope at Mount Wilson^ .Cali- 
fornia, It ezhlbltis a dark lorrotnid' 
Ing band, not unlike the i' crepe rings" 

of the planet Saturn. ' ^ 

A 8 the object If Inconceivably re- 
mote and undoubtedly on a scale 
many millions of times greater that 
the Saturnlan airstem. It Is not on* 
reasonable to believe that the darl 
band Is la .reklltjr a whirling celee- 

ig The^iOndon T>s,lly -MalL ' 

Aaotber; e|ti^ at fliiaiiillM^ 
SARAOOSSA, Spain,- April 27.— A 

bars of the local radical committee 
Who are said to MT'f^ponslble^for 

lal fracOon of tltii time It haa 
eoM and dormant. ' 

ia with the stars. They are 
lit of friction or collision be- 
t^qfta pairs of bodies whose mechani- 
cal #nargy of motion was transformed, 
a^ns ago into the radiant energy of 

!*5LlK*L*!!.t^ '""f "•S! made by the manageqient 

perloff dVfDfi 
wbloh .tho';tt9o .<»M>aBi, lMMU«ii,^v«nMW 
domuuit and cold. 

.'P r tiii h g tUlg theo«r to its togica] 
con o i — la h . « attronomerg believe thai 
there are untold myriads of dark start 
scattered I throughout space — burnt- 
out ashes of dead suns. In the rusk 
of those massive objeots through th 
void tHora an^ Uoo: tMg^voMlbiiity of 
eoUliiott ai»d .,tl|B • jre^eneraUpa rof 

* tJs^i Jor, the 


«eption of th«*r«latlTo ordofr of 
^mpotionth .of. Miaiil^igir ' 
gtoms, elcctreitpi^ m/AinioSm and 
tides. Hln . observatlfna add a 04iw 
dlvUlon smafter fxen ,(lviMi Hlf atom. 

positive and negative, present evety- 
where, moving In all directions wlih 
the velocity of'Ught. a^ capable >Of 

fpMlili% thrpocfi tiAtter. THafVeoii. 
stltate, h\ iAiMA, Irluki Was'hdrefh- 
({1^ known tJ^th* "ethor of spac*.'^ 

: andfeaooa ^^L^,A|wnMig9a.,of 
light. e1eetH<elt|*,7mMi ooOrgy. 

"The structure of everything that 
is" can b^ 'built up eu^ of %lp' con- 
teptfoB of ^the.quaat^l/ X>r. Xjapgasair 
said: The -thodry aapiihis ill lof tfce 
mysterious rOlattoBshlys 
known to-a 
he asserted, prodfechfff tt wmM load 
to the . dlaeraaty of aa«B7 mw rola- 
tlonsMpe. ' - • .— " , 

Much interest 'was maatfested iln 
Dr. R. H. Ooddard's eUtberatloh ■ of 
his theory eonoeming the no* of 
multiple cKnrgo, high edMaaiey rook- 
ets la esplorlBC the air and Its a^ 
plleatlon to woMhe^ 

Now'CaplUI for MenAanta Bank 

IfONTRBAL, Apm aii^iMjBBoiince- 


en In many parts oi 

oted,^o e;^ 

patches to be seen In ihany parts '6* 
the sky. (j^equi^ntly, against the mo*t 
brl)Iiant, star-studded "bdckg^ounds 
They are ivtdontiy masses of. n|^n, 
line of sight 

be made to \he extent of 12,100,000 
which will bring the stock of the 
bank up to> $10, 500,000. This new 
stock- will be Issued to shareholders 
at the rate 0M16* k share. 

. J • * ' ■ ■ — '»0 ♦ ' ■ ■ J ■ « 

Strike at Maisufliug • 

MAR8Emt.E8. April 27.— A genaf^- ?»**^7^!' 

al stHk« of melal workers wai <Bklled 
today>>'-rBiftp1o]«'e8 in the naVii) build* 
tats 1«i«re'afreoted. ' « 

• Nbw Torti 'V>ii*'«te • * o'*" 
''N*iw YORK, April* "27.— icJr saTea 
It the ' annual* 0prlng auction, which 
closed 'todayi at^proxlmated l«,00ll),- 
000, It was anhduticed. Beavtr peRs 
featured thrf final tranmiptrons. ''With 
saieb from' $*.#0^ W ' fU ' 
material Interpd^ tlh "Wif 1 U^reaves bertriliA»«Jr<Vper^3 

msm TKOllBLES 



Ar« HmAfKtmefi DiM 
—» - - - - -» • 
:WgMg]r onoa 

Do not think th^.t, because, your 
stoBMMh Is easlljr upset^you^are the 

of the most common predisposing 

Suses^of IndlgggliMl^lii anaemia. on> 
In. ill»titt|»:M^ i|i ta^ir iiag^ 
come generally weogfllaed tnat 

and gtom« 

aoh |nMPMP>^)*<i>t&^*^°'* art 
a blood hiillder and nofY«^^o«ile, The 
rich, red blood they make not only 
itDparto » healthy j^lgesilon. b^jt* caf- 
rtes eolor to the eneeke and Hps' and 
gfcrea vigor to thi^ muscles. One Im- 
portant Mist to, remembei* lb that 
Dr. Wllllbn^ Plik PUle eonAln no 

merely 'gnilate! for a time 

you begin Worrying j|inneceisartiy 
about yo^r sUtej of hoAlth, try the 
tonio treatment Dr. Williams Pink 
pnis. You will be surprIsM to see 
how rapidly >our ^Upetltd OftuhM aa4 

■' ■ I . Ill I . . 1 I.I np i, III I 1 . ^ 

declared, It would bo _ 
Ject meteorologleal 'taati^BMnta a 
Uttle over six dKI«|k attf' raeord pres- 
sure. temperafii»«l|[;taM[ vol 
moisture content for'i^rodM 
face weather eondltlona. 

A number of 
rockets, taken 

ts, would* makoi flgjitble 'the Vf^ 


The Henry Draper gold medal 
awarded to Alfred Fowler of the Im- 
perial College, Bngfand, for 



* 'VtL cigtRfttes as fai anytlKng 
l itiiiid for r^Jtrsmoke satitff fiction 
:bl94 V>^^ip«^fesk_«|^ jnsiy.'price't 

>'4 i 



dor. lB i> be b pl f 4^' tlia..i a ai m— i m wmm i m» 
night. Announeemeat was MMW Off 
the awaM ttf ftefbeft ROoVePof tiM 
Academy modal jfor emmieBoa"ki I0ie 
applloyt^n of ■«fance tOn the r phbUO 

Selfare. ^ letter of ,thj^Blig «««»,<ir: 
oover w as yead.^^^ 7 ^ - - . . 

' .' •>'< % IX.. 



.-v.. « ' k! -.1 *-«<Kw %A a.' 

yoiif, i^ol««^h4ltalpdi^»^^,pt^ra4 

irtvo*. a*»(lM neiw; rMK»bWM> oo«rses 
tbro«gh poiH>b(>dy»i >lll»e Is^ha stMo* 
mMti<« otaoipMMlta amdrfg thouaands 
who have uwW llr.- WilHams Plan 
Pills to their own great advantage 
1H».'»A» Venlelr ltdiAfoHl.. !«.«..■ saVs: 
"Poriabout two 'years I waa<*a^«itet 
suDtoror froaundlgMttoa. wMIMi»aeMN<: 
ed to earry.^|HtV »»a aofaipllbrfttm « Of 
tSmL^T'^SS*' ■**nr'ihoal I took 
.b«Mw«g^^liU.4»««ilaM9^ was 
followed by p«ln. and sometimes nau- 
"^JW"***"' Alpother times gas 
would ffarm' In the Stwlach to^.uch • 

**e*ted that 

toring for sevetal montTia with no 
foraH 'beyond ^slight tempo#ar# rcll«$, 
-when 1 was 'advised by a^ friend to 
try Dr. Williams PJnk Pllta. i a.. 

hMr.^diMn boM. O004 results soon 

^?w**Jl5r' traotment. 
and the fBrthar eontlBved use of the 
Pllto have ■mdo me a well woman. 
I caa Cheerfully reeommend Dr Wll- 
Tfcnb i Pliik Pins to similar sbffisi^'^' 
Tou can proeur« Dr. Williams Pink 
PIIU through any dealer In medicine 
<» will be sent you my iBalt at 
50 cen<a a boii or six boxe« iorJl 60 


Addriswig en 

by Hon. O. D. JloWort a on. MlBbrtOfr *f 
Labor. -Tom M pora.. prestdonV-od-'tka; 
Trades and lAbor Congrees. J. 
Merrlc)K, ^representing the Canadians 
manufa^tikrerB Muid tfte empk^fs^ 
is64atSort« a.x\9tV.\M Aklafid, Dpputy^ 
:^late^ of LaH^^ ■ ■' ' 

Labor were 



A^lrin at All wfthout^he "fii^ Cm 

ous to 

of ' 


affeeted by ft bd 


oC p«B9is to %i 

sought i 

present one. . , 
If labor leglslatlott 
men could be whlppdd into 
ret^onably aceeptable. to 

ahei^ .i|Bd dp y 
aad'fhM^dh 0ie 

vla^l or 

pate* hi M 
Ua ttdlt^ ihdw 

Daa^d VorM PiMdti.. Ofai«l Via»d». 
eontlBaet. to ^epibk ^ ^#ar prepded- 

A the aoH 
leader la Anai 
Meahttane. the MsilottllptkoaBMpi 

/ ' MHNarf*' Vlslerj H IB 

ttolia. S 

Mlp TUlola JifJIilK 

la ito Brtiifciii "Msydr^lalM 





8Pe -^?/> t*.i <i ' 1 

The ii/eolal Ullitary Mission, under 

**»^»«pl«M.f««>t »>y 

<<*f ^'i*"*'* V dls<MJver4^»e 
fale^pf .ro l ss ^ g f^lera,, haa Ttelled.; 
Mcdpg a«rpiMrslbl«ievwjfM|sCa«artietw< 
tm— l»iuiy rehgen ea^ bMMWp*laf«ir> 

liatlonilsl obtainable ' r 

"'The'hlhAbflifhU of 4lveiV village and 
rirat.i iouMde^ the .divast&lod arei 
where Brlttsh have fallen, are.beiifl 
qtieetionod'. and haVe helped the Mis- 
sion by^ f imlehtalg ^: g %iso (whloh have 
f^uei||tly led ^to Uie dlsoorery of ,|he 

. "^Wiiere 'detAVvnnmViMlM <ft thl^ 

lit to Si 


jr«IM|iVbacl( trouble isdloat 
oebd kidneys. 

tepiTneiie^i the 11^ ^irntptoiM. , 

■hirrfbi feM<lM«. 

'Plllo saWrt a won-' 
>■«■ /thP' dieenMH) tls- 
Ttiey unM 
gH«' tttAllty aa« toae, p#p 
» ietr> tba kidiiinyi ^^g^ 
a o'livjrnW (he Mdttlik t - 

>• fialii « agftduto 

l|a., Nate oarsfally 

lidentUtaaUoB -of tlM«ai|hsi' or hi 
of the! Oonnan hogpiufrln "iHbi 
"unknown British soldier" dled.^ 
Influirfes are then made in Oermany,t 
and fi^uently result in definite ih-^ 
formdUon of identity being obtained, 
I ^eoompaa. «d, . says a repre >q«ita^ 
tlya df The Lendoa Dally MaM, thd 
ehlofidf tae Mission OB one of Um 
pedHldka to Halrago, wharf '4NM|# 
Adeh^ LHindWond had^aMUbr 
made I many taiqi^rles In eonnoetlea' 
wH^>bme 110 "unknow«4Brttlati ^IH 
Idlers" 'buried In the Ocmian militant 
cemeMry. She had leamed»«, that 
these men were killed in the flntlni 
near Mons at the beginning of toe iMkr 
and were originally burled where tfiwy 
fell In isolated graves . 
thro u gh U B l Jtha neighboring 
They were re«b«rled by the OerMhas 
In l»lt. . . ^ 

A 'young Efitlglaa* wA« had tfelJUF 
the Oermans k6 remove 'the bo^ieo 
the eametery was able to Indlogte "^^ 
sites of the ortelnal ,gi»vae la 
neighboring VilUiges. * la\ many 
tho-^Wellers Ih the 001 
to pi^oduce p a y t od lw aad ^1 
that may lea^ to IdoptUlsanaiii ' 

One produoed • a ^pepkplie, ( bellet^pdi 
to be thf property of a mmslng mad' 
.marked with the name "WllHams" of 
the 2nd K.O.8.B. The local baker . 
a woman trundling <a Murrow pW ia 
high wtth roand flat' loaves; said siM 
psssssdsd a phot j j r api i if vcaia iittis, 
WlktV^ gitla.|Tiylr ibt| ig|||h»j^iBNfs 
n Ims^oIm dapiasdspe so jSBS>|i4|bd* vi 

A:lfe— i^iiiiBi ^mn 
btarMKa tobaoeo boa fHll^ 
Isiflpi ^ Britlah soldlem 1$« 
fsrMliataly, alie ooaMKMi 

It^aiU be readlli^.u 
mueh' of this kmg gait 
leads Oaly to B«gatl^ ' 
knowwdge that 
beoa jpado by 
aad gg aUnutely 
M tt^«Mild be. 

iiad' iMiiii two sMloB 
trucks :«iar^B^elghty|«lx eases of rye 

whlfky this morning; 'the poMoe state 
that yOneyef the nmst daring railway 
ro&berte^ that ^>aa a a earred for seihe 
;.ttme f was ';'uniiiiMyiia. » M - bstng • aUsgoi 
by; n» ^officials- that these eases, wtth 
stolen ffsea a 



.reauiied' b .the arrdst of 
..whoils [alleiM to haire 
wUhj thii <mft freai Om' ear. Af 
Mti ^h^ ifaa wMbi. Andrew! a«' tiio"* 
«laie Vtho tl4«or waa seised. ^ sseapsd 
the ear ^ fle4^ iato the dartc- 

viairtf A. Akii>.r-om<»> m. p. 

rp ayJ -tw g aWtha bow foreign m- 
meree dpmsslaslon here, rstamed to 
ATMinnanodair wlth^OthaiAmsinbefs of 
•Ills pariy frdia a flnaaelal survey of 
floh*»h>la. The Americans will depart 
for Iti^y tomorrow. 





I )m.w aniy tW4) Am- 
is tp BMiiit an 

JttU J i t iil il g i | Hi V J ' j,/ ' H ' J » 

Ai ' f' ' r. ' ri!rjii 

i t^ ^ •▼idsnthr tlMocht;,l|ia$ X 

upon ut'fon Sunday J«M lyl^ont 


bally air wvftod In 
fc«4r»om window .1 
b«d ud hnrrtodly 
»b«. I f • 

tlM t*tt«^JgjJM^taj 

'ip^ora; all Hlvlbty 
irlnar th« proMnt "diil 
lent, but not what I 
!io naareat approach I 

>dy else woold alM Iwro 

^t napplns. 

• • • • • 

Imagine how eac«rty 1 
a » < nji »loa pamdo on 

,.wid m i owMmA 9» 

cri«4 If ^«ay hoart. "Tomorrow X 
wlU H>« liirly an* ,iM|/.«5(p ^ ^ 
atorM op«i| at 10 e'a)oA i mm «»^r 
and bfiy^o'm flnt 
of tb« M'aaon, and «o I 

I>ouslMr«MMlJ Iro^ 

to IfWM 4^ 1ii*o a oldowalk would bo 


raoltf ttttWMHarc >»<■ ^ MMoW^lk !■ 
^ot noodod thord,. ^tuittt^m^mmkmm 

It woold bo pooMWo to plant miiiHL I 

tloo of broom all alon* It; mffW 

Ox Bfviiud 

Vi^\V iM t:^^ ^tVi^ >fkn A dooo 

L«t mo five you f (ruo otory of 
Itt* 11} W«Mj||dK Ttotmrto ftarelo. 

on ' Wo 
ho had « 

yoars and yoaso «wi< 
night hajro tMt ooodK «Ci' 
tho Bvmmor laahlon. 

V: By 'thf HW, ^JjjJJJ 

M5d. ■ W-: oid^iM^' > vL .-uMr .i»t'^"?f 

•he »nd to 44*cff«il? r«!*^o no«' hnViB to 

;(a«e baAmsi^i'Ltttd 
inovera«nt« ana U>o^ 
whon olio 
CtHurd trevld 
Juat as cho Ursa 
my **Hurry up, 
old lady;? ^ woh-e off," and woold 
bundle h# iatto^the carrlaso a«atA 
from th« ^lAck. And so she wont 
round aii<^jrniiOd the Circle, alwaya 
•ndoavorps «ot out at hor station 
pnahod back into 
I ^gpin to make another 
VLoiOBd hath It that 
;j^ndoavo|tMr. jMk^^^Mibt. 
when the J|W i | il » illod ^Oif^tf^ 
Is the aaiiftSfilth mo MdWMlilrilKt 
Baeh yearf 'iMi>| tore»««Ued. a»d otmli 
.Bprlnc X allH^ ^ifMn with ea«r«r ant 
ttalpatloa. oniy to b«t foilad. by mvBo^ 

Rooontly ^ youi«k^ dArt. >rtmperon«d 
by a Crlond of the fkmlly, a H et>de d . 

^ift» mnopoeod. and thOifiiih the IhH 
lOMw pm rtlm i M y natliittd dC tB»«<|rtlio 
•^ .oomwiNd 40 '-ialKd.jii^^itpii^H» 

at the oloae of tho ofdateff. her hoet 

4a|«rm^ xtm^-m^ imA ^ ^ 

Howerer. ehe firea a .«^blf 
and. IhatMd <yf pid'wtilnir h^r |ew«ls 
or doinr anything equally foolish, 

•ho want atjmte^ to her mm jm. 

)»fr return hmSo ap^^ld htm F%»> 
luid Jiaj^poiiia. iMI»»r . w*a Mtnr- 
«W>-oom^«^l «|MfMii(»' ftmfc M-j^or' 
ftti «Ru«|ioit ii»afrHkimtl». i[«,itlMi^ 

■ ^^^•tbir'^arf|f;•'^«^ 
•diiMiiiMM- "«Adil»-SH ''';4£^iBdb^< 

*ftnaaJS^*WByr^^^^ ■ 

change oamo - fiNiiick all rlfht.-^nice 

ifHlfeS^!*^ , . 

ff •Ye^/ Are A 

I* - • 


[IM oolr »<ieiaw. it ««| «^ Vm taMM M Hw MOM taodn*' 

M that CCM parts pairthi ia 

. ; Sard ffu 

1 But b«fa^ your 
dkin^ workmaAaUi^ 
into its maufaetiite. 

With y^ly^^^SSmS^ iSyi'uiSn ' pi n i ml Mi B ll lngy fwr«aiBing and inish- 

• ' , vr~:^.ir T ■ -r^r^^^' '-1 i*^- wloas parts of a bicjdc , 

-V i oeki»gf tiff ffwom Qrt^lgr 1»< *iS» 

Clipper %0 fVfUD^ insp|ctijap faugesl^ maafii^f and 

[Th«e I. i»p to t]>« ftaSM j|>H6ji»f^ 

4riv« }mx4' ,9 fiQ9i pofhi^a IM ill* 

■ ■ ■., i 

^If you 1!^^^^ 

jiant you wwUM wm.mmmm4^9i 

|p|pur C.C Ji. bicfck. 

; Tvamid fwQpi^ 

- Her* you ^ a li^^ iKMoith- 

funninf orfawiiatiMi. lUpiy W« mk- 
af in the CCM. factory lor ntm tan to 
it«nt]r yfacs. Ym.^ saa AM iImt aa- 
Ify tlialr^PBAHnay iaka prida h ^ 
Chanmfldy ar4 thar traiapi ii^ 
Ity-pcoduetSon that it would ha nast 
mposallAa n jnfitt^ibi^ifi^m mtkr 

nma at« UCl fM In • CCJL 
May^ Vaay of ^tiim are made to avear 
doaar UttHts than the tigaa fus^ on 
lahaaa. With soch walch-likf prsdfl^ 

cell. Utcf^ rans ia easily, ao 
jnmNii^, and ao ^etly? 

C anadian ^'9^mm '^ ^ ^"^llP 

See tl|f IMmpdalp 4Mlers*. 
j«a aouivpad with tha ||0ir JSFer- 

'^^IW WWWBa'^dlH(wiHPo 

- fv 



All tha tterld r^JMPtMi a AiMr 
la ma«o ii^U "^ P i W i M< «.N>||>|».-1> it that 
only imlt eU.^ifttiimrjU^ltaM^ m^ij 
i^hat It ta jwko mado 'to ho ehut 
romomber jKjf pxiMilprntAMi 'of "fPfil- 
ohoator. tflMn he waa Hoadmaater of 
Rapton, fAaolatlns the axiom that 
**to toaya^§. dOQr open te the marl^: 
OC • wi ■ ' ■ 

four orgilfljipKHiiin 


1^^* " 1^ ^JdaHnaTtam rep^tod bd«i( upon 
^^^SSk^^Sii^iii. by central councU del«cat««>' IkV: 

tmmediatflir ' ih«4 ^ 

plication and he earned 
a new nickname. Bat 
ttiaUy ria)^ ,^ ppUe* 
trait in humanity 
rMtaaraata. Thoro la 
^9 ftalM^t*^.^ ' Wii 
the eold wted to Mow 
legs or all tho -crthor 

uuns idieiTwlba ofi«i^^4^«f^MK.Jli9<^ 
than remomfboro that he wanti to 



In on 

Ijfoptly. bublUfflly. took the door 

rot jpa« aae 


pniyototlng graap ^d 


a^^tend Ihft^Sf' 

tWhdmrer yoa go la Canada 
fmswiU^ C.C Ifc- la w k a 
^ Loefc l» ttilt id» ' ; 



Comradea ot the Orriht Wkr, fron^'thM 
organlMltlon; Mr. Beaamont 
WW rwroaw^ l|!t BHM* 
or«' AlMo^tafkm, Mid Mr. H. J. Toqag 

tho Ar/9Y.%nd Vm.Yrtvwf-. , ' 
The O.W.V.A. mooting took pli 

gi the new club premtoea, K. of C 
ut, And the dleouadoii ' throogtionl 

do f od: tho notion of the 

ring;' or d| 

:r. Jaawa fiymnT prei^ini 
Metol Tradea OomMm. Who present at 
^tomaaUi^ apoke for a ^ 

•afaMBSdillt ladMeata, 
Thto BMoUng, <iir tft< 

llaatlon off 

Tloo brdaahfoff tla &a|K it.)«MiiL 

Tho Comradoe of the QfMt 'mM*''^ 
hdlV tMilr'ifiootlng at t]i» oanM 
,i as tho o.w.vut.- emr at thoir 

CanailM CjNd» & Co, Umitod 

Moalmal, Toronto WESttW.O^. Wiqd^ ViaMMH!«. 

liTHiit of «v«y 

-•'^■^.•^ 4( Miy' tjjifiif C-> • ^-r u: 


. . ^J^ ^t^ Agents for 

c.€.*t Cleveland ^cycles 



ViCtotl«'«: °^ii|g(9t O^let^ 

B^wcles, Spprtiilg Copds afld Tpys 

lll' l ll .l l 'H I I I M I* 

1'. ■ • 

tl9 Yates Street—Phone 817 


f- itii- ^tp» , , 

1^ A a^;^. te^^Wft #8 J^j: T/?«ll»f^^ Given 

of thd ProTtBofal lAbor Bureau' 
ola|mlng .to bo tha ropreaentathr* 
dKmaod - tho order-ln-oonaelC 

a ■■■ati III /gfo om»lo#mmi^ 
Ti«<fr «« this cdfltraat, ot^y onder 
pte^^nre conpeding ;!IUMtf rtg)»t of thV 
•nth«rl%d goldtor tedy, tho- 
t9 carrir oat tha nUttav at 

. <4.s,i0ldlerp in , 

flwl the manager of th« 

timt abo«t 

»<-h k«*I<>w tb«] pjr<»^mg%' ro* 

(lifliwd by tho -order la oeanoM and as 
bel»g dlaertmlnatod agMnot. 

A iMm lottor MS MM IHim tho 
Comradaa* mosctag .to tbo XMpartUMllr 

titMpMUtt ^ 


. hero. 

wxtgn^TSO. 4aii|p jt<r.<siv. 

dtOT: ' " 

Ion. ii, » -, i ■ - I 

M S at 




■ ■ 1 




Inqiortaiit Sale (tf 

XnaUiBQiM br tfe« 9«r»«r. w« will 

il1iiiiitdi(ar N«x|| 2 |MM« 

Bumwm pgiiitiA oitr urn- 

HoMM. fwfndM «Bd tttll pltimMBt: 
OARAOB, Stable. Ceaeh Hoom. 

• Chtek«n HooM and Run: STORB. 
ifxfi, Larv* a«rd«n. Lawb and 
Fl0W*r B«as. Liot U Tlzl74. Tknns 
oa thte'wi^ halt eMPb telaae* on 
KtiH^Mi y T POT MBt nua »la«* 
•■g_>f[fc iipiii»ad at^Mor dm* ap- 

B«ta4 Malfoiu of dlspofllng of all 
bli r«al aetata holdliiKB. "v^* are foUig 
t» oHar at tlia 

^ Ua41|rM»d half ahara'te M Jitfiii^, 
Am. Itl. Laka tMafcrtet Thii fi 
quite oloee to proapeot Lake. Owner 
haa the daady. Terms, one-^hlrd 

IM, l«s}M» Ml. P«rta«a Amnm 
<K«r MMmmh W. l»lf let 11. high 
mmt um^pmif roadpavai; 
teMphflir*. HfM aiii wtttar. Ownar 
. bM titla. Vrum, hitit eaah. 

Watarfrwit I^it. Owdova Bay, Tlx 
211. Thii la let 4.; block «, map 
mia. 'B«M IB ikwt and m% at 
Mok. /O^lMr Hm tliit;. TOTflMi half 

# Lot cloae to Shawnlsan lAke, I^t 
10. Blk. t, tub. of lota 2. 3, <. BIk. 
1». Shaw Bl ili ft f^-:jfi^9rtmn Lota, 
map IBtT, 


Aay further partlonlara at ^ffiljf 

<ab«Ta caa h« had tf^m^ 

ViY>TtV Pandora Ave 





duly lairtnifltad by Mr. Artlrar Lea4> 
bBUflr, who has removed Into his new 
pramlaea, Ittl Oevamuant Street, 
wm aall by Pabbc Auotlon, vlthout 
Mpaira, at hM aid etara, I4it Dead 


More Than One Hundred Men 
and Boys f^escued From 
Vessel About to. Sail from 
'Frisco to Afaska 

- - ' ' ■ ■ t 

MAX tBJOKOaPO. JkprU Sf.-^ 
Mere thda wia iHMdrad mea and 
pof^ PP««fiKiiad teiMMvby ;9Mba 
trvm a thNe-maatad barfcaatiaa 

iaa Prandaoo Bay, about to sail for 
AlaAa. aboard which the men said 
they had baei^ lured by promises of 
amployateat in northern oaanartam 
and had been compelled to ntniffk by 
ruarda anaed with rtypivaM. * 
Two OhhMM. whiUlk-mtf ttikk: Jm. 

voiTero ahevlt k^aT attempt to «^ 
cape from tke ahlp. were arroatad. 

The men said thay were unable, 
after boardina the veaael. to obtain 
sa t ta fac tery aaauranoea radardlnc 
their employoMnt la Alaaka. and da- 
maadad that they bOtplj^eed i«a|M>re. 


i¥» > L, ! n ii'i i 'i « 11 iii> m m 

Fife AtiMMbies 

Includlnci Rusaall Tourlns, AbboU 
^etrelt, ODe ltll and Otoe ,191 « Ford; 
Wvii^ahsi M, Blecti#- <Uiltta and 
Btaatera: on« Mitchell. These cars 
are In yood ruonlns ord«r. Fnrfllture, 
^kafr bf^ Omtt^. * Sana: J^ii 
Ma]io.|»iayar; Feuitry. o|c 


Phone Mfd 

Wei lfT4. 


d^ily^ Instructed by W. J. Tfoocfaton, 
Sh^ra., wHl sell by Public Auction at 

•im 'Brimh AiFonoe, Oak ^y, 

^ Mid Friday 

If tnbleok eaeh day, the 
^ Stock, laeludlod: 

Walnut 0*k and otbOT 
■ h ita n da. Brass and 
Sprincs. Reetmore 
and ether Mattresses, Patted, Oolden 
Oak and Walnut Dining Room Suites, 
.aoreral Balfeta. Beoretalrea, Roller 
Top Desk, Upholstered Baay Chairs. 
Overmantels. Pteturea, Oramophone 
aad Records. Hall Seata S Upholater 
ed Parlor Suites, Couches. Settles, Boi. 
OAlomaa. Comer Cablnata, Bttonlaed, 
tOij^y aai* Mahogany China oU»tneta, 
OooaalOMl Tables, Onweolenal and 
TTpOtSht Ohalia. oaveral Choota of 
2>rawer9. S>nap ond other JUtohea 
MMo, Seatam, Boya* IMegrela, Model 
mmt ."U^Mk , IdMloii. oota. 

I^rtof Matt t awii. Oamp Bod% Um 

irella ftaad^ Plated Oooda. a large 


^aantltv of Crockery and Olaanrare, 
"Slnoliir Range and other 

jiumeroaa to mention 




loatntetod br the owners. woiWipoolI 
at our aaleeroom, 

717.733 Pbadtm A^mt 

HoBsehoU FmnitDre 
toi Effects 

at au h a ua w y m^hdlaff 

American Cottage Plane and Stool, 
large CohimMa 'fttble Orafoaola and 
ftoeorda.. Terr* pretty S>p|e«a Mah. 
Parlor Saite, Mah. Cr. Tablea and 
Mah. Jard. Stand, lady's Secretaire, 
RoU Top OlBee Desk, Oak See. Booit- 
ease, liht Top Office Deaka, Reed 
Arm Cllalra and Rockers, several 
seed Ceaehe% Bed Leanse, Mtasloa 
Oak Settee, l-pleee Walaitt Parlor 
«alte. Watast cmttm tMrtl^ Ismm 
Oak Davoaport, •overal oattik ttifL 
CarpOt (Nf If. abaoat raw W. O. 

llooA Sotte. eeaeletiag of 
Rd. DialBg Table, set of Dining 
Ohalfa and Buffet, almost new T> 
Drawer Drop-head Singer Sewing 
Maahlne, very good Oelden Oak R4. 
Dlnteg Table and Chain to match* 
Mllon Oak DUrtmr Tablea and ClHM#b 
■Bilhee* Oak Dlniag TaMeo' aad~ 

bi>lngB, All 
and Mattreaaei. *stra 
three-quarter aad fhU 
'ttOa aad Braes Beds, 
irtflS Mdttreebsa, oak. White 
BaamU aM other DreeOers aad 
Bedroom tkble% Chalra 
Bookers, Toilet Ware. C^illd'a 
OoK Outtp Cota, Book Shelvw^ 
- ^ let of 

■ale Msk nn. 



'duly instructed by H. RobooSi, Beqf«,v 
"Aveaao" Orooery; STSit Rook Bay 
Avaaao, will aell by Public Auction 
at the above addrees, 

T4>dR]s April 2a . , 

at l:<0. the, whole o( hhi 

Hoosdwld Faniit|re 
aid Eftwh 

. , Ti^hdhwrt 

A praotieally ^wkut tt-Nole Player 
Piano, in Mahogaay Caae. by Weber, 
M Records and Piano Stool, S Oak 
BjOenalon Otolhg Tablea. 1 Sets of 
O a k Tl h—i , Oak Buaet. Oeoeh. Book- 
ahelvee and Books, several pieces of 
Old China, Plated Oooda. aeven-pleee 
Watout Upholatared Suite, Oma- 
menta. Plotttree, "Raby" Heatse. 
"Lorain" Ranee, Xltchen Ttblea aad 
Chairs^ Dinner, Tea and Enamelled 
Ware, Soalea, Mahogany Hall SlhiML 
SUtgle and Doable Iron BedaliiS 
Springe and Tbp MiittreMik BwGaa 
aad Waahataa«i» Chaeta of Brasrera, 
POMlas nnd Ann Ch*lt% Ocoaaionkl 
TftUOA Open Beatem Bmtfi, Oardea- 
-^f .0¥f^ » !» ^ To^.ptpijig. 
MAIpnr Mnjift and any "Over- 
ad" war\|« $O0f rvaalng. order. 
On view this merning from lo 
e*6kft;k: ' -r 

TUte No. 4 or No. f 
the street. 



Bh. Lhielenm. 
good^ almost 

Kmngf, Cook Stevee. Oaa Range. 
X. Jfkblea. K. Chalr^ K. Comforts, 
tavd. Spark Oaarda. Oooklag 
tJhii Jara. - " ~ 


Macths of 


ete. Now on vMw. 


1 • ii il I liS'i I 

•wiy to 


A SOfff 

PANY. MOVDiarWci. 
Il« BAitlOlt #TRBBT 

CITY, rtutmtmmir' 

■•'•"'••e'* •••»••••••••».'••»•«.««•. J(dy t 

jj'tjjoaoia ^. .. ... a ~ 

Cooktas : U^aaB^ Scales, troekery 
and 01kiMti^are,Lawn Mower. Garden 

Tools, Hose, etc. 

Hall_.uarge Box Settee. Umbwlla' V ir.irtr- V/.'.'V.V.-i^/.VAV/jirV^^^^ 

Stand, Corner Table., Banned tkit f lMn».do.« ^.iT..^vJ,*, Mea «t 

Carpet, etc. ' " - 

nwdimiiMs Iron 
treaeea. Single Braai 

Mattresses, Bhreana^ WdthnK 

ler. Chest of Dravehi.'WHtlag T«ibie, 
Ooeaalonal Tkbles, f BleOtrIc Standard 
Lunpa. Roclmrs and Bedroom Chairs 
Wool CarpoU, Curtalna Household 
Linen, Blankets, Pillows, etc. 

On view this afternoon* ttvm S 

Take the Oak Boy car to the ft- 
minuB tfl^ linaBc np Trejagit Aveaoo 

.Cooloahngjpg^ .. 

For fai;tlMr parClculani i»sAr to 



^ laoiudlns: 

ttting Booas P iano in WalnutS^ase, 
by Er&rd, Piano Bench, Grass Chairs, 
Oak secretaire, Ooeaalonal Tablea! 
Settee and Cushions, Bleetrlo ' Stand, 
dard Lights. Pictures, Window and 
Portiere Curtains, RaiMi, Bordamd 
Wilton Carpet, etc.'- \ 
IMataig Booih l -amod dok BsteililoB 
Thble,Setj>C Diners to match. Buffet 
Bookeaae and Beeka. Grass Chairs 
aad Cushions, Mahogany 3-Fold 
Screen, Jardinieres and Stands, Plre 
Guard, Dinner and Tea Ware, Sheep. 
sMn and . Axmlnster R«g«, -^riMOjw 
Curuttm, Bordbfwd WUton Odrpot. 

■OMaKONO, AprU St^Arttvodi 

Waban, Portlaad. 

HONGKONG, AfrU M ■Ulsdl 
Toaettlte. Seattle. .... 

NAOASAKI. Apm U. Satled; 
Kayaeeka, Seattle.- ... t f- 

tob:obama. Aprti il. gailodi 
Indo Mam, Taeonna. 

■MIMONOSBKI. April St..-Salled: 
Tonan ICaru. Seattle. *. 

TACOMA, April ST.— Sailed: Strs. 
Santa Alicia, yalparaiao. via Saa 
Francisco; Multnomah, Sap Fran. 

SAN FRANCISCO.- April 2T. — ^Ar- 
rived: Steamers Bl Segundo, As. 
torl»: H.. B. LOtefoy. Aatoda; wW 
Cape. Balboa, WUbelmlns^ Bonolalv. 
Sailed: Steamers BandOn, Baadon; 
Manea. Honolulu; Siberia Mam. To* 
kohanui: City of Para. JbMNMi»j Ar- 
gyll, Seattle. 

PORTLAND, Ore., April 1T<— 
Sailed: Lake Oebhart, Chile. 

SBATTLB. April 27.— Arrived: 
Steamers .i^mtral Dow«y, San Diego 
via San Fmncisoo: Adttirai Rodman, 
Southeastieni AhMka; > Ketchikan, 
Southwestern. Alaska: Bastem Maid. 
Kobe via San Francisco; motorship 
George Washington, Copenhagen and 
Antwerp via San Francisco. . Balled: 
Steamers Admiral Schley, San Diego 
via son Francisco; Admiral Watson. 
Anchorage; Jefferson, Sontheastem 
Alaska; Bastem Dawn. New Tork 
via Portlaad; Ketchikan, B.C. ports. 

'itjnim Mew Tei« 
New York. ChArbourg, Plymoutll, geutb- 

amfton Aiwll t* 

▲drlauc, Cherbourg, srhampton . . . .April 14 
It. l»i,iirr 'CMrtMUfs, PlymoBtSr^gSuft - 

amptoS May 1 

1Cro«alu>d, SeuttamptoB. ADtirerp .May I 

Maa^sria, Hsnburs Mar • 

Lapland, SAQthainptMi. Aatwarp . . . . Mar * 

Caooplc, Naples, OfiMsa May It 

Philadelphia, Cbarbourg. Ptyatouth, 

Southampton' May II 

nvland, Southampton, Antwarp ....May If 

Celtt«, Uvcrpool May 11 

Mew Tork. Cbarbours, Plymouth. Boeth- 

ampton May It 

»n»i£:. "wpe^ O 

Mongolia Ranhurg May ts 

Crette, Napiaa, Qanoa May M 

St. Paul. Obaitears, Piymeath, Sowth- 

Adriatle., SavtkamMea May ta 

(Phlladalphia t« UTerpool) 

■avarford tUr It 

(From St. Jahn to Uvaiveol) 
V«aa«i Ii%t* 
*5*aae^eea .i,^^ AprU 


■ "y^ 

New luue 


8% Cttmalst^s Fint/ft«lem 

4iHdsnd St ths rate sf t% ^ aimum wB^sublset to 
jt Mfnd >SBgMS< ^Wiiiaa. DMdsndsfwRI hsM 
■ip«^p^BBry iKt psi9BMw.(vya>^v^ wamnisw 

'v-T- . . ■■ , • itMimiJtt 

8% Cmnulsitbe First P rd fei Ted Sluuss. ,1 . . 
•% Camiiktiye S^oond ft s f s ii s d Stows 1. . 

m .m^m wmnmm aa a mtm 
bn in all «r Mtt Ml 

I* • • • ak* • • « V I 



ADOLPH ZUKOR, nrisiJim, NswYssk 

Pfisidmi, UetntyH t*9Mmflim§ 

J. B. nnMioiC. itK. CMiiB, o^ 

Prtsidmt, Carrioii AMtorAs, JML 
I. W. KlUJUia Mi»tlW 

ffuidmt. Royal B^nk •( CamaU. 

W.J.,NBvY«lc ' 

Chairman, Pimam€» CmmmiUM, 
F^mam Playtn-U$ky Cmforakom of N.T, 


KeUta. Urmri 

Wbi^lrki. M, 
^i^Lt^ <l»ew.' 

a<l*eraeel ta QMbao.) 

Staamar. ^ 
Vletotiaa . 
BmpraM of 
Vleterlaa . . 
Smpraaa of Fraaee 

A#t« !• 

^Hlorii tt 

y ■ 

AprU tT 

»* ««■»««».«»««.. April It 
'VBaeS'^^>. ••*•.•■•«•. M^y 1 
****•••«•••»••.*.. ^aaa 11 
. .4 a .. ^Vae s$ 

_ _.'.-»•-»••»••••... Jaly it 
M FiaaSt t4 

1 1^"^ *• «*»en»eeL> 

rietoriaa\ uay t 

1BB«prM> of rraa^ May 14 

Victorian j„b, 4 

51"?'." of Fraaee j^a* it 

vKcoriaa ••ill: July t 

vS^iSS"- • ■••^ ^«»y • 

vniwiaB ..................... July ts 


lllbles igid Chftlrs.. 
, Scale 

■ Oee»eeeeeee.a,,a«, ApTtl tt 

•••••••eaeapaavaaaaaa*, . APfll t# 

>• a eaevoooaeoe^ oae** ae e~ tC^JT 14 

****«"*^***^**«oOeaaeo Ml^ t& 
• e .aee aaev^ta^a^** " 

*.*•*•••• eOaeAeaeae ee • t 

•* eeeeeaeea* • Jllf)r tt 

■ ••••••a sse«e*«a*«*.a tt 

<Meatresl te I4q|q»eal> 

wrMoaa .....«.•«•••« .v. ......... gtSIT* I 

Boia ^. .... Jsae t 

mm ...•«••'..•.•............, JwHf if 

, .••<••••'•••••.*•... July.y.M' 

fy f l ll a a ».«»»»%...»«»«««»... ,^».... Kay i 

notaclaa .••.•..•••v..W.*«.;...., Majr it 

aisai aa « »..««>«j»»<«<<»». «,,,.,,... tmmm t 

■E^Krr" .••^t**'!<l»»#»»**'*»'»«-«» Jaa. It 

SSIL^— • 4»hr It 


> »e«*e««oe etfaee • 

• * e e • a • 

(Meat^ le oiesiNw) 

July at 

U^adea ta MMitraal. «ia Havre) 
orasjaiaa ttm*%ftt*i^»»,.i,.\i,,.. May 4 
Tiisisfta •..•■.••....«.... , M^ 11 

Osetfaa .....••••...f'. «.«......,^,, J^ma 1 

Jttaa II 
July l« 

ITb sniNifiBrist m Mkw from m Uttmr from Jkiolph Imkor, Pr^tUmi of fibs C^rpomtkm i— 
1* f«>»ousnaf«nCiipMiiM<^^ 
bjr pMrahsaa ayMl Uass, a ctiaia oi motion pictut^ thaatras af iana mSrnmmmOtwiMmSSk^ 

uSSkiS Silii^SSmS&Sh^ fS!SiS^J£'^Zi^SB^^'^^ -rallsbla. 
J . aBsotts ^aByasi^l^aiQf^ Cji^f^otio^iot^ ot Naar Yasfcf aii4 bb^ as 

2. Corparatioa. has twwitT^yaar inusehiaa from Faasaus Fl^g w^ «# Naw 



of lS,O00,«astl, loeatad ia Ontario Bnd W«.t«^S»M^ 

AssaU eoftsistiiiff of asistinc Tiiaatrss hsiii oant'isnsd_ ha^ a mIm valte a# mm/t 

• Eaftiitags fim aaisllaff tkaatm SM at 

Witik tMfotiations and constrtictian uadsr wnr cianialstai^ll is 

FuU banatt^aqaamiitura oi pH n u M ^iUmm^nm Sbmwm wttl 

Corporation for jraar aommandaf Saf^ambar, Itn, lor whieli mM aartiiiiMaflsr dsL. 
riia«i4baBotJiSBt||8n|^ l i iliigS y^ i llli pff^^ 



SSSSSm'iiSu'^^^ raanajonagtwfll W t . 

Ml, M B#i» !»• i^pUMf 

100 and accraed dhidendt jMUiis 89^ 

CmnJla^C a B^nmi of M% la 

■ A ' 

Payablm: 2S% of ihmpar valuo on aapUoatioiL 
■ ^% Jfor unlBB 0*1 /^JM; litQl 

whole or in part at My ttee. laterest wiH be afiowai «a payMulits at .^gibt^TSkmrnSim, MSSStS^SSSSKLm 

i > • ' ■ 1 ^^^^ 

_-^payroeat. ,^.y. . ' .. , : t , .r.^ - r^- 

BOYAIi iWiilUTlliS ClHIMitAIIOlV liaitted 

nv\ ■ ■ .a 

a a ■ • e ■ • • 
• * e • a- e o' • 

■ • • a a a a 

. (Mealrsal ta Aat^erp) ^ 

Onfli|MMI ••••••••eeeeeeoaoeeoo*ee MftF tl 

Xntoltlfcll ea»eeeeeeoeeoeeaoeewaeeaee. tt 
SOOtiMI •eeeaeeeeeeaeeaaaeaoeaeeet* jfjMM' M 
TWlBtMl a aaaeeoeeeeeeeaeaoeeaeaee 9tA||f t 
'tttt ' s e « a s « • eeAaaa«a««ae>a''aa. tS 

■twarp to Moatroal. via loathampteB) 


aeotlan . . 

Oramplan .»..•••••........., 




..... May IS 

.... Jeae t 

.*«..•.......«..*•■« Jesa IS 

- •..«•••««......,.,,., July 14 

ijeaTiaa Jaiy ftg 

Oiaatreat ta asirra aa« laadoB) 

SCOtiAfI • •■•••aaaeaaaaao*.aaa«aaa* ttAF t 

^•SSSlSSJ*** Jaaa « 

^^M^MBVwMW aeoeeeeaaaaaaaae ao a ■ g ^wBtr' U 

• e o e ■ I 

iMpnicATMN ratu 


Sits: I/We herebjr aapir lor . ^wT. 
Mmiteil. %% Cumiilati^ FbM Mtarwd 9lisf«s, 

a" ' 

irsctioaal ihsre of ComoMa Siff^iMMpf lao 

' ordw o* KoT.! SmmpWo* Carpaatisa, ' JfaSM ^Ib flllQ * |^|J^ •«».#>• ••• •'••«■••••■• 

Ob fsH) ••«••>••••••■•«« 

■ > 

psr Vahie Paoioas Players Canadtan Corpocmtiea, * 

• ofdarof Boral tuaitiii Ceipewds^ 

■til ■ , ••• 

ka ■ ( esevr •tt**ttAm\tHi, limit tusr 

• « • • ' • • • • •'• • • • « • » • t • • I 

Maataagia • April It 

Kmpraaa ef AHa dt.. April 14 

Maknra *...«•••••••.....• April Ift 

BmpraM of Aala April tt 

TaJlma Mara May 1 

Arabia Mara 
V Pi 

Chieago Mara 

Vmpraaa of Japaa 
Faabimi Mam 

^ a e aa a . eA't *■> • * • e 

Bar T 





REOINA. April 17. — Charles McOlU. 
Hamilton, M. P. P. for Weyburn, was 
ofllclaily sworn la as Minister of 
AgrlcuKure in tk« Ma*Ot«kewaa Oov- 

emment today. 

April 14 I NWW TOBB. Aprit ST.— Net proflta 
'Mfly Dm Aotertoaa Woolen Ctimpany for 

19U amounted to fll.ftia.tit, lega r«- 
senroo for taaes aad ooatlaganelea. 
aooordlns la tBo aaaasl rofMM Baaed 

Payment of divldenda on |3,tOO,obc 
of preferred stock aad ta,S«0,0«g of 
oonuaoa. aad ddpoaaiattoa of ISktSti- 
<ll. left a bakUMe of pgoat tor th< 
year of M.TTt,M4. 

The sttipiaa far itif aaMWHad to 
|is,oit.M4. wWoh, MM to Itafti of 




OTTAWA. Aprtl 17.— An IncreMO of 
ttll,*0 over last year's llguree le 
shown In the March statement of ea- 
dee revenae accraed daring tko 
montB: la Marek. IMS. n» tkasi wao 
|l,Mt.Mt, aad In Marek. thto year, 

Aa HMSl. opltttg snf tAoSaooo led la 
the aaMvat of 

The war taatos dnrlag the month 
totalled |l.ltl,U«: aMtkyUted gpfrfls, 
•SMtt. and law stampa. |t« 

the grand total reveaoe for 


It prlcot tktt taM aH ,paSkil- 

kookt. Drop In Md Mg i|ir 
■ ^ .■ > nam nor*. • 

dtH a. HVHtNMwi Mi 

• aja.k 


so SCMfiUtT 

or TOCR ' . 




Ailiisr Heminfwty 


(hie Hmdfd Ewes 

•r tBo aamr win »r 
St tlf4 9oit Bu 

a I' ' 

iiModing:* Piaoo' kr <JM 
<^net,^-I>atMpoft apl^ to _ 

a C i f ssa^ Idna l eaaw ktanu 
k^'Syttoai oad ■MiUtamm, 
•mk aiaada. Wardrtha. Mer- 
Ba- Taklew Sot 




I r 


taiethe i 

Hignet Toir 

The Moit Attractive Oxnbina- 

**** S^JHH-H^S^^ ^ 

luMI^ tb. won4erfni MALAHAT 
MUVli^ a 4el|clitfMl trip on the 
««Unof tht iAiMCtt ARM. I»imu- 

tifvi liiNrwoa*, BuraiAftrs 

farooiu Sunken Q«ri«M, ls< fir' 
OMmVATORY, one ^< ' 
In tke twiM, 
ZU for 


10.4 f4lk 

'ned Soldiers' 

BniMwIck Meek 
Ya|M mmI Streets 

• Motel 


.00 per day end up, In* 
It bedroom, bath, breakfwt, 
lincb and dinner. 

Special Terms by Week to Families 

aoeli. Ciiioee aiMl fl^tbUig S«ttt lor 
Hire * 

Motor Can nay be bired at our firaf e 

Cadkoro Beach Hotef 

Formerly with Hotel Departaitat 
of CaMdiaa Padlk RjOlwa}' 


Omad Tmtjif. i^|dfe Ilib - 

PamorU Preji|r«d 

CF,Mo»<£>.*T. A. 

LifMi {D Carry the 

T QR I A\ a.CT . W|tOl>?l t& Ar« APRIL «k 


of Slj^jpffi^ 

for Aa/tbiDff 

The B. & W. 

CMw SS. Ctt. of a.C Ud. 


»md •0»BM*M« M tee "fii 

IlllPWt MMj^ 

Reduced Round Trtp- RMM ^ ' 
fnlUaca to C»llf*rnU. mr« u folW* 
S.i. OywioeL front OMttla. " 

Pr«atdent, trMn 

Effectife ' 
Smkj, Hit 2, 1920 

3i00 pJM. DaHir 

Regina, 40 hours. 
Fort WiUiiun, fia hours. 
Cdmontof^ 3i0;liojirii 
Vnnnlpeg, 50 hoim. 
Toronto, 87 honfi.. 

Thru TfmMCMi 


- V 

C U W A R D 




White Star Lrlne 

•pkMa ............ M«r M. M, si 

^•vtr ir<iiM(-<meuoofto<-eoinnu 

Cmh* »«.e»^^«9«.»to«« Hair r ft Ml^ tt 

ttitta jfMgi ai 

Hew ■ jfwit^ r • 


Red Star Line 

PMMIOIltR ' ..•.a4...k... ....••..«. ^ «MM IS 

FoMln Money OM«n luid Dr^fta iMra*d 
mt IttWMt r*t«a. 9ot an tnfarm«lon aB^ly 
t» w Mrau, or to C«nM«r oIMl fl|a 
ttaas M. W.. W ■ - 





















n. . 
so. . 

V« Vll 

t:«l 1.« 
0:14 / T.S 

• :M 1.« 

t:S« t.l 

1:1* S.1 

l:S» S.4 

m H 

l:M ».• 


liS:S4 as 

T:S« •.in.M •.«1T:4S at 

]:;• *.*X»:t$ «.T1S:SS 4.S 

t:S« 4.«lS:Sf «.»1»:14 4.T 

1:44 S.4^1S:1S T.l S*:W tl 

1:41 t.T 

- Sl:lf 


.7114 :ii 


T.TIS:jUI f.« 

I:S litis "Vi 

MjiMtae M 

i*a • • « 4« • • . 

l.4 1S:ie S.S 
• T 1S:SS S.I 

llfth Martdlaa 


4 PER oeilT QSP9^ 

Hi* B.C. PsrnMUWiit tMa 



f^jlitfi|is«b Of tlil aMeob 

. „ ^, r»to t |» ii l<« .ti ^. 

jEMEfnf th« ittiiHiM oc tbf eyttplfc 

QoapaaiM sMd laiMrters ot Toklo, 
J»pen. ''^ 

At tke monMtit tli« ebtppinc mar- 
ket 1^ ttMt, aou»ti7 <• dep rw ed, aad 
tiMM tee bMs A Mmm AfoiiD* tn 
'ftilabt ftn "■lHos tlio lUk'tftfooMat 

eompantM tntMid 
r»t« M th* Uat 
■euon. wh^ It per ton was 
oh«rs*d. bat the exporters will do 
eonslderabl* barvatailar between the 
two partiae b«(o»e % Oaal daeislon Ut 
raaekod. Vhlm yeiir It. ti ezp«clt«d tha 
matter wIlS be more oMiplleeted tban 

angapafl ji OiHiaBlHi uWi tirade baa 

Fonaerly the eompanlea whleh 
were Intereated in tea ihlpmeats have 
bean tba Canadian Pi^«lfle steamship 
CiMRPany. tib4i Nippon Tuisan Xaisha. 
the Oaaka Bh9«en .Kalifha. and the 
Tvro Xlaen Kalaha. bat this yaar 

there vtu ha mm oMMoBft m» r^ 

Admlrit -Utfa'^Al^ fta i^lyTxaHin 
IMiha. Wh^eaa tlSe' eupply of tea- 
naae has thus oenslderably increased, 
no partlonlar Increase In the ahlp- 
menta ot tea ia expected; th«y will 
amoant to .ahaut the aa»o «aa^ttty 

figure Show That Nippon 

SijBam^rs Roquire More Mm 
Tliff» Th w of -^leil Wteiln 

former General foreman of 
Polot Eice Ptem Under 
fdimdatkii) Comf«ny Joins 
Cfcpiberg |8 Sop^intondgyt 


Will htaugurate Express Serv- 
ico Between Nagasaki and 
Shanghai With Two Steam- 
611 ioNBl^lnSoottifid 

'Mr. ptOk WjlBNI, 
ttikuSdim m the roaBdatibn oooa- 
Wtmru PoiBt BlUee Itead. haa heea 
appointed as aapacfMiiiltt # the 
Cholbera Shlpvard. 

Mr. "MTard Wae vtn«nl foreman at 
the Sotat JMtae ptant UMler Oapsrln- 
Uqdeat MaOreier. and VkMi C|f lat. 

«6 «t.%ani, 

8apMintaa4ent aC halli parda. tender 
Hr. Waii Jtta iivii .Wilt ahipa at a 
spfMd aald to hae<f never beefi 
equaled under simll&r eon^ttioas. A 

«9 tar tSmmmm^ 

haa oO ai i i e i aa i ea the.'see- 

ond keel at the CIwIImhv Tard. and a 
third win shortly b« pnt hi piaea, 



N.Y.K., O.S.K. ana TiK.K. Ap- 
^ify to Department of Com- 
munications Ur Higher 

7AlHlh ip nhw -the irettd'H thfrd 
lltfNiaa^ maritime coantry, but she 
tafBS fhr behind tha other two. Great 
Britain and the United Btatee. This 
appB^ not only CO the amount of 
tannafe owned but to the eiBolency 
#f the ,aaa^ien« jplPtf!^ l« o^.^Ac.^ 

The valaillVO ^IQReienoy of : seii- 
men of draat Britain, the "tiaitiad 
fltatpe and Japaa may be Jujteed 
froim the fotio^ir ileiAaa '^oWtof 

OUiae .^e -Shl»^Hpaa .'■ 

Deadwelcl\t^-^ ^- JTapan.O.B. V.B. 

ll.> 11 « 
iif^^^ji.V.b..... It.O 11 10 

lt.i 14 11 

t^ee ji .| ^» i'.»0;.>vJ?t-. i».« » vW. 
i.aof it.t 9 i> 

7.500 ^,f^i^-m^».. 11.0. IS If 

t.MOy. tmr^u ,"»'. <» . *;y. . *!.« •< J4 flM 

Vhfe Hlhle^ . trtilch haa baMrdbii- 
piled bf a ^hf^Vlhc •na la Kbha. 
s)iows that 'ta deMt' eemvlement tjbf 
Dktatmnm number of men ia ppnimttti 
by the united atatee, while tlm mlal. 
mum for eaglne-room eomplemeot ia 
held by Britieh ahipe. As to Japan- 
ese atajnan. they show the least efllo 
cienoy Of an, with the ainfle escep 

doB at i)ia 



Brings \Putp and Mild-Cured 
SainKm in Hoid$--^fishiog 
Good liclulet, But Uttle 

Th0 three la^cest of the lapaneae 

subeidiped dP^n^nf 
Nippon Tuaw ] ' 
«Bm^ AndH^ 
have applied ta 

qjamrnvmrn thma foe iienBlaalaB to 
ralaa faelfht ratee lor the homeward 
rofk$m» on thoM- AustfalHMi. 9wp#a- 
ah. North Amerleaa and IMKh Amer> 
Umm rana vht^ ate »ab^4l|Md by the 
Japanese Oovenuaeat. It is eatpeeted 
the appJicatlaa wth be la««rahiy oon- 
sldered by the aathertUes, though tlm 
jgwoveeal af iBw ^p Upobtg e omp a n lae 
may aat ha ^f td la ftb entirety. 


the mi^^Wimim mmiim^ifm' 

oanlaau their aranioeal le of hiteeaet aa 

thtaaa in 

la of hiteeaet AB 

reflaetlnf not only the oohdltlotl w 
the eeantrr's earrylni; ts^e bat of 
ite forelfn trade. Rou«:hty apeiaklat. 
tlk^re are two different ways In wlileh 
1^ tr»)Cht ttiaffciet is aiCected by the 
peneral eeonomle sltvattea. When 
imitreva with 
'' iaacaaaiaw li a» arta 

ilsBa tkaoa mm. b* • Mlae la tti 
1kbmawat« feMep. <!0 tk»fti iap ha44 

m * ifBySBitad :v A 

lA bufwArd rates awl « rise ia 
the fates for the homeward voyaee. 
If so. the present propbeal of the 
steamship companies nngr be talnn 
as 6orroberatlna th* aftreiae turn la 
the eeonomle altaatlon ia wis ooaa* 

Hi^wi two PMaanar ataamani ot 
aoperler type from Olaepew. Shortly 
after snnomialna a plan for batldlair 
or boyint |00,»ee tons of freighters 
and passeneer ships d^ripc tlie neat 
Are yearp. the eonkpaay o Ktaf at two 
Aaiftl^ MO 

ek A 

'fMqs'tha Yokeliama dockyard. 

The p sa sea per sliipa now ordered 
fropi Sootland are to be uaed for the 
inausuratloa of aa eapraaa pasaend^r 
aervlee between NadaiiAkl and Bhanv- 
lial. The oompaajr arifiaa|ly ^tead«l 
to have them |ittt It hoiAe. hat net 
oA^ Are th« ,Siiilg«Z71>ffpkirth!era 
baer with 'tkb jpilMa i^^eoeiy 
pteaed hp o«hSr ftlfcSHaa. bat they 
And it dilAenlt to ebtaia matarlaia for 
the construction of the partlaaiar 
passenaer boats wanted. As a result, 
the order haa heea eiTaa to a ahlp- 
Oifi^iAiMr opaaiiaBy of Olaapow. 

The two paaaeafer ahipe will each 

|8 aat de^piitilr lmawn,^b!vt Ip ba- 
dleaad ta ha bhtivaeB fOe aad foe 

yen per ta*. 

. In pursuance of the proyramme for 
Oa eaaatavetion of feOfeee tons ef 
new ihlpfii tiie N|pp4^ Tuaen Kaieha 
thBo, «lip aaatpailpA ta buy three 

two of ii.eoo tons flapidaaliiit aaeh 
jMpa the ToliohaaaA^>aekyard Ccsn- 
paay. The Uraca ^ip is valped at 
tit yen per ton, and Is to be deliv- 
ered ne:|^ Jnly; the price of the two 
other ilttSBA li tit m Jbr to* eaah, 

00040. Mm 

nil A I I'l I I I III 1 1 

f«ai ejMS' -fviofljvi^ffrvT^ipjpp 

Japp Has 3,069 Ste^im^rs^ 
Nippon Yasen Kalaha Leads 
im 97 Sbipsr^K. »K>- 

Brteataf eit teas off palp fMm the 

Part Alice nllts, the Prlaeeee Ma^oinna 
aow in pert from the West Coeat of 
th* Island. In addition to the ttS- 
_ _ iae ef palp in the holde there ^iilNa H»Mea of adld-epred 
fr^.the Obee-MlUerd pleat at 
Mpd. «he #sli ta 09«M to 
8eattt% wMie the palp is belna Sakea 
te VaaeaaVer. tor which port the 
eameaHmlla this aMmiac at a e'eloek. 
Odlbers dt the Maqolnna report, flsb- 
laa foee at U e lu e l e t . bat preetlealiy 
nOthhMt aotaa up abeva The Jfaetim 
CMMjlery ip 1^1% there jMpt aMth* 
eharda aor ealsBoa awiiiabla 

The ATst whale ^ras caapht gnA af fhe 
■raqoea wnaHas statlea this #ear ky 
the Blaok. the eaptare betaf 
the Itth. 

Vhh .ttinahiaa was delayed 
by fqf oooMatr ap the Mjpalta a phort- 
ac» of labor Is r epo rt ed f reoe Port AIMA, 
where, it ia said, tbe hoers ars lone. 

tba Japaaeae, the aUqulatia men 
outa eaaaot stlpk JA |hef an. 
la oTiaeMia at the pedp tBt jdltP 
BP the BlC 


iaa at #art 





the ..Wlnnlpep 

a to appeal ttmm the aa a rfci ti ah 

. April 

tlon will 


la»ve te appeal 
of R. B. Baaaelli the tmi 
to be eeMeadbi la the tHate 
This W ii M k fc waa'mada at a 

^ 4:j;avlaiea af 


hi ta «e AMiAe to the Mia 
eter of Jostlea and the Attoneer-4>ea> 
e«aJ i« ibattaiia to obtahi fheir aa 

Vatoa Of 

▲ rise tn homewardT frelsbt ratea 
wUl. of ooaMe, have the eitect of oor 
reOpoaAlnely Inereaalar the priee of 
ItABOrta, bat this lAasiaaelrtil Aat ha 

"^Kopk* frpm JSm MtitaT^iaaee 
and aoate ether oaatolrtae jMth whloh 
the arohanpa ajtneftosi As Jk^NHalne to 
Jmpm- MArtmp^a lA howei^ar, :^afti. 
i3*P^ iMth^egard tp Amerioa. 
Moraover. Ama r| aa n fralpAt ratee are 
about the aame as the Aporea now 
oharsed by the Jap«uiese subeldlaed 
shipa It wlU not be eeay. therefore, 
for the Japaneee compaaiee to ralee 
their North Amerteaa ratee to any 
eeaalda r ah l e esteat. Q* I'Tt^fflnna time 
Che unm^ in ^lelr tvprWBlMMui 
cMiH|ot he loaeriid. 

lM|Mlit le BiAit laapartaat la the to 
arana ^ WMfep. It h«a bpen aald that 
JapAAese seamen are now drawiac 
atwut the aamp waaee as their Brtt 
iah aad Amerleaa caa fre r ee; thay arc 
realplents of yArione aztra aUowAAAto 
ia addkion ta their re^alar par* 
Added to tiMa ta the Aaifamal rips tn 
theoMt of aeal aad la atiiar ivap^Mf 


VANCOtJTWR, April 17 
trana-PaOtfle liner Bmpreea af Japan, 
estate W. JMnm Haporaft,'is dae 
to leave for the Orl|^Bt Wadoeada* 

sail far the OMOat at • o'eioofc on 
aatarday. Bpl^ 
booked with 

per will arrive 
Thursday na^ 
tone of sua 
Refinery. The ahlp 


AfvU to.— the 
" Blael Vela. 

OA i^on B4. 



^Maa had I.OM eteaapeve. tataHtBjr 
t.l4fat< tana «*AhA at the end df 
Jaauary, IttO, aceordlajp to the iateat 
atatliMKes af the Department of Com 
muaieatlona. Of thoae steamers, t.f 70, 
with 3.l77«t»l tons prose. w«ta reirla> 
tered in Japan proper; it, with tt,- 
72A tons' Aroes, la Xarea; 27, with 

that at 

the date mentioned there were It 
awneHi of not less than 10.000 tons 
each, ts tn Japan proper and 
la .Kwantunp. The larpest owner la 
the Nippon Tusen Kaisha, with 07 
ehipe, totaniat 4f 7.404 tone p 
folHrwed by the Oafha BhapOn iojlipi^ 
with Ti. with Ma.MO tone Iraaa 
.NtMit eei|i,eO'ttie 'Jtekapp^ B^ Kal' 
aha. the new ehlppn^r oosApaAy whleh 
wu a atahlli d i ad tajst Yapr by aaecvlnf 
t)^ Aee^ Inlereate'of a namber of 
oMppinp eooapaalaa. I$i Baet j a a e i e t 

•d Of 11 aS Sfl P Mi a mSS^ 

tone II oai. 

It will be aeea that there la a eoa- 
sldatahla dMCerenoe between the-aee 
e uA tep f e et and the third tarpaat No 
leiO rndMl Ia 4»i7Mlbrettee iMweeA 
the thIrA BvAoet aad the fourth 
larpest, the ^yo Kisen KaJsha, which 
eemed. at the date 01 sutistlcs, 11 
ships, totalllna tO,llS tons grom. 'titH 
fonrth eompaay |s followed by the 
KawaeakI Deekpard Company, with 
It ahtpe. tetftiUas M.ttt tone jroea 

INm other A«a eeaeeme are In the 

IP eMpe. ft ,00 • Oena ptaaa; Mm JtiWU 
Ottda Klsen Kalaha, 11 ahipe. 4t.4tt 
tone mm; the Tamashita Kiaeo Kat- 
ahA, a.a|i leap «r«ea; and the 

11 ahip« jWftot 


UtUe Stwrmer Wid Opornte 
Out of Victoria Again^ Com- 
mencing May 1-^To Can at 

m."mr Ak 



At the paaaeat tfaae the BC. Btoetrle 
AiM f <iO>W flpna^ot ^ »>• 

airtsif her ' 

schs du le Is as 
Hl P it r r^i^eaao y»e**^ « 

" Isle 


. ; BUILT FOR SERVlCl 1 ' 

Hlfhest dAss workmanship and materials used. The/ tj^ 
HeidArd equipmettt on fbovt 80% of the;n9djHi;i^' .7^.^ 
0Mriae eagines. 

Stocked by 


Mill. IUaa aoA lloilAe SAppilBS * 
1202 Wharf Street Victoria, a C 

'4 in 

^ *u. 



Oxy - Acetylene Cuttinf »nA 
W Wfldipf. Repairs a . Specialty. 


A Cor. Government and PrloeOM 
I Streets, Victoria, B.C 

f Residence MMoe. Colqalti M7X 


OuAlicum Beach Hotel * ^ " 

Mn Opee Mar 1st under tha' 
menepemant of 

Mait^tf ;^e>^ 

rer. ^ aaoea- 

American Plan, from IS per 
dar. ^•droem, bath, breakfaat, 
luneh aad diaear. 

i : »)i If 

liwat Coppeff Slab Zinc 
~ isfiif Altimliiiiiti 


fiaiB Yw hi^inpiyil mm^ Lovk 

MMtfP #1 flse4 by the Victory Uan Special Committee. |9|4 ara 
atUI available at 97, to yield nearly 6%. 


rbo«M 2140 Mi4 mo 

n<>n<l Muammrr. n, r, Clark 


rive ioatli Fender, Satuma Island. 
Mope Bapi Maaae Istaad. Oallane, 
Qanaea Ilarbor, Beaver Point. Mor«abr 
lelaad, Jaeme lalaad, Tietona <evea- 

epr larpp Caaaea ea. 

late the dry- 
is BOW underpoiaff 

I ^- ' " 1 ' ■ " ■I'll . II I 't 11 ai^yAaspmpA* 
cleaninc and palaMpgr at the AeadjO Of 
tiio worlinen of TarrowB. 1A/^ 

The Canadian National Rellavtys are 
operaunc the Caaora be t weea iMitaia 
Bar aad Pert Maai^ »rpeaP BAear. 
earrytac .eara betwaea the 'JMMk-JMI 
Mbleiead iptf reetaa ■ T'V./'^r^ 

•t. Jkika Otvie BUeeUpaa 
•T. JOHW. jf JR.. AprU ST.*-<Mria 
eleetieas yaetarday rasalteA ia IBp 
ehalce «r B. Allen BdMrtlPMI 



brtant NotlcesrEniplojntnent, Business and ProfesisionaLi Difectoiy, Wa^ts» Etc] 

9t» 9t(SiL& GliAmtaaA 

• **r4 ■ wMk. or • deltar • IIM • B««tk 
MS'VM'd* tlM'ltaM>s OMk with vrdtr. 

■MPi^TMBMT nntineB or oeamaoa 


ttSMON-rOa TriUay, AorU 2«. to Mr 
.Jil*.TaL^«|MM, MT &««lB«lt BOM, ft 


9I1 •nadMr, Aprlt- 
Mrs. JUtM Snia. 

tM-«M»tba>eld am of Mr. aad 

WoBMrs Bmwb St«F^M«irs Vraaek. lit 

"DOOaH CwpanMrOi «n aamntar work. M« 

... i?*'' • '»•««' »»•«•: 
»•€ por hour. Mtm* con4iu«a«. 
Vhlnvic BAwyan, <sontr«ct work. ISc per SI. 
Mill aawytm, |1 pvr hour. rallara and 
Buok€ri». |« to |7 per day. Wo-itf rir«tn*o, 
rivat- iNiaC !»•. Cooka Xrom |1M jmt 
NR. , . . » 

woMwra . OKPTff< 

-1 Bncllah tralnad lat elaaa mtlUaar: appljr 
Employment Bureau, Monday monilnk. 
Practical nuraa. Cook-canerala up to fit. 
He«Mai«ld« %rard naida. ohuabonulda. 
HOUSES ta BpriDs clean. 

T^dMBON— On the Iltb inaC at 1*>2 S'la- 
vard Htraat. Wllltsm ClMriao Thomaon, 
ilCod "t yeara, a natlva of Scotland, and 
M >«aldcn( of Virfoflk for the paat five 
ycara. He U aurvlvrtl by hia widow and 
oaa daQglrtar, Mra. J. W. Taylor. 
The funorsl trill taka place Tharaday, 
April Itth, i«t t-^ from U>a Tbomaon 
runaral Home, II2t Quadra St. Xauroant 
•t Roaa Bay Cematary. PunamI fffVftte. 
VsacQBVar papcra please copy. 

TAKNSR— Ok April 26, at tho Roral Jubl- 
Um Hoapltal, Alice llaanah Tanner, be- 
Jwod wife of Ur. A. H. Tanner, *s»a ii 
yaara; born In Ontario, anrl h rraldcnt 
uf inia city for the paat elKht years, lata 
rcstdanoa IM« aiaoatone Avenue. Ue- 
caaaod la aurvivad by, besldaa her hua> 
band, oM dautbter and oka son, of thia 
city; two slatera, Mrs. Hare, of this city, 
and Mrs. Tbumpson, of Ontario; also one 
l>roth«r, Mr. John Scoffin, of Ontario. 
Tho romkliif will raps* at tiia Sands Fun- 

the above residence, vhere sarvlca will be 
conducted at 2 o'clock by the Rev. Wm. 
Htovanaon, laterment. Koss Bay Cam«tery. 
rufofkl prtrai*. 

BOBIDKTSON— (By cable) — On April 26, at 
If 14 Cralclockart Torraoa, Bdlnburgh, ticot- 
Iknd, W. Acnoa, bolovod>*lfa of tba late 
Ronrtto loAa Robortaoa, Ma hor <*th 
yoMT, a aatWa of tka aamo placo. Sha la 
survlTod by aovon aoaa and tbroa dausb- 


^ARTKK — In loving memory of Pte. John 
Shrapnel Barter, ace tZ, who was killed 
te koUoa !■ rraaeo •> - tlm Ktb day of 
A»rit, 191T; klao la nniktabtaaoo of his 
mahy bravo comrades who fell In the 
sreat fight 
"Thoy shall not (row old aa wa wIm ara 

ASMABT. oxparlanead. «ll round elcrtc 
required for a larfe seneral store. 
West Coast, Vancouver Island; able to 
oofluaoaeo dutiaa al oaoa. Board and lodg- 
ta« p^vldad . U alBcie: fraa unfumiabod 

married, Taiegraph and pnstoffico, 
but no school. Pfaraonat Intarvifw at 


but ni _ , 

Maaars. Ke lly- Douglas, Hdk- It to i iwi ay. 

"DIO wages, atsady empioymoat. lAmm 
A^ auto and gaa tractor macbaaloa, ttw 
vulcanising and ^n^palria*. ' ' 

WMks required. 

Oaly a fair 
a«elpaMat Hem- 
Aato and Tractor ScbDol, 

' - 

Phlll BroB., B. C 

Ud|^ J^Mbart ami |na«ard Stfootai 

inotttdaa pr^otlcal 
•latamoats, eto. 

portfalte af terms 
ayatoaui flaaaciai 
Order aaw aad Mb pri 

BOr. II-IS. herdlac ar Ucht eboroa; 
a omlnal wages. Coloalat Bos lai*. 

BOOKU written up. aeoeunu ooHaotad by 
k<nert»Qced bookfceopor. Ap^ly Box 

mi. Colonist. 

^HAUrri^UJI, • years' asparlanoa. want* 
\J poBitlon. aaytlHac la tha aut«MDebiie 
Una. Apply QtlMlat. Bfs SOS. 

HIOHLT roapaotabi* youag maa 
wants poaltlon of any Kind In ahoe er 
mrn'a furnl«hlnic> i» i.-feri id ; hud cxper- 
taoi-s: can give reference. Pbona IMII^ 


LIVB aalcanLun (apcclaliy or whola 
wanta aieady Job. Box No. SIX, 


MABBIBO Coupla want poattioa «« fans 
Haady wttk aU aaoaaaa iy Mo)a. 
Ml. OoloaOat. 

J^BTL'RNBD Soldier, married maa. wants 



position; bookkeeping, dry gooSs, also 
aoias hotal aaperlencet would take oa ool- 

parod to make proper /oarly atatamaata 
Snd prsRtleai changes la ayataia. U paaa> 

paid. U>ngtin Audit Co. tUM trait 

Bos fiiit. Co lonist. 

STRONG young man with car, is bpen 
for engagement, with or vrltboul; use 
of oar. Apply Volonlst Box 14 0*. 

TWO Oood Carpontsrs would liko wagC^ 
eithar by aa»t t> a» «r dagr'a >varti; Bast 
of raferenoaa: ; .MMgnHaa Saas. Cotoaist, 

Box »IS7. 

UPHOLJiTBRINa — Chesterfields aind easy 
chairs madu to order. Jobbing attended 
to. Phone Z76tR, 

f%U)T9lXa which you Oo aot wear caa ba 
taraod lata eaah by pboalag 4SI. Uf. 

PRIVATB lleenccd mataralcy k»mi. lltl 


pTABBOUa HoBsai, Oangas. Salt Spring 
XX isiaad--Z4aai Soauaer raaort, bMUing. 
battia& tiiKtot aad taaal^, A farm in 
ooaaaatMa. Tartaa mo4arata. Apply to 

moat famous resort en Vaaaouver 
Ulaad for Baiabow, Dally Vardaai, and 
big, game oat-tbroat trout; alsty nUlea 
of good autaaiobUo road all the way 
fron Vletoria. rooking utensil*, atovea, bad- 

dln( aiul avary mudern cunvrnleare, prorl> 
aton atbra In ooanoctloa. oablus with ai 
without blankets, pjanil glMiiThaShl afl 

tmtaa 11^ 

Kvlnrudes for blra. 
JANBS. Prop. 

i^lrvvland. O. 


lataraatianal CorroapoadaBoa Sebooia 

looT Onvrmn»*nt »i AU Partleulara Pre* 

1;'«Di:cATBD salesman, with attractive 
personality: poraMMat poaltlon to suit- 
able man. Collaador Vtaroa. INT Oovera- 

meat. Vtctartit. 


Of wages palA 

othata appiyiBB, 

A waste of tiaa aay 

Paadara i»aa »taashf«il • 

MBH wba aatlaipaia loavlag «»wa to sat 
In touch with Hudson Bros. Wa aWllfc 
iwck and ship at prices that sa«a 
mtnay. Phoaa M6I. 1171 Tataa SL 

AgS ahalT oat ««arr thask, Mr tha |iia^ 
. aaadamn. 

At tho going doiTn of tha BOB aatt tha 

Wa will reate mbyr them." 

la loving memory of Lieutenant Robert 
Braaka Powell, of the ISth ButtHllon, Chna- 
dl4a SoottUh, fourth son of tha lata Dr. 
Pojrall Md Mrs. Powoli, of Oakdana. Vl«- 
teftai; '«niO fall In action at Arleaa on tha 
tw'ahy Of April, r»i7. "Deep l y lamoated.* 


^PVBRTlSIWgjI^ "^"mSSsI Umt* ^ 

now be' obtaimSr^#a ailSueSSRoB ta'^tS 
Wl»rh nuildlng. 

^X^aiflMT <I^<loa) 
-' l>ublia Uspraas aad Mall (Iralaad) 
Lioadon Illustrated Sporting and Dra- 
matic Nswa 
X<ondoa Tlmea (dally aad wookly) 
Statiat (Xioadon) 
Waatmtaatar Oaaatte (I«adoB) 
i-'MomlBg Post (London) 
Xflark Institution (Ireland) 
. Ueffiald Independent 
' Edinburgh Bvenlnt; News 
Financial Times (London) 
Tha OraplUc (I»odon) 
Blrmlagbaih Uaxetie 
Tha Journal of Commaroa (livotpool) 
, Tha Olobo (London) 

'j/VtmUBm Vlaaaclal Mow* 
' ' ,. MBWTON 
AOaMCr • 
▼lOtorhK B. C 
AtvartlaamaBt WHtara and MvartlalBB 
' ' Contractors 

Mawspapars, Circular*, Addressing, Mailing 
Malaa quoted for Local, Dominion and 

' Foreign Publications. 
—Its t4. Winch BIdg, Phone HH 

' k*. PITT, lata of Thorn * Pitt, 6overa- 
^•maat Straat. baa opanod a first class 
atiaa rapalrlng store in th* Lioylaad Block, 
■•tl Boiugias Street, cornar Baf aAI- Daac- 
laa jitr aets. Phone IttO. 

A 8AV1NU li effected by all men and 
^ak; woman who have thalr suits made at 


Are you In the wronr p <a it lO B T 

Do you like your work? 

Would you be Interested it aa oxpart polated 
OBt roar diffleultlas aad ahawad you 
aaaotly haw you potftd auaoaadT 

Tha ooat la amau aad tho advantacaa bit. 

Phone M7>, or vriM 

THX Bt7ROB||s pj^pacBMicM snriBf 

■■■■ : \': \ . ■ ' 

WANTED— Three days a week gardening, 
experienced man, or rogulkr Janitor 
work. Highest referancua. Phoaa STKL. 

T ▼ work. 

by experienced man, farm 
.""y dasortptlon. State vagaa 
snd particulars tp Bok 1f»9, poloalat. 


By mlddle-agod widow, position aa house' 
koapor, to bachelor or widower; n< 
oklldren. Rsferenttas exehanKcd 


Uux 8437, 

/XAPABL.B adaptabU lady, aome nuraing 

V d2n^*'^?ss:^i^^^^ 


jyAtVX or aaataralty work. Phoaa tlliX. 

r^XPBRlBNOBD Typlat, with katlwledge 
of shorthand daa|r«a poattioti. one 

year a 

eaparlanoo. Appl 

aalraa pogtU^m. 
pply Box l4Tff^ colo- 

LADY nould assist part of day sewing, 
light housework, cooking; no dirty 

wa ah l BBi'ei — w ill haip m store 
oaahlar, or otherwise. Box <464, Coloniar 

MIDOLB-AQED woman dealraa position 
as experienced houaekeetter for 1 or » 
gaatlemen. Box 7170, ColonUt. 

"M"URSB, with two years' bosplta) tralnlngi 

7: .. *'°H'«* "ko poBlUoB la dootaf^t «r dan- 
tlst's oiBca. Phone »«p»R. 

CJTENOGRAPHBB , r«««lna post, aomo 
» legal exparlMiea. kaairiadce of book- 
keeplng. Ba« T>4H, Coloalgt. 

rpBAMSTBB WSStad Inlmedtately. Mat>er. 
**'"««a*'a Sta tion, 6.C.E.R. 

WANTED — Under-gardener. Apply Head 
Gardener, Jubilee Huapltal. 

WANTED— Man and wife for email farm. 
Apply, atatlng wagos, to Colonist, 
Box ttsii. 

-cKtaljIlahed real estate 
man with car to work 
on a fifty.flfty basis. Apply P.O. Box 271. 

«rANTE|>— By Well- 
vv office outside n 

WANTBD — For city, experienced gardfner 
who can milk aad oara tor aoar. 
Phone K6I. i^y 

WORK wantod. 2 or S days week, » tlU I. 
30c hour. 

ANTED— By experlsnoeA aiianographar. 

temiKirary or 
Phone ttl7R, or Boa 



VXTANTBD— PoaltloB as waltraaa, aome as* 
l«« »Urht hoaaowork. Phoaa 

YOUNO'iady will oara for ohlldrao aftor- 
Boowa or svenlngs. Boa ««tt. ColaalaL 


CBIZ<DRBN-8 dressmaking, plain sewing, 
st c. by day or at home. Pho ne «»«6L. 

DRESSMAKINQ iiid ait^raUons. US 
Barsman Street, Foul Bay. 

A BIO load uf black aoll aaa 
llvered. Phone 1M4, 

A poBNBT, tho PlamMag atari ttit 

A WELL praaervod light wagon in good 
. , •'•■*W10n. tiO. About ISO feet lumbar. 
Phono rttL. ■^'■'*''*" bouaa, Hit- 

AT Vloioria Crockery Btura. kxu Jobaaoa 
£a- Straou Ciookery. loola^ toys, orna- 


furattars waatsd. 


. bone Mra Huat. WtT ^ 

ALX. black aoU/aa< wall-rotted and froata 
manure dellverad. Phoae lit. 

A COAT or aull made over U u'tentlmes 
xy. almost equal to a obw garment. Wa 

„5?"'*?£T*'* •»* aliaraUoaa. 
Tibbetu A Op, Trauno* Ava^ tappoaiu 


4 SK to hear Btcwsrt Phonograph, Ideal 
■f^ for the camp or home; Ili.tO. 711 

1jV>K aqfa— Shot Qua. hammerless. 11 
A gauge, U.B., 137.60: Rifle. 10-tO oaL. 
Rsmlagtoa Repoaier, |S6: Rlfla. .22 cal^Sav- 
malic. Winchester. t4v; Hlfl*., 23 oal., Sav- 
*«a, fl.M: large Kohoer Accordion^ silver 
ntouated. |<6: Uaoach I'rtani FieM Oiaaa^ • 
power. 176; Banjo and cW. tlT.M; Oaltar 
and Caac. fit; Cornet, complete with at- 
tachments and case, }22.(«; silver mounted 
Flute, 112.(0; single stone Dlajnond iting, 
*l7t: Solid Uoid Cbala. la-kC Magliah hall- 
marked. tST-S*: Bamaila Flahlag Basket. 
fl.7t; Split Bamboo fl«4« iMi; Type- 
writers in good order, It* aaah; Waltham 
Sl-Jowal, Vaagawd nwdai, lU; (Jebblar 
Sato coniplata. II.26: Salt Csaaa fl.Mi Bl- 
cycle Outer Tirea tt.7t; Inner Tubee, tl.TI; 
Ladles' and Uents' Ulcyclea new tires aad 
mud gaaiSsL «jt; Pookot kalvaa, a|i( 
Spectaolaa, Sla; Spoctaclai ta nt aajr Slml; 
Wool Books. S60: ovaralla. t«a. Wa Madt 

parts to Ut any biorMa. - 
New oad Second-HaMk MaPL Ml Jl 

Stree t. Phone 7St. 

Futi Sale — «l-taol« steel ranga. asad iwloe 
for couklag. »• Umes for baattB«: priaa 
«•<, coat (7t: alao maa's Baal 
highest trama^ had S nanUa^ 
alnaa now, 

na^ had S nonilk^ hprS waar 
9*9. caat tUi alaa ret. aaw. 
iWMaS* HiA.taaat tMtt. 9hmm 

I^R Balo— Navy tailor made coatume. 
A spleadid condition; also fawn tailor 
made oostuoM, tint claaa taUarla«. Prtoa 
121 eaah. Phoaa *477U . 


ORGAN far aalo. sploadlS laatraaMat aad 
oawu Aft Broad m.. 

aaa «MMay. Tit Tataa. 


NBoiutni eCquD tii' arntf ''QMb 

•ack IB ^ W - WBWW af' - 
; BaSai^ is. tha a 


Ball orsaa. •«<. 

wBh asool. 
Tyt«aaloy'ab Ut 9wi%. 

STRAWpaBBT Plaau far 


£!XMdW •urtmt Waehlaa 
draNMSd. aaaalMatalH 



Si.N'UER aad Wklta 
7n Tataa. 

Phaaa M. 

tor roat 

"EWB f a l a l aatrlc 
Apply >»»r Ta paf A^ra. 

I4WR Sstg nsSa. hK' K f'^'^f ir . Loadan. 
A/ vaiF caod toa^ |1U eaah, or trade for 
4 gailaa cow, taatod. «6» Constance Ave. 

FOR Sale — 6 rooms furniture; will sell 
altogether or sell Individually; ao deal- 
ers; house for rent fU month. Phono 1«MT 
or «02 Oarbally itoad, after 1:2«: evenings 


pair m^a'a tuba loo sqatos 

ALMOST now ps 
and boots, VkH, Phono iTIlL. 

A PBW first elaaa Canada Prlda aad 
■f^ MajesUc raBCoa <oa aala ohat^ US 

Fort Strict. 


XpOR Saja— BvarboarlBc atrawbarry plants, 
Phow"iwH?!'^ «Mf Hpniett Kaad. 

"C>OR Sale— Cabin trunk. >14; lawn tennis 
^,.raequot, t6: baby'a clothes, )1&. Phono 


"C^OR Sale — i-hole Monarch range, |7I. 
A- Phone H17X, mornings or evenings. 


Sa ls Chanoallor Oamoy Raaga. 

^^A^^iSX!^ ^ dIaiBB room aalta. Apply 
!»« « Oa k Bay ^Avaaaa. ^ 

Ti^OB Oarbasa eollaotlBB. aBiid~paaua~to 
J IM DM Bsqulmalt Bo^ 

ITIOR Salo — About 100 feet good second 
A" haad 1-lBoh 

'banco to buy cheap gardsa 
balanes in stock: > doaen 
* *•* * ! • " ■ ' y. <UslwS f ar m. 
X2 Dutch hoe*;. 8 furrow hooa, 6 weeders. 
Only one tool of a kind to paa poraoa. Last 
day 01 sale. May I, aara. Baatara Stove 

f'o.. 848 Fort Et.-eet. 

A Variety of cut flowers, plants, and 
^ fruit In season. M. N. B«dd.,Baaaa 
Vista. Burnslde Road. Markat Bt£3i,^ H, «». 

ALL kinds o^ furniture bought aad sold 
at C. Sanders', 821 Fort. B 

Klven. Juat above Blanshard. 

Best prices 

T>RITANNIA Buck Range, 6-hole, steel 
AJ top^ water Jacket, wi^^ng closet, 
mtings compl^to. |40; alao gaac's B«dge- 
Wbltworth bkycta, flS, nS 'Sbaooa Street. 

B^^^jlSNSi^ ■V-'^Ao Brttt^talh, aplendid 
«<>^aHi!^'«Mef;nla tSt. IIM Pan- 
dera Aya> -PliaBa (tltR. 

JgOX Top' Maahlhe. |ie, 71S Tates. 

Box 8t«7, OoToiilst.' 

WANTBD at Once — Oood school bo v to 
'dOIIVer Colonist ruuto in Wilkinson 
Road district, aard«n City. Apply ImmsUl 
ately to Colonist Circulation Dept 

■TkREHSMAKi.vo— Ladles' aad ealldran'a 
A^ dressmaking, 113 8lm<»a. Phona iMOT. 

KfcjSilMAKiNO - Bioaao^ klmoaaa aad 
iv. P™««P»tr Saaa. Room it 
L] i 7*7 H Yate» Btreot. 

«•«•*• A»y I TYRBItaMAKINQ— Sewing 

• ' ■ V_ I dono, at your 

BROCCOU, Mammoth and Early White, 
tl per 100: cabbage, first and bost, 
40 cent» per 100; t3 per 1,000. Lettuce. 
Hanson's Improved, 60 COBts per 100. Phono 
8a64L, aimpson. 611 SB^artar. C. W. <X ' 

BBBT aalUd Alaatcan oodflsh. eaiwht la 
Borlag Boa. * lbs. for tS^ at BM 
Johnson Stroet. two doors b*'. Oavara-^ 

BRIOHT housekeeping room, gas atOVOb 
fireplace. ■i'ltat>le tor bualBaaa latfv. 
Phone 3»t2L after «. ■ ^ 

WANTBD— Man aad.wlfo oa raacn, nsn 
to work outsids^ .woma» to eook attd 
do housework; good wacoa, ^APSUr, O.o.^». 


M. Becher 

Risks (^(aak. B. C. 

WANTKD— Men, 12 to 2 p.i 
square meal; soup, n>lr, 
pudding; no extras. ^ ~ 
cook. Library Cafe. 

., for S' good 
■trwr pie or 
Full meal, tic White 

A . Ca^, Troaaoa 
Phoaa WM. 

Ara., ■ appaatta 


w • 

/^AJ*»5CHSiA Z>aBoa — Bvary Saturday 
V^ .aventttB In OaMoala WM, Vlaw Street 
(late Patricia), I:B> tfU lllM. Qaata. 76c; 
ladies. 26c. C. B. Wood, flaar .ashnager. 
Wallace's orchestra. , 

DANCE — Hons of England, Pride of the 
, laland ill. at a W. Hall, Broad 

TiMadM.-A»^;-M.. .t.«f4Maak. 'Tha 

t S. O. B. aHbtatra. SU taaaboU 
Tlaketa Ma. Twfra awieapiy. 


/l^UMMnnt OP pIano 

■'-■t f tut ORAtNITB ST. 
PHONB 1441 

Irano Scotch Dance. |n Caledonia Hall, 
view Street (late Patricia), on Wed- 
nesday, May 6, (:I0 till 12. Tickets 6uc. 
Wallace's orchestra. 

I ODGB PrlS(!oap,Al«i(andra No 16 meet- 
^ ln«. Wedaeadsy, tith, Oraam Hall, 1:16 
aharp. Military SU*. «ea~ - ' 
Everybody weloaBia. 

NBW gaK MttW SMI SMMWiwIlit 

Oadbord Bay, via Uplaads 

Brentwood Botai aad Oardaaa 
See a Cora (^fBaiat. Blatal eatn 

WANTED— Maa aad wUa to take sbarBo 
of and work mixed farm; miiat be aa- 
perlenced in handling mixed stock. Apaly 

1I4S Kings RoAd. er phoae 1(8. 

rE7ANTBD— Maa to tatA,||Bd..M^ftar«ot- 
yy ^•"*i.»«""' l»tra#baf^^i&i. ' ili6ao 
Col«aita MR. 

WANTicD— Boy, 14-11, to irork OB auall 
farm; one who oaa oUtlt praforrod. 

Box 8304. Colonist. . 

rXTHAT Do Ton Barat ^ Havb' WB' oppor- 
rv tunlty to leara adjrertlslaB. the busl- 
aesa for bright maa aad'- woraea who want 
to make money aad tret afut of the nit. Our 
Oonrae will do this for you. We can make 
aa advertUing man or woman of you If you 
have the will to Bucceed. Act today. Par 
tlculars frre. Bbaw Oorrea 
401 Permanent Loan 

Y^UR old felU 

Oorreapondenre School. 
gldg,, Victoria. B.C. ^ 

look like new. IflaMflk BSt 

vt.^iI ■in>1 >r/>rt XtrretS.* 

AORBBMBNTS 'sale aad mortgagea 
bought and aMA Appl* A D. Ford, 
107 Pembertow BIdg. Phoaa IIM. 

A GOOD home for a middleaged or elder- 
ly woman for llgbt servlcea. Apply 

1421 Pembroke St.. Fernwood. 

ALWAYS satisfactory — Removala by Car- 
ter Cob Phone ttgi. Furniture^ iff^nas. 
hagyage. freight. . 



T^XPBBIBNCBD nuratf for S yoaaa ahlld- 
ColoflR' Ba, fflr*^' «*^iApply 

HOUSBKEBPBR wanted to widower with 
owe girl; country. Box tl4f. CoIonUt. 

.Theae prtMJ^aw far U» WU^^ required by working 

Far waltSiS the aharga la ILt* XX man. 3 children, U, S and 7 yeara; city 
THOS S. ntMUSOU I 7*"" ""x »»»!, Colonlat. ' 

1710 Davie Street Phoaa MIS rTOimBKfcBPBR. aiMdlo asad, far^work- 

— AJ. ing man'a home, two la family. ApBly 

trip only, 
per boar. 

MILITARY 600 — Queen Alexandra Maooa- 
haaa. .K. af P. Hall. We d aosday. aith. 
1:10. Twalaa priaea; fear nnta, Ilvd ahlA- 
eaa. Kavlair laotlnfc T;M. 

PYTHIAN Social Final Dance, ThurfUay, 
K.t*. Hall. Two cash Tnmhola prliea. 
Oxarrt'a Orchestra. (Invi tation.) 

or night MosKMamr < 
Telephone 1024; raa phoae 6tt. 

If man'a homo, ._ 

phone e47<3tl, after ( p.m. 

LADiBT sirawa ro-^aa aad biookad ft 
laok ^Uk|(^»aw. Vtot^ru Hat Worka 


SKAL vl Ikka daana en "Nordlak Forea- 
InB" Ul gjensldig hygge og stotteT 
"Batstted gjor stsrki" Norske, Danske. 
■vensae og Finska lad os hore fra eder. 
Phoaa 1117, Dr. J Todmn, m. Q.,.or ITM 
May Staar for liaanden. lad oa aamlea. 

tor hiriL day Saanlch. Pb 
, ■ I A* wages. 

Broad aad 

T ADY Help, fead o* Ohildren ei 

A.i also temporary help, small hOBaaheld 

no children. Layard, Deep 
Phone IIT, Sidney. 

ntlal : 


(eneral. three la family, good 
Phone 114 IL. Oak Bay Dig.: 

rpMB aaaaal Baaaral meeting of the Vle> 
X toria (Fadaral) Clvii Krrvicc Aaaonia- 
tlOB, for elaotton of officers and to tienr 
relwrt of dalasate to eoavention «f Kedera- 
tl;^ a> Otuwa, win be held oa TburaJay 
kt 1 o'clnck. sharp. April », la 
.l>. P. O. Building. Wm. X. Otteh- 
|)rasldeat| B. B. Nelaea, aeorelary. 

STBNOORAPMBIIB— Bmpinymeat depart- 
neat; ttaa aorvlaa. Come aad regloter 

V^r^mwtittt Oa, l,td, 1U FirtSL 

SINOBRS Waated— Apply (Mtarlon. Bel- 
mont House. 

yyA NTED— Assistant 

ore; light datJaat raft 
Boa 8116, Oolaalat. 

to miad furaltar 

of any descrlp- 

. - home, or mine; 

charges m oderate. Phone 4141. 

FIK8T-CI.ABR Dressmaking — M. B. Glegg. 
1138 I'andora. P hone WtU, 

MU..LINERY— Hats remodqUod, trimmed; 
aWB material made apt tia fancy 
eharsOA 1120 Caledonia.' • ' 


Cv MILTO!*. pnyata taMlaat an 
■ 1M4 Monterey a^ 

NGiNBlBBB taatructod for esaailBatloaA 
W. o, WiBtaahara. *" * W 7tMl?a>tral 

BuiidiBB, viaioJiriAO.^^^^ T*rr 

— , per 

lead; mill edgings. 82.26 por load. Yard 
phones, 6881. and 746. 

BKAflS bed. massive, with spring, as new, 
cheap. liWi iiruad St. Phone 747. . 

BABY Carriages, like aew, English, dark 
blue. 142.60. ifincUsh. dark'atMaL atl.M 
and IS6'. 'cream wlcklr. rtvaSsTe ^Wy 
186. Ail barBalns. 

•26 I'andora 

ready to ooaaooL 



Iron pipe, all 
1^ Box 821«, 

jpojR nam nsnga 


.ABd — haatar. 


FOR B ala Chfld'a awlag eat, with food 
sprtar BuUtraaa; alao aalky. ^Pkaaa 

lOOOR. ow-r. S--0— 

FOR Sals— Beautiful eahlMt. rosewood. 
Ivory Inlaid. Box 7786, (^lonlst. 

17K>R Sale — 6Be covered demoardti Mra! 
A Ashtow, Wiiklnaon Road. 

IpOB 9alo— Two lO-fL plats glam silent 
A aalaaman sbowcsses. two cash registers, 
aad oae kitebea range. Apply Scotch 
Bakery, 14»» Douglas St ■ 

pV)R Saio->Bail upright piano, good aa 
A aaw. sweet tone; also dropbead sawlas 
maahlae. Phone 1249T. 

•pOB Salo-^Ma«>a Mayela, W. Paitaat. 
Pheae IMOR:; > 

■CVJK Sale— Fumed qak dlalng table and 
5>o'.'aL,_alao_^ dainiBpart^Ml 

owner learlaB cMy, 

or evaalag. 3M6 Ltydla St 


F(m Bala— Tr gblMt, natoria Phoenix 
Brawsry Co. Apply Ban 

» .drawer. 

. Prtoa**!?!. 

,T«T Paat Straat. 

lalaad Baehaaca, 

hear one. 

SITLKIBS, ee-earu aad paah' ohaira, frost 
t2.60; high chaira from |li ooaaoMtda 
chairs from |1.6*., Paadora. 

^SBVBRAL saad raafaa tm aato^ fraaa |M. 

SOfOBB Drapkaai, »irta«t 

order. |M; 

PIX tamed diaera. and tabto 
anap at 17*. Oddy's. HIT DouBtaS §t, 
1 block below Hadson's -jpay Bids. 

gPBCL6lM-^Mpa^ tpll^t 

gioN^' 4MO mow "^tJ^tjik 

baa af 

OOUTHALO. — For nUal>U 
raages, 881 Fort 8tr«*t. 



oeaaeeted. old' 
Pbene 4229. 

stoves and 
Coils aaada, 
•^^vsa and raagaa 

80LDIBR8. 'SHUNI-^Haee roar ever«oaU 
dyed aad ramodelled at D. F. Sattnk- 


%** ">* 0!*o*lo* a t^. F. ^rtnl 



n-. >. aVUABOB 


Phoae "Twa-Mts >i9hin«lBht* 

' ^ ' ; « 


O fitrnlshsd roeasa 

ASalta aa|y. 

•US, Calonlst 


A/ frame, wltM* Oak •^Ultf ' 



James Bay. 

»'--Oaad BUBlar Slaaa. ataal 

41B Parry at, 

T2W>R 'Sala— •averal thouasa< 
A bearlBB atrawborry pteB 

W. J. Pratt. HI Fraaer 1^, 

FOR Sata--aaMaB aak dialas raaoi aalta, 
cheap, ttai BraaS lb 

assA jSaaafB aaar 

FOR Sale— Practically aew aaS Ha t . aitfP 
able for real estate buatMSaf avt-aay 

other Una. Pllmley's Garage. 

FRAMED Art Union engrsvlnga, suitable 
for ctuba or hotels, at Mayaard's Wed- 
nesday Auction Sale. 

TTKJR Sale— Three thougand feet 4x11x11 
A. ft. used Inmber. cheap; alao MBPi 
biewle. Phone 6868U . ae»ro 

pHlltNITtrRE — Phone 747 If yMt'lmva aap 

A*, to eeii; will eall at owes. ' 

GOLDEN Oak morria chair, Al eoadl- 
tlon. 817.60. Oddy'a. itlT ZVsaglas WL 



,_. — gold medaJlat of the London 
Academy, Bngland. Is arrancing claaaaa in 
Bloentlon. fur chlidraa uador Iti years of 
age. uommoncing May 1, AU partleulara 
'fomMlaa Bidrldgo. St. OaerBoV — 
viotoria. ^ . 


PBTVAta tuition by expehaaood taaohar 
la aahool subjacta far haakwhrd ata- 
dsnts er cases of neglected educallan. Stadia 
lit Sayward Bldg. 

SHORTHAND School, ml Oareramoat 
Street Shortbaad. typewrtltaiB. babk- 
kseplnB ^tkoranghiy thaght: sradhatea Slh 
.K**^ posltioas. A. B. MaMlllaa. prla> 
cipsi. Wmna 174. 

UKUUILi.^.. Mandolin, dawallaa 
Guitar, Bai4jo and Piano, 


Phono 414T 

Mra Jal 

VBBNOM Preparatory Sehoat. ColdatraaSU 
MJO, Bayg, t«lt. tarBaat la latortar; 

" 'jrasUah), 

TTTB ara about ta open .a aohoel to teach 
TT general gardening and hothouae busi- 

ness. We can take several pupils; no fee 
charged. Send application* or call: A. B. 
lUinily, c|o Uandya NurfH!ry, Cloverdalo 
A ve. 



lag LrA.B7>. 


Isat y«sr. iaaiitS> 

EKNFJtT BF.MPL.B, vieUnlst and teaohor. 
I«a£«r Princkss Thsatre orchestra. 1848 
MItcholl Btroet. Victoria. B.C. Phone 8741. 

i:>l]i;<DI}fq^fqr sale at rouodauoa yards: I - . — — -. »wi>«,.. 

AJ ^ue volla aaa >ailfc draas. stee 42. 


.. » . ■ • — Cbll 

drcii s clottaea, secondhand. Room 2. The 
Poplars, Oeverament St. 

'DBST prAses glten for all kinds of fur- 
AJ nlture. bought or sxchanged at . a San- 
ders. 821 Fort Just above Blaaal^yd. 

COUCH, upholstsred la 
oondlUon. A 
BxchaAg^. 747 Port 

COLUMBIA Gramophone,' mahogany «ab- 
inet. and 82 records, all Just like new. 
A bargain, |S5 the lot Island BxobaacsL 

747 Fort .Street. 

COMPL£:'rB mailing lists of the priaaipal 
homis in Victoria and Vancouver «g«and" 
also llsu of • owners of automobiles aad 
in^lw *« y»«!!»flA Md other dlitrlcu of tba 
laiaBA la addlttaa wa l^ava rampieta liou 
Ifar th4l whSio Of Caaada) af manufaotar- 
ero, wboleoalera, rotaU atarea. hotelai aUlla 
and profeasional maa. 

Saito 2t Winch Building Vlotartik B.flL 
(Bstabllsbod liai) 

COX * DoiKM^u. apaoiailato ta 
and motor rapalrlns, swliahbaard 
Uons, prtvata laataltattaaa; aiotars aad 
dynamos rswetmd and (waraateeA Botl- 

matss givea, Stabart^Piaaao Bldg„ Tataa 
Street. ^ Phoneo »Mfc ¥HW| aa#"u>B. 

/^tOTTAOB piano, sj^ioidld tone, at a bar- 
yj gain, tit Johnson St 

p. ASKBY — isxpress and deUrery eae- 
ton motor truck, bagaage aad f i slBht 
collected, ebeoked aad salppad. fBtiMtara 
removed. reaaoBabia rataai M j jg8B_ t »_|at- 

I^BAM aawdaat gtvea away. Sweeaoy 

V/ Oaoperafe. BUery pt. aoar LamfMa. 

MISS MAliOB BCRtJBT. vloleaoelUst. 
A.R.C.M.. L..R.AM., receives pupils 
•22 Blanshard Street, phone 673tU 

M7%.n.!^.C.L. aalo harplsi, tarn 
papUa ear Mmm. karpL thaory a( aa 
•I4*^lvar Ataeti Oak^rTfkbaa BS 


harplati taaalvaa 

»IANO foT' Beat Phone 8t4tU 

PIAMO, SIBBMW— Mlaa Clarlaaa 

Da viae, 

M RS. R. gBMPlB <M. piasist aad «a- 
■ pwieaeed teaoher at ptaaa: paplla are- 
pared (or azamlaatlon U daa lr eA I>48 

Mitchell Street Phone 8747. 




trmm si 
p fcaai d t 


t. 6M 

Anar ladadtrlai Oei 



root, wttf aa 
to call tor your eaat-oft elothlBB, 
mbbors, disoardsd (araltare eo aaqr- 
!«' yon kava a* aeod oC Phoae Oapt. 
art. I84A 

'^MICAX. Society, lit Beta 

- Oood plaia 
Phone M14 H. 

l^Ak'JFBD — A good machlaiat, for mak- 
▼v |n« aWnlng. Geo. RIgby, awoing 
maker, 1881 Douglas Street 

WANTBD— Reliable general help; good 
wages. Phone 28«;u 


Opaa t«r laaaematiua 
~- l o a d la g library. S to • 

\XrANTBD— Olrl for light bouseworii. 
Paw hours mornings. er all day, 

Apply »TlUirtleaa Avenue, off Newport 
Avenue. 0*H Bay. Taiaphene tSllR. 

ffmm tmdHte AaslUary 10 the O.W.V.A. 
X 'Ana hafdlpf • ailaar tea in Christ 
Ch«m s e fc aw i W w . April 88. 8 to • p.m. 
Tha 'Bav. Dean Qusinton win taka tha 
chairs Atternoaa tea. lerreehmeata mbS 
Bai^a ^aaklWB oa aals. Musical proSfune. 

Capital Owb wlU held » mUllary 
•id la tha Uvaasa HalL Oawtaey St.. 
aa WadaaaSay. Aprt Tlik -lal ItflMbr 

rtOToklA Bey 

WANTSO— Hxpertaaeed arm 
Mollys Restaaraat. «1J For 

Fort •treat. 

WANTBD— A eersetler. APPly 
Campbell Bldg. Phone 44tS. 


WANTBD — A eompetoat heaaekeaper 
waated iBmedlateiy f«r aanll houae m 
Victoria: salary. tM a mSriii V5? 
Mrs. Sealo. Kadtto>Bt HU ^^ 

VtOTOkliA Bey I 
•Sa^ 4SI Paaa 

WANTBl>-OM ar yoBBB w 
Ba u aawag Bi ggad basM. 

AHTBD— mi|_«# 

\r A. A c. danf«, Aisxaadra Ciah^ VVi«iq^ i 

V . Aarll M^from . tW J^^jOjo^ tiyANTBD^Ttf MIS W WH h ijiii 

piiav a« *aa w, mmm |^ two^ontaii ahOStati: mmSStMt 

for llSht 
14SI Biads- 

for gaaaMJ 

SSU a<«« 

lat the 


a araate ti 
raa aa 
pimaber by 

Itlaht phnao 

rmuBT Bi H a ttaias lsiaa«, 

? -"ir. C A,-^^asnaaB9 Sal^ St i^tfit 
• Hall SatiMay. M^y I. liM OaiMtlha- 


TXTORKltMl Hoaaelteepef waaibd by 

vV widoerer <wlthout family), fgr email 
fruit raaeti. aoar rtty. (Wleais*. Bea attt. 

\roviao airu just utt utIjoui. t/» w~ afZ 
JL laaa l a aa with iib<»< ~ 

bafeaa It^ Prt- 

ABB aaa wuvIiIbb Vai 
a Pars asy.r I aa 
My aamplea adS" bana«« 
Ft* aaa mention Mar lias 
wor%ias. Baa tlt^ caiaa 



rUMP turn SB IsUhA . aauth aad af 
V/ bms Laka: goad ahad*: . bathiaft flah- 

B pro^ 
It LaJia, 

EXCHANOB elevea aatai^ near Fataan. 
aeeead Bf««rth. fliaar tlUe. 91.M«-.>-' 
escbaaye for plaao. ar offers. Postofftaq 
Box lau. 

WLL Bxebanae cheaUeala. ai4 a»paniiaa 
for a good .81 eal., MSKIa ttm M0a. 

Phoae till, after 1 pusa. 

AOBBB ar tta Saaat taad tm m 
loatty aleatad. with — Maijiaa 

8 _ 

auppiy; all laaeed and adjolataSLST C fn>n 
trto Raiiwayt win excbaageW Velaria 

JrrMisis?^' "-"t 

1*1 t'alan 

G. C HOW8U. 
ah Bandlay 

1 Q ALLAXDALB. falty faralabod aatta- M 
atM «Mr meatha. Phawa MSSU 

A BBTI^BHBD wounded aoldler will call at 
yaar httait and repair year otacka aad 

J^CHAJNN»>-« asre 


as part pAyamai. 
after d sua., ar s 


MJE. oaHttltai 


pile oara 


la Ood we traat 

iai6-l7 Nartb 
laaw iawad*e%r^ 

}*0 — Aaleomlanig. p«#eri 

/^MPLBTB haaae (amiahtaBa, laeindtag 
\J iUO tUed baak raaBc. tar fM« at aCart 
I 4-room fully modem boaat^ lit Hmt, ftaa 
for April; must sell by BaMBP. Aiiaomia* 

ment Box 4344, (^lonla^ 

DRESSMAKiNO aad altarauoao done by 
the day. 1480 Bmpraas St, Wliiewa 

TVON'T haaltali W — i 84M If yea aaea 
A«r aay fomitars ^ wtah to dlspoo* eC 
Oar repreoeDtatlve will eall aad offer sar> 
seat arleea. Islaad Baohaaaa. ?«; Fort at. 

DUICABDBI) Clathtas Wanted— Oanlle- 
maa'B aalta, 'pmntti akaaa; ladles' coe- 
taiBaa. dr aaaaa, walata^ etc.; children's 


Phomt «Tfi^ . 

stove, ga 


la. ti 

PrIaa M», 

QlKar. la gaod eaadlttoBi 
intlC. avaalBBB. 

UPMOaJWBBlwq .CheatamekU aad eaay 
ahalra made to ardar. Jobhla« attaadai 
taw ,Phaaa. ai6tB. 

VIOLIN for Bala— Over ooe hundred 
years old. lovely laallow toae. splen- 
did eoBdltlaa. Owiier wUl tak« Mt. far 
«alek aala. Phdha iMl. - ' 



S«t BAinOir ilt; ■ " • ''l^OMB iTW 

•mat OB SBU. Amttuuiq from a • 


YICM, TMBitkrS A RBaSON. ~~~ 


CAM glva tSa h lsh tot oaaa prioe far aB 
UBtB at SBBtA eiatJUa& beoaaae X 


aaa t rt ad, always aaa^aaC 

J XATl. Phone «44»H, la prepared to buy 
• ' anything you may hav« to aell. 
KothlBB too large for as* «b handle; aothlnc 
too aaiall to recelea my persoaal attentloa. 

LAOY'8 Bicycle, good make and coudl- 
tten. Phone ?47. 

T HT aa votiaut your oaa eaoaanu; ou uui- 
lA^laattaa. ao pay. Th* T. PT McConnett 
Meroaatlte Ag»ae>. UlA Pembarton Bldg. 

MRS. OARTMB— <iooa caxp«ik, lurauar% 
ste.. bought aad aald. Cur. Bay a«B 
Uoverpmeat b treats. Paeae 6806. 

iCTORiA Mat Paatory wlU wark waB> 
dera With yatir aU tile. Broad asd Park 



or lira lOsw e aaagT at 

fpSMT waated. I s 10 or larger; moat ha 
X IB good oaadlUoa. Box UTl. OalmhK. 

18 "x 

WANTED — Tent. 1( x 18, alao fly 
32. M>Ply I'.O. Box 6'Jo, City. 

WAKTBD — Sevaral tbaiiaaad Magooa 
atrawbarry plaata. alaa a (aw huadrwl 
Paatoaa; quaatMy aad prIaa to P.O. 
M. City. 

ANTBD — A 7-h.i>. gasollns circular 
suitable (ur oordwood. Reply 


stallng lowest cash prtea and full pi 
lars to A H. Samuelsoa, Box 181. D 



WABTaO — Wheelbarrow. 
•Maa: IS ar U-foot gate; 

yrladatoae : 

well pamp, with about 1*0 ft pipe. Phoaa 
<T«I. SI 

WANTED— Parrot cage. 
Phone Colqults 24Y. 

good ooadltloa. 

WANTBD — Some Oriental curtains, brass 
baaging lamp, Indian bram trayo) small 
Perataa raa, alap odd oartoa aultobla for 
tmHf aad haii Baa MM Oatoalst 


l>n thenaand 
plants, Magoona preferred. 
Brudlna. Royal Oak. 


WANTBD— Mingle horae wagon. 
Xingwell, Royal Oak. 

WANTBD— 200 loganberry tlpa. Box 8171. 

^^ANTED to Rent — Small farm. 

Washington Ave. 


YI7ANTBD — Coltapaabis go-eart or aulky, 
▼ V In good condition. Phons 6MIR. 


WANTBD— Two teats, alsaa ' 14xl« ar 
itxit. with nya If possible: mast be la 
yood ooadltloa. Phaae UT. 

Wa are p ra ss MS to bay, diamoada 


iSUrletly oaaSdsatlall 
Tiiaphiaa *»H - — -"-^ 



carry, a good aoleetloa af allshtlf 
faraltura^ also esofeaasA 

Q.OOD Violin for aala el 

Call UOIB. 

GTRNRT Oxford 'ehaneetlor ranBO, .kat 
water connections: -roller Mhida.- aWdkaa 

house, lumber, etc. . Flipne . ItllX, 

/^'ARDEN Produce - for . aalo— Bhabhrb. 



>N Broa,, far fanutnrs 
eratlBB. atampe. at 
kaaw bow. phaae tttt. 

IF yaarta leaving towa. aad have any fur- 
niture, carpets, ranges, to dlapoae of 
phone 2t5«. Oddy'a.^ltl7 Pooglaa St. 


641 BASTIOH ST. ' PHOMB tit 


Fort Street 

hare the 

LBT me prove to yaa,. that I 
'•ytiJf *A Ai * iL *** van la the 
'=^2**!! VMlTha prtaa of year tarui- 
SB MsaS t* SMra yasi jaat a UrtaB 

LAOIBV made-to-ord«r aults at 
moderate pricfu Plaee a trial 

with TtbbatM A Obh 

Ava. Mm 

T AWB mawara. lit. allsMly 

oat sale; eheapest In .Vr 
Store CO., 841 Fort Streotl 

LBATHBB salteaso aad 
sale. 14*8 Broad St 

U dlsi 

upa. attaaB^ ttaa 
up to las. Apvly Boa 

LAOVtm aad I 
made to order 
Imported tweeds. 


saatlamea'a SpHag aalta 
ir at vary moderate pricea; 
>. worsteda and aai 

Co.. Trounce Ave. (o| 

rlddaa a few 

bleyele. "BraaUord." aaly 
a few umea. Ctst 
«Uek aalih MS. ' ' 


clothinc. Spot eaah aad the . hijriliaat price 

la youra If yoa can tha 
A Ofc. TM Part ^ 
• B4a.. 7NJI, 

firm. Shaw 
«Mi attdr 

LABoa cUftNtw; witk fisia 
MAM: aaaA OMy*^ ISIT DaiL 
I'a Bay BMg. 



to aan . 
7 Thaa 
Barfeag Aaauoa SUaa, < 
PHSay. ar phaaa Mtt^aa 





EXTRA aae fames oak < 
PhaM 7«T. 

yOR Salo— Al parsnip 
A tested aad gaaraatai 

a. P. Tapacott, 8841 

16« lb*. 




ber-tlred 4-i 
Sever , loaJoo: 
Bortll. Ceiqaiu P.O. 

Pbawa attlB. 

LAROB ataad lamp tar aata. almost new, 
^^^^eoet 648.60. sell for 186 cash. f>bOBe 




sniaa. M »aaa ttas halt 
lookamHh. «sr Jirt it 

^AHOOAMrr aattee aad 


to aew oaa- 


ebalr. apbat- 
aMy H«. 

nrOMBNt— That salt or oaat' yea oenalder 
^r. Ja- rather shabby aaA out of atyla oaa 
SaariMy be;,aMde aver to suit ybo.' Call at 
flhbatu A Os., Treuaee Ave. (oppaalM 
PalaBlat). Pl|»». 

tamlTB aftamei bed, apt4a« aad toew 
▼ V mattreaa. fall alao, 04od kBchbs Ubia 
and » .ph^U;s; phqajt. J'haaa. 

rX7ANf)n>— Taltorlalr. dyeing, eieaaOaB^ 
TV rensadellaf. ra p ata laj f ^ ladiea or gaatlb- 

mow;. oati aadTaiirirV^ la^aS agtiv 

XKpt' Bay, Ball, ittO. exaha^ire. eaM-off 
V T clotiilag, JeweliT, ^ earpaatarar aatb hll 
kiada af Btaobaaler. t^^ truakA aalt 

c a ast S 


basg, eto., eta. 

TeBbw Vraat 
Seoaadhaad ftarek; 616 Jahaaoa St. 
MM. Tl^ TOtaiM? atata^ 

„ rujuil Ptiltta«UteBi PUBjfiTUBki 

IBN baytos or selUac furniture, ra- 
ther tha Beturaod Soidlersr Ba- 
chango Blvee yoa best value to the aity> 
Address. 1418 Douglas Street Phoae •484. 

WANTBD — Second-hand clothing for baby 
from one year to two, also dreaa ar 
ault, else 88 to 48. Box 4886, Colonist 

WANTBO— Old bioycies aad parts la aay 
eoadltto^ Victory Wreefcaaa Cyola 
WarBa. Phaaa TJi. 681 ^ehaaoa- MsMi^InZ 
aalX at -aay addreaa. 

a pay top prieaa far alethlng, faraltSitk 
atarea. old tooth aa« aaythlSB a< 


• AT calMfUl''— IS Baaaaa Km'?^, 
JX. boautifuilr aitaatad. Pliaa^ •■lA lai 
k>ottglas Streai ' " ' 

— ■ ■ 

Bo.N ACCORD. 846 PriBceto Arsk— Oaa- 
venientiy aad ptaasantly alttMtediBOod 

f lala caakias ai-'mederaM latea Phaaa 
Ml. * ' 

COMFORTABLE room and board, pear I 
canines. P hone 8989T. 

FIRST -CI.ASS room aad baardMprtvati^ all 
moiiern conveataaoaa; aahtral. AM<y 

Phope »t2 0R. 


Al C 
and esa 

llti Oaoar St.. Juat oB 
Cook. Quiet aad select; near Bark 
Hoard entlsnal. Phone tlllX. 

YOUfc eM felts 'blaako* aai 
look Uka aom ' " 

Broad aad Fart ~ 

YOUB liirtSB aato. tadtoa or _ 
to ««Sar), at a priea yoa will agree la 
unuaaally raaaeaabtoi aa Ortoatai labor em- 

gloyed. Soe oar pattaras for Spring. Tib- 
eits A Co.. Traaaae Ave. (epposiU Col- 


>•'» <r , 

60 aKj:^ 

aRBBX stock: 


Tha Kiwaala Clab of Vlctorto preaeato 

cym OF fjus jjbx- 

SOOM and Board— With prtvaU family, 
tar SumMar moatha^ aoar Broat*ood 
lol, 1 aU ooaaaaloBoaa aad alaaa to aaat 

:aTto'r'&'r. ^t^^ , 

HE ORQVB— New open for vIMtSfi ^Wfth 
or without tneala. I'hone SMSV. MS 
Bank Street. Oak Bay ca r. " 

TrilRNON HOOSB, VM RuakaMt— 1 
V and board, layaly BroBad% aastfH, 

^XTBLL Furaiahed roohuL wltlT'av 
▼y Nard. <4T WUBaraTtraat 

2 SifeAUTIPVt> Sa«}Ma reoma, aaa 

BBUMnrxOH HOTBI^ SSo algbt and up: 
«•.{• trodkly aad aa: beet locaUoa: no 
bar. Tataa aad DiraBlaa. Phone «t7«o. 

TT^AIRFIBLD District— Comfortable 

A* nil 


ilshed front room. Phone 41. 

FUBMISHBD bedroom to lat. far Baatla 
■ma; Nyakfaaf If dealrad. Phwie liBlB. 

PUBMiaKHD fraat bedroom far fSplla* 
aua. ¥aaaaa«ar St. PhoBa dfTMT 

ar the 


SMkata 6*0 to •1.6A BMrt 


ALA|>T wUI aaM aa«-b«y 
elaaa «aat-aB 

oMraL Mmit « 


ABUMPUfO p(laa la what we par for aay 
klad of eaat-as eiothiM. dall 
whaas aay Uma Phoa* MiA 

MY faraltsre 


Baahaas» t«t Fart 

MASow * mtaoH 
saBWiiaals. fM Ti 

saM SB asaatBly 



^*A atoaalvo dealga aad ioraly toaA »o* 
oaaSBIaa; warU NM: wBI gall «M IMS 


yBW.t s. iai ^ im wBBa haC iifcgiiifc 

dealafc ad Wlaaipeg oad i 
opea to Bar aarf aaM t ' ' 
geai'e aaS ailMraa'a siath; 
aartar siaatoai apoalat aBsai 
stolhea. We par ape* eaah 
Basia im daae atrietly artra _ 
wtll aaU Ssr ssi f to aay e4draa% ar 
•IS Jahaaaa ?trp-t. /•■•'.ai - - - 

A S9UABB Oea*-^Mp.^ 

^t'g^a^gg fig 4a%3 

eail aay ttaao a^iiiSa ^mS$i_i 


lasii* iiiisati 

-CWBNIBHBD Baaflto, 116 Ml 
J Jaaaaa Bay. Phoae 16T1B. 

1JM>B Boht-Oaa. two ar three be«<BlltfBB 
f raoma, with gratea, furaiahed. aa aar 
Has. aad withia walking diatoaoe. ASplF 
to 9. Fraaar. Coloaiat OAea. Phaaa It. — 

FUBMISHBD Rooms. Bias 
MIT Amalto Street. 

TiOlOB fraat bsdraaiB aad aHUs* pa^ 
With nre place: an. Ii a a aa fcg iptss " 

iages: eloae to car aad 
or eail 181 Buahby St 




Bay MataK firat-class 
prlaUaptai Phaaa 4a48R. 


well fur- 
aiahed, urs of kitehea and other oon- 
vrnleaoesk in modern boms inside city 
llmltA half bleak from Oak Bay ear. Box 


Assly UN /I 

TBTBLL faralabed front room, madam. 
TV Btebti 


N6 Vaa- 

saltaa. wall 
room With prfiwta 


BBACH Drtra. Oak 

~ tntu 

ar ,(JiMa 

FtmmSHBD haaaoBaapiag 
raaam aaltaMa for baohlaa. two MaaBs 
fM Hambeldt Staaat 



'I * 

• .-■id- 


A Mart fey Blliay R^^r^ Business Property for SaJe^^ 4^ 

APAllTMtBNT*— ruraUfe«« sr — ftimiifc i 
•4. Pban* MMU 

< A 'mCWuriUakAl Mlt«. tkrM r«oi*a u« 


aw. Mt ate- 

flvl. »»• • Math. 

]pra>iifini» cm, • 

/ ||JIUl,ur MralalMid tlw— -w>- — 

JC v\»ul all AMVMriMMML Mit»Ma for 

two AdHlu. BO cblldraa: III » mMtlt. U»> 
ela4M WM«r, lishta aad pb—. CM! III. 

FCRMIAUKD aulu to r«at — Bolloruo 
I Court, a— r boiicfc Pfcoao ITU. 

nC*D1l«ISHHD AyartMoat la Jaaoa ^ . 
•T ThNo Ur(M tMOM aad ImU. MmIi 
fMm mmk/ aa« half Meelt frMi oar. AAalM 
' oab. AMir h 
Oalarlo itoaft. 

1 »t» t» 

MfUHBD houMkooptnr Mlt*] 
Bay; Phono 41901k 

TgmanMBMD apartjoant. klMhaa. hod« 


Knit— A Wol|.f«ralah«« 
^•a^ ooa aad oar. 

fTHBBB partly farniabod roowa far raat. 
-1- saa atovo. yh— l lift Burdott Avoaaa. 

Avanuo— Puralabod or 
with «aa 

{ 'lA^ AX.AJftUU^-ruUir fara|aM« Oat to 
X40 raat, four atonth^ Phoao Mtlu 

I l^moouXD apartaiaat. uafuralahad; flva- 
, " roomad ap^Kmoat. aafnralahad: brt«bt 
( aad elean' AMly: Oflloa. Hloaa ]|i«i raal 

\ da^ pMaalyiu 



ALWAT* aat^iCif 
tor Co. Phaaa 

■ovala hy Car* 
ParaHara. alaao^ 

[ ^^MAIjOW to Raal 
; -P aHa»«. flaao, ata. 

la par«liaaar of tor- 
CvH^ » a« XTa 

Braad •traat 

'i? bai 

tuatalaw to «i*rtr 
bajrlBg raaia. Uaa aaC' kliiida: eaatraL 
I Bo» tttu Oploatat. ' 

ia< car. ' 

nbion Raat — l-roMB modam oottaga. cood 
J? loMllty. Oorfo DIatriet, laeludlna fur- 
nitura: will laaaa 4. < «r II Qioatha; III par 
fuoath. A. T. Abboy. p>oaa 111. 

/f laama, ;iaaiaa Bay 

I Monia, Baraaldo 
4 raanMtUorfo 
' • CHOM * CO. 
Botmont Hooaa 




pty to !»a. _ 
or P>aaf tW, 

-CWKMlMtBD aa«la«e, 
* III 

•If. tl*f QiadaMM Avoaaa. 

"EWm Koat 

or laaBMk la 


FLULNiVMSD H aaaa, I raonu, aa Tntteh 


p«r moB 
afen Bank BIdjr, 

igwmifM CTi »~ihu* w 

Ptiaaa iUWU 



pnritmSHBD ha«aa tm raat. • rooaHk wUh 
larfa kit«hoB gardan. ehlckaa houaa, 
III Baqalmalt Boad, Vletyrla WMt; Ml 
par month. Cava * Sauadara. INI Laac- 
lay atraot. 

PKOMPBOT ialio Paralafcod 4 
oottaco oa tho laka tromii waUr alpaA 

late kltcbaa: boat. 

iKa rroati 
Baa fiat. 


fno Rant — Puraiahad thraa-room apart- 
J- mant, Imniadlata aoaMOetoa. MMint Vd- 
wards Apartmanta. Paoaa lOCIIl. 

fpo Rant — Pumlabod, laodora. als-roaaud, 
X with garar* aad oblekan ran. HIT 
KeBrida Ava. Fhoaa 47I4X 

rpo m 

Raath-Abooi isth May. tor 4 
a parttr-fariMabad iHagyad 


piaao, T41 View St., 140 a month. Apply 
■ultc 7 DelM Hotal. Phon« I0»sn. 


r Wta from raglatarad IMpfayaf'hr iyMaj i 

Vlaltoro wi 
a«K nil, Vl«tort4k 
at IM JobaaoB Straac 


TTOVUmnoijD oOooU ta aay 
XT' aaraCally toajiaparaH^la tawa oroat 
af taara. nSMaTmloo ta tba Bbm. la tMh i 
aaaraatood. Ila i aia IMa naao 

^ - lit? 

iai»—T ttj p a W b.. alaaa ta 

LOVBLiT furaiahod toaaoa la all parta at 
elty. Apply B. B. Baath« Itlt Doaclfei 

T>AX*X<T taraWhad oattaga, M«r mmfif 

ni-BCNMCVO aMtdam 
i'faiwa, «gr««l«- ««f . ' 

. amval. 

Raat— lf>ro«n>ad haaaa oa BtlMda, 

aaar ttauglaa. Apply Bnptra Realty 
Ca., Part Straat. 

(JUKB btg gaoi^ 

it 4Matar> la tawai 

nib Ikaat natarnUhod— ITorth Oaadra at— 
J. An l-roemad houaa wltlr over t aeraa 


ooW tMtor, ttatb and toilat; aaraval -aat* 

hattdlaga: raat U* jpar paatk. i 

iiiiBipwi aujmm 

Mabon Bonding .O^^ atora 

rpo Rant— l-roomod eottaae, la Oak Bay. 
(Jr- par aioMb, laaiadla* watbp. 
Pheaa 101. ' ' 1 

RMlrfkBD Boaaa ta raat aa RMh 
I n aa w . larga 


lay^ ^Makaa iavaa. 

6-MOOIMP hooaa. alaaa la. furaaaa, gM> 

.n/AlfTBD— Unfaralahad hoapa. II rpoi 


'AMTBD to Raal— <Bniall Bio^a ia hoaaa 
«r bungalow; family of tbia^ AppUr 
nil, ColonlaC 

|^Ayr|»0 ia. ||j a i_^ Mi JI 


modara he 
and Oorgo Road, Bat laa 
atraat. Pkona lOflU Wiil-i>pii^iniaiii tiwiTS 
ffood condittoa la PatrflaM ar Foal 

'JkHtMD ta tMM. «tlh aptioB of 
jiabaaifc a alaaly altuatad 1M>1 - 

flra or alxj 

Baa Till, Calaalat. 

— — . _ nxcallant laa> 

aala: 1 adalta. Roat paid avartoriy la ad* 


° iW Oa g rea t w * aaoa to 
It y«ar taraHara aad %a- 

r CofoSat. 

nrAimn>-^ftaat Ota lal ar lava; Uk 9 
VPaMaHth, faoal H ied haavt, Wlty nodira, 
•ItlalaiW Of ida^fflwyi^ aNtfc ^ 

>*ay. J 

Ml. 1 

WwCTP fcaaaa to raat. « roiiar^ jmt 

AUTBQiUXRD agaata far 
dakaalB,- a b^MT^" " 
ahliaran aad adattiit __ 
Howtog Advartlalaa Agada^nKlta M, 
Bidg.. Victoria. B.C. 

Our Puaib 

White Wyaadottaa aad 
WhUo Lag horse arg Uia Wl 


took at aaeHfloa prleaa: Doea, trom 

k Miaarea PiUlatfl^ ai^ laying, abolaa 
Mkt tot aala. Ml ~ - - - - 
Phaaa IMIX* 

par 14. Phaaa 



laair Aprtl ft ar U- 
a ra« aaly net oPdaMO. 
IO«s IM-SI0-«gg Wyan- 
All our naata are trap nesta 

HalfVtoa. hata^jng a|^g: I^ghorna, 

'jlaby'c&^l^i -aftar 

ilalf prieo, hmtaUag •W'l 

par aattlag of II 
May Id. 



Radartleaa oa 


-DARRBQ Plymaulh tUdk aggt, |l.M, 
13 11,11 aattlag: lU. Ill par IM: ohiak^ 



>ABt Chlcka— White Lai 

BToa.?sr ^ n.rt2[iaa n;':: 

Phaaa OtK. ~^ 

BAMTAMB for Bale — BlaA Cochla Bantam 
cocka, prise Imported ."ifriOa; II, 
Payne, Breod'a Croaa UuttO, . > 


m "Old MUaMa 'irina.'' iaaTiow >oal 
Partn. iii Daiiaa Road. Ptoao lici. 

yin^lTork alr aat 

^~10MB ta tho 

\J your hatel 
hwnr. layta* i . 

Swt!? iV and^^lS! 

egge aad Uva «kl< 

la Iniy 

AMD 14 

II II I m> I > n i - ii rm JSMBM tf^ - i 

j-AieMiM 'aia^ ' :i:m 

Jdtllegg Wh|la WyaadalL-^ 

-t>ean etrain, or lll-egg Will to Ueghorn. Im- 

|«|^ ato«lt. 101 aprtagaoid Ara. Pboaa 

/V» mw ai r la poPMet Vorklag 
\7 apadltloa. WW taka aaia af too chick- 
gyt jSa^ Phaaa fM i. ^ 

T^omotM. Xodca Barkahlaoa A few pare 
Jn Brad aaw figa tor aale, 4 moatha old. 
^g^^l^Mf aaab. C Oldaald. Slk 

•Tl, VIetaria. 

PUBB bred But Orpington daak agga, It 
par It, Al stock, delivered within the 
4-mlle circle. No more duekllaga for aale. 
H. U Joaafc Calgulta y.C, VlgtorU. B.C. 

BT RBSa, tlsi par aattlag; broady 
.A« haaa loll BelataaL Phono TUB. 

SIMOINO Oaaarlaa— OuaraaUadj at llf 
Buahby B tr aat. Phaaa 40tOX 

rpBBBB holt' tor aala. B. O. Klagarall, 
J. Royal Oa 

fnO0O«N9URO NUah Oaatafar mfS. a*w 

X dog. Phone ZtllR. 

.. J'.e"i.»UJ.:'.i' l'.iJl. , 


WANTED — Oeoeral porpoae horse, uaad ta 
~ raaeh work, gaaraataad aouad. Alt* 
R.M.D. Ma. 4. Oerdoa Head. 


have a larga auaibar af aoa^allr aa* 
locted heavy boraea for aala la kard 
varUag condition. 



IflT* W>* »t oiHw •» — «d potatoaa. garjon 
TV -Bocla la balL algp fruit buabaa, hiaok. 
rod and Hhtta ourraata, alao oabbaga. eauil- 
flower, tppiata aad lattuea Planta. Dgga 
for aaitt^ir^Wt J)->i: sMo |tog99a aliair- 

aaap, lilt 
aew Bobby tirea, ta 
palat. Pnee |4li fgr 
Aataa, 410 Ktagstoa at. 

a. twa 

Opaa AU Mlakt 

LOOK at theaa big aaapa — Cadillae la az- 
eallaat skapa. sultabta for dellvory. ate.. 
IITI. Ford, lata modal. #11 an * 
till. MelAughUa. light aU.Vl.Hdl 
1010 toartag. iMa aaw. |l.lll. 
»»pert rapalrg Al ttattery Bervloa 

ltl-4 Yates Street 
Cara waahad and pollabed while yoa valt 
Car* bought and sold on comoUaalaa 

VTBW Big 8U atudebakar, ran laaa thaa 
i.> two tbouaaaa- aMlaa: Mf^ tlaag ail 
round, two 
baaipor. Ura% 

LiaRT aia atndabakor. "aarlaa ll." Thu 
oar la like new. In perfect condition; 
bumper, new Fireatone cord spare, thOOe 
spate tabaa, compieu with aot of tools, &e# 
battery: bargain for caah. 

DOOGB Roddatar, luat like pew, practlc 
aMy Jtfn tires, eords, aad aaw apara, 
■aar laa^h top, with bavallad plate wln- 
dawji la lUr. This car must ba aold thla 

Pkoao mt 

W. U. t^'QUES 

Resldenoe ItllL. 

MR. ACTO-oVvMKR— Whaa yoa laaalra 
«th« beat poaalbia woikl— akia aa IM 
radiator or, iaadara a( paap mtk 4U1 la* 


aalrlaa will dlract yoa ta 
Aala Badtator aad 
Ift-Ufvaoiaaiaai awaat 

MeLADOHUN Bla'Mab tMf modal, nut 
only }.I0« noilaai ?«7Me. fSlM avhr. 
May bo aaali at CaOMfm^ib Ifl wSSSttm Bt. 

Varna It dealrad. 

McLAUOHUN l-paaaenger, aelf atarter, 
la Al oondUlon. |M0; aaay urma ar- 
maaa* Apply 111 Bajlaa AaW qa»d»a|5a. 

TJtJAMTSlD — Pure brad, quiet, reglaterod 
Barkabire boar, over I montha. M. 
Sake. 40 Arcade Bulldlag, 

WANTED— Oanaral purpoaa team, farm 
wagan, daabia haraaaa, Ploagh aad 
harrowai moat ho «hoap< tar aagli, 9«aoph 
Rogers. dIM WaoMagtaS A<ra; - 



■JLHTMB—9M Torrldr pup. mala.' I 
aMiMha aid. Oraaaiaad Braa,. Zhiaoaa, 

m I<«g)iom. Kaw Zaalasd atratn. 


trm Wpaa^Mta haa aad II baby 
ehtcka. tf. iril unit Ave. or Pearl St. 

nrHITE Wyandotte bab^ chicks, aae eaoh. 
▼ f 17JS Unit Avenue or Pearl Street, aff 
Sbclboume Btreei. 

' Broad iti 

Itll Broad ikfaai 


lieakatap, Mt-ian;^ tt ywda 
aaw wire nottlttg, I ' pulteta, 1 Blaek 
Mlaor^ ooakaral, 1 iwrtakia ehlokea Irouaa, 
lil tho lot. Apply after I p.m., 482 Con- 
Btaaoa Ava. 


joat not CAM u tocrs 


AH gaaraataad tor II daya 

'O. 1— «UDaON toartng ear. In flrat-class 
trim. This car haa all new tires with 
one spare. It Is equipped with a 4-£yIlnder 
Kellogg tire pamp, a real mohair top with 
side oartalns (wMa)i kava aaly boon uaad 
a few timaal; a ap aadoaaolar, eloek, aot U 
Blip eovara, which nave never been removed 
alaca tha car was saw. Tbe upholatartng 

Is real aolld leather and Is the sam« as 
wlien It came from the factory. The aelf- 
starter and electric llghu are the best yet 
manufaotarad. 4t tag p bOMd naw Bzlde 
storage battaigri iuM~pH aarla a* good aa 
aaw throagaaat. Thla ear haa aaly been 
oaiaad by oaa party alace it aaa rtsw and 
has h^ oscaptlonally good care. Car ooat 
WRon new |t,IOO, and now la to be sacff^ 
Bead for Itll, on eaay terms If dealrtid. 
Thla aroaid make aa Ideal ear for tha Cor- 
dova Pay alaaa >««, or lun^ ■tV*' 

Chavitolat. lata' UMdal, a aaa»*iiC Vi..'i.tll0 
Ford, uta modal. « Paai'karaala ...... loio 

Pbrd, lata flUdaV t^twe .i^»..*.r..-Moo 
fard. J«ta RMtal l*a«ltar ....^.'.....ffio 

Ford, lata model, t a oatai MS* 

McJbaaghUa-BaMt, l-yaW ,..-..|U0 

Overland, lata madoJ. t-aaatar Mt« 

BtadaMtaa. lata nodal, r-paaaaagar«« 

LAMaaHAN cbleka, I weeks old. and 
mother hen, prise stock, lit. Pbone 



T14 ■ ■ Jeaaaaa atfaat— lAata flala 

\J|/UBN yen buy a UBBD CAR are you will- 

aretadT Or do you prafar tao protoctlon our 
policy alTords, that every car aold moat ba 
at and atar flt for a period of TH|BTT 
DATST Uatst oa a aquara deal; It aoatg a» 


We iavlta yoa 
uaraataea 'aaag: 

ta laapaat tba follovlnc 


Bkeellaat baytBg'T'!'.'." 

1 OAmRLAMP TOURIMO, modol 04. 


JB aala — ^Ptne mare, six years old, bagap 
aad hameaf. Phone MT^y.!. 

XjVJR aala — J ar aa y -taolatota. t-year-old 
S oow. fresh and May; alao I geeae, 1 
gander, laylag. Paana 111 M. or 1 041. 


T7K>B aala— Sglgtaa Maroa; Mow 

"f$*> j g ^i Wji l <aa«P and nuirkat, 
'i.tflfiaiitiafc. Biaak gtud. Pkaaa 

LaagSrf. gMaaTOiaat lu 

1 OBBV^OLIt TobRINO. rua oaty 

■:N« mUoa of elty driving .... Itll 

1 if^uoki^ fSiSmm ^JSmi 

Price ; |l«Na 

t OVJWiwAND TOURIMO. with ailp _ 

aovara aad lou of eztraa fTII 

1 FORD TOURING. Let us demoB- 

_ _ strata how good it la for «..|M* 

t aAXON ROAD8TEA, has fUHtf 

*araaty athar Caia aad tPaaka |p 

CAvnn^ ^SSofc 

TI4 Jabaaea Btroat Phone HIT 

Hav^ .iaa rMdaa la TRR is:« aORIPFB^ 
a t OPPM— the liazartant Ugbt Oapt 

Vai7 aaay tanna eaa Im anaagad If daalred 
and athar edra {akg» tj| trade 

IMI Vlaw 81., ear. Vdaaaaver at 







to z t . . 
10 X t% 
tl Z 4 .. 
14 z 4 

-.1 &.00 

.tl.10 aad up 
. 1.TI aad up 
S.II aad up 

J; * * •• t.ll aad up 

li X 4H ....... ll.PO g,M aad up 

IT s I ... 

• • y.ti 

M.tX aabieat ta^ 


BBMpaiLiL's vuLCANiadto muB 


CoQitflP* JMaHiard and Fl 

Victoria. B.C. 



/"kN" areaha' apoolal aala af aaad 

V/ at CamaraR' Atttea. «N Xlagatoa atraat. 
lltl Ford. MMi llli>erdtn«ik,opoabody: 
I a asasBgar Oraolaad. IIII modal 01-4; 
IMI Chavrolot, ITII; T-paasanger Cadillac; 
Mal.aughlla baby I. Mil model; Fortl 
wttb aaa l oaad body, suitable fWr 


AmarlMa. fllO: Chalmera. |7II; Ovarlaad. 
till: Hedaon. fill; Tudtropa. Itll; Ford. 

•110. Tarma .half eaah, balanee eaay. 
Old oara, any eoadltlon. jakoa la tradi 

Prloa lltl 

viRoe: TiRB»-^A larga aioek 




onea on hand from uf\p, 

F%aaa am 

'Nl View Btrvet 

CHBVROLBT, lata Daodal 
FORD tourtnjL 


cuai. MBi a, itii. n^^aaw'TT.TT. . .liiit 

Phana SM 

W. TAlT 
111 Johasaa dtiaat 

TflOR aaip— Thraa laylag 
A? paUotir aad uarrlated 
{II . ill L ampaaa atratt 

1jM>B aalo— II White Wyi 
1 raoator. Ml Mlohlgaa. 

Barred BtigSk 

PMBflag, £ 


pWR aala— A yoai 
X Iba. broke to' 
ihder a gaaraotee. 

prcaa, and a 
Va lley. 014 Pa ; 

IROB aala— B 
f agad tl ■MBUM.'haat 


an tha ooa- 
, ^ aa. V.L 

iaS-U baad at baaaaa. weighing 
1,110 to 1.T*0 IKa., eaa be aeon at tbe 

Paetflo Traaafer. 117 (.'ormorant St. 

1 "fa^jwidatia raaaur. good a«ni£ 

TjnK gale— Hotter. 
M: ouemaay, fraai 
Rill Read. 

TenlOT male pappiaa. 

'TOR ad»a— Maody -^aaa, lii Helm 
Mragl Jajnaa Bay. Maaa iinu 

B. L 

RBAXi 8aap la a uaad oar. la^alra 
MoDaaatd A NIehal. Flagartl atraat. 

awAF— Pawartai ballet, ip good raa- 
alpg aaaacr firaar laavlag elty: wBi 
faf aii|lt'^|gll|. nioaa lailL 

A 1*1T Pord t^ht daUvary for quiok aale. 

ARB yaa worfclag Vaneottver laland with 
a Ford cart I eould aharo ecpeaaea, 

worklag. B«z tit I ColoalatT 

off sr. 
ataraga 1 

eareful m 

jgULurr far mm. Ayyly Ml OaSua 

Ml View atreot 
jgATTBBT Repairs aa4 Boobarglag, 

^ In all hratttav aad llgbtiog 

ajra t a a ia ^ ^ ^y-A»4]«^y ^Laad Biin^liia 

***** Bandar iSafy*'*^ ** 

'1I.LAC Caa far 

Arrado Btdg. 

•r aaliw ar awaar 
ip: aaaa aaad aa private 
Mr taal aetata. 4t 

'CWMI MMiabdai Bar gala, ffaod shap< 
oeab. Boa liti, Oaloalsi. 

shape, im 


M: evertiaaled. 


_ (^fim a k. ag, M aa a>a> 

hftar .;m ^ "ur^i^aer^ 

SSMfJ /wd roadivir bozaa 
Tor III; 2«(oa oatdoood truck body, price 
III; Kelly truck parte; 4-whe(iI trailer. 

4 -ay Hader ebglaea fraao |l* up; Ford' nta- 
atar. Ilka »av, Jeveral Forda trar* 

IMO ap, flk^ aiotiir#eia far ITI. au 
care gaaraataad. I>oa*t forget the place, 
old fireball. Kingston Street. Jamea Bay. 

Okr> cxra In aay eoiMUtloa bought for 
spot aaab. Mi. JttAlilak 141 View M. 
P«ape till. 

PHONB ITOI— Cox aa4 NAttai. Ill View 
Street. Winter topiL taMpg and lo- 
Uvary bodlaa baUt ta eirMi. Tope. «ilp 
covert aad ^MatjaByfra lapdh ar re m afe. 

TEN motareyelea ' fur aaie at Rennle's, 
ITIT Cook Btrsat. Baverai pasaenger 



•mm ^AMmt^^gpmx WB 

XXn have Mvaral picked oara at bar. 
aaFMr. , 

elallBa la geaeral 
and repair work. We gagraataa 

'i mf^ fw .i^MWhNa. 

^J^jpB apeelallBa la geaeral overbaal 


•as tlav street 

"Vouae of Expert Repair^' 


HUPaOM Itll. gaed Urea, pertaei 

eeaidltiaa | ggg 

1 FORD DBUVBRT, at eaap grlee . . |M 
1 BJUaOOB BIGHT, a dandy Uttle ear l.eoo 

1 RuaaaLi^KNiQuT truck 

1 CBALMERB aiX teg 

1 NA8U ave*paaoeager, g baautifal 

' ear ..,.....>^..« l.dM 

; ^yfr^'^n^'airr "-"^ 

aB|, ..«.*..•*..«,• .....4 ...a .«..,,, 

t CW/lliMBBa. >n goog raaauag eader tao 


Ike latieanag 


Oar«ai Car. ceoa^ ii,ig.| 

WAMTBb to tlay— A Bret alaaa uaad eai 
-..T "S" »?-J^ '^W*' »• MP. 

"- ~fTl iilUlXgg 

tba o aaghly 
Oaadra at. 

■ lOaMlMaAJ ' 



Tkla to •" ■aal 

1 Q1 Q Or«f-Oan Begalar. laoka Ilka aew 
Xt/Xe/eaa la glaMat aew. Ooa't fall ta 
aae tbla gaaa hador* 9vm hap. ILaiC 

RBPUBUC Tlg^. aawlr patotad aad ta 
At ruaalag arder. bavlag bees re- 

eenlly overhauled. Uaa larga covered body 
with windahlald aad cab. Oaod tlraa all 
aroaad. Priea. |l,4*«, 

Bevaral good Fords raaglag la price fraaa 
1411 to llll. 

TtP.T4B pari Btiaat FMM illd 


Tha Cara With the Oaaiaalta 

AK-^AtV guarantee with every gead ear 
aold aad lo-daya* aarvlce at actual 
shop eoet Over tweaty oara to ehooae 

Hudaoaa, Clie«valgt% 
and others 


Old Oluvah SMa; aaleai 
Coraer Oardaa. aad^CkiwtiMg 




1Q1Q Onur-Dort la Al ahapa. gaa« Xtiftm, 
XaX^Wkf, |«: alae bl|Uard ^o, 
faU alaa. Phapa Balmopt 4I> alter 1 pum. 

BOOT AMD aU09 BUBINBSa— Oocupying 
JplaMdM aaatrat loeauoa aad doing one 


to a g ap a laalF ggwK •gad a a i it a a ii aoa- 

aARAOB Oaaingitoa aU the wartb- 
wbtle trade at a poaaparaaa eoaatry 
towa. Czcallaat trade la aew oara. Very 
profltable repair buMaeae, and making big 
.rooaaP ta ear hlrea. Bearythlng goes lor 

I4,0»i ^ 

/i.Et«rv FVHIflBBJNOB— WaBder(ully at- 

able lease; owaer aaya he oaa 


ease; owaer aaya he oaa prava la hia 
that tbU buslneaa . U pro^aatoV aah> 
ataaUal prodU: |l.iea haadlatk 
j^UM^BB MlLu--1^aPaagMr op to data to 

2 -TOM traiak, aaad Una att 
hap aT •!,•«•. > 

eagy tona» 

cyoeaBs and mokotcwclbs la 

ABICTCI.B, Kaepcto make, 
tloa. III. orona 




HUMUBR alagta aiotorcyala, Boeea 
A magaeto. ate,, glvaa away far f Tl> 
Apply niT Coan. slMei. Ada»M waiNa* .m 
buy I or I i apesd toatapap<dea for a«ah< 
See Rannla. 

ALMOBT new Royal BnAald, three apeed* 
gear eaae. III. Phoao lilOX. 

Metarcyde, Bioyeto aad iapilpllMPfc •••• 
14 Yaiaa Street. 

UWR Sale — tl-foot apeed boat, hull eanU-V 
bottom.' I -toot boam. oHO. Phoao 



OR Sale — lady's bicycle, almost new, 
with extra front brake. Phoao imU 


UR Sale— Ladles' Cleveland blcyola, 
almost new. 1451 Hamlay Btreet. 


ENT-s Oevolaad btoyala, paitaot aaadl* 
tlon. Its caah. Ill Central BMla. 

GENTS Bteycte by tvat Wngttah maker, 
three apeed gear, gear caaa, etc., not 
soiled. For sale cheap. 2641 Work Street. 

HARLBT-DAVIDBO.N motor cycle, with 
aide car (1911 model, electric) ; perfoot 
order throughoafc Boa 'Mil, Colonist. 

HAMx^s,), iaaian, >i>zcelaior and Uoua.aa 
Uotercycl* tlrpalr Worlia »|^ JabaaJ^ 

LADY'S Parfeet Bloyelo <wltb 
ilghUai). Bath almaat aaw. 



MOTORCYCLE (or Sale— Twin Merkel. 
7 h.p. ball bearing engine, 9oach 
magaMo. *taadam aiaa> good tlrWa, #$•. 
Mil OrOlla Btreet. aor|» Bead.- 

1^ ASSET attver IMbboa aaafa Mortip for 
JP^ aale. «ood caadltton, |at. 14«1 fouia* 
toil Street. Fhene iImR. 


OiRB to rent wttbnat drivera IMBt 
Auto Livery. Til Johnson Bt. 

ARS (or Hire— Phone TOIT, for theatre 
partlaa ahapptag trtpa aad Mghtaeelag 
trlpa^ aataMiied' wttb gataty. aarrla^ aen* 
fart aad ptoaaarai yiiaaa f t. 

AtiToa vtm in»B ay aix iioo«b . 

FlaaaSre'^S^pa.^l* JP'piTCato I 

PHONB im jP. ». POM 
TTIBB— Bto aew Wwtoa 

T ^ADT-w mmm: w*f«u. 

AJ ltd. FHofiTtaalqam 4l 


every detoU aad wftb aarlvatled* re- 
Boureae of ataadlag timber; output dfteea 
ttrauaaad per day; aplendid traasportatlpn ; 
grand oppartaalty to get into a splendidly 
preatable baelasas, or would take partner. 
\riUUniBBT---Ftoel oag be given of a 
OA aet apaftt at |4,lll a year. Occuplse 
uartvalled itiattoa to moot central buai- 
■aaa aaattoa at Vtotortoi flaa dleplay win- 
dowa L eaaa for twa ya«krf at low pent. 
Ba t a M la h a d agvaa yegirei ataek about 
•II •##.* , 
pBINTINO WannaB— A aaMplele aad 
A modem ptdat. with aa aaeeileat eaa. 
nee«lon: plant would coat M.Ma to tagtoU 
today; everything gora for l4,dM, arltB Val- 
uable Iruse at nominal rent. 
vv extraordinary development, this bust- 
aeee eommaads uallmlted trade at great 
profiu, aad eaa be handled for |l,000. 
TP you have 110,110 to Inveet In a lumber 
A mlll^wa can put you aett to one of the beat 
propoaltloaa la B. C; an abaoiutely modera 
milL all klnda of ataadlng timber, output la 
sold (or months ahsad at big proflts. 

lot Union Bank Building 
Phene 1100 


FIKBT-QLAaa aad well eetob)|ahed real 
eatote bualBaes for sale aheap; situated 
In* Pemberton Block, good large llatins and 
many big bergalne In houaee and acreage. 
Pleaae du not answer unlees you mean busl- 
aaaa Reaaon for salliag, leaving Victoria 
for two yeara. Box III , Colonlat. 

ITtOR BALU— Aa old and well^eatobUabad 
. groaery aad dry goods bualneaa, ea ear- 
ner of mate ttaaoagbfare: annual turnover 
110,000; can be largely todraaaed; dweilliif 
Irouse attached: large gvaaada. • Addteag 
Box tits. Colonlat. 

17\OR Bale — Livery barn and outfit doing 
good bualneaa, known aa the Kamloops 
Livery, or wtH eell hara aeparato. Would 
make an excellent aaraga The building 
la flttyu^y eighty feet, built of cement 
blocka, tnrea siorys, In aood location! 
terma For further partlcularrs apply P.O, 
Box 112, Kamloops, B.C. 

GOOD Buslaesa Opportualty — Store to rent 
at Oak Bay J«4aatloa, good location 
for con(a4;tloBsrir. Ic* anaaa, aeft drinks, 
etft Ma wm^nvfn mif Mptfa. |»one 

AVB |I,IM to |l,MO to Invest, with eer- 
vloa^ In good paying bualneaa. city or 
country. What Jrave you to offer t Ad- 
drfsa Dox gt74, (Tolonlat. ' 

SEND a^w tor free booklet eatltled *-Uew 
to benaaasaful In the real aatato ^aal- 
BeaaJ>« Blaaa«nald.diWraava Malty'^ 
Sap piagp. CaMforwa. lie, I. 

ANtFAOTOWiK^* Opflortunlty — |10,CI« 
Invaataaat 'Will give aulta|>ie man sub. 
stantial Intaraat .to BuuiufaoturinK businesa 

n/ANTBO to barrew ItlM a* haaaa aa^' 

motm to MAiv ' 

- ^.^^^^^^ww^^N^ ^g*-^^^^*^^^ ly^rf^ ■^^^^p >p^^jto^^ ^ 

npiO LOAN— D.tM at a per eeat aa im- 

A- pravttd aacurtty. tlT r am barton Ulds. 


MlOSBUa a v.. ua-ia F a adaoa 
Farm aad dalra aaaallaa. aaMUaa 

BBM9C WORK— All elasssa af wark deaei 
heller setting aad mi <ilaaae> of far- 
aaaa work. Ua*o_ Bwraet< llll Oaeap 

BPniDwi Mi Awp cAB rmnrmf 

Pboaa UML Reaideaoa: lUI Tbtae BU 

SuIIdar and Oaatrpetor. Altoratioaa aaA 
rapalra of ovary debcrlPtloa. liaHgtgg§a» 
gaaraateed. lbB-8awioe mmm. Plaaa ■fN' 
pared. Eattniat«!a aubmltted. 

/^HI'ii.NTKy — Alierduuas gap rpgplre. 
\J roofa repaired and guaraotaed. T. 

Thirkell. Vhona 1701. EaUuiatee tfm. 

rtaa Bldt: PbwMai 

— Htoratlaag 

guadra, oaieaTsa Pambertaa - ■....i 

e*ce. 1146; workahap, imo; ree.. ia4\U 

MUHRY A C:iAHli^ttI.AIN, carpeatera 
aud butlderao satlefaoltaa | 
fhon* bi n. Raa. phone 4B I4R. 

iLl'AIiig and aaaaral JTc 
alterattona a apecialgp. 
CarpeDier. Pbone tIslL. 

r^ILDRBN-a and Ladled ^ 
\J brook Youna, corner Uroad aad Jlaka* 

soa I'huoe 47«0. 

Bf^ BTBAU DTE WORKB— The laraael 
m\J» dyetag aad eleaalug- 

(pro4uelBg). Mo oaaapatttlon. Big bnal' 
neaa to ha dODi. Cg«|Ml laaulred tor cx- 
iendlgg buainaga tbrougoatiC Caa§da. Suit- 
able remuneration for aervioea. No get- 
rtch-qulck scheme, but one of a prodtabla 
nature, with Dig baatness abeaA and the 
only one of its kind on this continent. This 
Will stand investigation. Principals only. 
Full Information by appoiatment only. 
Soz XXXX. Co lon{st. 

rno Beat— atore oa Nawh, with Patking 

WANTED — Btleat or active partner to i»- 
veet |1,0M to start new garage, with 
flrrt-claae meehanlc. Boz.TOOl, Colonist. 

ANTED— To meet maa with 11,111 «aah 
to Inveet in email toiabap tofUi aaa 

w , 

need tp making aalee prefaryaAi 
huatler. Baa^lfl. Calaalat. 


PHONB IIMB. Cara tor hire. How n»od- 
eia l-paaeengsr, eareful driven. Bpeelai 
lew ratee to ladles. Also tody driver tor 
ladlea. Phoae IIQIR.'' 

VICTORIA JUney Aaaoctotlon. lac.— 
Phoae III. Cara for Hire. For oafety. 

mnnsRs wawteid 


WANTED — ^Tendera for tearing d< 
and removtag woodea btiUdlnga at fll 
Pandoia Aveimg; Btoboa .AWartbtogteo, 

L4d 111 Bnaataaa atn Pgiaaartag Biook. 


LOST — Motor anmber. 


Loar or atatea— I nobI>y tin>a (oaa Wk/tl^, 
from car on Blackwood Road oM Mdra- 
alde. H. Savage. B|acfcwood Bead. Marl- 

LOST — 100.foot tape measure. browa 
leather case marked "Marine Dacart- 
maat." Reward. Flader plaAae phoae 

tail} oa tba 
. •«,«•• iMt par 
IP Zaidad. FAba 

rxrAKTpi>— A partpgr ta » p«mm lumber 

YT gnd alMngle mill, with oapltol of ll.OOO 
or more. Man able to take ebarge of any 

S3i y,'^l'onUt.'°" ' P^'"^ 



inTE have a splendid timber pre poel tloa 
V' containing approximately 7,Mi|,Ma feet 

of timber. rally " 

property witlkC'R ato 

TI7I! have a rirst.fMa bpaartanttP ta • 
^ paytog..estabilalMd hagla w a whieh tor 
taaeaaaot^ m^healtb- T ato p i r 4be owner to 
aoN. There la a eeaapleto egnlpmant. stock 
at aaeeeaoflee, ato., aad new doing a good 
hire ha alw see. aad there la ample scope to 
buUd aa a large bualaess In repairs and 
salea. Two modern passenger ears go with 
the bnsiaeee end there is a BowMr POfllP, 
tank aad gaeaHne outflL Batlatootory leSe 
oljprHtolaaa, Friee at tba Wkgto kuaineee 

ll,7fg. ^ 


tnm stTBiMaaa noBAitaa 

fio B.C. ^Nndaatat to^ "gt^. 

- - iw, Propp. 

Flfteea »«ar# ezpertjBpe fc Vtotom>, 

^_ri_rt in-r<-fu^i~a'~ — — • ^^-^-"^ - -i ■ — i ~o~ i j~>_«'>_<~«. 

TBT as eoUeet your ba« esas u ata. Na*^ 
J ooilectlona. BO pay. The T. P. McOaa- 
cell Mercantile AgeBoy, til Pambartaa 



furniture and booka. TeL ItlT. 



mwiv.i — 

W Beetoa A Ca„ Ltd.. wheleaato 
Importera and ataautocturers; l 
MAinga, tent% "Big Horn" braw 
tnUB. Mau ordare atteadad m, 


EMB0881EP WAWO^rjgiT ' y 


The qolaatot Prtoll 
ampaay. uauaea, - 

dealga or eator, 

ra-wouad aa« guaranteed. Ball* 
en. atobart'Pease Balldtag, TMaa 

tlon. prtv 

dynamoa ^..-ww.—. --w m 
mataa given. Btobart^Pease Balldtag. ti 
•treet. Pbaaae llfcl lltiR aad iliflk ' 


-Mcllwalo Brea.. tural* 

ALWAYS reUabli 
tare and plaao movlnf aae fl tol j pfc, 

ALWAta aatlafJ 
ur Co. Phoag^ 
baggace, (relgbL 


RAYMAN — Joaoph Heaaer. ai 
ItOI Wharf Street. Phoae ITL* 

TEEVum BROB., motor aag borae vane tor 

HB-OFB pSar tuiwtaM-ap aMtoP^ta^Mtl 

muD biggaat__iaraMafa 

X (motor* la 

bafety Btoraga Oot, 
Phone OttOU 

W^*"'**""*il<>^'' >PiBI I!W^ petoraed 
^ 'toaa a* #to|1W#|WBit aharacter 
aad totogftty, wttb ggBM eaaitai at hia 
aiapeeal. ta Jala e««i«era Jaat estab- 
lished. Ttaorousri Investigation before 
Investing, solicited. Full partBulara 

8ft Vt^niKSliai? 



Loar— Dark eheotawt horas, wlMto fSt- 
lock hind lp& Wflgm. about I.IM. 
Plaaaa aotlfy HU wT^OaddarC aaar 

Breptwapd H9|tl. 

LOUT- ■Camga hreeeb. 
peeria; reward. 


T oar— Oa Tharaday, m g«M broaeW with 


Mcau BaidbrdT 

Will tlM peraan wfea taali 
▼ v «Bt from too DarwiR 
day ratara earoa agd 


•ar WILL be paid for tbg 
i^-f l-mdptba 


£i.nnn f4<»M— several TIBtpila 

W*\nF\f buelneea meg Inveeted ILfM 
and haaa. aireadar a«i«Mtod thto relarip aa 
their eapltal. ^hm . fMM epportoatto to 

BOATS and Launches designed and built, 
repairs, eaulhing. Water taaka, any 
atoa, BQuare or round. J, FPlrall. Vtotarto 
Waet. Phone I4I3U •■ 

EABTROPB Marine Eaglnea are built to 
^ ^ g1v« laaUM aadddsMML The valve la 
heaA dealaic wllb atoebdMaal Utabe vaive 
daMSB alvaa, BNOMaM BonaaP aad eeononry. 
Tbar aw aatot, ^ aWaaL aad ' amooth r«a- 
>atoa. 4*h.pi g l ia t li jar aay atyle beat Hp 
ta tl feet la leagtbf'^aew priee, lltg, eem- 

rlete. With reverse grar, im. Heavy dbtr 
•h.P., ITM, aU eatoptoto; aaltabto for boata 
up to tl tagC Made" to- Vaaeoaver by Baet- 

'R aala— If-tt. dlaghg, elaaap. Pbaae 

tBLmtmn waanoma orxfoma im crrr 

TVAJfOT IRtle stera. aU 
l.P« llae llvtaa raaaaa to aaw 
gaed dtotrtet. witb j iW j^ j^ 

, _ other >anrfliipa Om 

aoeaaat el o w aei leavtag dty be to pra- 
parsd to saerlflee tbtojiKMa^ MtUe ^ r s p sr- 


PC V»ri-i'i.>m< niilt Ph« 




dltloa. Boat l^aaeaC (Mrgb FaNL 

"Vom. adlo~Compaaad wa W M ga ais a. 

A? boiler. sta«fc, etov ebalaa/Tiiddto, M 

iBch brorise prvpaller. Will tIMa far 
llaa toaach. Phoae HIT. 

SnOR Bato—A l«zt% laaoch (npen), I fi.p. 
A? Fairbaaks eogl^ A aplendid aWfll. 
AUw aar ^w rowBoat aad oaa aaiMdgd 
gtor. fW 04r»at» jKad. 

a«-daai eabta 
I ' aaalaa, atoe t fto drop 
baauKfutiy. Apfdy cato- 

n beat. 


}ae« halag 

III. speeeal, ' 14-Mag IMarada 

Naw f'Uad boltam ll-tl. raarb««t ptto- 
Mreed for »n,l fltl«l With f b.W apt- 
XStJRX ai-af awe. 

-igaw BOWBOATB— aa tt, imj ii tv, 
n •lit M muH}} KA>.l»ii ataMiard 

■R n FUNERAL CO. (HftPfartK tdCK 

'".''?'P''"I Zt^ .U4r....M 

-CIURRIBRB, todlatf a^4 BWt^ taUerg, Wa 

«uuu>Ein]f a 

GARDENS dug, seeded Bad planted; Igwaa ' 
made and kept up. Jamea T. Oodttrey. 

PhDne 2772R. 

GENERAL gardeolng, pruning, rprarto^ 
Fred Bennett. atrawt>erry 'Vale i 

GET your sprayiag or praalag 
P. Webb. Phoae tIttX 

LAWN MOWEBB abgraaiod aad 
at the Laira Mawar Baapi 

P>aract itrset. — 




VXTB bare added e floor 
vT eblaa to gar plant, wblob 
attkay aM ar B«r Itoatg, 

^tt«g> aarry oat aat 

IM BayWaid Bulldlna 


Phone SMB 


ZINO aad Copper llluatratloaa at gMPF 
deoerlptloa at Tbe Coloalgt PkalMM- 
grpvtog Oepartmeat. 

fVmiL (kQVMCt 

Diamm, Bag, Wast.<, Matal aad M*. 
. o h l a ety Metebaats wheloaalf aadr. • 
ptoBto a apaatolty. Phoae Fair pN. dlt 
tth Ave. BTvaaaaavaR 

TYirrBRAN /tJMK «0>MM«a tba hapa • 

iioi'^tg^^rf^^a: WMtr"^ 

tffii|>yS< AJVi> C.VMOUA 
1^AVOnaOO^Sk alae Yo1lagllt|gML M» 

gg; t8S5-.ay jg.gaue jsaBe. 


■la l^^^ ^ ill MiiMii#» 


b. b 

•larp wagr. 

P ward miV**T^mnt rtf^to*^ !Si\ 
1 p m. to 4:M p.ia. 



'9' ' 

1- 'fc^tr^-; 

THE DAI I^ Y COJ ,Q > j S T, y i gT Q ^Ij^, B.Ca WEDNESDAV. APRH. 2?^. !^ 

City, Suburbaa and Country Real E&tate^Fruit and Dairy Farms, Poultry Ranches 


▼ ▼ wnaa {TM MS UMl #MS fetttM 

■aim j roa • 

laMrtne*. mttk M* «r uB iSSt Mar 

Uorya Farlu yinit ytMk 

<IM», »• ft wMe: 

NQKL BItOii., ISM Qpa4r» HttMC. Uoum- 

PAINTING sDd Dacoraaofw-All Uada •! 
art sod plain v>*m work. PromM mwt- 
»»r>np>l atfntlon. H. Burnfc lUt OmvH tft 

Imn M m ft. 

larva roam* aad 
. hoi w«i«r h«aila«; «ar«ca: t 
wall'kapt cMdMn kowaa ao4 rva*. Kar«M 
with frvit irMa (• b«MlB«): bcrriaa (• 
klada), vavaubira and nowtrm. »m€ • f ' 
bara. Pbona owaar. IIITK. aftar CiM. ter 
furthar partlculara. 




0»— r. Oa n iiirt Box 1144 

bvncalow, 1 M lalla 
aaifhborlMad. $$.•—. 


haatlooad abaat iroa VjH^ 



JU. tUJCDOB— Piiunoiag. awHwSi 
. _» Oak B«r Avaayau mraa UM. 

K. K. UKATH . 

CI SIS DMfiaa atrMt 
with all kalU-la aCaeta, kanlveod 
flaam, hot watar kaatias. Ml ca- 
naat kaaamani. 4o«Ma plambina. 
rooaia arc all larce. Itckt aad airy; 
a very rholce buy at tl,*M. 

FAIBriBLD— Thla modern T>roaiB aamt> 
>— with i MMHM dowa aad 
two bodroooM n», witk 
tottet. TMa plae* U varr 

^ t oat md wall flnlah»d. 

■taa4t aa a fall-ataed lot with aica 
jnrdan, alao (araca; oaljr tijtto. 
ITIAIRnBLD — This very modem T-roem 
a: Califorala aaaU-|niB«alaw, larca 
lav fMH^wMli CMMaa 

room a4Jataiav wItk alea 

baffat. Datch kitehan and braakfaat 
room, I kodroema and bathroom up; 
fall eamaat baaamant with laundrr 
trara. aztra plamMac and namor> 
oiu otbar bnllt-la offoet* Tka Bi4la 
hv kardarood ' 

lib MMNt 


r. dlaliic 

X Hayward 


SMSU SST Mmt ItraM. 

BJ. MOT* CO. tAmttmtK JPIwaMacTad 

Sumumt, AMDMw— ut« 
PlambtAc - - 
Pkeaa (S*. 

COUNTRY hemf, only • milaa from 
on good road and elooa to railway ata 
tlon. n«ar voif linka. « M — a with all 
cenTaalaaeea. vanim aaf mgi jfuiML 
up to 2 acrao eaa bo h«t mm i«Ma. 
Phena 411. Bolmaat. 




rnum Colbort rnuaitiac * UaaUng co, 
A. lAAu aaaltanr and haatinc tacuMoi» 
m Braj^htM atraot. - ■ 

10UNTKT hahM a* mala raa4, Matehoaln, 
naar atora. Priea tl.M* caah; (•reomad 
heuaa ahlnrled, and one acre cround. In 
laraa and amall frulta, will be olnse to C. 
K, R. flas atatloa: flna propoalllon for thrifty 

SBCOHO-UANO Ciotklacs caat^ 
aulla boncbt for oaah. If you waat 
prtoaa. alwaya eall Shaw A Ca. 



Oaatral Bld«. 


A CO. 


nmmmB aoo0 

P^VfLT raaidanee — Mot vadr * hoatlB«, 
A la tha boat aolshhorhaad. atooa to 
R^kiaad Avwaaa, hloh m», ma«aineaat 
v**". a n an m oi l eaa ••raaaiad hoaao. • 

recaption rooma with opaa flra»laoaa. « 
bedruoms, flreplaraa In Iwa; larca attle. 
cona^fiMkiory. sa<rasa, S ftao fata (rate 
k >MMoa wbieh woaid ooat n«.M« to 
build. Owaar haa laft elty aad 
ua to aall at onca at only fS.Ut. 


QAK _BAT— A portaot home,^ 


♦« - 




laraa lot. 

Real Katata and laauranco A|aat4 
|3«*«U Sayward StdUUM 


oppoRTVHn!; omtx xxQCBU onca 

HAVB yoa MM OMhT Thaa aaiia thto aaar 
8ia>room aaml-bunvalow having full baaa- 
meat with cement floor, hot air furnace, 
alaiioaary tuba, Chlnaman'a room. Hard- 
wood floors In larce IlTlns room with lire- 
place and dlnlnc room with baamad ceiUnca 
and bailt-ln fiuarea. Thrao bodroaoM wlttt 

clatbaa elaoata: wAli flalahod hathrawn with 

Larga lat with 
■area ahed: room for aide en 

mirror aad medicine doaat. 
Kood aoll: larca ahed: ro 
trance for (arace. Houae la on Poul Bay 
Road, three minutaa from Mt. Talmie «ar. 

Ko taiailUHia m- 


» A T > 8t. Anna Straat, an 
' raahi aew and modern bonaalow, 
with liardwood floora full baaa- 
mant aad furaaoa. U>t la &«(12&. 
Camnkaada a lovely outlook over 
the Bar aad iaiaada. Handy to 
aar. Qaod tarma, prtca t*.M«. 



X eiri 

MBTRIGT— ••raom dwell- 
law aad ntadora la every 
'••peat; baaamant aad faraaca. 
Location ia moat daalrable. Uot 
la MalOt. Prtoa, oh MMaa. }•.•••• 

T UTDBN AVKNUB— And on th« beat part, 
f-room modern dwaUlas. .with 
•■Mat aad raraaaa. Ah- 
•p to data} tot-lr dlam. 
tanaai. M>Ma. 

■alata l y a 


BAT W o a r ear tenataaa aad etaaa 

to rolf Maka, S-room modern 
dwelllnr with full baaamant, lot 
(•all*. Nleo lawn aad oak troea. 
1«5J^ M.M*: pamaat. 

T T yn aw U taia BBMTBO, bauahl, aetd. 
aaebaaaad. rabaUU Mpalrad. liuiaa mSm 

----- TOPdimio 

GBT your llsbt or Ireavy teamla* deaa by 
returned man. B.C. Motor Traaaaaal 
Oe. Pkonaa tMt and II>SSL. 


. .{<,tM 
. .il.TM 

Carrol Btreat. t rooma Oa terma 
Alblaa Street. 4 rooma. On Urma 
Harrlat Baad. « laana- Oa 
Karr !kv«i 4 mmbC^Ob tan 

w. w. fMIM. O S xtm*. 

Klahicaa Street, i raaaia Oa tarau, 

Pern Street. T raaaia. On terma |4,TM 

AmphiOB Straat, i- rooma. On terma, |S,IS« 
MoBtoray Ava. • roanu. On terma, |4,««« 
OhvBT Mreot. • raoma On tanna ..|s,tc« 

All RMdara. and abawa by appolatmoat only 

under real 

^^U|t^a» dhay >•« this. 


Belmoat Balldlas. Vletorla 
L«eal Ifanaser. Alfred Carmlehaal 



Real Xatate Departmeat 

9, m. KfViUa IB. », PattafBBB 

TTPJBWRITBRS— Mew and aeoond-haad: 
repalra: rantaia; rlbbooa for all bm* 
ahlaea Uiuud Xypatrrttar Oo~ l^d.. lai 

BROWM, H. i|_ Tl« Port— Naval. aUUtary. 
aitrH aad ladlae- tailor. Pkoaa >m. 


DtmroRiyfl^ un. 

1U4 Ooirerameat ~' 
Aftar Mar It: Daualaa 1 

Mast to 


Phone tti 

lea M,iMt iBMMdlaU 

l>«M«Md hanira- 


irjBUmrABIiBS, potatoaa, fralt 

T daaa aonalsnmanta aollcltad; prompt ra- 
taraai eklp. camo and hotel auppUaa. Hoaa 
laaa * Ca^„ wboleaaU oommlaatoa 
ahaaf tirXflaw"strT.t. Phaa, i.^ 


11, SM 

In S-rooaaed houaa, Craigflower 
The Oorra, Eaqulmalt DIatrict, 
oonlalalBC parlor, dialac room, dan, four 
bedroema kitahaa, paalnr, bath. etc. Baat- 
'Bjj^ 'lae; eara^iat. Price of equity 

HaM • Blaek FroM straat Cart iar 

Ok vary 





CXONO LUlia — Daalera ti 
bloeka and apUt wood. 
TBa extra. Office. iS4 

X wa 
aarrlod la. 

aitaat. Thuaaa_»MS aad aisii 

wrutqebs rk-rcbbered 

I eord- 


DON'T discard your old wrlnter, 
them re-rubbcred." We ah 


den tnn\m. 


Fort Mtreat 



• It*. 

XftlRST-CLASS porehaaa at roek 
A- price, |t,5M. Reaaona for diap<«al 
laraa twe^tory houae with city water *ln- 
2iY**5f... 'f^i'****' tB»«PkoBa. Ilraplaee, 
apleadldly ha&t. faad «levatlaii7abo«t ei»irt 
rooma. larca elaaata. aad eoavaalnnt to iiim 
and aohool, (St centa return fare to cltv). 
within four milaa at city hall, ty, acrea'of 
aplandid land, which lnclud<w one.aera of 
bottom land (actable tor lo*aabarrleairha|. 
anee Ideal tor^trawborrica; orar IM fvSlt'l 
traoifc dalnr. saraco. bam. two aerea In ' 

Jf^. »ad thirty hana. 

Immodlate aale. (Owaar aspaeta to retam 
aveatually to VIetarte and will take a ^tv 
haaae. aot over t bodrooma. aa part par< 


minute from car; Mta ckab 
1745 Pourth Street. City. 

f'OR Bal*~A flao Uat of 
from II.IM BSL Tha 

IT eonaiata 

of alx rooma, ALL ON ONB 
full alaed baaamant. with 
concrete floor, and furaaeai- firaplaea. 
bookeaaea. panelk, plaU ralla, baflet. 
beamed calllnsa. etc.. wide full aU« plate 
Claaa wiadowa. It ia oaa of the moat con- 
ISS!*"!..*^'?" arraBcad nlaeoa an aur 
IMS. ^^Jl^\*9JnkP** aijalatas 


JUNCTIOM — Near Oak Bay 
Jaaetlaa. % madern T-room dwell- 
Inc with saod baaement aad (ur- 
aaea and tw6 aood aiaa lota. 
Situated on hish crovad. Price, 
an torau, fltM*. 

"CHiaraBLO DISTRICT— On Colllnion 
■** Street, between Cook and Trulch 

fireets, (-room new and modern 
dwelllnc with full (iaa baaemcnt. 
and faraaoa. t«t If Mxltt; and 
saraca. Vhia tewaa halas part leu- 
larly waU hiiUl te a «rai[r bar- 
saia at aalir nM^i Jm ttrma. 

SAW mifsaD von 

l4<yT»—m»eh about 61x1 S«. oa Wlhaot 
Place, Oak Bay, running throush 
to Tale Street. Thia la a vary 
cheap buy. but tha owner aaya 
the lata aMut ba aald. Prtau for 
•■ly |t,IM: qaarier 



a lot, 4lxlSf. a 
— ' ha t waaa 

"~. In Oak 

LOT at Foul 





.Bay M«alelMUUP. .Nlea 
lat. oalp •MtTTariM M 


n»1 tor other detalla. but 
I SM It, I1.MS «Mh lltU JMlSua 4. . 

a. a rarmaaaat Xaaa m$t. 

Island WINDOW clbanino ook 

•Tha Pioaee r Firm" ■ 

ii^^daa't advartlaa aai 
Oar wark advartlwa 

"^'itOM AUTO 

, veatment CoiapaBy. MM CBdar 

FRBPBOOF atorace. aratlas, 
. "*?f!?'c *>> <^ hraneheA 
Brea. IlTt Tatea St. Phoaa SS»A . 

131bUR-ROOM H ' ^ 

X7 jitney, fl.MO: 

/~kPPBRED direct by ownetwan-room 
v modem houae, baaemeot,. furnace, nice 
let, la aplaadid poaitloa, cloae to two car 
linaa. Oak Bay and Willowi. Priea iS.U«. 

favorable terma If daaircd. ThIa la a 
renaiae baryaln. P.O. Boa 1T4. VletaHa . 

acre, with IS beaHas trntt 

bfeakta?rio^' 'WP«>«/rtea." 
laria^dhldMa^heiMo and' 

aa tanaa^ 

electric iTcht: 

--— ahed; sarden 

!• mlButM from city HalL «t,so«. 
Staaflald. stsi. 

dooe to car aad 

terma. , Crown Realty. 


w. a. 

HVOHSS, PropHetar. 

■pOR Sale— Small houae and sarace, with 

baiaaea ta ailt. 

City. ^ 

at a( h 
pay you. W. 
aayward llulldla» 


CINAF— Wall«b«Ut 
SWr^-*^ It, h.,,; 

eottace. ata 

- quick aale. 
44TtL after alz. 

XT wlmloi 


' oleanant 

hfrdwoaa. floara- pot- 

Pheae SStU 


Jamaa Bay. 
Sl.OtO caah. 



R Sale— Pour-roomed houae and excel- 
lent rarden. baauUfully located 



NAF aa Halt MUa Clrelo— Madem aix- 
w .. JP^**«* ttovmm, ontraBce 

hall. Ilvlav room with open fireplace, dinlna 
room, kitchen, larce bright pantry on 

round floor; full alae concrete baaement: 
bedrooma and bathroom, eaeir with elothea 
cloacta on lat floor. Price |S,SI« en terma 
of Il.ttO cash, balance ISt par month and 
Interaat at 7 p«r cent. Phone ttSSU 


ACRBS at Waatweodvala Station on 
B. C . B. Railway, about S milea 
mm Vletorla; • eloaa to atation. 
Ttrau^ srtaa (or tha whola. fsto. 

ttS Ofvarapwat atrMt . Fhaaa IM 

SSI UsM* Bask a«MlM 

A Barry. 

Civil Bnsiaeei 
4S« Sanv<^ 



P >i OKAVBS-^haaa •4saT. 
gVjU^B HW i Mls a Maalaity. 

FOR Sale— A aMil-buBaBlew la Oak Bay 
diatrlet eoaaUtla* of re«a»thiB hall, 
parlor, diatac room, beamed aad aaaollad. 

5S"pLra'Sf'SiX?; HX^i^saaSSi^***'^*"* 



SBVBN-BOOliaD tharaasMT m;«ara 
heaaa. newly daaorated thraashaaU 

Box «8«S, Colo- 

•IMS a^^>^ 

Phono SIS 

iaa. eta, 

TpOR sale' Almeat new >-raomed budn- 
A low at HllMde tarminua, bullt-ia lU- 
turaa and all convanlancea for I1.TM far 
quick aale. one week on ly. Phoao MMU/ 


diBlBf rooma, 
hath; baaement 
all' in rardan. 
Hall and S 
Price t«.(M. 

J'OR^ Sale — t-roomed houae, IMS 

kitahaa, s 


~ aad 


DB. UDWn UAUu-aawati ahi^ 
. Tatea and Douflaa Stroota. 

Im IMit reeideaM 

C. Ml.S-S 
BIdg. Taleph( 

a. a 

xraujnr a 

XBLLBT—Pboaea 41«« aad 


V Barmaat 

MADAM, foot apaolaliat. , 

laatly 1 orad. Conaultatlaaa traa. 
«M-44a Ckmpball Bulldiaifc^— 

^RABUSKED over tbli 
^ Mearagor. Ltd.. B.C. 
{JjJJ^P- Timber 


J Aaeata, Tim 
true*' PhoBo 


XMHrrOM,) B.a laad 

civil Knginaer. laad 

aar vaya, mlncal aunray^ 
aad aommeroial dravgbtlac. 

_ _ T aad • DROWNJ 

with faniMatt lat MitlSf, 
Cloae ta Oak Bay Municipal 
miBBtM toam car line. " 

GOOD large lot. with good eattSAik aa 
Moaa Street, cheap: aaay tenM^ 
Joha Touag. Room P, in Pandora.- 

i^lOROB— Mice well built, fully aodera 
»i;J*^?2i2S. «>'«"5X»*I«>« "»e Oorge waUra. 
with which Includea SI 

SSL Mffl^5!.'t**{ •^***!* *^ l>*UkSu«? 
gtM H .jM. Thia ia a real homeatta. wTs! 
jWatia. M> Sayward BuUdlBg. 

at'^iL"*. BAT-Mght raaaMc a^r thi 
beach aad park, aa a fhll-alM lat. fur. 

VAJ^.*"***^ o* taraia. tt.SM. 

K is'isu.'*-'^*^ «M* iuSs; 

■i^ low. 

feataroiC , . 

SMra. eta. Ptiaa IMjs. 



VTiMt water Mraaee, two SraSaaML Immh 
* eokt a bargaia at |4.M4.^^^ 

hath, toilet 

ll^M eaah: law taa«. • 


- . full-alaed lot with ahade traciL 
cloae to the ear line. 



SIX-ROOM BD modern buasaiaw, tSiaaaiL 
baaement. built-in eKecta. 

PRICB »4.iM. CASH |l.tM, 
Balaaca arraaged to ault purehaaer. 

& aABTON wiaa * oa 

III Pamberton Bik. 

111 Jaaea Block 

nvn TTalted itetM Department of Labor 
X aaya aomawhera la the heart of every 
man la the deaire to bo Independent la- 
depeadenee la the meaaura of one'a stand- 
ing la tha eammaalty. The firat atep along 
the road ta ladafaadeace la to own your 
owB home. 

W« HAVE ing^Bg, TOU HAVB B^U, 







lat MalM. Iaaad» l^t^ 

typical CaHlaraU bung»lew. 

x«aaaa. ate. living room and 
paaoUed and burlapod. good 


Btead oC 


dining room paaolled and 
eleetrtc (ixturea. Theae three 
hardwood floora. Two nice bat. ____ 
tinted, with good cloaata. white ei 

bathrem, tUlaa la bathroom and 
kitchen, bBUt-te effeeta. ' 
menA tuba ' 
grapBy with 
two good 
fralt treoof 
aad hotbed, 
laapaeted thla. 
one of the 

^^^^^^^jB^MjaaHaMaaHMamaamman^^aM j 

DR, J. DUNLAP. Phyalclaa aad Surseaa. 
Woman-B aiB«aaaa. Suite IIT — ^ 

TTAVB you 
XX «B4eklyt 


Realty Oa. Phoae 


«8k «Sb n,***' 

BATINO -iar Bbi 

an tha eaeel 


Maieraity Ueopitai. 


With entire f uraitar a. laatadiaa^^^ 

'^IS. •»'*f^«*,l??mhlir«ee!a2I5 
far «*ayyBte a e am al l ea. SltAtedhTII 

'TTBTJtRINARIAN — Caalaa ••|aalta|. aar- 
Y aar Cfek aad Paidora. pSSL^g g 


a UM. 



. full cement haa» 
faraace, darkroom for ahoto- 
waier laid on; eoiaaat walka* 
lawns. lot ttxlM faaSd! 

»««PB *«ae, gardoa! 
tea fraat aad aMe.'wVhave 
ai»d reeaamead it aa being 
I buya in Patrrteld. Thla la 

aiolMilva llatlas. •-•maiii. 

a.nir'eiraS*%l'S.r"U'ri:S' a5: 
pr^rty if the prtoa la rtght w, *SS 
wish to state that tt you wlah to kirl 
your proparty i«ta«d ira wUl go anywhere 

S3!S2L'^ SMy hara. oar aharg.. a 

CAKUN aaAtnr 

wema^ mod e r% 
•II BMBthir. 



BAT— IMders l-i 
faraaee. garaae. ealy 14. 
j^LACKWOOD— Nlglr part. 4 roomed Ma*. 


piNLATao»~jBM mt 

oa ta 

vr fi 




dwalllag ataading 
K. D Prteo «•.•«•. 

T^BRT auperlor and attractive eight- 
V roomed residence; entrance HalL living 
room and dca. panelled, beamed, aad hard- 

:a "x^a'rj vrc^irats&«ir"ii: 

paatry Aalahad In white anamalTllne hu- 
aftaa aad alee brMUt hroaktast thiM 
larsa brlaht baSamna in white eaamoL 
kalU-in dreaaera In clothca cloaata, front 
raam haa draaaing room, bathroom in white 
enamel, clothes chute to baaement. eapar- 
ate toiVn^ nne screaaad-ln aleeplag ^Kh: 
haaae buiit day lab<tr aad ta pM%ct coa^ 
ditioB. stands la about half aa acre ef beau- 
tiful groaada, laid .out, in lawna and lluwer 
gardea: alM v«etaMe gardea with fruit 

is:j^bj?iir ehissrta^^ ^ 

XjlACINO THE Sea— With uaohatmctad 
A view, splendidly built buasalaw of i 
rocnaa: full eamaat baaemaat, faraadb. 
built-in featurea. A delightful heme poe- 
tically new la every reapact, in fact, tna 
whola houaa baa Juat been painted with 
two coata of tha beat, paint on ih» out- 
aide and redecorated throughout. The liv- 
ing room la a partlaularly bright, large 
room^ ehaerfal apaa. fireplace, and coni- 
manda a Sf«ad vlatr aver mountaina and 
aea. Dining room haa built-in foaturea; 
pluinMng and furnace are of the heat. The 
••^JiJ"** »■< ^ eamoBt walka. We 
" " W W aH * ^ SMfa •« make, thla 

property tMe'hdat a#r«Ha« en the market 
and wc can offer tha eaafast of terma. 

TVALLAS ROAD— Superbly built rasidance 
A-' af IS rbema hot water heating plant, 
oak floora. S bathraoma, ah*wcr butb etc 
water piped into dreaaing rooms, power 
vacuum (.leaner Inaialled. In laci every 
labor aaviag device ia found In thla home 
There are anuaual bullt-ln faaturet. aaeh aa 
dreaalBg taMaa aad full leagtli mlrrnav The 
~-^-'>lllBg effect In the halt and rec-'ptlea 
la aaceptloaal; 1 large reception 
. dining room aad aaaeloaa eatranea 
hall opening Into eaah athar, baaldaa tha 
uauai otficea are eantalaed la the sreaad 
floor. The bedrooma are wall lighted and 
ninr. The h aaament is fully eamantad and 
extbada aadar all the houae. There la a 
well built garage. The view over the 
Htraita aad Olympic Mountaina can never 
he ahatruetad. Thia houae coat llAtM ta 
halM.^ wbaa balMl^ wm raaaaaiMerMaw 
wa eha after the whala M^Mrty Mr the 
price of tl«.IM. If ya« hSmMM iSaklag 
for aa elaborate aad SarfMt baMaMa 
have found it here. " 

ESQUIICALIU^ larga, lot, » rtadera 4- 
roam bungalow, buiit-kn bufiat, pa aall ad 
ball aad llvlag room, llaan room, bath aad 
paatryi tall baaaaMBt: mMm iMMiy 

la aa the two-mile 
(Ira aUaatM walk the car 
and reaaaaa b le dletaaea ta the.heaeh. It la 
aliuated on high greaad aaauaaadlng a 
srand view ef the maaatalaa aad Stralta^ 
coatalaed ia twa aad a aaarur acrai^ 
eak tree* aa« Hetrer gardeaa: 
la part brlaSt aad ataaea, deelsaMd 
aa an Bngliah eeaatry heme. It oaatalna 
larga rntianca hall, hardwood fl' 
mahogany paaoUlail. alldl 
nto large Uvlas.. .faaak 
bullt-ln bookfeaaee. FreaSi daare laadlaa to 
the coaaervatory : parlor, open flrepUee, 
Krench doors leadlnr to veranda; dining 
room, open fireplace, panelled. beamed 
celling. All tha floora are hardwood, and 
naa oak stalrcaac; built-in featurea; back 
hall, paaa pantry, and larga kitchen, 
ttnlet and waah baaln. On tha aacund lloor 
ara five badrooms^ with clothca cloaetai 
two bathrooma. toliaU acpar.iu. all tiled. 
The attic contaiaa large bllllar.l rtfom. aer- 
vanta- puartera, bathroom. . Full alaa baae- 
"*•»». ket waur heatlaf; aid, Oarage, 
chicken houaea, and oikar ■atSiiSM. Thla 

on applicaih;.. '"^ 


"^EAR Rockland Avenue— Beautiful real- 
-^^ situated In charming aurraundlnga. 
wonderful riew, aad d( eamBUHNMa* ap 
pearanea, Thla 'home la aaatili«a ta al 
n»oBt two acrea of ground, aleely laai ttat 
»B la«B. gardana. and ahrabhary. RaaW<>aea 
f^**'*^. drawlos room. npaa fireplace: 
large living room with large opoa tire- 
place; den; paaa paatry, aad hitcbeni four 
laffo bedrooBM with eiothos clooeta; twx 
Mthraomsi two dreaaing rewms; full 
baaement; hot waUr heating; aervaatr 
quartara; laundry; garage, ate, Thla Maiaa 
Is only eight yeara aid. Price aad Umg aa 
application to thla office. 

^BAR Boe«land Are n ae Beaatlfal 

dance containing reception hall, with 
lar«« open fireplace: drawing room flalah 
**V ^"'liKe enamel: dan; targe dlnlas 
ro6m: breakfaat raom; paaa paatry, fcltehea 
and waah room; altUac roam; Ave 
rooma, wiih two bathrooms, on the third 
floor. Pull sited cement baaement with 
concrete floor, servanta* quartara. atara 
room, hot water heating; vaeuum 
Inatallad. About half an acre of 
high ground, with lawn and flower 
daa; ■. Mf a j M 'or two motors, 
name ta excellent condition 
Phona for an appetntaiaat 

Prloa and 

floe OBly. 

1>OCkLAND Avenue — Charmlag real 

denoe with stone foundaUoa. facing 
aeuth, with commanding view of Olympic 
.J**- ^|N**« ^kaaameflt 

around floor: Cloakroom, waahroam, large 
rJ?J![ "f ""n'o* room, dea, kitchen, 

large butler'a pantry, rirat floar: Faur 
l^'^.TT* O""^"* roam,-stwo hathreaaia 
two linen cloaeta. trunk rooSL am mA 
Bleeping porek; kot water heating, aa well 
!? 5S?" .n«BPlacea: vacuum cleaner; 

In taat. oaa of the meet modern homea In 
the city. Price and terma on applioatlOB. 

TfAIRFIBLD, on high ground— Here is a 

S.-'^E?- ..'""V'**"'^ dwelling, eontain- 
J2fnJ2**';'**2 ""^» "'•PlBca. beamed 

c^liag. cloak room. Prench glaaa deora to 
Syi.*^. room, alao lata the dialag roam. 

hSJSr 'Vli ^'** »«"■ .paatry. glaaa cup- 
aoMda aad drawees; kitchen with all 
S!.«« K! «!"r«»"«n«'««: <ien, panelled walla. 

n^T '.""k "S** *«• hardwoad 

floor, and the woodwork la fkrat-elaaa. ^ 

JJiJS.. J?."*! Two bath- 

rooma, all done In wtalta enaaml Clathaa 
chute to basament. The baaMmeat to^faH 
cemented; hot water haatlas ia 
5!C""^'V?. ■•"^ta* room BBd trtlet. 

The interior af thla haaia to In tha 
of cendlUon. aad la wm af the 
(raatiye I aM affarMtTTrtSa 


ArraAcnvB otTBSTaaNT 

An idaal 
M vlatr 

meat at- 



TpiUSUAL Bargaia la a ea(<ata home. 

.containing large living room, burlap 
panelled open flr^with oak over-mantel, 
bullt-ln bookeaaea :7Varior, paaalled In bur- 
lap, 6pe bedroom, kttehea, paatrF:aAd SatB- 
room on ground floor, large bodMaai aad 
linen cloeeta upatalra. full baaement eoB- 
arau foundation; place ia piped for fur- 
aaee; very good lot In garden, with asuti 
young fruit trees, chicken haas« TMa ia 
the best value for the manor la tka j^S 
today. •S.SM, aa reaaaaaMa terma. 

UM Oavflas Strtal 

Fhaaa M4 

/UNUiaai aaMM laveetmeau at tha paM> 
^Aaat time aia very bard to pick up. Bad 
we believe ta thla that we are aAordIng 
naltae es p at t a a lty tm tavaat their 

iAd M hjMfk ■•ta.*' '1 
I retiint, Owaar taaa ia j the oHy. of 
a witarfroat p rapMtr ¥l«h four (4) 
won ballt and attractive w eta ni buagatowa 
la tirat-claaa condition iaaMa aad out. iMnoe 
betag built five yoara a«a tbaee bungalows 
have not beea vaoaat a day aad are rtnted 
at M4 per maath each, wbtah. after paying 
taaea, leaver a aa« return af itlfc m# aaai. 
Space on proiMrtr aB*whleh twa aldHtoaal 
houaea can ba built, tlrouada nicely tar- 
raced and laid out in Aowcr gardens, and 
cloae U atraet ear. Farthet nartleulara 

per coat. 

1ACRB OB S-mlU circle — Good S-r«om 
haiaia aad S bama; all heavy bottam 
laad; etaaa to transportation. Being aald 
far laaa thaa tha awtsase. Prtae. aa tarata, 
•LMSk _ 

OH ACRES., af which l-S of aa acre la 
^ la bearing archard. tagethar with rhu- 
barb, logaaberrta^ etrawberrlea aad garden; 
aubatantiai l-ramaad haaae, wt/Ug waodahed. 
arable and ehlekea haaaaa; gaad wall with 
tank. Balaaec of laad cleared and raady 
to be planted to garden or small fruits. On 
good road, bua ilao paaass tha door, and 

AN eaaepttaaaUy well ballt aad attractive 
eouatry home, eomprlalag 4 aerea, >atth 
••roomed modern bungalow, bath and tollat, 
electric llcht; large lawn with aoma fine 
ahade treea; bam and atable, cbtokcn 
houaea. Chlnnman'a ha a a e , amall orchard 
aad gardea: claae ta aehoal, eharch. B.C. 
Electric, and la good locality. Price )•,•••■ 

ACRES, all In bearing orchard, and 
aadar high atate of cultivation, amall 
haaae la good repair, stable and chicken 
haaaaa atara, aehaal aad B.C. StaUon wltb- 
ta a tow auatrtaa* walk. Thto. la a gatag 
eaiw a r a aad ahaald sl*a gaad retaraa Friee 



•SS Fort Street 

A -Kim, tan. 


craicKXiAifD. SWAIM * rATaicK 


-acre of land. 

— ORRIUA ST« " i- reem. new 
and modem buaaalow, lot io 
X ISS. terma ISM eaah, bal- 
ance II* par HMath. "Tea will 
have to hurry." 

ROAD— 4 -room cottage, 
garden and 
amall fruits, all fencod. Mod- 
em ehlekea houaa for M« birda. 
bam far 4 head af atoek. an- 
Itmlled paattwa for cattle ad- 
jalnlng thta property. 

HILL BOAO— l-raam 
baasalaar, ta flrat- 
etaM aaadltlaa, eaay terau. 

|^^>^— HAMPSHIRE ROAD— Half a 




a . • ra ema.^ttwt^^^tStawiii, ""fSl 
alaa baaement, large attic, gar- 
age, etc. Terms arranged. This 
Is a bargata; exeltislve aale. 

etc Linden Avenoe. T -roam 
madam two-atory houae; pan- 
alled walla, baalned ceilings, t 
nrpifta t si, living room, dining 
den. kitchen aad -three 

. m - 


«i^^w^wmw^aw j W 8j{ Bm ii»waa» 

Tiic acaia tou are lookinq fom 


6 -ROOMED BCNOALOW. with the best 
of IM^or ttniah aitil all latest Improve- 
moBU la the way at bulli-ta featurea, au.; 
uSSU (KsM*** «"»~~' I'rtee, aa 

handy to the golf llnka. having open 
Sraptace, extra lars<- titled pantry, lemant 
baaamant, piped for a furnace , brnutlful 
sariaa. eem«nt walka Price, uu termi^. 

i*-ROOMED BU.tOALOW. adjolnlntf tha 
^ city Ilmlta. completely redrrurated 
throughoat. havlag all bullt-ln f««turea. 
open areptaee aad be4traai«« kitchen aad 
baihraom a atalwd ta wMta aaaaiel: full 

{y»*^ > *w ^ j^waah tuMb <MMce. |«tM. 


iA-ROOMBD HOUSE, laid out in S fully 
A-Vr modem aultaa .each oomprtaing living 
room with open flraplace, dining room, Dutch 
kitchen, two bodroomit with cupboards and 
toilet, full rrmant bSMment. THIS HOU8B 
are dealroua ef aecurtng an offer for the 
proaeriy Juat aa It atanda Tha lot la ftOxllt 
aad there to a targe garage, chicken houae 
aad run. it to at preaent producing t'l 
per month. Thia ik a ana home for .aama- 
eae, with a certain revenue alwaya eaaitas 
la. Seea by appointment only. 



(SITUATED oa the meat valuable piece ot 
waterfront on the lake; thU very well- 


cottage, comprising living room 
~ " the 

Otted Mtehea, bat and eeld water.' bath 


lake, oompletely 

ihea, bat ai 
with p^ealaln bath, one large bod- 
room and two aleeping porohea; good boat- 
"•oee and landing ataga. There ara THRBB 
ACRBS of fine aoll and no rock. Thla to 
ane of th« l>est homea on tha lake, and th« 
•Ho la. In our opinion, tha nmnt poaama 
"WW hotel, beiag right adJalalas tha 
Maitoa. Farther parttaalan Crata ISU sal* 

mtU BAT 

A BOUT eaa mile from the ata: good Mttta 
. oatiage with water piped ta. oemprla- 
Bg livlBS room, kitehan, two bodrooma and 
bathroam. TMra are 14 ACRES OP LAND 
51. ' acrea cleared aad cultivated. 

Thla Is an Idaal propoalUon for a maa Wha 
wanta to go in for amall frulta and qMekaaii 
and It eaa ba ptakad ap tor |t.lM.^^ 

Calp tva 

lllea from Vtetarla aa 

A pav«A 


/^OMPRlsiNa 10 acrea all cleared aad 
cultivaied and laid out in orchard aad 
amall fruits and papture. Brand new fully 
modern houae with ormant baaameat and 
aundry tuba, and upaialra Ave aplendid 
H** eonvanlanca: bam with 

eamaat Sear for four head and about to 
tone af hSy: three pig atyes with cement 
noora and . trottghs; tool ahed, 40 feet of 

WWMM , madam -ha« 

Oa# af the 

eight-room houaea 
trict. Hardw^Sd 

ROAD — T-room 
with garasa. 
ta well aHuated, 
aa aaaxeelled 

T^Betweea Oak Bay 

In the dto- 
floora. The 

to well 

•at asadpttanaliy 

plaanad aad la 

\ through - 
larse let 
Terau ar- 

#7|(|W1|f-VA|aFtai.D — Between 
CIvWP 'ftold aad O 


Dallaa, a modem T- 
^ f with hardweiad 
fleora, bullt-ln featurea. dood 
heatlBg puat, fuU eeaenta 
haatauat aad sams*. Thto 
haiMe daaa not ra«ali« oaa 
e4at for repalm • 

FAiaFiau> tamotAv 

Xrou are lodhtag for a real comfortable. 

cosy, warm, new and well built houae. 
reasonable prtca, and one on wMeh aa 
money will have to be apeat oa repatoa 
for a lOTig time: We have the ptaea you 
K*»^S^.JXi. '5 Bhe af the hZst parte 
of the Fairfield dtotrtot. handy to town, 
cloaa to aehool and atreet ear, and wo In- 
vite your Inapeetlon. 

DeKrlption— Downatalra there la a very 
kali, baamad and pan^ 
rll^- rtoai roaai. t^n to paneltod In 

leaderette and haa epen fireplace, built-ta 
bookcaae. Dmwing room has largo alidiag 
doora, beamed celliaga aad onaa nrenlaaa. 
Dtaing room ia targe, to '-miSa aad^aaa 
elled, with lovely ballt-lB baftot. The Tit* 
tL.***^ hrtght aad coa- 

laina bMlt-ln' ahelvee and cupboarda with 
Slaaa dSora,' Mna. ironing board wood lift, 
ete^ Thbre la alto a very alee tardor aad 
eooier - and back v^nda. ° T 

"Upatalra there to. hallway with windaw 
aoat at atairway taiMlM. three large Itod- 
rooma, each of whtah have elothea eleaato 
with window llghia. One email bedroom 
with large dreaaing mirror ■an dear. liaih 
and taitat. ftatohed ta whlta eaaaiei with 
linen ehata. • 

BaanaetM to faitr eaaiaaigd ' aad 1mm 

IT .rTirSi, ^^^.rs&^iisausS 

laundry tuba. ' 

Tha lot -to Hxlll, with atag' laira In 
ii^Ji-.M''?..'"*^ aoaerete walk% Mtahen 
garden at the rear, with amall fmiu. etc.. 
also a ehlekda ma. • ■ < • 

T"* •* *•"• iMlrabta 

only tT.OOO, and wa^atuOl ba 
niah further partlnslald aM 
you at aay time. 

k M 

a r. awAiN 


«i A, anuox 


6 -ROOMED irauaa with haif acre (lacludaa 
alao 2-roomed new ahaak). luat nitrtda 
lH-»ile elrcia. Thto to a atai •«i»owe 
ttaraer^ >!>f^'f..«'*r> M.i 
Shaw A 

chicken houaea and wiied runs; dairy with 
atpamtora, churna. etc. Them to a good 
atream running through, tha nipitly, Thto 
"• • «*•« aaaaara. taalad- 

'.n.7f^.5>llS^ tJJ?^^^ MODERN HOM»J 
AT OMCa ' 

B'^mmMlimJ"**'**' ***** '•^'y. 





•II. Vlaw Wraat 

FteM lIU 

1-STORT, 9'room houae 
' Hsht. taMphhaa. 


mto. electrte 
tat, model'n 
af Maae Street. 

tMl, Coloatot. 


beamed eelllag. bullt^ buffet and (ipen 
rireplaca, haadaomoi oleetrta : light flltinse. 
LS!*'*?2^ J" ••Mete; bathtaMa mm4 

asi fa a; s2t.R:^p?K!-;„ir r 

^F«Oyv wood dtotrict. etoee 


FklrfleM Dtotflft 

6 'BOOM aaMl«b«asalaw with aatmaca 
halL Hving room with fireplaea. diaiac 
maa^ ^larse kitchen with .buiir{n fea- 
tiiMik 'bathMam flalahed la Whiu enamel, 
tboM badraaata, throe ctathea eloaeu, and 
one llaea alaaat. The full baaameai haa 
cemeat floor, laundry trays and |aa ia 
inatallad In the furnace aa wall aa In the 
kiteben. The. lat to targe, with plenty of 

Thto hoaae to ak eawlleat bay. balaslii 

— ^. atitalda as well aa 

la. Tamu aaa 

beat af 




modem bungalpw. Holly, 

4 -BOOST bangntow. baaameat. Mtehaa aad 
.. -.T"lHk • ka^toam 

•1.0TI, itTI down, baiaaea |ll per ntonth 


tag Uttle 

"ty* atreat 



tar ••nomad kaase. aamer lot, 
part cemeat baaemaat, bath. 

hot aad cold water, electric light, 'attar 
aea; |T00 cash, balance aa reat. Aaata 


4 -ROOM Bungataw. 
cemeat baaemaat 


targe let. 

4- ROOM modem baagalaw, well 
aemsaedeeM ta 

ap-io-daie aanu-bangalaw, lUaaly 
The whole teaa a< thto imSamZ 

t3r2!;^t,:siKi.*r:ss^= •««.5taSiiy 

wen eenaimetad. whtah meana eoOBomr la 
[?^w^ heallSlar tha family. Vhto 

Mta^ N.Ma. MM iSrMTLor aSofc 

MnAA WIU. parebaae the aeateet aad 
^■•yvv gmat attraeUve uttla home oa 
!5J..H?^-L-^?"*«JL£^t •a«^e ettr MmHe, 
Tjaro to a auMrt Mttta re- 
and aalahad ta taatber. 
VS 'y* '" **^ kitahaa aad paatry. 
aad etaaa aa a new pM; fmiH aad 
WBtor aad Ught lahaaaT 
bAs «k 

^WBier aad UglM la hoaae, 

5S2r*p» :i2wtt4r'a2 

fcath. tota.aaid aaM waiar. tsmsa t JjmMM 





Far «i 

IWH troM, aa 
-latak aale. M.I 




S-room eattBAn. 
•acre af cb elaa taad, 

of fmlta ta faii 




A fralt traee aad amall 
Mt. Itolmto earltaa and a Ma 

\X7* hasrij • aerea af the flaeet land la 

, ibto tfaatoaa atmwbany aeotiaa. 
fmit traea. aWrrhhU and ather 
(ruita. nia , haaae nanialM • 
sp l aadi d caHI«a« Stabltag . f er t baMas. 
l/p-to-date pqaltry taHldtaga NeveTtatl. 

wng with SH hji gaaallne angiaa. 
Thia property to aa repreeeatod, and a ran- 

yff t-*nL i-TnTr' f nf" iiiTiiiii* "^"Sa 

.oiAa TauiT 

«lsw akraM 



MM aHaS s^Tdflrtu^ 




^ , aMttaal. 
gMdaa; attraatK« 1.1 


tag ream with p^a n 
«*y food b a draaa 

fully medam 

. 1 elaea to < 

Caatolne drawing 

bairatoM^'TSl baas ' msnt. 

etaaa to Oe<n!rsirrea? 


tamaatt. . 
to afooa 

Lot to 
an eetottb 
faa i ad. 

af alSht 

ao infObmatkm 

A naoiUTa 

2m Fart aw 

,^ J ■• *■ »■ 

-. A 

lot; » ^wm. ■ i* ' 

ilfXD b««M. vail toUlMd. eloM la. 
h pis houM, biMk leaatt. «lr««4y 
w trait tf«Mk PH«« »l,bo«. on 
IMH A l»*w A Ill CMtni 

Oi^. -J- 

citur si*Am 

#Q1RA— North HM»rtrtr« St, modwrn 
#U-LUV buBtalow fff I rooM, S aMI- 
tl«Ml room CM b* a<ld«4 «■ appsr flMr; 
axtm WB^«f la fnrit, 'ltanM« 
^MkMl akad*. Karafc: cleaa t* trua. „ 
#>iO AA— Patrick St, an akaalnU dtt 
V***'-'*' at the prlc*. *-roomad ntodam 
bUBiraiow. tevtai W»t;|i\Jfaatur«a, ataOoa- 

ITW ft. oak Bar <»4il 

■i«taHic«low. It wW alM MttTw. 
•filer or phoaa f«r »W4HdNM|Mf 

lUt of houaaa ranila* from |l«Mf«^V 
llf.fM. Aak ua about tham. 



30 issit^pattirs. 

aoU. Moat of tba laad caa b« " 
aaror falllac aprlasa. A C0o4 
r ao wi a, ban aa« at bar 
raUabia fo0 



-r .*■ -.^Hrt^ 

nn oCa». today tar tawMdlaU parobaao 
Wflva aeraa of opleodtd| elaKr»«, 
aaoar nIttvatlOB. 

Jt AMtaaaur call at m%» Oa«* 


ACRES— Abaat IS 

^**w^i ••«'«■ 
bouaa of aUbt rooua, wl 
all tha aacaaaanr aatbatMUfWik 

>t Wfttar 


von RiL.'.B 
{•nooVl bouaa and 

BT owKsm 

6-IlOOVl bouaa and « aatra iarco lata wltk 
Kood fruit traaa, ate. Catbarta^ aad 
Mmn Itroata^ Vlatarta Tflmtt. Vata »«a»af» 
M«i4> ra«« aaalk PrM M.M% 
TfOVM a«« « tana lata ■mXtSkJn» tnm, 
XL Laacfor« aad Ainaar Strdn Ttataria 
WmC Lau MxlM <aa« aaeh. I^M fl^m. 

uAtaatm ikom womn 

•It Pambroka ttraaT 

k— OOROK — Oaed f 

valow, I batfr^aina, ataa, 
mwt aaA waab baala. a#aamt 




SIT (tora-ard Bids. 

Pimva MTS 

A TaRSB ar faar-raMDa« Mnua 
Ui fltty U»lt4 •Mta; moat ba aa«ar( 

WANTED ta Bur — t-roomed modam ban- 
■alow. not more than U.WO. wltb »iOe 
davn and •» qioBtk aad Intaraat; mnat ba 
IP JiBaA caMIMg aad a karvala. 3os itis. 



ANTED froa 

Owaar — Small dwalUas. 
l^lU partloulara to Box 






atn, aaar atar^- 

oa main road Matcho> 
Prtaa It.SO* OMh. Blx- 
hoaaa. ahlnirlad. and «na aero 
In larsf aa« naail fniUa, WW ba 
to C. K. R. ««« atatloa. Ftaa prapaal* 
lor tbrllty man. • ■ 

■vrUHVKUlj U. BHAW * OD. 
SI« Cantral Bids. ' Tel. SITS 

Mata — Wa hava two acraa cardan aoll at 
JMtait Tolmta (or tt.oto. (ICaair tarma) 

-nitVB aoMB la ordharo |mM Cf*^ ?" 
J? room faralabad kenaa, waUttraiC Ai 

rsj, •?/f.-,«r';rHa"trSkift!^i^5a 

rftk Vlfftaria tkraa tunaa .P«r wMfetjaakr 
Ad paataHlea. Apply RoM. OrakK 
Blook (avar lf« Btora>. 


FV8 aeraa of eholoa culUratad Ian*. 
anbar<l «f S»» traaa Jnat eoralng ^ 

%atiSt. ka«M ae^ roaiaa, in vood ra» 
SSSr. lar*a bam. chloban bouaa* aUU: 
lliM-nnoa water tank and r>«Av«aUC**« 
(aMad and aroaa laaoadi l(<HS> : 
Tarmt far p«M if xM^^gllir 

A. H. BARMAM ' • 
7.4 Part «b 

jnoR sau 


-2% aoraa, 
c. Street. SMt Alkt— —raac 

Pttl Baia — 2*0 acrea timbar Taad li tnlha 
from Viotorla. oa mata MatcboMa Itoad. 
tt-mlla from tatt ttfater and oa C anadia n 
Kortbarn Raimar. Crulaaa 10m to ISm toat 
to acre. Will aall land aad timbar. or tha 
ti.-nber only. APPly 11** 



Tttk Btt: 

at barcaln prieei. 
ovar Imparlal Bank. 

flrat-ela«i: no rock; all fenead. good ^»»**' 

■upply from aprtng, A 
With waMv laid oa. 9*rm 
tmt tf taoa af faad aai i 

houaa of flra rooma 

Tbu proparty 
nod *v{m 


O. C, HpWW-X, 

on dallChtful bay 

dnf AOTM ft— ting 

and flaa bathing baach. « acraa 

traaa. Oaad 


•BAIW * laXBHASL 11^ 

(BgukiMMd siMr 

area la itMirbMtMrs OMra 

a water, pvui^ir mmm — 

iw barn; land aU wlja f««»a4. 
M boat »att jr ii W PiP pWjtb^ify 

aarta, 4 aeraa la itrairhMtM,' 

"mo now barn; land aU vUa (aaead. aad 
■Itaata ' 


l»-aara r— aM. >» eal- 

ti ration: gooa •trtll'BiiWy pwok and Ba* 
ronng orcbarf; aoll ta rad law with mnt^- 
era 'lope; 6-room bauaa. bam. kar akad. 
poultry bonaai^ etc. 

OTAIj oak — Ten acrea of aplendld land 
wltk Bouthern altfpa. and fronting oa 
pkvaA #aad: land la all ealtt«atad an4 la 
Mlalr Vlantad to logaabarrtaa: baildinsa 
are all modam and raeaatly 
eoaalat of t-room baagaUtl 
bath, toilet aad iraak 


coaalat oi 

baaamant and alata waak taba; city water 

U laid on aad bouaa 
bam wltk " 


tiTatadTad' ^SiMdj 
aad dairy: th^ 
««. propacty. 

at mtt MiMr 



«Mltl«atloa. balance nearly 
lis tnll bearing fruit 
madam houaa and 
chicken bouaea (coat |1AM 
ta bnild), pig houaea, etc ' Tk* 
wkaia la wire faaoed and eroaa 
faaeed. LoeaUon abaat S« aUlaa 
4raa« yiotaictae, Priaa If^lft^ 

ACRBfl — Adjotalag raUwaj. 

logged off aad_good V^^jj^ 

r iMHl. 


. ^ Twaaty 

ViDtaila. VHaad ta aail. f MM. 

ACRBB— A complete fan* Vitk M 
Implemanta and taala Oaod 
kodae. <aad barn tlzSO feat, and 
new ootbutldlnga, chicken houaea, 
atg.. all vary complete. SO acrea 
naprovad, Valdaca Umbarad. Im- 
Bleni«Bta Inolade S >lalr«L kar- 

. BDWA oMUvatari, boraa rake, 
.mowing macbina, cart, carpenter 
toala aad ataay aztraa.. Inolud- 
lag lambar and ahinglea 
■Nwa&^pdJruidanoa af^ 

complete aaaatry 
la the Saanloh dlatrlet, 
••room bungalow, vary 
opea f***f*if*'t 

every convenience ; delfgntf ul 
garden. *aae% flowara, fnilta. 
cement waJka, lawna and ahrub- 
t ehM«i(ag home la 

ACRES — Level land, good aoll. Well 
kallt kouaa, S rooma; ehlekan 

- — ' — ^'n,fp.- 

li ili'iii ill 1 1 

G. c. Howaui 

l$l Ualaa Bank BtiUdlBf 
Pkaaa aaaa TTT . 


ODBRN bungalow, I or • rooma. "oaa 



moat ka on phaae: 
itklri 'aa ageata 


- . goad 
• too eaah add 
Colonlit Baft 

\|TJ8T BS BOtD— Altar having Bold tiia 

iVX property for |1*,000, 



10 acrea cleared^ MmmUtr < 
wataz. *n dood. jrMd^ m 
railway atatlon; naw.-«od*t_ 
T-roonved houae. Una bam, outbulldlnga, etc. 
For. a limited time. Price SIS.***. 

KBATINOB— SS acre* ia tha atra^beti^y 
belt, all clai 
tree*. auineroMa 

atrawbarrlea. of Which — i' --- - - .w„.._fc 
aast yaar, gaad well^ atrfam through 

eotilsTVA j^^^iy^^L 

Inga, Owner wOJ laabide ftack. Thia latka 
ehaapaat buy (pr eirawberry laad. rnoa 
on application. 

WATERFRONT — » acrea of .tnitt laad aad 
batntlfnl waterfront with aaady baaeir, 
f al|.k«M«a« (rwM tnm and •»WH55^!i^ 

on applteatloai 


Kj^ from city, f-roanved .«»*»«•• 

atable and akada. FirMa IS.I4P. 

5 ACRES, near Roral pak and luat «a 
main road, alt good land and claarad, 
moktly under crop, dne homeatta, apoat lb 
mile from B. C. BleetHe. PrtCe tS.S««. 

WB caWnot onrrf iNroBKATiOK ovam 

%IB6H * CO.. UtD. , 

the owner baa re> 

-*.!f'i4fvja, for^Bajr- 



—16 acre* ia tna Birm^oeary 

or which ther* WUI l»#^"kofee 

aea Crawa 

■ale at 

Bfty appta tltaaa. 

*a .Meat 

» aoraa aad S' 
ektckaa raaak, 

raaak. At truck gar- 
t aatalllag runatar «i 

•triDR Sala— 10 
i? dan. fruit, 
tal apflBg* I 
Bchool. Bio., B. 

^ raiBr 

IB dale aa d HfH 

About T milea from Victoria, • under 
onlUvatlon and eaeded, baladoe in Btompa 
light timbar. Fyr nartlealara. apply 
Tt^yal Oak Orocery, 8«AAi(Sl>. ■ 

XiWBT-CLASS Pttrchaae at rock bottam 
Jp^'ttriea, ••,•••. Baaaona for dUpoadt' 

^\*rloa. ••.! 

two-Mofy f/vmf vitk 

it bdthfaoln), talaphAka, 
aplendldly built, good eiaTattan. aboat ■ 
rooma, large cloaata and eonvenlont to tram 
and aohool (!• canta return faTa to city), 
witkia tear miiaa of City Ha(l. t% aeraa of 
aplaadld laad, Vhlgk laeladaa oae adra at 

balance Ideal for BtAwkbrrl*?! oier 
fruit treaa. dairy, garage, barn, two acrea 
la crop (grain), two mllcb cowm buggy and 
karaaaai -'dam nteatlla and thirty hana, 
ttHuh aad ball atove. Reduced 11,000 for 
lailHMdIala aale. (Owner expoota to return 

""'^ wnmau* a. uulw » to. 

I ^f flea^ral, |Md|^ 


wlthla S-aalle alrel«L 
acNo, all elaafad aaaaat % aata, aaod 
Bl>>room haaaa^ eluma.JMWtfk/JWF K Ok 

^UANFORD Avaaaa, 

Price tl.MO. 
Valophoaa OS. 

lORDON HBAD — Imprwved fmit farm of 
-1 SH acraa aad lavaly modem bungalow 

arekard, beautiful ftewar and vagatabia 
aardcn. Don't delay If you want anek a 

oooo ViUMi van 

Head iTfalt F^ma-^We 

O i-lOBOON Head rralt FanuB— We eaa 

1^ .di^ |l.dM kor aw... 

/^WIOKAN DIatHet— 10 aereB, all good 
V> land. II aarea under. enltiriMloa, IS 
aaraa partly alail>ad and alaaked, eoma good 
bottom laad- Well built S-ro«aed bouaa, 
uafalliaB #ator^^(WlJ*il!|r. fuU baartngfruu 

kaia far 


half logged 

L4k» •> •• aeraa, about 
off and alaaked ; eoma 
aalandM bottom laad. aaaUy beared, aad 
BMltabie for logana and rkakark; 
Wall built T-roomed feaago: olaag ta 
and P.O.: piaatv ac Wdlan 
etc, ••.•••. 



MM ft 60. 


dtoavad. al) 

Ing fruit 
fcom aci 

mllaa from Ootir- 
aa alearad, IS-St 

4-raomed houae, 
etc., 1 aore 
faaaad. aome bear- 
treea, 10 nrtnatea 
k aad 



•ostB aoop 


etariM Fabiia 
C.N. Ranwiy, STSo. datwnBiaitit ■ 

aFBCtAi. la A«r^ga--I.*» 
O inside two-mile circle, clear 



; Blewlag. water aervlce aval* 
n«r. Fbone evenlnga tOlSX. 

SNAP— Far 
— JBSt 

aale. to 


acrea, SSS 
aa smX 

par aera. 

WCm dOUNTRT uoiiw 



Of good laad. all 
In, and under eultlva- 
ilaif. and giving good raaoita. Oaad water 
■naaty TModa-la « s-roemad kaaaa, f«r* 
Sihed; bST fir !pigh™bead_ •f„«»»!S 
ekickea hoaaa, aa^^oi of fagm 

Byarything to good Oj»apa. Claaj 
•uatrk. BattwaF M^^^^ 

|S,«««. oa 


• StS 

HAMiLTovr »( B<m. 


IITUATED JH mileo from Courtonay. 


aerea of good blaak loam, cleared and 
ilea; creek rona througk prop 

■aw madara 

•.ro4mad kauaik 
10 ft 

^ living 


ACBU within' 10. mIlea of Victoria. 
iMf , Biodara koaaa, about i» acraa 

{ faadr for crop; a really daalr- 

abl4 property. Tha price In 


Implements. at<* d 

I'^llard table. 

cladea ao: 

Thli property has bean . 
Bonally Inspected and ran be 
tftoroughly recommended aa a 
at«t>olaaa NsMMitlat aad. fai 
lag p r ope rty ; aloaa to 

%U,—, ON Tpmiiui. 

T Belmont Building. Victoria 
,X.aaai Manager. Alfred Carmlobaai 

•Baal, Batata D!iparta|ei)t 
s.!a dC'>ik«s«d' ' . m,'iK Pvtuttim 


.N%m<Ml — Wiu 

WANT leu la^ Peiat Oroy. vletalty Ker- 
riadala. or acreage aaar 
eacha^a^j grepoaitlaB. Bo» jSTO 


B. a 



imp LIGHT 


Owing to 

nanas Scarce 
Continuation of 
Embargo — 
a Cent 

17H>B fala— Two good iota, Banalmo. B.C^ 
J? aaar la. dear titW. real aaap. P.O. Boa 
SSS. Vletarla. B.C 

121pB dale B a a ada r y Baad. BhaM Bay. S 

R Bala — Clear 

Harold Street. 

J^H>Jt jkU#r--d daa. iota la craiadarrocn auo- 


Pboae II. 

ta D. 



Bala iW k a lif ia ul 

ner Harbor, cheap. 

P. O. 


Box 410. 

J^iCB leval Icrt. 

SO X 100, Kisber Avenue. 
Moont Tolmle. What caalr offer? 84i 
Vlaa atraat. Claverdala^ 

i am laatrocted to sell 

rno claga aa estau 

± T iOtt, I 

Garden City at $150 
Empress Street, for SSSO 
KInca and Victor, }20S. W. 
Sayward Building. 

each, also 

S Tots on 
Brown, 020 


laa Street ear lla% 
Phnna lOtTT. 

moat aaenftae cleared lot 

flUkKBKca Batai. tdldo aa« Baaclaa. 

lone SOTOO. 


D£JL.HI HOTKLr— Under Bow managamanc 
Bedrooms and light housekeeping 
rooma; thoroaghty cleaaad t hr o ag keat; 

term* moderate. S. Shelton. Proprietor. 

AL.LAS Hotel 

denttal Roti 
ate. Phone 4ST. 


a w. 


St Fraacla Batel, Tatea ftreat. few doora 
belaw Oaaaraaaaat Straetl raaavated 

throughout; beautiful large sitting room; 
open fire. Trajislents Tic, up. Special 
weekly rates. 

res f»"»e 
Ma tka Mlataa. and 

A ailakt waahaalaB la tka prloa af kattar 
aad a deellaa la tka ««oUtlaaa aa rkakarb 
and' kot houaa eucnmbera In raspa B BS to tkalr 
ooming on the market more freely, tacatkar 
with a marked shartage of all the eltfaa 
fratta aa a M«ult of the continuation of the 
embargo on car shipments by rail In tha 
Booth, were the noUceable features ft the 
produce market yeaterday. Calarir r 
tiMlly vanlahed sinca tka anOval 
green vegatablea ta tidcia tka 
lettuce, which ia aaw 
kothouse arown, ooi 

S3^tSr<Hfltainir oa*a( (ba Sa^ 
open varietlea 

Tko seaaon for naval oranges la also pn 
the deellhe and Valenelaa and Madltar- 
raneati sweats ara coming on to take tkelr 
laoe ameag tka •offarlnga. Tha auppty la 
reaalt of tka dWeal- 

. _ . jaaapartatlaa aA la 

tba casB of tke last>aamed fmit, tkar ara 
yet too uncertain to warrant definite ^aota- 
tlona. A car of Valenelaa Is due to arrtva 
oin Thursday and the next day a car of 
baaanaa ia alao eapactad to relieve what to 
now looking Ilka a real shortage on Whole- 
sale Row. California gmpefmit la ekabBOr 
ky "tlM aa tha eaae. 

Tha prlee of potatoes eontlnuea on Its ap> 
ward night, and local varlatiaa. whlek ara 
practically all that are offering at the pre»> 
ent time, were retailing from ST.SO to 
a liaplyg^ m p M lg yasUrday. 


limited, fcawaver. as a 
tliia la tjM Way «f t 


Bnttar — 

caiinmis rrooh crokmnr •..> 
Ballybmdk fresh creamery .. 
Hotiyby«ok bricks in castoaa. 
Buttercup creamery 





aaaaaa* aaa»aaBdBBB*dBi| 


Tha VIetorU'Baanlak. Beacfeaa and Fatka 
Committee is eoaaidaruis the dealmblUty of 

Kinting a re fr ea km aat sB B sssMoa at Slaaat 
uglaa Park, la tka vlelni^ a( tka jnao- 
Uon of Ash aad Cedar Hill Itoada. for thia 
year. Ftfll *rot)o«l«OBa from'^kRIsa Inter- 
tmtmA will ba received by the underalgaed up 
\o l^m. an Friday, April totbr. 

ebj Baiv 





■vrOTlC^ la hereby «lT*a 
J3t puraaaat ta - d*. 

-|n ACBBd, caod laad. 
±\r Hill Btatloa. S-i 

Hill Btatloa, 
goad road, SMSO. Trlaa ft 

Btreal. YjWiftdrW- 

mUam OafckU 


1>ACRB and S'Toomsd ko^, 
oa B.C. tram statior ^ ' 
more land can be acquira 

l« ♦kd 

station. Water Id'kaaift; 
jn be acquired; •2,100. 
fXkpBORO BAY — One of the beat 4-roomed 
\J asttacaa aad SO>ft. aea frantage by tOO 
ft. deep, aandy beaek. best aart of tka Bay. 
Geod^ aoll; t>,iOO. ' 

HEAD — SK acres and t^omfd 
ardan. large and amall frulta, 
ata.) oMekon aheds i^<d rana; IS.7I0. 
tJUADRA— 1» acres on paved 
I aoiaa aadag daiitgaMda. good 

\JI kouae, m SI 
berrMa, aita.« obi 

Av n>ad. _ ^ , — . _ - 
aaU, aplaadld view.. city water; l».SO«. 
^ ACBBdk aortk at Oaverdala Xvei. •1,1*0. 

Ua bar- 

nTATBBFBONTAOB, cloae to Rbaalafcton 

B. a. 

tamu on any of these 
~ rUNNBTT * 



Maaa •!•• 

vMOa with apan dr'apl*c« and ^ 
KST; raaeptlad hall -f ft x i« tti dining 
mam klieMai paatry, S bedraolna and bath. 
SSSZ': bara |i iTilk ft, with stalls, grain 
MmT kar Mft,' ata.,^ paaltry koasee with 
capacity for TOO birde: ' — — — 

l'7oTUll^^"«<Sft*W tddk tHttf^ 1 

TOWNL«T ft KaKlftOnS 
S14-S1S dayward Baidlag f**"* 

ACBB8. We oSer aa exceptional 
baagala aattaMa far aheap, cattle 
aad tealtfT ralaiagi MitOO, ^aay tarma. 
5ora*>ald |lS.tM far thia property e«imt 

I fl^nTvletorS: fJSsit krlok bungalow, 
opea llreplaoee, Saanlck water: outbuildings, 
>«*rtBgfmU u»e^>j|Bi - 
rael] iadataas»aia__^^ ^^"^ 

that under and 

beat dated tke 

ttrd day af May, ISlt, made between Wal- 
ter E. Hodges of tha llrat part, A. H. Blrer- 
man of tha seeoAd part, aod Balfour, (Guth- 
rie ft Co., of tha third, .part, and pursuant 
to the terms of a' certain Indrnture dated 
the 10th day ot Jannary, 1918, and made be- 
ta een Baflancg Packing O., Limited, af tha 
aa« part, and A. P. Home of itke atkar awrt, 
"curing dabenturea ta tka ya,lu« at %\t:- 
000.00, the followlnB asseta will bo offered 
for sale In one lot and being the whole of 
the asaeta of the I><>nan(?e Packing Co., Llm- 
ll«a, iMtadlng all the lotereat af tba tom- 

Kny In a certain lease dated on or about 
camber H, lOl*,- and made between 
Ricliard Tempia Oodman and Oeorge Wil- 
liam Oodman of the flrat part, and A K. 
Sherman ot the seaoaft part, •ufciaot only to 
tUa fallowing ancumbranoes; 
Itaitgate on tha Oreat Northern Caanery 

•The asaeta Include the following: 
1 The Great Northern Cannery Inoluding 
■Ita. water rtgkta, aad ail necaaaary bnlld- 
msa. aiMB hatMa. smoke koasa. store and 
" - kaaaaa for fapaaese aad whiu men. 

ooataina fait eqatpment for 

Oataria. neltd. per lb. 

Ontario Twins 

Ontario SInglea .... 
Britiak Columbia 
Egga — 

B. a 


Haddlea. 11 lb. box. lb. 

Dloatera, lOa 

Klppera. 1« lb. boa, lb, 
daktaflah, saiokad 19 lb. 
Sablefish. kippered. s» lb 


Codflah Tableta. 20 lb. box 
.SI aad 



, ■ Kippered Balmaa. 1* Ai> koa. Ik. 
' Mtetoes— 8uppllgh«llck«-4. " 

Ashcrof t, ton 

Lo^ Wkltp. par toe j;...m*. 
^pbigts, par itoa •.••«•*••,•.. 

'*^^^ew Baal^ad, emtas ........ 

P^r It), e • > ■oeaa«^a»aaada 

Vegetables — - ••' 

Becta, per aatrk 

Carrots, per aack 

Parsirtpa. per aack 

Turolpa, per aack (acarce) , . 

BWeet' Potatoea 

liettuos, h«ad, per crate 

per doaan 

I'.-ettuca, leaf, par crate 

Cauliflower, local, according to 

Btaa, par daaaa S.Sd 

Celery, per doaaa 

Green Onions, per dosen 

As|>aragm, BootTrem, per lb 

AsparaKUa. local, I ib- bdlea... 

Rhubarb, pep lb,-. •• 

CaciMiihargr ke^apa, »9, I. 

' Tomatoes, par erata . 

Wiaesapa, aamll slsa .. 
WineaaM No, i, table 
Tellow Kawtoak. Bo. 1 

.« « . ... . 

• . i» . . 

Navels, aeeerdiag- to alaa. 

Valeaciaa, all sisea 

Med.' Sweets 


Sunklst, SOO-SCO, par ease 

Choice. S09-S00. per caae 

Fttf Itoe saaaaaeaaaaaaa fta 



• a a ■ • B a* 

a a a a a a 

a a • a • • 

lorlda, per 
California .par case 

14 eombs, par eaae 







• so 

.10 i4 





4. M 





5. TS 








-^wf] y Gains In Stoek Prica s Ar» 
Largely Lost In Heavy Sell- 
ing Near Close— Companies 
Riprt iatge 'Profits " 


rio line, and alao oaa_ Oiling machine. 


Ttlb ' cannei i 
m. single line, I 

£^ae Port Banfrew " Canni 
alt aaaagpary bulldlnga, taeaa 
aad nvlag houaea . for iJdl 
STeK aad waUr rights. 

Ae eaaaary eoatalns tuU MalpaMat - tar 
a BtagU Hae. aad also two flUlaa aMaklaw, 
AIM aa kotal fidiy furaiahed. ^ 
t. Tka folio wiaa gaaaliae fUbr earrlara: 
Emma H.. Boreatta, My Friend, Bkermaa, 
gea Foam, all of which eaa *>• Inapaeted aa 


tin addition. • 
by 14 (eat wldo. and tki 

ana saaw a bu a i t •• f< 

.. rsfiaf diftki 

a, A anaaUty of at^asi aui 

■Mratalare the followiag flaking lieeaeea 
haWbeii^ld ky thaTbedaaee Faoking 
Co.. Llmltad: Tw^fBiM aelaajl«Maaaa from 
Cape Beato to sai^th eaft af Mdaey lalaad. 
^I^Tparaa aalaa lla#nee 15 ftka laaa Harbor, 
one drag seine Itcance la Ban Juaa Harbor. 
The aala will Include tke righta. If any, be- 
longing to the company as tha past holdaia 
of tbeae lleeneea. 

Pull particolara of all of the abave eaa Apples, aad datalM apardlsala may be U- Fi|b*rta, 



• — > 

0*»M $5?^ •ksSS*'** aee e«t| Id 
devea-raaaa m sd na kaase^ dairy 

ft a Wa da wl taMSy^ food 
ivkdl^ di rt^aFlBad' lamba, 
a dtaia alfs aad ekiokeae. 

i2a«ry*^'aat to"i 

(lafarai bro^dera U 

\X PoaW^^jrwWa) U j| ■ WM^ 
wSS'^ka!?* d«_ m«Ma iam 


far .' 

aiod.rn. wUk 
1 Wei 

II baut 
Md« laFMs all 

lag; a 


aaap at 

O. C HO^ 


Tun nttap^jqpvnfniT somb as ss.ts« 

rT^^va caltlaailaai puaiy at fmit Md 
{Sii aamaat jwaamaSt^fara^ draw- 



idCBBd. 1« la tmit. 
aad ontbulldlnra, cloae to Victoria: 
eB_ Vancouver I'^^^jj^^^ ^ ftaSfc 

«p. Oa aaod r ea d , aad do 
acboat aad «fcar<ft. Very good 
koasf katkgam. 

nd adir^a etdkr 
elosa to F. <X. 
pad cold water, opea 
good water 
aes. etc 


TBRMflL •«.••• 


A. 1. 

WMB ft ca 

la Ikneh, t 
It trees, 
ABply ta 14t 



H. <•. »At.«T * CO. 
024 View Street 

Pbons ITO^ 



MNkT wMt BaaBrMar. -far pariSeSMra write 
1 Water B U asI^ Tkaow ■■. B. a 


aa SSoDday. tka 
I. la tke taraaadb 
Vasoaaver, B.e. 





NCmCB Is hereby given that all 
having any claims agalnat the late 
Bama who died an the tth day erf 
1»20. at Vlotoria, «ra required to send by 
poet to Ike addetklgnedt B a B st j a ra .dH' tka 
frustaag aadar " thrViiP 5 
their namea and addf tssm a 
liars m writing verflled b* dl 
atlnn of their claima, aad 

^Mifiti IS i( any. keld by 

AND TAKBNOTICB that after tba S*tk 
day ot Jaly, l*t». tka said trasteee will 
preeeed to diatrtkata tke asaau at tka said 
Seoeaaed ajsmaa Om ps ra saa sMttlad tkea|. 
to. kaviR* ra#krd only to Se alalaudf 
- — II kava Botlaa. aad tkay will 

' tha said alaatp ta aay 

f\y CTlCp Jdj idrdfcy gtifd^ ^btl 
^w ftnOMBABl THmiiHOil 


after Tin&904T, tka WpLTt DAT OF 

JtHns aaaEl. %m 

raoord ot Mth AptlL 19M. 

6-OS. pICtl. a aa aa Baaa#a ta a §. tS 


l^*Far% a ' aiiwa ....^ SLSd 

Mata— T ". 

irunnts, CalltanBB aott aBall. 

per aack ................ 4L00 

H^Ja " ^^iaaoliiBBkd^ilad^^^ft- .4i 

^■r sack ........ ...... W.d< 

Per n> .>• 

Walnuta. Maaehurian. par aa«k S^.** 

Per lb. ....... .5.. ......a .ST 

FUberta ....... .ST 

Paanuta, green, par IK It 

isaadt lb.' ' 1 . rr. . . .'n'j '.SS 

na AlaMwdsi ak. I«$ '.. .S« 

• a»aaa^aaa aaaaa^ 

Retail VetetaUet, Fmh 

. Btrawberrieg. 
O r a adf a par<i 
liamons tOaK), dosea 
Grapefruit iCal.), • for .2t 


Grapofralt. Florida) aack. . 

^aad s for 

Baaanaa. dosen •# ta 

Apalaa, S Iba. M; S Iba^ ..^-n 
Driad Frulta — 

Prunaa. S lb. .SO. per lb. 
Peaches, per pound .... 
Apricots, per pound .< 
A pplaa, per pou nd 

SS ta 



per lb. ........ 

Aimoads, par lb 

WairniU (hard), per lb. 
Walnuu (aoft), per lb. 
Biaaiis, par Iku^'* 
Faaaota.^^ iaCT 


.H sa 

ubarb, locdl, 

carrots. i>ar lb. 

CabbaK«, per lb. ....... .10 ta 

g»l9i> s (dryX, 1 l||aL .......... 

^Kiifiow& \ ir?'.'.. jt' 

Asparagus, (imported). 
Aaparagus (local) lb. . 
Badlehae (lo«ai^ « ka . 
Faildey^bMBjjB_ ^j^^i. . <..«.... 
Qfiiaa Faas onBaidBftI, Ikt 
Potatoes, AA croft 

HeM ^"-^isrvi 














^ertarkaaaa ataaft* .dd 

T. Bona Bteatl. He .4d 

Blki^ ISc ........ ..... .^a 

,^»»^»»«e»i»a» ' «» 4| 4^ 

»..»»■■ aea>»» .N mo 


H. Meal ....$.«** 
H. Cafca ............ 

Wke at. W a. S I*** 

l^kt Bked .............. .It*.* H*^} 

Oala s.aa 

Or. Data 4.1B 

Barley ..................... 4.ed 

Or. Barley .................. 4.1a 

Cora e*sa 

Or. 'Corn ...aj.'.**. 

Feed Oeraataal 
Bran .... 

Bor. Food 

Chicken Cfcajp S.Ti 

Oat ^led .'....».......•...• 

Oil Oafea .«.......«...•...•• z'?f 

Alt! Waal J .J.;* 

Beef doram td.kd la S«.M 

Oyator Uall S.Sa 

Or. BaM S.Ta 

Hay. dsiatkr asid lOinmi S.M 

Alfftlfft •«««»a«aeaaa*a*aea»aa 
Straw • a aa«« ■ • a»ft • a« dftdffBa a* ^X^^ 

> aaaada •••waaa 
• eaa aaaV«d a%j,'aa* • T' 
ISl »«aa«*aaa aaa a 2*!? 
aaa«*a*#*«aaaaaaa P*^? 
k«oa*«a#aaaae aaea 


■ aaaaaaaaeaae 







• • • • 




... S.SS 
... S.SS 
... S.6I 


(Br F. V. StaydBSi^ S#|^fdaJ|^|B 
Atkakaaaa Op 

m. <?. y aojwSitB t taaa .... Htm 

Bt OL BatlpiBB ^. ...*.***** * ^vd 

If. Id 




... "dM* 

WMcdk IImI Pricet 

Vaal . 



•••«••••* dBBdaaa 

lad," ****** 


a a a • a • 

■ a a a a a a 

e a, 

.t« to 

.S«tt ta 

. .«! to 

. .4T ta 







NEW TORK. April ST.— Tka daclBlon of 
the duprema Court In the Raading cM«. 
aaata weakaeas of tofalfa aaehange, the 
pS^oaad rewoactlve •* #er cent war tag 
and several favorable statamenta of rail- 
road and Industrial eantlngs, comprjs^ the 
conflicting developments • to today's active 
and Irregttlar aeaalon of the stock market. 

Barly aad midday trading wm character- 
ised by further aubatantlal galhs in "fad- 
ing issuea. The advance also aBftMaM, JK> 
filiated coalera. such aa Central •af Haw 
larBBg. OaUirara aad Uadsoa, X^cAtawanaa 
aad Wastsaa. • . 

In otkar ratls, transoonttaaatals fcad their 
periods of activity aad atraagtk, Unloa 
PaeiAc presenting an eaoellaat report for 
SglP', Amoag industrials the recent strength 
of Amertean Woolen waa explained by the 
iesnaaaa at tka !•!• atataaaaat, dlaelosiag 
aamiaga at alBsaat aa tka 

U.' B. Bteel was Igag a f B sn p il 
oa lu Qoarterly meatfag 'Cby, 
no due ' ^A aay change of dividend poHey. 
Baraiaga for the flrat three montha of tha 
year, made public after the cloae of the 
market, exceeded popnlar eatlmataa, akow- 
Ing tS.SS gained for common stock. 

Motors, oils, steals. equlpmenta, ahtp- 
pings and aaaterous misceJlaneona special- 
ties furaisked their eastamarr Brqpartiana 
to tha day's aalargad oparattaaa 
treme galas of S to 1« PMata, V«t tklhwv 
BotawdMbr CHMMk tiMid "ware edaeatlad 
Utar. ~ • ■ 

Heavy selling of the last hour eolncJded 
with a 10 per cent money rate and Wash 
ingtoB advices Indicatlag yjo/r»sa of the 
war tax aaaadaN, Bat- atafaaaa rallied 

TaUl galaa. \.tmm ijhaMa. 

Railroad kaadg wara stkaac for a time., 
bat WaakaaM with tha, stock martcet. Ub 
erty iaauaa, wUh one or two ezcaptiona, 
cloaad at nominal galna Total aaias. par 

ntfcFaagdir aa daH. 


BaidlBfc BrotkarSi Umtted) 

High. I»w. Close. 


Allls-Chalmars . . . ^ . . . 

Am. Cdr Fdy. 

Am, In. Corp. 

Am. LiOcomotlve .... 

Am. Smelt, aad Ref. . . 
Am. Bngar Rfa. ...... 

Ata. ^ aad 'ftfL .... 

Ajpi. Wool, coia. .... 

iSk steel Fdy 

.Aat- Bam. Tab 

*Anaaaada VfalaB .... 

AtOlllfOtt aesessaa^aaa* 

Atlantic Oulf 

Baldwin L0OO 

Baltlmora and Ohio .. 

Baeklehem Steel 

Butte Bap, Miniac .... 
Brooklyn Tranalt .... 

Canadian Pacific 

Central tiaathcr 

Crudble Steel 

Cheaapeake and Ohio. 
Chic. Mil. and Bt. P.. 
Chic, B. I. aad Pac... 
Colo. Ftial aad Iraa .. 

chino Copper • 

Cal. Petrolaaaa 

25^ £S2g SMvt 

uom rrawaaia ....... aes ie 

DistlUara dasb • 

Bria ................. 

Brio, flrat pfd. 22 

0«n. Bloetric !•• % 

Oaa. Jtoters StS 

OaedrMh (B. F.) .... •• 

Ot Nor. Ore •••( 

Ot. Northern, pfd. T«1i 

Hide aad Lea, pfd. .. 104 
laaplratlaa Cap. ...... (• 

Ian fflohal 11 H 

Inn Mer. Marine U% 

Int'i Mer. Marine, 
Kaaaecoto Copper 
Kaa. Caj 
t«blsb Valley 

tMk Bteel 

Mldvala Steel 

Man. Fetroleam 

MlaaU OMpar 

snaaBail Pacific 

Ma.. Kaas. and TfMS. 

National l«ad 

New .Torfc Central .... 

Petinsrivaala W, R . . 
Praaaed Steel Car .... 
Raadkig . .. ■ . ^. ,. «. .. 
Ray Ooaa Wmm 
BapafcHa MagPl^.i... 

fUfI- Ofl Be aaaaoaaaapf 

Seotbara raaSfla .... 
Soothera By,. sBtfl. 
Btadebakar Carpi .... 

Tka Taaaa* Cd. .....i. 


Ualaa Baalfla 

TT. S. 
L. i, 

U. S. Bteel. 
V. S. SOaal, 
Virginia cfiiiam. 
Wealiagka«as B 
Boyal I>atek 

• TS 



Boundary Say OO ........ 

C|taada Copper 

oaaafta OB- aad vaMata .. 

Coaa ILjMiL 

ObbB WOdB igy ...••»»«». 
Orawa idtdl vgaS •.«...»..• 
Ul um T^nasaaa .•*..*..•. 

Empire Otl 

Oraaky •....•«».».*••.• 

Great Wgai ^•ggki «..%..... 

BEawa Baaad *........•«... 

Zat'l deal 

X'Ooky ^Im . ..«.»...«..« 
MeOlDtrary •••>.••.' 

Pitt Meadowa 
Paalflc Coaat VBa 
Bllyaramiih . . , 
Silvar Crest Mlaaa 

Spartaa Oil ,...n.. 

Rtandard Lead 

Ktewart M. aad Oav. 

Stewart iMd 
Baalaafc Mlaaa 
Barf Talat .. 
Trojaa OU . . 

a # « 


.id 1 

a a 


> a 



• a a a a a a 

eaeee ■••ea*a 

.. SS.O* 










» a s • a a a 

Angio-Fraach Sa. 

Dom. ^S** l^aa, tstl « 14 

Zloai. Wkr tiaaa. isal •* 

Dom. War T^oan. IStT •* 

Victory T..oan, 1022 . . . , •• 

Victory lioan l^t^ ...,«..... SSH 

VkCory Loan, Ht4 ...».>,... M 

Victory I.«an, ttIT dkH 

Victory T.«an. 1»»« 1«0H lOlH 

Victory I.K>«n, 1024 O* »" 

Victory Loan. lOIT 102 



Local banks yesterday quoted sterling aa 
follawfi Baying at H; aeliing at 


LONDON. April It, Bar rtlvar SSd pay 
ounce. Money 4 % lap «!■*■ pMeaadlt rataat 
Short bills 551 •• Bad diktt tkraa moand 

• 1S«<% per cent 

NEW TORK, April IT.— Bar BUver •l.lS- 
Mexican dollars StVe. 

Sterllnir exrhanira weak at •t.TSK for 
•0-day bills and «2.T2 for demand; Cana- 
dtaa dollara ••.sn; Belgian franca, T.t«: 
w^ ffTirs «Tg: Italian {Ire. B.OO. 

**S«ffldera. demand t»\k; ca bias ISU. 
.Marka, demand l.TS: cables J.T4. 
OAvernmaftt ks— g atrong: railroad baada 

Time loans atrong, unchanged. 
Call money strong; high ic others ttn- 

After the close of the market the fnl- 
lewiag quotations were made. Call mo^ay: 
atdk !•! eloalBg Ml* 10; last laa a Id. ■ 


NKW TORK. April 'tt.'— Copper quiet; 
otaatialytla, spot and nearby 1IH«1S: May, 
June and July. 1^H91*H: ii^n steady 
and unchanged; tin easy, spot ••!. Alpn-ll 
and May ••O.tS; antimony SlOJOt 

Metal Bxebange Quotes: taad steady, 

SOL nnt nsti^ jst?*JKi!^ 

Bast Bt LOUIS spot ••.28 bU: 

At London — Spot onpper llSd. Ss, (d: 
futaras ll^t, ISg, Sd; aleotrayltta apot fllSt. 
futnMa CUI^ tlk not SS*?. it% M: fatdrod 
fS4T, Sd; -ddV -Ha^r^nat'dil. Ida; tatd««* 
Its, Ua? Slaa spot «4ri*< tktaras »s. 


City of Fort WilUMn, 


) ll4d 


PayaMd Maw York. X<OBaDa and 
■ Caaate 

Tha ditys dbroof^ npmfM 
poaltloTi ia avldaBvad .aid 
fact that the net dattatitura , 
debt t« leas ttuui $60 par capita 1 
and !eaa liiao >>» par oant of j 
the iisBgddgd TdlBB fair ^ 
tlon. ' ■ 

Prlca S4.7I aad i 
yieldlBdr •.40 par osBt. 
. . Ofdara Bkdr tia tdlaMidBdd «r 
Ml talacTa4>lMd at <rve s wi lss. 

S4« tt« 

, pfd. SS ST« 

• .... «•« !•& 

n .. i«f uf 

4S« 4S« 


• a a da 

d • a «a d* d 

Cera da Fasca 
Cant fa giria« .. 
PMdaa Arrow 
■bait Tfwasport 
Teaag Faeifle 


a a a a • a a 


Slav, ife^ a • • •« I BB^^a<«» B y BBtd alV 

soae* aea 

. .M ta 

. .4d td 

.......».«.».. .♦». .e 


«»sasa»f «»e 






Ikod ki fc Brotkatf, Uay«e«> 

Oaaa. Illali. £aw. ciaae. 

• ltd* 40. Ti 

mm Kp MLdB sd-dt 

MJi M.«a 

SSAe ••TO 04. •« to.df 

•4 Tt S4.t^ S4.M 




d ••••••*•< 



• *«•«•• ••• 

We own and oflfer, siifa|ect to 
IMi^ sale: 

City of CiJgary 

Mtturinf JtoBdry 1st, 19|S. In- 

Por tkd bdndfit of InvdStors who 
dedlrs m ufWaddd tB4 fdlld^ld 
opMois A tkd pftMfC 


prdptred d •«mmdnr Ib iMldl 
form, ftving tbd Btott irdcdnt 
facts c4MicniilBf tkd pHacipsI 
compinids ifl tkd idid, dad oat- 
linlng .coaditlOB* fdaerdlljr. 

Tki MflOnttak (Oltfl^ 1ni 
beaa td<«rd4 ky oar owa rdprd« 
sentdtiircs ifter pdrMMidl tavddfl- 
gatlont, snd stKHiUl kd «l wltad 
to tkofd Vf ^.l9tlTfJx ipi 

LdffUl lorwdrddd 
•By dldttsd, fr«e of 
cadt m obflfstloa. It 
kfiaf part of oor 
««nrkd lo javeslors. 

42 r 

'w&isS b ' ms s .^•sSdTTdT'gy'' 



Stoves, Hardware, Paints 

, Crockery and China 

Everything YouM<iy Reguire in These Lines at Lowest, Prices 

U^e Spencer's Ready 
Mixed Paints 


Perfect in CSioss and Durability 

— Spencer's Readjf-Mued Paints have stood every test 

SuroUedlii ill tliemtaityeoli^ white and mens. 
AsfoHQWs: ^ 

Ordinary Colorfr-l gall., $5.75; >^-gall., $3.00; quart, 
$1,60; pfait, 90c;>i^nt, 45c 

White and Greens— 1 gall., $6.oo; >4-gall., |3.lS: 1 
quart, $1.70; ptet. ,95c; K'Pint, Soc, 

Spencer's Oil Stains— In wahiut, light oak, golden oak, 
antique oak, Flemish oak, cherry, mahogany and rose- 
wood, 1 quart, 75c; pint, 45c; jii-pint, 30c. 

Spencer's Floor Yamish^In quart size, 11.35; pint size, 
75c; and >^-pint size, at 40c 

Spenc er's Superfine Linoleum Varnish, in quarts at 

A Few of the Many Special Valujgs 
You Will Find in the Hardware 
and China Sections 

A New. Sfeel Kitchen Range, Fawcett s 
r**Superb'' at $69.75 

--.The "SuperbJ' is a superior grade Kitchen Ranife that we recommend to the 

gublic as one of the most satisfactory Ranges on the market. A six-hole, pol- 
ihed, steel-top Ranjfc, jvith full-size oven, warming closet and "cup" water- 
front Itilmi^^ polished nickel; a fine looking as well as practical 
range/ iiiflM»e It Itt the Stove 

^1.50; pints, at 85c; j4-pints, at 45c 

Spencer's Furniture Varnish — In quart size at $1.05; 
piPt size at 60c; >^-pint size at 35c. 

—HvdwM^, Lov«^ Mala Floor— Pboo* 6SaS 

Laundry Baskets 

At Special Prices 

Chip Laundry Baskets, well and strongly made, at 
11.55, f 1.50, $1.75 and $2.25. 

Spencer's New Cedar Mop 
At $1.25 * 

A Cedar Mop of the latest con- 
struction— efficient in every way, 
and one of the hest possible values 
at, each, $1.25. 

Spencer's Cedar Polish 

A Polish that wm i^ve the best re- 
sults when used on doors, floors or 
furniture. Put up at the follow- 
Ing prices, 25c, 45c, 85c, $1.25 and 

n-77*rvc0 ibJuBier set 

A Real China DIniier Set, smooth 
and wea fiidshed, with a neat floral 
bovder. A Dhuer Set tbit any 
hopne wffl be pioud ef. cm-i^ 
the best values offered at, a Sil, 

Toilet Sets, printed }n sage green and 
set, $2.50. A banprfai. 

50 Feet of Garden Hose 
At $7.95 

Garden Hose of an exceedingly 
fine quality (3-pIy, f ne year guar- 
antee) a strong Hose that win 
stand heavy water pressure, spe- 
cial value at 5o feet for $7.95. 
Nozzles, extra, each, 75c 

Gaxxien Sprinklers for Hose 

Garden Sprinkle rs, in several de- 
signs and qualities; all well made, 
at, each, 65c, $1.65, $2.45 a^d 

A 97-Piece Dinner Set 
At $37.50 

A Dinner Set of "Meakin's" Semi- 
Porcelain, decorated with a pretty 
floral and art border. An attractive 
set, and very special value at 

peacock; 5 pieces to the set, at, a 

—4^1 Mate noo r P >oa« 65a5 

: MANY. 

• _ * 

Hot Blast Oil Stoves, Heat 
ers and Cook Stoves for 
Home or Camp 

Hot Blast Cook Stoves. . with 'double burner that distributes 
, nett evenly, a handy cooker for camp or home at, each, ^i.59. 

Double Hot Blast Cpdkers, consisting of two of the above 

Stoves, mounted on a metal base. A splendid value at $3.29. 

Hot ^last Heaters, well-finished stoves, that consume a mini- 
^illlfn of oil; finished iii iMue enamel. Very neat, and £ood 
.1f«liM^at^»«iC|^ 13.10. 

r«tpn D«pt.,Juower Main Flopr—Ptoofts 6S2$ 

Women's Waists in French 
i Voile and Colored 
' : Habutai Sillc 

At. Each, $3.75 and $4.75 ' 

French Voile Waists, a beautiful Lingerie Waist, developed 
from sHeer wMte French voile; designed with round, square 
and "V"-shape necks, with collars and cuffs. All Waists are 
beautifully trimmed with tucks, dainty laces and insertion. 
There trie many prettily embroidered styles in white: sizes 34 
to 50. Values, each, |3,75 and 14.75. 

White and Colored Habutai Silk Waists; made with square 
neck, round collar and tucked panel, in shades of maize and 
apricot and white, at $3.75. 

Another has a convertible collar and front trimmed with 
quarter4flcli f ulMength tucks. This style is presented in shades 
of apr^jpt and white, at, each, S3.75. 

' ' ' — -WiUts, itt Floor 


and PumB3 - 

Ttus Morning at. ; a Pair 


This is a Wednesday mbrning offer worth taking advantage of: White, Canvas Ox- 
fords and Pumps, with leather soles and high or low heels— a style to suH every 
woman in Victoria— at, a pair, this- morning, $2.65. * 

o-rWoncn's Sbo«i, iti Floor— Pboic 6196 

Qistt a Wardrok)© Trunk 
■a Witli a Place -for 

■ 24 Tapestry Rugs at 
$10.00 Each 
This Morning Only 

Fine Quality Tapestry Rugs, sofa size, 4 
ft. 6 in. X 6 ft.; in good designs of rose, 
tan, green and blue. Special thb morn- 
ing, at. each, $10.00. 

—Carpels, a«a floor. 

200 Yards Colored 
Madras at 75t 
fi Yard 

36-inch Colored Madras, choice OrienUl 
designs, in gold, blue and heltotrope, reg- 
ularly sold at 89c a yard. Speoal ttut 
morning at, the yard, 75c 

-^MtHrtn, aM rtoor 

36 Japan^e Hearthrugs 

Thus Morning at . 
. Each, $2.75 

The Rugs are 24 x 48 inches; in Oriental designs 
and colorings. An exceptional offer at, each, $2.75. 

^ ' , *• I • —Carpets, an4 Fioor 

Women s Overalls in 
Neat Styles 
at Low Prices 

Women's Khaki Overalls, well made of 
high-grade materials, and neatly iioislied 
wtth peari buttons. All Haes at, eaeh. 


Women's Overalls, in blue denim, made 
of strong and durable denim ; m tvo-piece 
style. A tpMId vatae at, cadi, S3.90. 

—lit Floor 

—When you own a Wardrobe 
Trunk, >bu will trrive at flie end 
of a long journey without the 
usual worry regarding aeased 
Clothing. The Wardra^ f ranks 
we stdck ire bultt with confeifl^ 
ences, such a* you would appre- 
ciate, In your closet at home. 
Trunks built to stand the strain 
and rough handling they will re- 
ceive on baagage car or steamer, 
vail thibbed and weH fitted with 
gamient hangers, drawers and CAwrtments. Calf and ex. 
•P^ifiP^*" frtce* very reasonable. 

— Trafoltof Oooda. M^^ flooMifcoM afSO 

Good Values in Mens Odd 


Men's Odd Pantfc in tweed, worsted, navy and Madt Mree. In 
qualifies ranging from hard-wearing pants to an all-wool hireed 
J^^«»*«4- At, a pair, ||.50^i3,7.5, $4.iQ^M^S5.SO to 

Men's Khaki Outiiy: Pants, In medium-weight material imda 
with cuff bottom and flap pockets.^ At. a pair, >a.7J, iia.9S 
to #3.50. 

Fiplt-Hati, in new Fedora styles,.in shades of brown, blue, grey 
aa# fMco. Spadai value at, eaeh, 14.50. $5A» |9 wiSl.* 

Neat Print House 
Dresses at 
( $2.25 

House Dresses, designed from black and 
vMte ind Mae aad while drlpe prinb; in 
locte-mng ityiti, wtth wide collar aad 
cuffs of wWte pique. These we are offer- 
ing this morning at, eaeh» $2^S. 

— Wbitcwcar, lit 


, Borden s Malted Milk 


—We have put in a fresh stock of this w^ell-khown brand 
of Matted Milk. At present there is a great scarcity of 
Mjr foods; therefore, we would suggest that you give 
Si'lSjf* • ^ ^ ^ mtto a wy nutritious food 

Hospital size, soecial price, $3.10, 
Abo in 50c ana $iXX) sices. 

•-Orof Dept. Mate rtoor-^PhoM tatS 

Swaizema Cures Eczema 

Swaizema is a. Mood DUfftfier of exceptional merit. We. 
know of many cases of severe ecaema being cured by two 
or three bottles. For bolls, pilmples, running sores and 
general troubles arising from impure blood it is un- 
equalled.. ' ' ' . 

In fact tlm naiiuifacturers will abtohitely refund the pur- 
chase price of one dollar to anyone not satisfied with the 
results after a fair trial, Si.oo a. bottle. 

— fOr«f Dapt, Main Floor— Pbona U9S 

• > 

Specials in the Staples This 

Fine Quality English Voiles, in plain shades of 
A»ld, sand, MmH. peicli, old roM, SSSnk 
Preach grey. Kegidar 7Se at 5oc a yard. 

English Cotton Crepe, embroidered; neat dC' 
signs; fast colors on white ground; .3 jiirji 
QtAy, Regular 65c at, a yard, 456 

PlaUi Voiles on white ground, with plaids of old 
rote and gold. Regular 65c Special a| 4Sc 
Oxford Shirtings, in fo» dMlanift Mm. 
Regular 35c, aC a yard, 2Sc 

Khaki Drin for yoar oftials. I&gidv 7lc» ai^ 
a yard, 55c 

Pillow SUpii sOfhtly aoHcd; ffne quality; hemititched. Regular 75c Special tMs apraiQg at 5Sc 

Boys* Ribbed Gotten 
Sweaters This Morning 
. at 79c Each 

5 Doaen Boya* WmtiAMttm Sweaters, fastening with 
buttons on the shoulder; Mde of wadhMi ■ tight cotton 
In navy, fawn and cardinal, hi sizes 22 to 32 chest A 
J ^j»^-fof «h»ol wear, and one of oSr best